Before The First Day Pt. 03

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Since this is part 3, it would probably make sense to read the first 2 parts, first. But, this one probably can stand alone, too.

* * * * *

After I pressed play, the movie began with a young couple, not unlike ourselves driving a convertible down a beautiful country road. The radio was playing a (relatively) current song. The girl was absolutely beautiful, in that girl-next-door-who’s-ultra-hot-but-doesn’t-know-it kind of way. The guy appeared a bit older, rugged, good looking. Emily snuggled in next to me. The camera pulled back an up, so that we could see that there was a picnic basket in the back seat and that the guy had his hand resting on the girl’s perfect, bare leg, just below the hem of her short skirt. They pulled off the main road onto a little lane that meandered through some woods into a picturesque valley. Of course, the road ended in a secluded spot, overlooking a small waterfall. About a half mile upstream, a highway bridge crossed the brook.

So far, there was really no hint that this was not your ordinary chick flick. As the car came to a stop, the girl leaned over to the guy and gave him a sweet kiss on the cheek and said “This is perfect, Max. Let’s go.” “I hoped that you’d say that, Emily.” (Oh, this was even better, I thought.) They hopped out of the car and Max carried the basket down to a small grassy area right beside the stream. They both pulled the obligatory red and white picnic blanket out of the basket and spread it on the grass. Max pulled out a bottle of wine, two glasses and an opener, while Emily (Porn-Emily is how I thought of her) opened the small cooler and pulled out the food. When everything was arranged, Porn-Emily said “Come over here – I have something for you.” Max immediately stopped opening the wine and turned toward Porn-Emily. She grabbed his hands and placed one on her voluptuous breasts and the other on her sweet peach of an ass. They both groaned as he pulled her in close for a deep, passionate kiss. She put her hands on his ass and pulled him in even closer. We could see their tongues going at it. It may have been kind of trite, but it was still pretty hot!

My Emily said “That looks like fun. And, did you pick a movie with a girl named Emily, on purpose?”

“Nope. That is purely a coincidence. But I’m glad she’s almost as hot as you! Makes the movie even better. Kinda’ like watching us in a video…” I was planting a seed that I hoped would take root in her psyche.

Max and Porn-Emily were still kissing and now groping each other with increasing intensity. They broke it off and caught their breath. Max filled two wine glasses and toasted Porn-Emily, “To my lovely new bride. And to a new adventure!” They clinked glasses and each took a nice long swig of wine. Porn-Emily’s lips looked so sensual on the rim of the wine glass. Just about then, my Emily picked up her Bourbon and took a sip. I noticed that her lips were a bit fuller than Porn-Emily, but more importantly they were right here next to me. I turned to her and gave her my best rendition of the on-screen kiss from moments before. anadolu yakası escort Emily returned my kiss with equal passion. I could feel her breath getting a bit deeper as the heat started to rise between us.

We turned back to the movie to find our on-screen “selves” sitting, watching the waterfall. As the camera moved from behind them to beside and then in front of them, we realized that Max was toying with one of Porn-Emily’s tits and feeling her up under her short skirt. Porn-Emily had one hand on her other tit and one hand on Max’s very obvious hard-on. I looked over at Emily and saw her staring intently at the movie. I reached up and began to gently stroke her arm and her breast. Her breathing increased and she reached over an put her hand on my crotch. We both continued to watch – her the movie and I her. As Max leaned in for another kiss, my Emily licked her lips and let out an almost imperceptible sigh.

I started working her breast in earnest, while she worked at my belt and zipper. Just as I found her nipple under her shirt, she fished my rock-hard cock out of my pants. She gasped as I squeezed her nipple and I took that opportunity to guide her wide open mouth down to my throbbing dick. She instantly got the idea and slid the whole thing directly into her throat. She pulled off and motioned for me to slide down a bit. As I did, I removed all my clothes and she did the same. She repositioned us so that we could both see the movie while she blew me. By now, Porn-Emily and Max were also mostly naked. He was suckling at one of her luscious tits and she was gently stroking the length of his bigger-than-average prick. My Emily suggested that we try to follow along with the movie. Who was I to argue?! So, I began to give her boobs a thorough tongue-lashing, while she slowly and gently stroked my cock.

I remembered that the video was almost an hour long and had tags for blowjob, pussy eating, missionary, cowgirl and cum in mouth. This was turning out great, so far. I wondered if she realized that this was a porn movie or just a hard-R film. But only for a moment. Porn-Emily began to give Max a slow, delicate blowjob. And my Emily did the same. I followed along and guided her head up and down, just as Max was doing on-screen. The Emilys began to take their partners deeper and deeper. We both groaned. I wasn’t sure I could hold off grabbing her and outright throat-fucking her, but I gave it my best and it turned out I lasted just long enough. About the time I reached the point of no return, Max pulled his Emily up and laid her back on the blanket. I did the same and made sure we were positioned so we could both see the screen.

He then began kissing his way down her body, past her pussy, all the way down to her insteps. He then kissed and licked his way back up to Porn-Emily’s pussy. Both Emily’s were squirming and moaning. I wasn’t sure if Porn-Emily was acting or if it was real, but I could tell that my Emily was really getting into it. Her pussy was already bright pink and sopping wet. And ataşehir escort delicious. Max took his time, licking softly all around Porn-Emily’s pussy lips, from just above her asshole to just above her clit. I could see my Emily’s eyes glued to the screen as she panted out her pleasure. I followed Max’s lead and took my time, following his every move as best as I could. He then gently took her puffy clit into his mouth and began to lick and suck it with a bit more vigor. When I did this, my Emily began to writhe about and moan loudly. I checked the screen, Porn-Emily appeared to almost be a mirror on my Emily. As Max and I began to use our teeth to nibble on their clits, they both lost it, bucking wildly in the first of what I hoped would be several orgasms.

The Emilys laid there, twitching, moaning a bit, sighing, then smiling and sitting up. It’s as if they both read the script for the video. Porn-Emily said “Oh my GOD, Max, the cars on the highway over there can see us!” Max replied “Maybe, but they are far enough away that they should only be able to tell that there are people over here. They can’t stop on the bridge to study what’s going on. I think it’s pretty damned hot, to think that people could sort of be watching us…” Porn-Emily said, “You know, you’re right. It’s getting me hot again just thinking about it…” My Emily looked over at the glass doors out to the deck and the valley, then at the front windows. She got up walked over to the front windows and opened the blinds just enough that anyone outside could see that something was going on, but not enough that they could see details. She looked at me and asked “Hot?” I nodded and motioned her to come back over.

About that time Porn-Emily, propped herself on her elbows and spread her legs, motioning to Max to come over and have his way with her. My Emily, following along, did the same. Max and I were MORE than happy to oblige. We both used our hard rods to massage and masturbate our Emilys’ outer lips and clits. When they both started to whine and moan, we plunged our members into their hot, tight, wet pussies, eliciting a groan from them both. It was once again time for slow, sensuality. We slowly slid our hard cocks in and out of their willing orifices. Porn-Emily slid one hand down to her clit and began to gently rub it. Mine did it, too. Both of them started to moan and thrust their hips up, trying to speed things up. Max told Porn-Emily “Yeah baby, finger that clit and make yourself cum on my hot prick!” and she began to frig herself, hard. My Emily didn’t need any additional encouragement and began the same treatment on her clit. It didn’t take long for them to both let out a low, guttural, sexy moan and begin to thrust hard against Max and me. The moans became screams and grunts and the thrusts became shaking and twisting. Both Emily’s collapsed down on their backs, sighing.

That was close, again I almost came. (No clue how close Max was, he’s a professional…) Max told Porn-Emily (and mine, I suppose), “I think you should climb on here and face the ümraniye escort highway and think about all the guys – and ladies – that could be watching you cum again on my cock!” He rolled onto his back and Porn-Emily climbed on in Reverse Cowgirl position, slowly lowering herself onto his reddened, hard shaft, facing the highway. My Emily motioned for me to turn a bit and she did the same, only facing the front windows. Looking to the side, we could both see the TV looking ahead, I could see Emily’s shapely backside and she could see out onto our street. She reached down and began to fondle my balls. “Ah, ah, ahhhh. That’s not on the video!” She stopped, took a look at the screen and began to slide herself up and down my shaft, mirroring what Porn-Emily was doing. Max (and I) grabbed Emilys’ asses and began to guide them up and down. Porn-Emily started fingering her clit again, as well as sliding a finger or two into her twat, alongside Max’s prick. My Emily did the same. Both let out what I’d call a sexy growl. They kept up a nice steady rhythm until passion overcame them both and they began to hump and grind hard, jamming their fingers into their pussies and furiously rubbing at their clits. They both came really hard. And loud. Once again, I was just about to lose it.

Porn-Emily jumped off of Max, spun around and took him into her throat all the way down to the root of his cock and just stayed like that, kind of swallowing for a bit. My Emily heard Max’s groan, looked at the screen and hopped of my dick and gave me her version of the same treatment. God, this was heavenly. They both bobbed their heads all the way to the top of our shafts, then played with our cockheads with their tongues, before plunging all the way back down. This went on for a few minutes. I was in ecstasy and about blow. Max must have been too, because he said something, which I couldn’t make out over my own moaning, and Porn-Emily stopped blowing him and began to stroke him and hold her tongue out to catch his seed. My Emily heard him, too – I guess, as she did the same to me. Within a few strokes, Max and I were cumming. I think I saw stars, I was cumming so hard and long. Emily (both of them) smiled, swished their tongues around in the hot cum and then swallowed. Damn, was that erotic! I almost started to get hard again – almost.

Everyone laid down to catch their breath. Porn-Emily said, “That was quite an adventure. I guess it’s my turn to come up with something even hotter for next time.” Max replied, “I’d like that! A! Lot!” I looked over at my Emily and cocked an eyebrow. She said, “That was soooooo hot. I don’t know where you found the movie, but you’ll have to tell me so that I can find the next one for us to reenact!” I copied Max and said “I’d like that! A! Lot!” and added “I can’t wait. Well, I can. I don’t think I have it in me again, tonight!” We took the opportunity to exchange some long sensual kisses, savoring the taste of each other and ourselves.

After we caught our breath and got our sea legs, I shut off the TV and we headed to the bedroom. We both brushed our teeth and I headed to bed while Emily brushed her hair. As I laid there, thinking about the evening, I realized that not only had it been hot and passionate, it was all on video. Sometime in the future we’d have to watch it together and maybe reenact it, again.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring…

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