be quiet part 4

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be quiet part 4
”Lets go get out my little fairy , dont be shy my cousin cant wait to see you”

”but mike , i dont want people to know you promise it would be a secret….”

”dont be afraid cindy, he just turned 18 and need some good girl to suck on his cock”

”dont you want to suck a nice big juicy cock baby?”

”ok ill do it ”

”good sissy, its ok you will love sucking on his cocks i promess”

he was downstairs a;ready watching porn waiting legs spread

”go on , say hello”

he was chubby , looked like a nerd and watch me walk , my pink heels and little fairy costume , cute wings flapping as i walk to him with my little cage poping out my buttefly pink panty, the little bells on my chastity cage making cute gling gling as i walk

”holy shit Mike”

”she is so cute”

”her name cindy the white fairy ”

”cindy likes big hard black cock , tell him cindy”

”hi , you have a nice big black cock, can i kiss it ?”

”oh yes get down cindy kiss my cock, you are so sexy”

”go get your pillow cindy ”

mike sitting down sipping his beer

watching his cute trained fagget white boy dress like a fairy fetching a cute girly pillow

-good cock sucker

stamped on both side

the little fairy holding the pillow looking at Mark nice 8 inch bbc waiting on the side of his legs

”mike you are the best, i never been sucked i thank you so much , she is fucking cute ”

”happy birthday little cousin, enjoy your 18 birthday im going to leave you alone now”

mike leaving, my knees hitting the pillow kissing his cousin fat cock and balls

i dont know why i was so excited knowing he never been suck

I coudnt understand why , his bbc was so hot

”tell me , how did he found you? you are so cute i never seen a sissy before”

”at the event in boston, i lost the first game and he fuck me ”

”holy shit, he ****d you or what?”

”no no he was angry but i like it at the end he put me in his exgf panty and was nice with me, teaching me it was nice to suck his cock”

”i love to suck cock , mmmmmm yours look so tasty”

”shit suck me , stop teasing suck my cock”

”ohhhhhhhh bostancı escort wow yes yes , mmmmm this is so good”

”i cant believe this, my god you so cute , yes suck my cock , fuck i love this”

”wow i love your fairy costume”

worshipping his cock on my knees like a cute girl , looking up , the chubby nerd moaning of joy feeling a mouth on him for the first time

”you taste soo good mmmmm, so bigg , i love your bbc”

”ok mike was fucking right, im gonna fuck you ”

standind up helping me doggy on the couch

”i want to put all of my cock in you”

slapping my ass getting my panty down

”holy fuck you sexy slut, this is fucking cute”

getting the pink plug off me

his fat cock tip rubbing on my pink open cunt

and i backed moaning like a fairy taking his bbc

taking this cute chubby black 18 boy fat virgin cock in me

”oh shit you are so tight”

”im cumming im cumming”

and under a minute he pourred it all in my ass

grunting and slamming his cock in me

full of cum , moaning like a happy little fairy for bbc

”omg you are so good”

”i need to go eat dinner, my mom keep txting me , ill be back tonight ok? ”

and he left me full of his cum

happy and empty from fucking and getting suck for the first time

i was sucking mike infront of netflix on my pillow

worshipping him in my little pijama when his cousin open the backyard door

”hey lil cousin, back for more already?”

”yes dude, thank you seriously this is so nice , i love your sissy”

”i think she likes you too”

i left mike to swallow mark nice young bbc

i felt cute and happy between them helping me suck on both nice bbc

mark eager to fuck me helping himself behind me

getting my frilly pijama down , looking at my lil buttpluged ass

”she is way to cute , i love how you dress her”

”well my sissy love to be cute and plugged , she dress up on her own like this”

feeling so proud of how i look for them , ass up fucked and sucking in my cute white pijama

his fat black cock pounding in me hitting me down on mike bbc , swinging between 2 nice black cock

”omg lets switch ataşehir escort bayan shes so tight i dont want to cum too soon”

help to sit on mike cock

his cousin feeding me cock , bouncing up and down on one , sucking the other

i only talk and moan like a girl

trying my best to please both real man

feeling so lucky to be betweebn them like this, in secret , filled with nice black cock , my holes used for pleasuring them both

mark young cock was hitting me so deep

”yup this is it, see how she react, fuck her hotting that spot enought and she will cum”

”like this , oh i see , you gonna cum getting fuck?”

he made sure to stay deep and hittin my sissy gspot

they both ask me to cum like a girl as i moan, soon to be cumming from the cock in me

i crumbled ass up on the floor cuming and squealing mark hard fucking me

”yessss good slut, cum on my cock, woooow you are cuming , shit dude look at her cage”

standing up infront of mike my lil cage dripping cum

”wow she really cum like a girl”

”yes, all good sissy boy do ”

standing in my heels mike standing up slidding in my pool of cum sissy cunt

behind me his cousin holding me in his arm

hugging the chubby 18 nerd who made me cum

mike pounding in me

”kiss him cindy, thank him”

i kissed him and he was kissing me passionately his tongue circling on mine slowly

”suck on his tongue cousin”

and he sucked on my tongue my eyes open the chubby nerd looking so surprised of the feeling

our mouth locked, his mouth in mine getting my tongue sucked by his hungry black thick lipse

come both here my cute friend

mark falling with me on his knees

”mike whats up gaaaallpppp”

”shhhhh that was the deal, open up little cousin, suck my cock”

i look in surprise , mike holding his young cousin head feeding him his hard cock

”thats it suck it, you liked my sissy , now thank me boy, those big lipse feels good , i bet you like sucking ”

mark just letting mike use his mouth, caught by the head and pumped full of cock, just like me

”so, not so bad?”

”its nice i admit”


”but göztepe escort bayan dont tell anyone ok”

”im not a cock sucker”

”of course not”

”cindy come here help him”

both on each side of him sucking together on his cock

he cum in his young cousin mouth, making me suck his balls looking at him drink the load

i went to my bed like ordered

and i listen downstair the shower sound was so obvious

the little cousin was squealing mike using his ass under the water

i coudnt resist from going to watch

mark was wearing a bikini hands lock to the shower head
ass arch back mike pounding it

”you think i dont know you been watching sissy porn in your room sit on a toy ?”

”that pink cock you been hiding in your desk with lube ”

”mike mike fuck ahhhhhhh yessss plsss fuck meeee”

i coudnt believe it , he was ramming him hard and his cousin beg for more

i looked at them finished ”showering”

went back to my room

mark came to join me 30 min later

he was shaved, and wearing a babydoll dress

”good night sissies”

and he joined me looking so ashame

dress like a cute black gir

”he knew i was looking at sissies porn ”

”its ok come here, i like your kit”

i reach for her panty

and he moan

”so smooth , you dont have a cage like me”

”no of course not, i have a big cock”

”yes , a big black cock mmmmmmm”’

and i sucked her

he moan , and let me cuddle on his side sucking his cock

i emptied him swallowing all the cum

we slept in spoon
like 2 girls friend

mike woke up at night and made me watch as he fuck his cousin on top of me waking up to clara moaning mike fucking him good

calling us his cute fuck dolls

he left after filling up clara

he close the door

and clara was hard and crying saying it was all my fault

pushing me down ass up and fuck me slapping me hard

”its all your fault, im no sissy, your the slut, your the sissy not me”

i remember how afraid he was in the morning

he tried to talk his way out but mike had film evrything

he shut is cousin mouth with his cock and started to drink his cofee

i joined and help mark feeling sorry for him

but so happy to have a sissy sister

with such a nice bbc under her cute panty

i endup getting down to suck her, her cock getting so big in the panty

mark let his guard down and moan on mike cock

becoming a cockslut just like me

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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