Barrons, Ltd. Ch. 4

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Big Tits

Sam started talking as though she were instructing a class on anal sex while Heather turned over on the bench, spread her legs and got comfortable.

“The most important thing to remember is to use plenty of lubrication. The anus is extremely sensitive and anal tissues are easily torn if there is not enough lubrication. I have found that K-Y jelly works best.” Sam picked up the tube that Heather had brought over with the dildo and squeezed a good amount into her hand. She then continued, “you need to spread the jelly all around the outside of the anus as well as the inside. Begin by massaging the jelly into the anus. Probing gently with one finger and rotating it until the anus permits the entry of a second finger – which should also be well coated with jelly – and continue the process until your partner is comfortable with three fingers.” She demonstrated all of this as she explained it. By this time, Sam had three fingers inside Heather’s ass and Heather seemed to be enjoying it.

“Give me another one.” Heather said as she leaned back on Sam’s hand.

“Give you another what?”

“Give me another finger. I want four. Make my ass loose as a goose.”

“OK, then here.” Sam said as she inserted yet another of her fingers into Heather’s well stretched ass. “Then begin to slowly move and rotate the fingers in and out, simulating the act of fucking.” Once again, she demonstrated as she spoke. She also began to play with Heather’s pussy and clit once more. Soon Heather was gently rocking back against Sam’s fingers with every thrust. Sam withdrew her hand from Heather’s ass and said, “I think she’s ready to ride ‘The Rocket of Love’.”

She picked up the dildo and spread lubrication on the tip. “You must also place a generous amount of lubrication on your cock. In anal sex, it’s important to remember that there’s no such think as to much lubrication. When you first insert your cock into her ass, you must go slow and be patient. Let your lover be your guide as to how fast or how far to penetrate.” Sam demonstrated as she spoke.

She started with just the tip of the dildo, but just as she was about to start slowly, Heather pushed back until Sam’s hand was against Heather’s ass again.

“I guess she was readier than I thought. You should also let her be the one to set the overall pace. Once you achieve a rhythm that’s pleasurable for the both of you, hold that pace until the moment arrives.” She continued, as Heather began to pump back and forth against Sam’s hand on the base of the dildo. Then Sam reached for Heather’s pussy again and inserted two fingers as she rubbed Heather’s clit. It didn’t take long for this to send Heather into another orgasm. Sam then withdrew her fingers from Heather’s pussy and offered them to Dan who licked and sucked them clean. She slowly removed the dildo from Heather’s ass.

“When it’s over and you pull out, do it slowly. The anus needs time to adjust here too.” Heather mumbled something, but neither Dan nor Sam understood her.

“What was that, Heather?”

Heather picked her head up off the bench and said, “I repeat ‘WOW’!”. She rolled lazily off the bench and lay on her back on the floor with her knees drawn halfway up and legs spread.

Sam looked at her for a few moments, then bent over and planted her face between Heather’s legs. She licked her pussy three times then crawled up Heather’s body until she was lying on top of her. She paused for a second with their breasts pressing into each other and looked back to make sure Dan was watching, which he was doing most intently. She turned back to Heather and kissed her deeply.

Heather surprised Dan, much to his delight, by kissing Sam back. After a few kisses, Sam pulled her face back from Heather’s and said, “I think it’s time we include your husband in our fun, don’t you?”

Heather just giggled as Sam rolled off her and helped her to stand up. Then they turned toward Dan and climbed onto the edge of the Jacuzzi across from Dan facing him and spread their legs in unison. There in front of Dan were the glistening, bald pussies of two beautiful women who were just waiting to be satisfied. Once again, all he could say was “daaaammnn”.

Tom and Angela drove past just as Vince was getting into his car so he made a snap decision to follow them. He had figured they would be going to Tom’s place but was pleasantly surprised when they ended up at Angela’s house in the country, instead. He pulled to the side of the road roughly 100 yards past the driveway and parked the car. While he walked back up the road he sopped once in awhile to pick up a stone of good size.

When he reached the driveway, he looked both directions then at the stone pillars on either side of the driveway. He didn’t spot any cameras or sensors right away, but just to play it safe, he decided to do a perimeter check for any other surprises that may or may not be present. Once he had come full circle around the estate without detecting any security measure, he walked straight bursa escort up the drive to the house. He wondered about the lack of security, then when he was 50 yards from the house, it dawned on him and he stopped. He began tossing the stones toward the house and on the third toss, he got exactly what he was expecting. The stone had landed approximately 30 feet from the house; but it had set off motion detectors and the house and yard were lit up like daytime before it hit the ground. He also heard the gate closing automatically. He knew now that there was no way to get close enough to the house to get a close look, so he decided to return to his car and come back when Tom wasn’t around. The contract had Angela’s name on it, not Tom’s.

When he reached the closed gate, he tossed the last stone at it and was surprised by the amount of sparks that flew when it hit.

“Well, so much for plan B,” he said out loud. He turned to his right and began his search for a tree he had seen earlier that was particularly close to the perimeter wall. That wall was the only thing standing between him and the first pussy he had a shot at since his return to the states, more than two months ago, and he had no intention of losing that pussy to a bunch of bricks and cement.

Tom was just about to join Angela upstairs when he noticed the lights go on outside. He went to the game room to look outside, but after five minutes of no movement he turned around to go upstairs and nearly walked into Angela.

“Jesus! I didn’t even hear you come down.”

“Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you. Did you see anybody?” She was obviously nervous.

“No, I didn’t. What makes you think it was a ‘someone’ and not a ‘something’?” He asked.

“Because no thing, meaning no animal, could get within 100 yards of this house unless it was stone deaf.” She explained as she looked out the window. Then she turned toward him and continued. “There are speaker installed all around the house which emit a sound that is outside the human range of hearing but is loud enough to shatter the eardrums of any animal from mouse to raccoon to dog if it got within 100 yards of the house. In addition to the speakers, as I’m sure you’ve already noticed, there are motion sensor lights on the outside of the house at 25-foot intervals. These motion sensors are set to trigger the lights at 50 feet. Do you understand what that means?

“Yeah, I understand. It means that nothing but a person should be able to get within 100 yards of this house. But what good do the lights do if you’re not looking out the window at that particular moment?”

Angela smiled as she walked over to an intercom box on the wall and pressed a button. She returned to Tom’s side and said, “Watch this.” She turned toward the door and said, “Zeus, Apollo, Aphrodite, Druscilla, this is Tom, good guy.” She said pointing to each dog in turn. Tom turned around and found he was looking at one of the biggest Rotweillers he had ever seen.

“Yikes!” He said softly.

“Don’t worry about Zeus, he’s your friend now.” She looked at Zeus and said, “Zeus, get bad guy!” Zeus barked and he and the gang disappeared.

They both returned to the window to see Zeus, followed by the rest, following Vince’s scent into the woods. “Those spotlights have only turned on three times in ten years when I wasn’t expecting anyone. All three times, Zeus and his gang found someone snooping around where they shouldn’t have been. Zeus is the big one; Apollo is next biggest. He and Zeus are brothers. Aphrodite, she’s the small, fast one. Druscilla is oldest, but she let’s Zeus run the show. They are all attack trained and only respond to two voices, the man who trained them and me. I’ve had them since they were puppies.” She said proudly. Soon they heard the dogs barking in the woods. “Let’s see what they found.” Angela said, as she walked over to the bar and pressed a hidden button. Four video monitors come on behind the bar and they could see Zeus and the gang barking up a tree close to the perimeter fence. “Looks like our man got away, this time. Good boy Zeus, return!” She said to the monitor. “How do they here you?” Tom asked when he saw the dogs look straight at the camera and then return to the house.

“That camera they just looked at is in a synthetic tree. There is one at each corner of the estate and approximately every 100 yards in between. You can’t tell them apart from real trees. There is a speaker on the dogs’ collars’. My commands are transmitted through the intercom to the entire estate on a frequency that only those speakers receive.”

“Impressive. It almost makes having uninvited guests fun.”

“If you think that’s fun, you just give me another three minutes and meet me upstairs. Do you remember which room?”

“Second room on the right correct?”

“Correct. Why don’t you make a fresh pitcher of drinks for us while you wait, but don’t wait too long.” She whispered and disappeared around the corner.

Dan slid across the Jacuzzi bursa escort bayan and lined up on his wife’s hairless pussy. He was reaching for her legs when Sam grabbed his hand and tugged him in her direction.

“I think your wife is in need of a short rest.” She took his head in her hands and planted his face on her pussy. “I, on the other hand, am now extremely horny!” As Dan and his tongue went to work on Sam’s pussy, also glistening and hairless, she continued, “Heather tells me, mmmmmm, oh yeah!! That you are very… whoa yessss, right there!” She thrust her pussy tighter to his face. “Very good with your tongue. Mmmm hmmmm. And she was right!” Sam’s hips were bucking against Dan’s face, but he never lost contact. While she talked, he nibbled, licked, sucked and flicked at Sam’s clit. She began to buck and moan, her breathing became heavy, and she grabbed handfuls of his hair and held him in his spot. Then with one final thrust of her hips, it was all over. Dan could taste her cum, sweet and salty at the same time. She lay forward onto Dan and he could feel her breasts pressing against his back.

Sam continued to lie on Dan’s back for a few moments, enjoying the relaxation that follows an orgasm, then set up and turned to Heather and said, “I have honestly never had a man do that to me so quickly. You are so lucky to have a man like Dan all to yourself.”

“Well, Sam, that was just the tip of the iceberg of what Dan can teach you. And as far as my having him all to myself, if Dan is willing, I see no reason we can’t make this evening a regular occasion. What do you think, honey?”

Both women looked hopefully at Dan.

He turned red with embarrassment and answered, “I am most certainly game if you are, honey.”

“That’s what I was hoping you’d say. Now why don’t we go someplace where we can get more comfortable.” Heather said, as she stood up and offered a hand to each of the others. They all headed for the master bedroom. Heather pulled down the covers to reveal new red satin sheets. “Now you to just relax while I get something from downstairs.” She said and walked out the door.

“Well, well, well. Alone at last.” Sam purred as she gently pushed Dan back onto the bed.

Vince had just found the tree he’d been looking for when he heard the dogs coming through the woods. Judging from the security measures on the house, he was pretty sure they weren’t going to be friendly dogs. So he hurriedly scampered up the tree and jumped onto the wall. The dogs were there by the time he was standing on the wall. He looked down long enough to determine that the dogs were killers before dropping to the ground on the other side of the wall.

“Doesn’t look like I’ll be taking her at home either. Shit!” He said aloud as he got into his car. He started to turn around to get another look at the estate from the road, but decided against it t the last second. Instead, he kept driving the direction he was already facing, taking the long way back into town while forming yet another Plan B.

When he arrived at First & Second he was an hour early to pick Barb up so she was still behind the bar. When she turned around to take his order, he saw that her eyes were red like she’d been crying.

“Hey, is something wrong? Did Rick do something? Where is he?” Vince asked, looking for someone to vent his anger on.

“What? Oh no. Rick didn’t do anything.” Barb answered and turned quickly around, leaning on the cooler, her shoulders heaving like she was crying again.

“What’s wrong”

“Nothing is wrong.” Barb answered, with more heaves.

“Then why are you crying?”

“Crying? Oh no, no, I’m not crying. Ha Ha HAHAHAHAHA” Barb answered, her laughter almost maniacal. It was contagious though, because Vince then realized that most of the staff in the bar was also laughing. “Wow. What did I miss?” Vince asked, almost getting caught up in the laughter himself.

“Oh, you would not believe it. Hell, I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes first. Check this out.” Barb said as she leaned closer to Vince. “Whatever you said to him on your way out must have really PISSED him off. After you were gone, he went on break in the back of the bar. A few minutes later, an old friend of mine who is into cross-dressing came in and I got an idea. When he came in, he was dressed straight. I asked him if he’d like to help me with a practical joke on his favorite bouncer. You see, he’s always kind of had the hoots for Rick. He said he was in. So I had him go home and get dolled up. That was all I had to say he knew the rest. When he returned, he immediately started flirting with Rick. Now Robbie, or Roberta when he’s in drag, makes for a really good-looking woman. Tonight was no exception, Roberta was HOT! Rick doesn’t have a clue. He flirts right back, winking, making eye contact across the bar, etc. Things slow down for a while and Roberta goes over to a table by the door and acts like she got stood up. Duh duh dahhh. Rick to the rescue! escort bursa He joins her at the table, nice and close, always checking to be sure I’m noticing. Pretty soon, Rick has his hand on Roberta’s leg under the table, then they dance. It’s a slow dance. Roberta kisses his neck, then his cheek, then kisses him deep on the mouth. Rick kisses her right back. Then Roberta goes in for the kill; she whispers something in Rick’s ear, nodding toward the storeroom. Rick is hooked. He comes up to the bar and says ‘Hey Barb, I’m going on break for awhile.’ I act like I don’t want him to go and say ‘Rick, this is your third break tonight.’ He gets all macho and says ‘Yes it is. I’ll be back in a while.’ Then he turns around and pulls Roberta toward the storeroom. As he’s unlocking the door, Roberta looks at me and winks as she squeezes Rick’s ass. Rick opens the door and smiles at me as he closes it. By this time everyone who knows Robbie is making bets on how far he’ll get with Rick before he figures it out. They must have gone quite a ways, because Rick didn’t come out of that room for nearly 15 minutes. Well, actually, we heard him scream first, then the door came flying open and Rick came flying out with his pants down around his ankles, his eyes open wide, and headed straight for the door. Just as he reaches the front door, Robbie comes out of the storeroom and calls out ‘Ya’ll come back now, ya hear!’ Everyone in the bar knows what happened now and we just can’t stop laughing. That’s why my eyes are red.” she finished. Vince had started laughing as soon as he heard about Robbie/Roberta. Now his eyes were watering too.

“Ah ha ha…Are you about ready to go?” He asked then burst out laughing again.

“Boy am I ever!” Barb said as she grabbed the tips out of her glass and came around the bar. As they were going out the door, she stopped and yelled. “Hey jimmy! I’m going on break! I’ll be back tonight!!!” They heard the bar break out in laughter again as the door closed.

Neither Barb nor Vince could stop laughing on the way back to Barbs place. The furnishings in Barbs place surprised Vince.

“Wow! This is nice! What else do you do for work?” Expecting her to work two jobs to support a place like hers. It was decorated with leather furniture, oriental area rugs in every room, Nagel, Venosa and Ansel Adams prints on the walls, a projection screen TV on one wall in the living room, another wall offering an incredible view of the city.

“Let’s just say that I was very careful with my money when I was younger. I put it into a few choice stocks and funds. The only reason I tend bar is to escape the inevitable boredom of not having to work” she said as she disappeared into the kitchen. Vince followed her.

“A few choice stocks and funds, huh? What kinds of stocks and funds does it take to support a place and a lifestyle such as yours?”

“You want specifics, huh? You’re not going to steal anything from me are you?” She asked smiling. She took out a couple of beers from the fridge and put one in front of him as she sat down beside him.

“I promise I’m not a thief.’

“OK. I got in on the ground level of Microsoft, the early stages of Pentium, and last year I sold my share of some land in Texas to my brother for a nice healthy sum. Those are just a few. The bar gets me about 30 grand a year. Everything else brings in…well, let’s just say I couldn’t spend it all in my lifetime.” She finished beaming proudly.

“Well, well, well. Aren’t we quite the little money hound?” He leaned forward and kissed her. She leaned into the kiss and kissed him back. Vince broke away from the kiss after a few moments. “I, well, would you mind terribly if I took a shower before we go any farther with this?”

“Feeling kind of rank, are you? Sure, go right ahead. It’s down the hall, last door on the left.” She waited until she heard the water running, then she went into the bedroom and lit a few candles and took her clothes off. She changed the bedding then headed for the bathroom.

She opened the door just as Vince was stepping into the shower. She could see his naked outline through the glass on the shower door. She walked over to the toilet and sat down, relieving herself while she watched him wash himself under the spray of the shower. Her nipples hardened as he washed his cock. She crossed the bathroom and stepped into the shower stall.

“Hey, you want some help with that?” She asked as her hand joined his on his sudsy cock.

He let go and let her do all the work. He played with her nipples and ass as she stroked his cock slowly. Soon, he was fully hard. She released him and put her arms around his neck as they kissed, deeply and passionately. She could fell his cock poking at her belly. She pushed him to the back of the shower stall and allowed him to pick her up. He lifted her easily until her pussy was level with his cock. He held her there as she let go of his neck with one had to guide his cock into her hot, wet pussy. She leaned back and looked him in the eye as she settled down onto his cock and locked her legs behind his back. He lifted her and stood up away from the wall. He pumped and she met his thrusts as he squeezed her ass and teased her asshole.

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