Bang with a Gang

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“Hi, my name is Trevor, and I am a porn star!”

That sure is a good opening line and gets the girls interested. In reality though I have a regular day job. However, I am available for porn videos and photo shoots, and have taken part in a few. Unpaid unfortunately but there are other benefits!

I am of medium build, short dark hair and about 6′. I have been told that my butt is my best feature! Being available at short notice means I have to keep my body hair to a minimum and have regular sessions on the sun beds during the winter. In the summer I can be found naked on a beach somewhere, so I am tanned and smooth to the touch.

Video shoots can turn out to be quite interesting. Now take last weekend for example.

I took part in a video for a small private production company. It was a gang-bang scene, so there was one girl and five of us blokes! I arrived not knowing what to expect but full of anticipation.

We were asked to strip off and come through to the main studio. As is human nature we checked each other out with furtive glances. I am quite well endowed so did not mind the looks. In fact, I made sure that my butt looked its best and ran my hands over my cheeks and round to adjust my balls. Bending over, I noticed one of the guys giving me a stare!

My cock was already tingling with excitement at the thought of what was to come, as we made our way to the studio.

The studio was sparsely furnished with a table and two chairs in the centre surrounded by the usual spotlights and of course the camera and video equipment. Sitting on one of the chairs was a buxom blond girl.

Her hair was short and framed her face nicely, casino şirketleri setting off her full lips and baby blue eyes. I could not wait to get my hands on those nipples. They were protruding out nicely and made for pleasure.

She smiled to herself as we entered the room.

The scene we were shooting required one guy to lie on the table with the girl lying on top, arse up, with his cock inside her. A second guy was behind her with his shaft in her arse and holding her hips.

My role initially was to stand at her head with my member in her mouth, while holding her hair. The other two guys stood on either side and she held their cocks in her hands. The aeroplane position!

Her ample breasts were resting on the guy underneath which meant we did not have support her too much and we prepared to thrust, be sucked and enjoy ourselves. As each guy came we were to rotate around.

The feel of her mouth on my cock was amazing and especially in such a situation. The addition of the other guys in the act made the whole experience more arousing. Every guys dream!

The story line (yes, there is always a story line!) was that she was fucking her boyfriend in the back of a shop but we had discovered them. Aroused by what we saw we decided to join in and she did not complain. Not that she really had a choice with us pinning her down on all sides!

Her boyfriend of course could not move from his position but he soon looked as if he was enjoying the situation.

As she was pushed from behind I was swallowed deep inside her mouth and her lips slid up and down the length of my shaft. The sensation was amazing, and the visuals casino firmaları added to my stimulation. I soon shot my load into her throat.

As we prepared to change positions, I watched the cum dripping from her mouth and arse. She looked so horny lying there.

Close-up shots were taken as we recovered. Two of us had cum so we moved to her side so that her hands could arouse us once more. While the guys we replaced prepared to be sucked or have their member engulfed by her tight arse muscles.

The shoot took a couple of hours and we were all well spent at the end of it and a shower was called for. I hung around to chat with the film crew, so by the time I got to the showers the others had gone.

I had enjoyed the session and of course was in need of a good shower with all the cuming that had been going on! I turned on the taps and let the warm water flow over my body.

Suddenly I felt two hands grip my bum cheeks! I turned around and the girl pressed her breasts into my chest while keeping a firm grip on my behind.

“Mmmm, lovely butt,” she murmured. “My name is Janine, and I really enjoyed you today,” she said with a smile.

“Trevor is mine, and the pleasure was mutual,” I replied.

“So, you did not get to feel my pussy, would you like to now?” she enquired.

“Yes I would and I didn’t get to feel these either,” I responded by squeezing her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers.

“Ohhh! Now you have made me so wet,” she exclaimed as she pushed herself closer into my body. The water allowed us to slide together and she rubbed her pussy on my thigh. I could feel my cock growing and pressing into her güvenilir casino stomach.

“Mmmm, that feels so nice,” she whispered. “Fuck me now please. I want to feel you inside me”

With that I lifted her up against the shower wall. As I thrust my cock into her wet pussy she wrapped her legs around me. I could feel her breasts against my chest, her hard nipples pressing into me as I pushed forwards.

I find this position very arousing and she was keeping a firm grip around my waist. We were enjoying the sensations of my thrusting so much that we had not noticed one of the other guys return.

“May I join you?” he asked.

“Be my guest,” I replied.

I could feel his member against my butt. This was the guy I had caught eyeing me up during the session!

“I have been watching you and you made me feel so horny,” he said.

Then to my amazement he slowly pushed his shaft into my anal crack. This was a new experience for me, and as he sunk deeper into me the waves swept through my body as I felt the most intense climax building up within me.

As I came and shot my load into Jane, she shuddered and screamed in orgasm too. She went limp as I supported her against the wall.

“Oh boy! That was amazing,” she gasped.

“Sure was hun,” I responded.

The guy withdrew from my arse and the three of us finished off by washing each other. While Janine massaged my back, I knelt and sucked off our guest (after removing the condom of course!) and experienced a guy cuming in my mouth for the first time.

Wow! It was strange at first having a cock in my mouth, but it felt good and I soon got the hang of it. I could feel the ejaculation building up and then his warm fluid filling my mouth. Amazing! It did not take long as he was already well on the way from being in my tight arse.

So, that was another shoot completed and the benefits were very enjoyable. The best yet!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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