Back Door Bus Stop

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I am not a nice guy.

As long as I remember, I’ve not been the nicest of all fellows. In fact, calling me polite is often a stretch. It’s not like I try to be an ass. It’s more like I’ll be a wiseass when treated like one, I’ll tell people what I want. I’m assertive. Direct.

Being this way has taught me several life lessons over the years. One consistent one is that this turns a certain type of girl (not all of them) into butter. So in addition to being not a very nice boy, I’ve also been a very bad boy, or at least done some very bad things.

Years of doing bad things has led me to a conclusion: If bad isn’t good, it sure feels that way for a time. Bad is the ultimate aphrodisiac, and so, in the hopes of inspiring sticky fingers and sweaty palms, I’ve decided to start telling about some of the very bad things that I’ve done. Names have been changed, as much because I don’t really keep track of them and out of a general desire to not fuck up people’s lives, but everything I write on this site will be something (or, more accurately, someone) I’ve done.

Tonight’s story, the Back Door Bus stop, is the story of the experience that still holds the record for most orgasms given to a girl in one night (9 times in 3 hours). It’s also the weirdest pickup I’ve ever made in life, and probably is in the top 5 of most dirty degrading sex ever. Oh, yeah, and it was my first day at work.


“Fuck”. It’s the first time I said the word all day(all right, since 5pm). I was watching my bus go away from the transit center in Bellevue. It was my first day of work in the area, and, even though the job paid damn well, my older jobs didn’t, and I didn’t trust my car enough to get me home. So I put my faith in mass transit, which meant that I had gotten up at 7 that morning to take 2 transfers to be in by 9, and I had to be out by 5:30 (sharp) to get on the last bus that would come out of the Bellevue Transit Center and go up to Everett. My new boss knew this. My new boss still booked me for the end of my first day, at 5, and showed up late, at 5:20. Which had me swearing as I saw my bus leave the station, and swearing again when I looked at the schedule and saw that the next one left 2 hours later, well after the busses in Everett stopped.

The schedules were inscrutable, and so I went to the booth, to ask the girl whose only purpose in life would be to direct bus riders to the right bus. She answered in the way that I’ve come to expect from customer service oracles.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know about that one.”

“You don’t know a single way to get up to Everett, transfers or not, after 6?”

The barely educated customer service oracle just shrugged.

“Maybe I can help?” a pipsqueak of a voice offered from behind me. It’s the same sort of pipsqueak voice that sounds good saying “please let me suck your cock”, and that takes my mind off the rage of the situation. I smile and look at the source.

She’s 5’3″ish, short. Slightly messy red hair, short, just past the shoulders. Wearing a Seattle uniform (a zipper hoodie) with tits in a t-shirt just poking out beneath, and jeans that showed off a tight body. She’s smiling at me with cute little cocksucking lips.

“Do you live in Everett?” I asked.

“Lynnwood”. She answers. I realize she’s willing to spend at least an hour out of her life to help.

“But you know how to get to Everett at this hour?” I ask, hoping for a way out of my shitty situation.

“I’ve found my way up and back there late before.” This girl has a gift for answering in a way that makes you wonder about bad things in good ways. “I think there’s a bus that goes from Lynnwood to Everett at around 9.”

It’s only 6 now. She’s still smiling with cocksucking lips. She’s also just made it clear she’s willing to spend several hours of her night just getting me home (and I’m neither drunk nor her boyfriend). I’ve either stumbled onto the world’s best Samaritan, or the girl is into me.

“Sure, let’s go.”

She leads me over to the Lynnwood bus. I follow her up the stars so I can check out her cute, tight little ass, and I lead her to the back. I pick a bench seat and motion for her to move into it. She does, I put my bag down, and sit down just close enough to barely touch her leg.

“I’m James.” I introduce myself.

“K.” She answers. She has a full name of course, but for I’ll use initials for the anonymity of parties involved.

“You’re being super nice.” I clumsily compliment.

“You’re lucky.” She replies with a smile.

“You have no idea…’ I say, as I begin telling her my day full of good and bad luck. She laughs at things that aren’t funny, smiles when there’s no reason to. She keeps looking at my hand, letting the bumps in the ride push us closer together.

“So you live in Lynnwood?” I ask.

“Yeah.” She answers.

“Alone?” I ask hopefully.

“With my sister? You?” She asks with a smile that shows she knows exactly what I’m really asking.

“Alone.” I reply with a smile.

“Boyfriend?” I ask.

She flashes bursa escort the glimmer of a frown for a second, then grins evilly.

“Um, yeah but it’s nothing serious. Girlfriend?” She shoots right back.

“Yeah, and definitely nothing serious.” I reply, thinking of how my crazy soon to be ex-girlfriend had cackled maniacally a few days ago after joking about being pregnant.

She’s smiling with those cocksucking lips again.

“Isn’t it odd, being in these relationships that just pass the time?” She asks.

“Yeah. It seems like it’s Seattle’s way though. Everyone seems to have at least one person they’re just kind of ‘hooking up’ with. ” I reply.

“But the people they’re hooking up with aren’t really like fuck buddies, they’re like the good boys and girls.” She opines, wondering about this place’s ways.

“Yeah. I figured out a while ago being bad is much more fun.” I reply with a smile.

She flashes a smile with those cocksucking lips that opens her mouth almost as wide as when I fishhooked her a couple of hours later. I knew I was in the midst of a dirty situation too fun to turn down. The die was cast.

We flirt shamelessly on the way to Lynnwood. Lynnwood’s deserted, and I take the opportunity to turn slight touching into full grabbing. When we sit down to talk more, I put my hand right on her ass and give it a light squeeze.

The cocksucking lips smiled once more.

We’ve found a mutual love… being bad. This is my general litmus test of a good girl, and the best road to bed. Get a girl that talks about cock she’s loved, and she’ll want another cock. Find a girl that will let you talk about pussy you’ve loved, and you’ll get her pussy.

I tell her my axiom: “Women spend the first decade of their life trying to avoid having their hair pulled by men and the next 40 years trying to make it happen.” She takes a quick look around the bus station, smiles, and grabs my hand and bunches into her hair.

“I love it when they ball my hair in their fist, pull me back and talk dirty”.

I learn quickly, as I snap her neck back a bit, take a nibble out of her ear, and say “like this, you bad girl?”

She groans a little, smiles, and then looks away a little. I’ve known we’re going to fuck since the first bus stop, but I think she just realized how much she wants to.

The bus that would go to her place pulls up.

“Isn’t that yours?” I ask.

She blushes. “I think I’ll make sure you get home all right”

I smirk.

The bus pulls away, leaving us at the bus stop with an awkward silence.

I think to myself for a second, realizing the gold mine I’ve got in front of me. The whole bus depot is locked down, and I realize how I’m going to tempt her more.

“Our bus is like 10 minutes away, right?” I ask.

“Yeah.” She informs me with a quizzical look on her face.

“Ok, I need to pee.” I tell her.

She looks horrified at the prospect of me being more than 5 feet away.

“The station doesn’t look open.” She tells me.

“Let’s check”. We walk up, and I hear her breath get deeper. I’m half hoping the bathroom door is open so I can take her right then and there.

It’s not.

I survey the giant park and ride. I see a large tour bus blocking off a pretty big swath. I might not get to fuck her brains out now, but at least I can make her think of my cock.

“Looks like I’ll just have to use some of the advantages of being a guy.” I say

“Like?” She asks.

“Like having a thick dick you can just whip out and use whenever. You can stand guard if you don’t peek.” I offer.

She follows me to the bus like a submissive bitch on an invisible collar. I go around the corner, knowing she’ll peek, and pull out my half hard cock. I swear she waits for the fluids to start to hit the ground because a second later her voice is right behind me.

“I think that’s the bus there, guess you’ll have to put that away… for now.” She tells me with a smile.

I smile. She smiles her cocksucking lips and start walking to the station. I smack her ass.

“I said no peaking.” I tease her.

She smiles, brushes her hand over my jeans, and says with a smirk. “Uncut, nice!”

The 15 minute bus ride to Everett is more torturous flirtation. At this point, we know clothes are being ripped off, we just don’t have a place to do it yet. It’s February lukewarm out, and if it were summer then I’d have been screwing the slut over a siderail hours ago.

When we get off the bus, I get my bike and we start walking the mile back. It’s dark, and we keep just smirking, occasionally groping, and walking down the street. Eight blocks from home, I go off to darker side streets to have more privacy. We walk the first two in silence. She may be adventurous, but she doesn’t know how to say what she needs. I may know how to say it, but there’s something to be said waiting for effect.

I keep a smile on my face, and wait until she’s looking at me with cute begging bambi eyes.

“So you like to be bad?” I ask.

She bursa escort bayan nods, unsure of what to say.

“Good. I love to be bad. I hope you’re bad enough for what I know you want.” I say, setting the mental stage for a great fuck.

“And what exactly do I want?” she asks, checking that I know the answer.

“You want me to make you cum until you can’t remember your name. You want me to fuck you on the floor. You want me to suck my dick till your lips turn blue, and you want me to nibble your nipples off.” I stop, get close, grab the back of her head where she showed, me, and snap her neck back and whisper into her ear. “You want me to hold your hair like this, and whisper in your ear what a dirty slut you’re being.” Her eyes are begging, her breathing ragged. My house is a hundred feet away.

“And here’s how I know it.” I stick my left hand into her jeans. She’s soaked thru her panties. She gasps. I pinch her clit thru her clothes.

“What name should I call you?” I pinch and twist a little as I ask each name. “Bitch? Slut? Whore? Cunt?”

She manages to pull against my arm enough to come up and kiss me.

“Call me whatever you want to, just please fuck me now.” She whispers into the wind.

I cup her tit with my free hand, pinch and twist her nipple, and watch the fun drain from her eyes when I pull my other hand from her panties.

“Soon, you eager slut.” I nod towards my building. The place is a house split into apartments, with a little green unit attached to the back with a set of steep private stairs. It’s just separate enough from the building that my neighbors don’t get bothered when sluts like these show up. It’s just enclosed enough from the rest of the building to have a private little nook at the top of the stairs.

I motion her up the stairs and follow a step behind. With the height difference, her ass is pressing into my cock, and that’s the moment I know I’m going to fuck the hell out of it tonight. I smile broadly as I realize just how sultry tonight could get.

At the top of the stairs, I reach past her and unlock the door. I’m damn near ambidextrous, and while I push open the door my left hand goes to the button of her jeans. Before the door’s all the way open the jeans are unzipped. By the time we’re two steps inside, her jeans are around her ankles, leaving her ass and a pair of light red panties saying hello to the Washington night. By step three, I give her a massive smack on her ass that makes her skin match the panties. Step four and her hairs in my hand, my other hand is unzipping my pants. I push her face down and then tilt it up to look at me. Her eyes look like an opium addicts.

“Suck.” I barked at my new bitch.

She smiles, flicks her tongue out and licks my zipper, and then gives a half begging look at the door. She gets a matching handprint on the other asscheek.

“Suck, slut.” I repeat my order with the appropriate faux-ire.

Her smile grows, opens wide. Her hand comes up and wiggles my cock out of my boxes. She blinks once and goes down, deep.

My hand is still in her hair, and I hold her there. I thrust just a little deeper, and watch her opiate eyes wish her mouth could grow larger. My left leg kicks the door shut.

I relax my hand a little and let her cocksucking lips do what I’ve been thinking about for the past hours, and I decide what I’m going to do with this situation.

She sucks my cock like a hip-hop beat. Twice fast, once slow. It dawns on me what I’m going to do to her, and I lift her shirt above her head, forcing her to at least temporary stop sucking my dick. It makes a giant pop as her mouth leaves it.

As tries to get my cock back in her mouth, I hold her head back by her hair. She tries again, and I yank her to her by her hair, bend down a little, and bite just above the nipple on her right tit. I coax her back towards the couch by my teeth and the hands in her hair, and I plop her down next to me as I sit. She looks at me expectantly, idly stroking my cock.

“Since we’re both being such bad people tonight, I’m going to make it worthwhile. Since we’re both cheating for want of better people and filthier fucking, I’m going to fuck you like a B grade porn star. I’m going to fuck you in every hole in any way that I want. Since we’re both off being sluts, I’m going to fuck you like a slut until I make you my cumslut. But first I’m going to make you cum until you beg me to fuck you.”

I was tweaking her tits during the talk, but I was damn shocked when telling her I would make her cum made her explode. Women are worlds of different when it comes to orgasms, and there are some for whom cumming is so unmistakable not just by the noise she makes but by the look of her. K shook like she was having an epileptic seizure with an epicenter of her cunt. Her eyes rolled back into her heed. That was the first orgasm of the nine she had, and I hadn’t even stuck a dick in her yet.

I didn’t wait for the tremors to subside. I stood up and flipped her so that her ass was in the air, and I just ripped. Her escort bursa little cheap red panties came off like their never existed. I spat at her cunt once and stuck the panties in my back pocket and stuck my tongue straight into her. Burying my face in her pussy mid-orgasm was like riding a mechanical bull. I kept lightly licking, blowing, and then suddenly biting. Each repeat of the pattern was like turning up the volume on the stereo.

Her second orgasm came just as her body had finally stopped shaking. Her thighs nearly popped my head like a zit, and she just started to drip down past my right cheek, down her leg, and onto the couch. I started licking more slowly, and, a few minutes later when the shaking had subsided, she hoarsely begged: “Please, fuck me.”

I nibbled at her pussy lips, and asked “What was that?”

“Please, fuck me.” She begged in a little less of a whisper.

I made one slow, long lick from just near her ass down to her pussy. “What was that?”

A little louder, but barely, she hissed “Please, fuck me.”

I stick two fingers deep up her cunt, and come up next to her face, and taunt her: “I’m sorry, but if you’re begging me to fuck you, you’ll have to beg like a proper slut.”

She screams “Please fucking fuck me!” so loud it echoes out of the room and escapes onto the wind.

I smack a tit, and stand up. She slumps into the couch like she can’t move, and looks up at me.

I finally take off my shirt, throwing it right on her face. She slowly pushes it to the side, and I slowly take down my pants and stand there staring at her. She looks cute but barely conscious, wearing nothing but a cheap polka dot bra.

“That was better, slut, but not quite yet.” I tell her with my best tsk-tsk voice.

I leave for the kitchen. She looks so dry, I decide I’ll get her a little wet. I pick out an ice cube from the freezer and come back out.

She’s still on the couch, freshly high from fucking. I come up behind her and unclasp her bra. “We won’t be needing this.”

I put the ice cube into my mouth, and work my way down her spine. With ice in my teeth, I say “you looked so dry…”. She squirms a little, and moans. I flip her over, so her tits face me, and I run the cold ice over them. She shakes a little. It’s either an aftershock or a small tremor before the explosion. I see if I can’t make Mt. Saint Helens pop.

“Does this cold little bitch like some ice?” I ask with a smirk.

“Ummm hmmm.” She purrs.

“I bet you’re hot enough to cum before this melts.” I softly kissed her, then I ran the ice cube over her clit, then push it deep inside.

It would probably have been a louder scream if I hadn’t already been kissing her, but she definitely had a hate it phase before she loved it. The first seconds were a squirming away from herself. When my hand joined the ice cubes to warm things up a little, she started squirming into me instead. I hooked up and caught her g-spot.

“Feels like it’s got a lot of ice left, you better cum soon or I’ll have to fuck this pussy till it’s all warm again.” I say with a smile.

She looks like she’s thinking it over for a second, until I pinch my fingers together around her g-spot inside of her. Then she’s just cumming again. I hold her g-spot until she slows down a little, and then I fish the ice cube out of her pussy.

I stuck my cock in her face so she’d warm it up a little. She seemed cross-eyed, barely able to focus, but she just started sucking on it. I pulled it out of her lips to finally fuck the poor girl, and she leaned forward for it and fell onto the floor in front of my heater.

I grabbed her hips and flipped her over. She grabbed the edge of the heater for support, and I sunk my hot cock deep into her lukewarm pussy. The cold and the orgasm control normally are a little bit of fun, but it’s the warm cock right afterwards that makes a girl go wild for this. She digs her hands back, and I hold her together behind her. I pulled harder on her arms, pushing her tits towards the heater, and I run the rest of the ice cube over her asshole. I decide to see how dirty she is when I pull my fingers and the ice cube back to her mouth.

She suckles on my hand like it was her mother’s breast. I pull it back, and push the quarter of an ice cub left into her ass. I give it a hard smack with the now free hand, and say “for later”. Then I grab her hair, push her face into the floor, and impale her deeply.

It only takes a minute or so of deep impaling until she’s shaking all over again. I pull out, wanting to save my orgasm for after I’ve fucked the rest of her, and give her a light tap on the ass.

“I’m thirsty, I’m getting water.” I inform her.

As I stand up she turns to try to grab at my cock, and I push her down a little and leave her with her pussy facing the heater. She’s got just a little bit of hair, and it’s all standing on end, electric from the fresh fucking. As I walk for the water I hear the heater click on. I get a glass of water, pour another for her, and take a quick piss. I come back out around the corner, and her pussy hairs are moving with the slight hot breeze of the heater. She’s almost humping towards it, her head forward. I come by and put the water a few inches from her head and lightly ran my hand thru her hair.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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