At An Even Pace

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A story based on an idea I’ve had kicking in my head for a long time. Happy reading!

It was unfortunate for Tom that the light in the hallway was out. It was pitch black, and he fumbled quite a bit with his keys before finding the right one to open his apartment door. Not that it mattered, anyway, when he put the key in the lock, the door gently opened. It was unlocked.

Tom took this as a surprise. As a New York City police officer, he had almost thought of himself unsusceptible to any crime or action against him. Pulling out his sidearm into the traditional Weaver position, he took a step into his apartment, and prepared for the worst.

Closing the door behind him, Tom walked slowly and carefully past the entryway and into the living room. No lights were on, and the dim city lights allowed only the faintest of detail to be seen. Tom scanned the living room, trying to match his memory with the dim outlines of the furniture and objects in the room. Just as he approached the middle of the living room, the lights were turned on.

Quickly Tom spun around and aimed his gun at the only light panel for the living room. The gun was pointed at a masked figure, clad in black, about 5’6″ tall, judging from Tom’s policeman eye. Somehow, he got a strange feeling, as if this was not just an ordinary burglary. Gathering up some courage, Tom spoke in his harshest, toughest voice.

“Hands up, asshole.”

The burglar did not move at all.

“Hands up, and now!” Tom yelled.

Still the burglar did not move.

“Listen, dumbass, get your hands up or you’re dead!” Tom yelled once more, losing patience fast.

The burglar finally moved, arms slowly moving up, until they stopped behind the masked face. Then, suddenly, they pulled the mask off, revealing the burglar’s gorgeous face: high cheekbones, light skin, small nose, red lips, and green eyes. The long black hair tied up in a ponytail completed the picture. It was a woman; it was a cat burglar.

Although this sight of beauty stood in front of him, Tom did not budge. Hardened by the city where nothing is what it seems, he spoke indifferently, “Up against the wall, now.”

The cat burglar did not respond. Instead, she looked right into his eyes, and gave him a sly, seductive smile. Then she licked her lips before speaking.

“You know, I was hoping you’d show up. I saw the pictures,” she said, motioning to the bookcase and desk, where Tom’s police academy photos were. “Not so bad in the pictures… even better in real life.”

Tom stood there, not believing what he heard. In his mind, it didn’t make sense. A cat burglar (not to mention a fairly beautiful one) in his apartment, looking at his pictures, hoping to see him? What exactly was going on?

“I see you’re a bit confused… I broke in, wanted to steal stuff, but now I got a better deal… understand that?” she said, never letting her eyes off of him. “Now, don’t you want to find out what that deal is?”

Tom still stood there, his gun still on his target. But he was bahis firmaları genuinely confused. Meanwhile, the cat burglar had slowly started walking towards him, around the sofa, until she was right in front of the gun. Tom had not let up his aim, and one shot from his gun would have killed her right then and there. But he let her get close. Too close.

The cat burglar now was right at the barrel of the gun. She looked right at the gun, and then at Tom, questioningly. “You wouldn’t want to let this deal get by you, now would you?” she asked, in a slight “baby” voice. Tom couldn’t help it now, he felt the beginnings of an erection in his pants, and the start of a tremor in his arm.

The cat burglar smiled again, and opened her mouth. She engulfed the barrel of the gun, and slowly took it into her mouth, inch by inch. She closed her eyes only for a second, and then returned to looking at Tom. She took it all the way in, and then pulled her head back until just the tip of the gun was in her mouth. Her tongue came out and swirled around the barrel. Then she took the gun in again, and repeated the procedure. Tom was speechless. As she was doing this, she let her hand slide under her shirt, and into her black pants. She made sure that he saw this too. Her hand went deeper and deeper, and it stopped when it reached her panties. She cupped her pussy, and felt its dampness. She had to admit she was getting pretty hot herself.

Tom was a bit stunned. There she was, a beautiful cat burglar, in his living room, giving his gun head. As strange as it sounds, it was erotic enough to give him a definite bulge in his pants, and his pulse quicken. This did not go unnoticed by the cat burglar. She knew what she was doing to him, and after sucking on his gun long enough, she let go and decided to take it further. She straightened herself up, and pulled her hand out of her pants. She pushed the gun away, and spoke right in Tom’s ear.

“Isn’t this the kind of deal you want? Or would you rather bring me to the police station?”

Tom did not answer with words, but he did throw the gun onto the recliner, grab her, and pull her close to him. His right hand fell to her butt and pressed it even closer to him, and his firm erection. Looking into her eyes, he had abandoned all reason, and was lost in lust.

She leaned back, still held by his hand, and pulled the black shirt up and over her head, revealing a thin white tee shirt. Her red bra was visible through the all too thin, and all too small tee shirt fabric. She reached back and slid his hand up to the middle of her back, and undid her pants. She let them drop to the floor, and stepped out of them, showing off her matching red bikini panties.

The cat burglar leaned in close, and whispered in Tom’s ear, “Help me get comfortable with you…”

Tom needed no further invitation. He kissed her, and they locked in an embrace. He broke the kiss, and began necking with her. His hands roamed up behind her back, and cupped her breasts in the process. They drifted over to kaçak iddaa the sofa, and she fell away from him, and softly lay on her back. She quickly undid her hair, and motioned for him to “come and get it.”

He moved on top of her, kissing and feeling around her. His hands reached the collar of her tee shirt, and pulled, ripping the shirt apart. The shreds of cotton ended up on the floor, and she was only in her bra and panties. Her hands were not idle either. She had been unbuttoning his shirt, and unbuckling his belt. He rose and took off his shirt and undershirt, and then reached down and unclasped her bra in the front. The pert and round breasts were exposed, nipples erect and aching for attention.

Tom kissed her again, and then went down to her breasts, sucking and licking each one, hands kneading the nipples in-between his fingers. She moaned her appreciation, and wanted more. He gnawed slightly, increasing the sensations of her nipples. Her hands were on his head, tousling his hair. She brought his head up after a while, and said to him, “Go lower, and don’t stop.”

Tom obeyed the command, and slid down her body, past the slim waist and to the red panties. His hands slowly spread her legs apart, and he put the back of his hand against her mound, with the panties in-between them. It was warm and damp, the juices soaking the panties. He put his face in, and pushed the fabric of the panties with his tongue. She moaned loudly. “Yesss…. Uhhhh, yessss.” she said. He continued to tease her like this, letting his tongue push in, only to be restricted by her panties. They were so wet, he could taste her through the fabric. He licked all around the inside of her thighs, but he would not remove the panties yet, making her yelp every time he came close to her pussy. She brought her hands down to slide her panties off, but her hands were stopped by his. He looked up and shook his head.

She became desperate. She had never felt herself so wet, she thought that she would soak this guy’s sofa. Her hand reached over, and barely touched the gun. Then Tom licked closer again, not noticing her reach for his gun. One more thrust of her arm, and she grasped the gun, and aimed it at his head. To get his attention, she squeezed her legs together. He looked up sharply, right into the barrel that she had stared into not more than ten minutes ago.

“Give me what I want.” she said huskily. Tom smiled and replied, “It’s a deal.”

He lifted her hips off the sofa and put his thumbs under the side straps of the panties. He slowly pulled them down to her ankles. She pulled her left leg out of them, and then pulled his head down into her pussy, leaving her damp panties hanging on her right ankle.

“Suck it, yessss,” she said, eyes closed and focused on absorbing every touch his tongue made on her pussy and clitoris. He had his mouth clamped down on her pussy, and was probing it deeply with his tongue, flicking her nub. His nose was buried in her trim bush as he continued working her, until he was finally rewarded with kaçak bahis a gush of fresh juice.

“Unnngh…” she moaned as she came. Her body locked up and shuddered as she released her cum in his mouth.

He continued to lick and suck, and only stopped when she lifted his head up and looked into his eyes, her own eyes glazed over with ecstasy.

“Time for your part of the deal,” she said, pushing him over onto his back. She got up and kneeled in front of him. She pulled off his shoes, and his socks. Then she pulled down his slacks, and thrown them aside. Looking at the tent formed by his erection and his blue Hawaiian print boxer shorts, she giggled.

Suddenly, she grabbed the shorts, and tore them apart, much like he had with her tee shirt. Her nails shredded through the fabric, revealing his hard-on. She grasped the base of his penis and squeezed gradually, forcing out a drop of precum. “Mmmm,” she moaned, as she licked the drop and swirled it with her tongue on the head. He closed his eyes, and let his head fall back as she took his erection into her mouth. To him, it was the single warmest, wettest feeling he had ever had.

She had him all the way down her throat, her nose nuzzled in his pubic hair, smelling his musky scent. Her head began to bob up and down, slowly, and then at an even pace. He groaned, feeling his dick hit the back of her throat on the way down and almost fall out of her mouth when she came up. She was incredible at giving head.

It wasn’t long before Tom felt the feeling in his hips and the tightening of his balls. “I’m gonna cum,” he said, giving her fair warning. She continued to suck, and then pulled her head back just as the first spurt came out so that only the head was in her mouth. The first hit splashed the inside of her mouth, the warm cum sliding down her throat. The later spurts all went into her mouth, and she did her best not to swallow too much. She held as much of the salty cum as she could, some of it leaking out the corners of her mouth. As his penis subsided twitching, she pulled out completely and kissed him, spitting out a mouthful of his cum in his mouth and swirling it around with her tongue.

He was shocked by what she did. He had never had a woman feed him his cum like that before, and he kept kissing her, reveling in the salty taste of his own manliness. As he kept his lips locked with hers, his hand went down to finger and part her vaginal folds. She moaned as he did so, her hips grinding against his hand and his now softening erection. He expertly fingered her, one, then two fingers up her pussy. Still feeling the cum slide around in his mouth, he swallowed some, and she swallowed the rest. They broke the kiss, and looked at each other.

“That was a pretty good deal,” he said, looking into her eyes and still fingering her pussy.

“Told you so,” she replied.

Tom looked at his watch. It read 12:43 AM. He then looked over at the cat burglar next to him, her slim and fit body, the cum dribbling around her lips, and his finger up her pussy.

“Forget the police station,” he said. “It’s my day off tomorrow.”

Hope you enjoyed it! Last time I wrote something, I got a lot of e-mails, and that’s cool. Any comments or feedback is greatly appreciated!

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