Asian Wife’s First Anal Experience

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This story is about the first time I had anal sex with my hot wife. My wife is 159 cm tall and weighs 51 kg of shapely muscle from a lifetime of sport and yoga. She is in her late 20’s but you wouldn’t be the first to think she was only 18.


My wife has long jet black hair that runs down to her tight lower back that looks wild and sexy when messed from an intense round of pleasure. Her exotic eyes from her mixed Asian background seem to always hypnotize me when she is locked in the confines of an orgasm until they glaze over in satisfaction.

We had just spent the better part of two hours in our living room working up a considerable sweat having sex and with no sign of ending. While laying side by side I was rubbing the palm of my hand up and down her tight moist slit all the way to her ass, using my thumb to occasionally give special attention to her sweet spot as I was penetrating her tight pussy from behind. Grinding her tight body back against mine with her eyes closed, my sexy little wife surprised me when she asked ‘would you like to take my virgin ass’?

My hand was well lubricated by my wife’s excitement so I started to slowly polish my cock head with even more of her sex juices before I slowly coaxed the fat cock head into her tight ass. My wife’s whole body tightened for a moment, then a flood of pleasure swept her face as I was in. Her body started to shake a little, her eyes were glazed as she said ‘it feels amazing’. I rock back güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri and forth slowly.

As I sawed in and out of her ass, I gradually went deeper and deeper until I was ¾ of my length in. I didn’t want to go in to the hilt until I knew she was ready and able and the base of my cock is thick. With her brown perfect ass pushing back against me seductively and enticingly I kept our momentum going.

With one hand slowly exploring her perfect body, I rub firmly over her hard dark nipples and down to her sweetest spot. Slowly I press into her clit with my palm, applying more and more pressure each time, making circle motions which is driving her crazy.

My wife pushes her little Asian ass more urgently onto my thick cock so I wrap her hair in one hand and pull her face back to me, so I can kiss her passionately on her full sexy lips. I bite and lick her lips as her open mouth breathes heavily. She starts to buck more wildly, as I open her legs wider to penetrate deepest into her ass.

I’m biting her chin like an animal now, gnawing at her jawbone, ears and breathing heavy on her neck as I thrust harder and harder in her ass. She is panting ‘o fuck, o fuck, I’m coming, I’m coming’ and her body jolts like she has been hit by bolt after bolt of lightning.

As her body goes limp and she relaxes I continue to saw in and out of her tight ass. The pressure around my thick cock is choking in an orgasmic way. I want to güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri cum but hold out. My wife whispers in my ear to quickly wash, she knows this isn’t the end of our fun.

In the shower I stroke my hard uncut cock with warm water and soap. I want to be spotless clean because I know my little horny wife will not leave a part of me untouched. As soon as I return to my wife she beckons me onto our lounge and kneels before me.

My wife naked would make a blind man see. That perfect shaped ass built to admire. Her sexy slim back with muscles built from a lifetime of fitness and her ample bust perfectly fitting in my wandering hands. Her pussy has a small tuft of jet black hair, this is a woman built to perfection. I’m in heaven as she kneels before me and I gaze at her body in awe.

My wife takes her petite hands and starts to rub my hard cock up and down. Alternating between using one hand and two, she is coaxing pre-cum out of the tip of my cock head and it she licks and sucks my seeping juice. She says my pre-cum tastes sweet and she tries her best to get more and more.

My wife has full natural lips which make my balls strain when they engulf the head of my cock. She starts to motion her head up and down, up and down on my shaft. I roll my eyes back as she deep throats me where I can feel my cock head enter her throat. She occasionally gags, and I know this turns us both on.

I rub my hands along her shoulders, güvenilir bahis şirketleri into her neck and use one hand to guide her head into me. I don’t need to as she loves oral and loves to drive me crazy. As my wife licks my cock head, she strangling it with her tongue before sliding further between my legs and licks from my balls along my thick shaft.

I don’t cum quickly but I don’t want to exhaust her so I sit back and enjoy the show my wife is putting on for me.

Taking my cock from her mouth she starts to spank her chin with my thick dick. She tells me she loves the heavy weight of my cock as she mashes her lips across the shaft.

Soon she is spanking her neck, chest and heaving breasts with my shaft as she talks dirty to me ‘I love this thick dick, it’s so fucking hot’ she moans. Her nipples are rock hard, she is on fire as she returns my cock deep in the confines of her mouth and throat.

Soon I can feel the pressure building and I know I’m not going to last much longer. Sensing this my wife bobs her head up and down, quicker and quicker, going deeper and deeper then sucking the head hard. Within minutes I am ready to cum and warn her ‘I’m coming baby’ and she pulls me out of her mouth and strokes me until I explode.

The first few spurts are thin jet after jet of cum which hits her chest, neck and chin. She then points my cock at her hot tits and I let go a huge volley of thicker cum on her nipples. She is aiming it everywhere so I don’t miss a spot.

When my orgasm subsides she takes my cock in her mouth and sucks my thick cock clean, not wasting a drop. Making me cum excites her and strokes her sexual ego. She tells me with her sweet innocent face ‘I’ve never seen anyone cum as much as this’. It’s all because of her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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