Are You Awake?

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The morning sun made its way through the partially opened curtains, streaking its bright light across her face. Much of the hotel room, the place she had called home for the last 15 days, was dark. Only the long thin sliver of the crack where the two curtains met allowed the light to enter.

The strip of sunlight started at the top of the Ty Wilson print and traveled down the cream-colored wall to her eyes.

Still in the midst of sleep, she tried to block the sun’s ray by closing her eyes tighter. It didn’t work; the brightness remained. She instinctively pulled the thick white cotton sheet over her head. Still, the sun wouldn’t let her escape its glare. Her eyes weakly began to open and they slowly started to adjust to the light.

She thought about the sun already up and how it couldn’t be morning so soon because she had closed her eyes for the night a few hours earlier. She didn’t want her eyes to be adjusted. She wanted more darkness, more sleep.

Rolling her naked frame over to escape the gleam, she brought her hand down in search of the extra pillow. Instead of finding the softness of the pillow, her hand rested on flesh. It startled her, but only long enough for her to gain her senses and remember the reason this body was lying next to her.

She opened her eyes again, this time much easier than before and propped herself up on her elbow, her head sitting in her hand and her hair hanging down past her forearm, almost to the pillow, she looked at him.

Calmly he slept. He took deep, slow breaths. She marveled at the casino şirketleri simplicity of his actions, his breathing, the way his chest rose as he took in oxygen and the way that it fell when he let the air out. Simple biology, but it amazed her. She reached out to feel his chest. Her hand was too small to cover his entire breast. But, it didn’t matter, she felt it. She liked it.

Bump, bump . . . bump, bump . . . bump, bump, his heart pumped.

With her fingers, she lightly felt her way around his chest, stopping every few moments to give it a soft squeeze. With her forefinger, she slowly drew her name – T.. r.. a.. c.. i – into his flesh, making sure when she dotted the ‘I’, the dot would be right on his nipple.

Traci smiled to herself because she knew how sensitive his nipples were. She used her middle finger to dot the ‘I’ and quickly put her palm over it because she knew what the reaction would be. And, she liked to feel his nipple harden from her touch.

After doing the same to his other nipple, she snaked her hand lower and rubbed it over the ripples of his stomach muscles. She quickly thought about the amount of time that he must spend keeping his body in such good shape.

That thought was quickly interrupted.

He took a deep breath and while letting it out, he rolled his body toward Traci and brought a hand down to rest on her waist. Instinctively he rubbed her waist for a few seconds.

Even in his sleep, Traci thought to herself, he does the right thing.

She continued her exploration, caressing casino firmaları his side, up to his shoulder and returning down over his arm to his lower back. Traci let her hand begin to slope over his firm round butt cheek not resisting the temptation to give it a gentle squeeze.

Looking at his face, she could see a slight smile and she wondered if he was awake. But, she saw his lips begin moving the same way a baby’s would if he were suckling from his mother’s breast. She knew he was still sleep and probably having another of his unusual dreams.

She let her hand drift back around to his lower stomach. Along the way, her wrist touched his sex. A sharp pleasant sensation of fluttered in her stomach as she thought about this private part. He must have been having a nice dream she thought because he was semi-erect.

She used her fingernails and lightly ran them down the length of him then back up. Traci thought to herself how perfect he was. He wasn’t the biggest she’d seen and he certainly wasn’t the smallest. But his thickness was incredible. “Just right,” she smiled.

She felt herself getting aroused, a little moist, and shook her head. How could he do this, not even awake and he was tuning her on. Wrapping her fingers around him, she felt him start to harden. Now she really wondered what he was dreaming about and if she was adding to it. She remembered reading somewhere, in Playboy, maybe Vogue or Rolling Stone, then she thought it may have been in newspaper, that sometimes men can have almost three hard-ons a night while sleeping.

Then güvenilir casino she wondered how often there was somebody like her there to induce that hard-on.

“Damn” Traci whispered. “No man should feel this good.”

No. But, this one did.

She enjoyed playing with him. She also knew if she didn’t quit soon, he would wake up and the game would end. He did wake up, or so she thought. He took his hand off her side, rubbed his head and rolled until he was flat on his back. Traci stayed motionless, her hand still wrapped around him.

As she looked on, his lips went from the suckling motion into a relaxing smile. Again, she wondered about what he was dreaming. He was getting increasingly rigid in her hand and she thought about how he felt. But, now Traci wanted to see it.

She let him go and slowly pulled the thin sheet down from above his waist. As soon as he was exposed, Traci knew the game wouldn’t last much longer. She pulled the sheet down a bit further and brought her hand back to his penis, which remained hard.

Traci wondered if she should actually wake him because she knew he had a long day in front of him. He’d surprised her with his weekend visit. She thought he was still in Sydney. But somehow he found time to fly to Barcelona to spend three days with her – they’re the little things, the little reasons why she married him 13 years ago.

His penis gave an involuntary jump in her hand and that answered her question. In one fluid motion, she eased the sheet completely off them and rolled over on top of him.

Before he had a chance to rub his eyes and get them focused, Traci positioned herself exactly where she wanted to be.

“Are you awake,” she whispered as she eased down, filling herself with him.

“I am now,” he smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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