Annie’s Vacation Cabin Ch. 01

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Annie chided herself on driving into the backwoods so late. It was the last antique shop. The crib, rocker, the canopy bed was just perfect. She had already figured out which client would pay top dollar. It was the thrill of the hunt. Driving along the road she looked as she saw the dusk come in wrapping her deeply inside of it. She loved her cabin no phone, many amenities yet rustic. Getting away from the rat race always caused her to feel refreshed when she headed back to city life.

Bending around the curve exactly one mile to her front door she watched the sun slither down out of sight. Her land had tree’s, a beautiful lake. She had everything she worked for it. Finally pulling her car up she let the head lights shine on the rough hewn logs. It stood like a fortress, her fortress. She could catch fish, clean and cook them. She could pick fresh fruit bake it in a cobbler and let it cool down in a window sill. The wrap around porch went all the way around, rocking chairs stood sentry in case company came a calling.

The moon hung low looking as though it was resting in the tree’s. As she opened the car door she heard far off thunder. Walking towards the double doors she thought of all that needed done. She would have to turn electricity on. Water on would be something she enjoyed taking her shower in the shower that was on the top floor. Ceiling to floor glass windows making her feel as though she was showering outdoors.

She was built for the outdoors. Tall, lean, muscular very feminine. Upper body strength, one with nature. She cut her own wood. Wore her hair in a long french braid. Took self defense, had a sixth sense of people. Her soft skin was supple, soft, velvety. Her green eyes could pierce a soul. Place a man in his rightful place clear across the room. Her laughter was like wind chimes tingling on a summer’s eve. Teeth straight and like a fine strand of pearls. Her scent was intoxicating without adding perfume.

She was gentle, tender, a great listener. A teacher of great knowledge of her surroundings.

Her interests were many. Indian folk lore, nature, cooking, dancing, avid reader. She wrote a couple of books. She had hidden talents. Great swimmer, hiker, could shoot a gun better than most men. She loved antiques, sewing, painting and great conversation.

All this and she was alone. Rarely dated, didn’t miss it. She always thought she was a self made woman.

Her cabin was readied quickly she realized she was hungry. Going to the kitchen she found some eggs and scrambled herself the perfect egg. After washing the dishes she walked towards the stairs. She was in her home. Her life was blessed, she had the everything she could ever want.

Turning on the bathroom’s light she walked over the stone floor to turn the shower on. She had been looking forward to this. Getting the week washed off of her. She slowly undressed to the stately looking thunderous clouds banking up. Living so far from society she was comfortable taking a shower in a free open glassed in shower. She stepped in the shower as she finished the last twist to her braid.

The water was luxurious her skin was pelted with it’s warmth. As she looked outside she could see the lightening far off. She knew she would have to have a quick shower. Thoughts of tomorrow came crowding into her mind as her hands washed her curves. The fullness of her breasts, the wide hips, her magnificent developed thighs and delicate ankles. She was a stunningly beautiful woman, without noticing the affects she had on men. Besides the men she came in contact with were married. She had been married one time a life time ago. She was now her own woman.

Turning off the shower heads she thought about getting to the lake early and catch some fresh fish. Taking the Turkish towel it slurped the water that was left standing upon her porcelain skin. She hung the towel up, walked to the four poster bed with her long legs she swung her leg onto the extra high bed. Sitting gently she slid under the cool covers as the first bolt of lightening clamored just outside of her windows.

Each bolt of lightening proved to light the land around Annie’s place. As Annie slept soundly not knowing her life would be changing starting in the early morning hours.


Daybreak came early for Annie she grabbed a few pieces of fruit knowing better. Walking down the path towards her favorite fishing hole she hummed a song. The rain was so wonderful to sleep to. She seen her place and ran the last few yards. Pulling out her rod she re-strung the reel so that she wouldn’t lose the fish due to rot. Putting a Lazy Ike on her line she cast out expertly. The fact it barely had time to touch the water when a fish grabbed it caused a thrill Annie loved rushing through her body. Reeling the fish in she was smiling to herself, when she heard a thunderous crash. She managed to bring the fish in without losing it. A three pound bass, enough for her to have a perfect lunch.

Sitting her rod down she stepped over closer to the sound. What in the casino şirketleri world could that sound be? She immediately realized the sound and became livid. Grabbing the fish she went tearing out to the cabin. Throwing the fish into the refrigerator on the porch she jumped in her jeep. It was from WW II but she restored it. Flying down the drive she took a quick right at the end. Flying over the hill tops she came to the sound. Her mouth gaped open, for where once tree’s stood were ugly holes. She came to a dirt throwing, dust covered stop. Barely waiting for the engine stopping before jumping off.

“Who the hell is in charge of this mutilation?” She spat looking at a man four inches shorter than she.

The man jumped again. The first time was when she almost ran him over. He shrugged at her he didn’t speak English. Her beauty was appreciated though through his black eyes.

“Carl take a break tell the men to take fifteen.” His voice was filled with authority. ‘Hell-o my name is William may I help you?” He finished with a sincere sound to his masculine voice.

“Yes you may. Stop this!” Annie said a little to loudly.

“Stop what?” William still didn’t know who he was speaking to.

“I’m sorry my name is Annie. Stop this mutilation of the land. You have no right. Alberta and Hank will be so genuinely upset by this.” Annie said more calmly.

William looked at Annie seeing beauty and knowing this woman was a woman of great convictions. He walked closer to give her his hand in friendship. She didn’t move. He saw in her eyes pain. Taking his hand back he spoke again.

“My aunt and uncle knew what I was going to do when they left me this land. The locals are good with it. You must be the part timer. You have a beautiful place, Annie.” He said with a twinge of jealousy.

“You can’t just cut down these tree’s. These tree’s are majestic. They are hundred’s of years old. What could be more important than they stand and growing for nature’s beauty?” Annie said as she looked upon the multitudes of empty spaces.

“How about a grocery store, beauty shop, clothing store and furniture store?” William said unaware of the anger he had just stoked within Annie.

“You can’t be serious William. You can’t sacrifice this land for a strip mall. I will stop this I will not let you defile this land anymore. We have Miller’s grocery. We have Tangle and Frizz beauty shop.

We have David’s for clothing and anything else a person could want. Furniture store? We have outlets two towns over. You haven’t a soul, William.” Annie hollered as she jumped back into her jeep.

Speeding off she knew her jeep spit out gravel and dust covering William, she didn’t care. She was so livid she almost didn’t make her turn. It wasn’t until she was stopped in front of her home that she burst out crying. She hated to cry she laid her head down on the steering wheel and sobbed. This was going to have to be stopped. She didn’t know how though. How could this man come upon her mountain and manage this destruction? As she climbed out of the jeep her mind was in constant action. Somebody will help her.

Building a strip mall of all things. Her solitude would be interrupted who was this William? He must be close to her father’s age. His razor cut hair, his stance was a stance of a man that didn’t lose. His crystal blue eyes, framed in the darkest black eyelashes. She found his face quite unmarred from being a man that worked in the sun. He just didn’t realize the devastation to her peace of mind. She built her home saving all the tree’s. It was hard to do, but it was well worth the extra work. A furniture store for the cheap made furniture from left over useless wood.

Annie was cleaning the fish when she saw a Lincoln Navigator coming up her drive. Going on with the filleting of the fish she didn’t wave but kept working. The driver’s door opened, out stepped William with a hat in his hand.

“Annie I came here to talk about it. Will you listen?” William asked apprehensively.

Annie rinsed the fish, then her hands before she turned around. She was angry, something she rarely allowed herself. Without knowing why she asked him to stay for lunch.

“Would you like to share a fresh grilled bass over lunch? I have an apple pie or a pear tart for dessert?” Annie said remembering kindness got more done.

“That sounds delicious. I’m sorry you found out this way. Whatever I say will sound wrong to you. I, like you, love this place Seven Hills is a panoramic breath taking place. It’s well off the beaten path. May I help with lunch?” William asked kindly.

Annie opened the front door to her home with one hip holding the door. She carried the fish into the kitchen. I like my fish cooked plain with some herb butter. How would you enjoy yours. I got up this morning to bake fresh bread, an apple pie and pear tart. She walked into the gourmet kitchen and went about fixing a lunch that would be at home in a five star restaurant.

William took time to see the rough hewn logs and the central casino firmaları staircase suspended from the second floor. It made quite a statement. It was decorated so beautifully. Walls of glass lending views of the tree’s. He imagined having coffee on the breakfast island as deer and other wilderness drank from the area pool of water. It looked spring fed.

“William would you enjoy eating on the back porch?” Annie was being a hostess for him.

“Sounds great. You need help with anything Annie?” He replied.

Annie was an efficient cook, a power house in the kitchen but she was a power house in every room. She looked at William’s casual looking over her home. He was quite handsome. But he was tearing her world out tree by tree. She took out the tray of food for lunch, leaving desserts in the kitchen window.

“Please sit at the head of the table. I hope your fish is cooked the way you like it.” Annie asked sincerely.

The table was set beautifully for two with fresh bowls of flowers. The view was ethereal. They both started to pick up their forks and William’s expression showed his mild surprise of her cooking.

“Annie this is delicious. You are a great cook.” William took another buttery bite.

“Thank you William, I learned a lot of cooking many years ago. Oh look over there its my family of deer they come out and welcome me home when I eat out here.” Annie’s voice was childlike.

They ate and talked about the land. The non existent night life. The great sleeping under stars. Everything but the strip mall. Annie had time to think about it. She was a part timer. They did need more income places for the locals. They had started getting more people that came to some B and B’s and then purchase a parcel of land. As lunch was finishing Annie went to get the pie and the tart bringing them to the table. William took a slice of pear tart the buttery crust melted upon his tongue.

Annie was so self efficient. He had never met a woman like her. After they finished lunch Annie took him for a tour of her home. They found they enjoyed antiques, reading and simple things in life. Once back outdoors she walked him to her lake. He practiced skimming stones on the surface. Annie held back she didn’t want him to feel bad. They spent a few hours of an afternoon. When William mentioned he should be getting back. The best they could do was to agree to disagree about the progress.

He showed her he wouldn’t come near her sanctuary. Walking him back to his car, the wind picked up and caused her skirt to swish up. William saw legs that went on forever. Annie took the hem brought it between her legs and tied it at the waist.

“I apologize this morning please tell Carl I won’t be so wild eyed next time.” Annie laughed her laughter seemed to ring like a wind chime. ‘William who is using the wood?” She added.

“I build furniture custom size pieces. Like your four poster bed. Who built it? If you tell me you did I wouldn’t be shocked.” He laughed.

“No it was a gift. I would love to look at your pieces.” Annie said in a rush.

“Sure anytime, I’m near job site all the time.” William said almost reluctant to leave.

Watching William navigate his Lincoln down her drive she realized she thoroughly enjoyed this afternoon. Annie went to the back of her property saddled Sadie and took off to survey her land before it got to dark. Riding Sadie always brought her thoughts into focus. How could she be so angry with William this morning? Now think of him with a smile on her face. Going over the last green pasture she got off the horse.

Walking slowly she came to a marker. Bending down she pulled away a few stray blades of grass. Placing her fingers to her lips she laid her fingers upon the etched name. Getting back upon Sadie she rode off back towards her home stead. Her heart was aching.

What a long day … Every day at Annie’s Wind Wood was long.


She walked around the cabin in time of seeing headlights coming up the road. Not recognizing the truck she stood with hands on her hips. She didn’t get a lot of company, she watched the truck stop and the door open. Once she saw who it was she started off running to throw herself into his arms. They swirled around in circles, hugging tightly.

“Randy you are a sight for sore eyes. I am so glad to see you.” Annie kissed him on the cheek.

“I was hoping you were here. Annie this is a friend of mine, Colby.” He broke the hold and motioned for Colby to come closer.

“Well Colby a friend of my brother’s is one of mine. What are you doing here little brother.” Annie stressed little.

Randy was forty-four, six feet tall. He was built ruggedly, openly friendly. Loved the outdoors always seemed to be on the move though. Colby was a few inches taller, looked the same age well he had graying hair. Upper body strength and a boyish charm exuded from him. Annie and Randy’s parents were both gone. She loved Randy he was her partner.

“Glad to have the guest get your things pick your rooms. güvenilir casino I will make something special for dinner. Anything you want Randy?” Annie was cheerfully happy she had her brother near her.

The guys decided on homemade pizza’s and cold beers. As they found their rooms and unpacked Annie went to the kitchen to make four pizza’s. She loved working the dough, loved mixing the ingredients. Colby came out of the back first. Annie gave him a Bud, motioned for him to sit and talk while she twirled the first pizza dough expertly.

“You do that real nice.” Colby said sincerely.

“I love to cook. Especially when I have company. Just how long have you known my brother?” Annie asked interested.

“I cook but I’m not really good at much. I cook a mean steak and ribs though. Randy and I have known each other for about a year now. He is a good man. A great friend. You two don’t look a like.” Colby added just as Randy walked around the corner.

“Extra tomato’s on mine sis. Annie takes after our mom and I take after our dad. All though Annie is an outdoors woman. Our mom was gentile. Annie was out there along side me and dad working on cars.” Randy added.

Randy long arms reached for a beer swigging it down as he looked out over the place. He saw headlights coming up the drive. Half turning he told Annie somebody was coming. Annie stepped towards the door as she threw the pizza dough high in the air.

“That’s William. I just met him this morning. He is building a strip mall on the Walker place.” Annie said as she slathered sauce on the second pizza.

Randy stopped dead in his tracks. He was destroying tree’s for a strip mall. Shaking his head he reached for another beer. As William’s car stopped.

“How well do you know this man, sis?” Randy got territorial.

“Stop that and behave yourself Randy.” Annie said annoyed.

Colby was new and a stranger so he just kept quiet and listened. He thought of any woman he knew that Annie could take care of herself. He also thought she was beautiful. Seeing her full body stretch as she tossed the pizza high he thought she was damn beautiful.

William made it to the porch but Randy stayed in the doorway.

“I mean it Randy!” Annie whispered.

“Come in we are just having some fresh pizza’s and beer. Care to join us. This is my brother Randy his friend and now mine Colby. This is William.” Annie placed the last pizza in and was drawing out the first two.

The guys wearily looked at each other. William looked upon Colby seeing he was tall and built strong. He took the offered beer and a slice of cheese and mushroom pizza. Sitting down he took a swallow of beer before taking a bite of pizza.

“Oh Annie, this is superb you should go into business. Open a shop. I have never had a slice of pizza so delicately robust.” he laughed. ‘Oh I know you don’t have a phone so I just took a chance and wanted to bring by some pictures of my hand made furniture.’ He said smiling at Annie’s face.

“Oh I would love to see them. Randy and Colby, William is opening up a furniture shop using the wood from the tree’s.” Annie said to help conversation flowing.

“How much damage have you done so far to the landscape?” Randy asked.

“Randall Charles you apologize to William immediately.” Annie said embarrassed.

“Randy I’m trying to save as many tree’s as possible. You have the right to ask me that. I want the shops to be built around the tree’s.” William said earnestly.

“I apologize William. Hey Colby let’s look around outside before the sun goes all the way down.” Randy grabbed a few more beers and a tray with pizza slices on it.

“I am so sorry William. My brother shouldn’t attacked you like that.” Annie said.

“Reminds me of a woman I met this morning. You two are related no doubts.” William laughed his eyes sparkled.

Annie and William broke into laughter. Finishing a few more slices of pizza and a few beers. They found themselves sitting at the bar. William pulled his book over and opened it. Annie was taken by surprise at the originality, the expertly crafted furniture inside. Page after page, piece after piece she saw quality.

“Oh William, they are beautiful. I love that canopy bed, the crown molding around the inside. It’s just so sensual. You are a craftsman.” Annie closed the book to see William looking into her emerald green eyes.

Stepping out onto the porch they found two rockers. Filling in some of the gaps about their life for one another. William found her job as a anger management representative was comical as how they met she was irate. She had to smile at her behavior. William loved her smile it was so strong, yet she tilted her head demurely. He was always a builder. Built homes in the upper brackets. Got tired of seeing land being abused so he retired and came here. Built furniture, got to know the place and found that many of the permanents wanted more choices.

After today he was sure glad he had made the move. Annie was a special lady all though she was younger than him. He never felt old around her. She was enchanting her anger, her calmness, her secretive side pleased William very much. As the last of the sun slipped over the edge enveloping them in a darkness William reached for Annie.

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