And the Sky Turned Scarlett

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I woke up slowly — completely unaware of how I fell asleep. As I attempted to stretch, I realized I was bound to some sort of steel frame. My ass was on a fork shaped device, leaving my crack exposed. I could tell because of what felt like a cool breeze blowing on my asshole. My legs were tied to this frame I could now see. My arms were stretched behind me. I looked around the room. It appeared all black, with no detail other than a candelabra with three thick, blood red candles.

I did NOT like this. But how did I get here?

I attempted to move. I discovered the steel I was on must be spring steel of some sort, as I began to bounce. Each down stroke made me feel something blunt near my asshole, almost penetrating me. I stopped struggling and waited for the bouncing to stop. I wasn’t gay, and that was exit only in my book.

I heard a voice at this point. A woman’s voice. Deep & sultry. “So, you’re awake, are you? About time. I’ve been waiting to play with you for a long time.” I knew that voice. But I just couldn’t place it. The voice purred again, close to my right ear. “We’re gonna break every wall you’ve ever had. And then build a new one around just us.” A tongue gently licked my ear lobe as I tried to place the voice and understand the words.

All of a sudden, the gentle licking became a sharp bite. I jumped, trying to get away, and set my precarious seat bouncing, and I felt that bluntness painfully starting to penetrate my virginal ass. I froze, and attempted to tighten up. As I bounced up and down, I felt that tip trying to get in.

The woman’s voice spoke again. “You don’t like Lex? He’s a favorite of mine” Damn, I know that voice! Who is it…I remember that same voice now, haunting me. The last words I heard in that voice were “I love you baby, I only wish you loved me like I love you” It was my Molly.

Molly was the one who got away. The one who broke my heart. I never understood the cryptic last words of hers — I obviously loved her, but I couldn’t tell her, as after those words were spoken she left, and despite me looking for her for months, she was nowhere to be found. Quit her job, moved out of her apartment. Mutual friends knew nothing.

I moved on as best I could. Work, eat, sleep. Not a lot more for the last year. I felt incomplete without her, and life felt dull, almost colorless. But apparently she was back — and holding me prisoner.

“Molly!” I exclaimed “Where have you been! I’ve looked for you…” I trailed off as she came into view. This was not the Molly I remembered. Where Molly had a demure mousiness, this creature before me was so stunning it almost shocked my eyes. For starters, her long brown hair was gone. Now it was a short purple spiked hairdo. Her lips were blood red, and she wore a stainless steel collar — shockingly it bahis firmaları was all she wore.

She was bare naked, and stunning. Her luscious breasts each had a barbell thru the turgid nipples. Another thru her nude clitoris — and I mean nude. Her warm brown curls were gone. Most shocking of all was the tattoo. It was a Sun & Moon combined like a ying-yang almost, with sun rays & clouds surrounding it. It was down her side, and stretched around her, with on fiery sun ray enveloping her right nipple.

I knew that tattoo very well. It graced my left bicep as well. Molly had been my sun, to the darkness of my moon.

She looked at me, piercing me with an intense gaze. “You can call me Scarlett now.” “Molly…Scarlett…” I sputtered “Where have you been? Why did you go?” The stunning creature before continued to pierce me with those eyes. I saw them soften, but harden again. It took perhaps 3 of the longest minutes in my life until she spoke again.

“I had to go” She began slowly, as her eyes softened again. “We loved each other, but it wasn’t a forever love. You were a caring and gentle partner, and I loved..Still love you. I just had an empty spot inside that never felt filled. I needed more, and had to leave to find it. And now I’ve come back to see if you can share the fire in my belly. I’ve spent the last year in LA. I’ve been working as a cam girl on a BDSM website…as their Anal Specialist”

My mind reeled, trying to comprehend her words. “Anal Specialist? I never knew you liked anal” She gave me that hard look again “Neither did I. But I had to find out what was missing. Anal was a part of it. A part you need to learn.” I looked at Scarlett in confusion. I stammered “If you want us to have anal sex, I’ve never done it, but I would have tried it for you.”

Scarlett smiled. “Anal is a small part of what you need to learn. First lesson: Silence!” With that, she strapped a ball gag around my head. “Nice” she said. “Don’t slobber. Now lesson two: cleanliness. It’s next to godliness.” She smiled cruelly at me. She reached down, and I heard a clunk, and no more pressure at my ass.

Scarlett then began to jerk my cock, painfully bringing me to an erection. “This will be better for you if you stay hard.” She then began trimming my pubes with a small pair of scissors. After I was looking sparse, she produced a bowl of lather & a brush from somewhere behind me. She the deftly shaved me clean as a newborn with a double edge razor in less time than I take to do my face in the morning. She then massaged some oil into my shorn shaft & scrotum, soothing the slight burn I felt.

Scarlett looked at me for a moment with a look of almost humor. “Time to get you really clean, big boy.” With this she produced the dread apparatus from somewhere behind me. A stand with what kaçak iddaa appeared to be a large, very full enema bag. I struggled violently for almost a minute, before stopping, bouncing up & down so hard I felt dizzy. She lubed the tip, and forced it up my tightly clenched bung. I began to feel warm water. I never felt so humiliated in all of my life.

Scarlett knelt in front of me, eye to eye. I could smell her perfume, a scent of not flowers, but of feminine musk. I felt her power over me. “I know you don’t want this, my love, but proper prep insures playful pleasure. When I pull out the hose, you have to hold it for me, and if you’re a good boy you get a reward” I began to feel bloated, and sweaty. Scarlett clicked something below me, and turned off the water. After disconnecting the tube, she began to massage my swollen belly, crooning softly to me.

She placed a large bucket under me, and gave me permission to release, which I did. She then swapped bags, and gave me another. After my final expulsion & clean up, she rubbed something on my poor balloon knot, and then Scarlett looked at me for a moment, head cocked to the side like a puppy when you talk to it. “What’s that?” She asked. “Ah yes…your reward.” With that she removed the ball gag.

After stretching my mouth I attempted to speak. “Why are you doing this to MMMMRRRPPPHHH!!!” I was cut off by Scarlett backing her pussy & ass into my face. Instinct took over, and I began to lick her drooling snatch. “Good boy” I heard her say faintly. “Now…Your real treat.” With this, she subtly shifted, and my tongue touched her anus, and slid in a bit. I quickly withdrew my tongue, and closed my mouth.

“Bad Boy!” shouted Scarlett. She wheeled around, grabbed a candle from the candelabra, and poured wax on my chest. I howled in pain. Scarlett then looked at me, and whispered “You need to eat my ass. You need to love it…to love me.” She lowered her ass to my face again. Fearing further wax, I timidly began to rim her. She moaned in appreciation. As I began to enjoy the taste, I dug in heartily, and I felt her begin to suck my cock to a dripping erection.

After about 5 minutes, she climbed off. She dragged a chair over & sat next to me. “That was good, darling. Very good. You have a very talented tongue. Now we need to see how talented your ass is.” She reached under me and my whole perch began to rise somehow. When my ass was at the height of her chest, the machine stopped, and after a moment, I felt pressure on my asshole. Scarlett looked me in the eye, and explained “There’s two was this can happen. The easy way or the hard way, but it’s GOING to happen. Are we clear?”

I looked away, unprepared to answer. I felt Scarlett’s finger probe my anus again. I attempted to relax, and her small finger slid in. “Good boy” she said, kaçak bahis and after a few in & out strokes, slid in another. I began to enjoy the experience. I closed my eyes, and felt my ass yielding to her gentle pressure. After a third finger, I felt very mellow, and almost ready to come. Right before I did, the fingers withdrew.

Scarlett shifted something under me & I felt a blunt tip at my hole. “It’s time, baby” she whispered in my ear. “You’ve been a good boy so far, and I’ve rewarded you by opening my ass with your fingers. You need to do this next part yourself. I want you to bounce yourself, and ride the dildo.”

I looked at her and said “This has gone far enough, Molly You need to stop.” Apparently, this was the wrong thing to say. With a bright red face she said “My name is Scarlett. Now meet my friend Lex” and snatched another candle, quickly pouring the hot wax on my newly shorn crotch. I attempted to get away, violently which forced my body the only way it could go, straight down, impaling my ass on the mounted dildo.

At this point, my body basically divorced itself from my mind. I was trying to get away from the wax, and of the dildo, and my struggling basically set my springy perch bouncing violently, and I got reamed royally. As the pain in my groin stopped, the pleasure in my ass started. And it swiftly grew like a forest fire and consumed me. With my body in control, I began to bounce myself, surrendering to my pleasure. Right before my release, Scarlett grabbed my testicles, and brought me to a stop.

Scarlett looked at me sympathetically, and spoke. “You made me do that, you know. I wanted you to go slow, to love it. And you made me wax you.” I looked up at her. “My mistress Scarlett” I began, pausing as a grin split her face “I loved the pleasure you gave me. I understand you gave me pain for misbehaving, but I thank you for the pleasure. I understand the feeling that you spoke of. The empty place doesn’t feel quite as empty.”

Scarlett began to weep quietly, and after a moment spoke. “I had to go away to learn this. I brought it back to share with you. I hoped…I prayed you’d understand the feeling I get when I’m full. And you do. So now, I surrender myself to you.” With this, she touched a lever, and my whole perch dropped down.

Scarlett then swung her leg over me, and while facing me, impaled her tight ass on my dripping hard cock, forcing me down, impaling my ass on the dildo below. We bounced together, feeling the ultimate shared pleasure. Whether we bounced for minutes or hours, I couldn’t tell you.

I only know that I’m never letting that girl out of my sight again.

OK folks — standard message time — Authors crave feedback, and of course, good votes. I am working on a sequel, whether it hits the light of day depends on the love I get from readers.

Oh – A real BDSM cam girl named Scarlett was my inspiration, and this story is dedicated to her. No tattooa or piercings, but she can fist her own asshole & that more than makes up for it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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