Anal Play in His Porsche

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I had told him not to be late. As I sat in the driver’s seat of my convertible sports car and I could feel my wet pussy trickling onto the seat. I wasn’t wearing any knickers and it was a very hot day in August. I had just spent time shaving my pussy and ensuring she was soft and sexy from my arse hole round to the top of the hair-line.

I reached down, pulling up my skirt, I parted my lips a little and there was a pool of my juices covering my clit. I dipped my finger in and brushed my clit slightly, licking my fingers of cum slowly.

I was starting to feel annoyed that he was so late and looked around to the cornfield on my left. There was no one around. With the engine switched off I could hear the countryside alive with birds and insects. A perfect day should soon be complete when he arrived and satisfied me.

I heard the soft purr of a car approaching and noted that it was him. He had a lovely grey Porsche and I felt my pussy tighten at the thought of him. Today was a different game to the last and he knew that he had to do as I wanted.

I stepped from the car and took off my sunglasses. I approached the topless car he was in, he smiled. bahis firmaları I told him not to smile at me as he was 10 minutes late. I didn’t have all day to wait for him to come and service me. I leaned over the door and started to kiss his neck. He reached out and caressed my breasts through my white blouse.

I pulled at his trousers, undoing his belt, unzipping quickly and pulling down his pants to reveal his hard cock. He was soaked in pre-cum and I loved it. I rubbed my fingers over his wet cock and his hairy tummy. He just sat back in the drivers seat and loved me molesting him. I pulled his foreskin down a little just to reveal the sensitive glands on his cock. He had shaved his balls for me too they were smooth and there was enough of his silky cum to rub over them.

He opened his legs pulling his trousers down a little so that I could get my hand underneath his balls and rub him softly. He seemed vulnerable, just sitting there wanting me to play kinky games with him. I loved it and my cunt soaked, sending juices down my inner thigh to my knees.

I started to pull on his cock with my left hand and he loved it — gasping and breathing heavily kaçak iddaa in my ear as I spat on his cock and rubbing the sensitive tip. With my other hand I eased my fingers underneath him and just gently stroked his arsehole.

He loved it, in our last conversation he had told me how much he wanted his arse fucked but had never had the opportunity for a dirty sexy girl to do it. As I played with him, I felt more of his pre cum soaking onto my hands and I talked dirty in his ear about what I wanted him to do me.

I told him to get out of the car and he did so with his trousers around his ankles. I pulled him by his cock to the boot where I bent over telling him to get on his knees and lick my arse hole.

He was extremely willing to help me with this and got to his knees and began lapping at my arse hole and pushed his tongue in there deeply. I wanked myself a little and came rather quickly with my cum dripping down onto the boot of the car. I told him to lick it all up from the boot, up my thighs and all round my cunt, but not to dare lick my pussy. He did as he was told. His cock was raging with a hard on.

I told him to swap places with me and I bent kaçak bahis him over the boot. I spanked his arse and balls with my hand a little and he loved it. I slipped my fingers into his arse hole again and he really loved me pushing his prostate, making his cock very hard. I loved him having such a big cock and I was really looking forward to getting fucked.

I wanked him a little as I leaned over and whispered in his ear that I was ready to be fucked now and he had better hurry up as I was going to cum and go straight back to work whether he had cum or not.

He stood up pushed me away and he turned me around, bending me over the bonnet he spanked my arse a little and told me that I shouldn’t tease him so much and that he was going to give me what for with his cock. He parted my legs and slipped his cock into my soaking pussy and spanked me some more. The next thing I knew he had pulled his cock out and put it into my arse. He pulled my hips and fucked me hard. I loved it.

I came again and tried to wriggle free but he wasn’t having it. He pulled me in towards him some more and shot his load into my arsehole quickly. I was so exhausted at having cum so hard twice in quick succession that I flopped into a pile on the car. I knew that I would have to insist that he meet me in these circumstances more often. It was the first time I had been done over a Porsche. . . . . .

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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