An Unexpected Visitor Part. 1A

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Instagram model Anastasiya kvitko has the perfect package: massive curvaceous figure, enhanced breasts, huge buttocks, and the perfect body; she was taking some good pics for her account as she gained lots of followers due to her lovely posts of her body that gained people attention. Of course there are some who whip em out and fap to her posts and bust a nut in their room and sigh as they couldn’t get enough of her, that is until a neighbor spotted her in her bathroom.

A man who’s a famous wrestler, works for different promotions as he was living in a well known neighborhood as he also live next to the famous Instagram model as well! She was taking candid photos a to post on her page as she continue to do so, he was doing some gardening when she caught his attention. He soon stop what he was doing and his hard cock inside his shorts popped out, he started to wank off as her sexy body caught his attention, as if anyone can catch him in the act.

She came out of the bathroom to put on a lovely night robe on, as she walks to her swimming pool, as a sign for him to look over as she was tanning. He soon had his chance to come over to her place, coming from his end of his fence to going over to her door, knocking as it was left open unlocked. He closed the door as he locks it for his chance to strike gold, he made his way inside her house to the backyard as the casino şirketleri sight to behold: her massive tits in her blink. His cock inside his leggings popped out as he moved closer to her.

As she soon drifted away as she was tanning, the small man pulled up in front of her with his hard cock wedges between her fat tits. “Mmh fuck” he says titfucking her huge breasts while she was sleeping, not knowing someone was fucking her. He thrusts at a quick pace while looking down at her, his small hands palm her globes as he thrusts nonstop while looking down at her. She moaned a bit as she started to move her arms up as he continued to fuck her tits at a fast pace, she looked up at the sun before noticing a small figure on her. “Holy fuck who are… shhh” the man says continuing the assault on her as his cock presses up against her lips, after titfucking her for good 5 minutes.

“Mmmh mmm fuck” he moans as his cock filled her mouth and then shoved down her throat, she moaned while moving her hands to her pussy, rubbing it with such speed as she was getting wet while getting mouthfucked for good 5 minutes. “Mmh fuck im going to enjoy this” he says turning around to eat her out while his cock slid between her tits again. His tongue slaps her pussy as her juices were flowing onto the chair, he laps her cum and slurps it up before darting his tongue into casino firmalari her pussy. “Mmmh fuck” she moaned out her hands on his body as he ate her out, along titfucking her faster this time, his tongue cleaning her pussy with her juices flowing out.

“Mmmh you taste good” he says before pulling out switching positions as his cock ready to fuck her good. He shoves his cock into her pussy while looking at her fat tits and shoves his face between them. “Oh fuck” she moans feeling his cock drilling into her pussy ferociously, while he sucks on each tits hard, “mmmh your pussy feels so good” he says pounding her pussy with force for good 10 minutes before he turns her onto her stomach, with her tits dangling as he pulled her ass up to his face, eating her ass out as well. “Mmmh shit ooh fuck” she moaned out, his tongue ravaging her ass while slapping her cheeks hard, “this will be fun” he says eating her ass before pulling out. He got up on top of her and shoves his cock into her ass. “Holy fuck!” She yelled out as his cock speared it’s way into her ass deep, her walls flowing in as he fires his cock deep inside of her ass, she rubs her pussy faster than ever moaning out loud. He continued to fuck her ass hard while slapping her cheeks as it lights up red, “mmh fuck this ass feels so good” he says pounding her ass from behind harder than ever.

He continue güvenilir casino to fuck her ass before she got up on top of him, her tits in his face as he wraps his arms around her, “Mmh I love this” he says looking up at her as she rode his cock. She rubbed her pussy faster while palming her tits with his cock inside of her, her walls clenching and squeezing hard with his cock between them, “mmmh yes fuck yes” she yells as her body starts to feel weak after getting fucked over 25 minutes. “I’m just getting started.” He smirks picking her up and bounce her pussy on his cock fast.

He carried her into her home and onto the sofa, pounding her pussy ferociously faster and harder, before feeling close, and looks up at her. “I’m gonna cum” he says pulling out and straddles on top of her, and unload ropes of thick cum all over her tits, he moans out softly as she looks at him with a smile on her face. He soon finished unload him his cum on her tits and shot some onto her mouth, her tongue caught some as he straddles to her mouth and starts to thrusts slowly as she sucks him off while looking up. “That was the best fuck of my life” he says laying next to her while looking at her “how did you get into my home?” She asks while looking at him “your door was open and I happen to help myself into your home, should we go for round 2?” She scoops some of the globs of cum on her tits, and puts them into her mouth, “Mmh you taste so good little man” she smirks as she nods, “let’s go” she says picking him up and walks to her bedroom limping from the best fuck she ever had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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