An innocent walk home….

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An innocent walk home….
It’s a dark and dreary night and zipping up my jacket I’m about out the door, when I spot Lilly, loitering near the hallway noticeboard of the Village Hall.

“Can I walk you home, Lilly?” I inquire. Its not a dangerous place we live in, but its still not a great night for a woman to be walking the streets alone.

“Thank you, John, that’s very kind of you,” she says, as we step outside into the cold night air together.

Lilly’s a widower, at a guess in her early sixties, five years or so younger than me. She has an arty, bohemian style, very different to my own wife who’s very much middle-of-the-road, conservative and truth be told a little staid. Lilly on the other hand, has a certain spark about her, a spontaneous edge, that I have to admit I find attractive.

As we wander down the road together, Lilly quickly remarks how cold it is and instinctively links her arm through mine, sharing our body heat. It seems innocent enough, but try telling my cock that! In fairness its the first female physical contact I’d had in months, as my wife doesn’t like that sort of thing any more, so perhaps the reaction downstairs isn’t that surprising.

I’m struck by how easily we chatter, she’s naturally confident and self assured and I can’t help being turned on by this and I start to think about her in a way I probably shouldn’t again. She’s a small woman in stature, but as we stroll slowly on and she leans and presses against me for the first time, I feel her left breast press against my triceps through her wool sweater and am surprised and aroused at it’s obvious size and softness.

Under those sweaters she always wears lurks a nice pair of tits! I muse to myself.

Her tits aren’t a match for Di’s, a neighbour of mine that I had a crazy fling with a couple of years ago, but then again very few are! But pressed as they are against me, I can certainly tell they’re a good handful, and much more satisfying than anything my wife can offer up.

All too soon, however, we reach Lilly’s driveway, and my train of thought comes to an abrupt end.

“Will you come in we come in for güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri a coffee?” Lilly asks, “Only I get so lonely especially on these dark nights, and miss some intelligent adult company.”

“I best not, Patricia will be waiting for me.” I reply, before looking at my watch, and being surprised by the fact that its not yet 11 o’clock. I suddenly feel rather stupid and c***d-like.

“Well thank you very much for being the gentlemen and walking me home anyway, John.”

Lilly fixes me a smile and looks into my eyes before leaning towards me with pursed lips. Initially she kisses my cheek, but on pulling away, she pauses once more in front of my face. We both hesitate as if trying to read each other’s thoughts. I’m wondering if she’s just felt my hardness pressing against her as we cuddled, but slowly, without any words, Lilly leans in to me again…

Wow! The feeling of another woman’s lips resting on my own is divine. Lilly kisses me gently, tenderly, with a couple of tiny little pecks, her eyes still reading mine, giving me every opportunity to pull away.
But I’m going nowhere, so she encircles her arms around my neck and the kiss evolves into a more passionate, lingering moment, as we lock our embrace. My arms hold Lilly’s waist, as she crushes her breasts against my midriff.

In truth the kiss lasts little more than a few seconds, and is barely more than a lingering moment of tenderness. Its followed by a longer cuddle, with no words spoken – just two lonely people enjoying a fleeting moment of closeness.

My cock isn’t quite viewing it like that, though, and has responded impressively and though I try to hide it, I’m pretty sure now Lilly is well aware of my arousal as I feel her hips grinding against my waist. My hand responds by resting on the small of her back and pushing her against me, my cock twitching uncontrollably at the sensation of a new woman’s curves.

Eventually we break our embrace and Lilly smiles, “Tell your wife she’s a lucky woman. I’ll see you next week, John…” and giving me a devilish little grin, Lilly closes perabet her door behind her.

As I head back home to my wife, for the first time in years I experience that awkwardness of walking with an erection. God what happened there? We’d not really done anything at all let alone have sex but the chemistry was definitely felt by both of us. I really wanted to touch her full-cupped breasts, squeeze them through her sweater, but somehow it didn’t seem the right thing to do. Besides which I didn’t really know what her intentions were. Perhaps she is just a lonely woman who hadn’t intended for anything more than a little kiss and cuddle. To enjoy the closeness of a man, albeit, a married one!

Either way, when I reach home, I’m still in a state of arousal.

“Only me, love,” I shout through to my wife who’s watching the news in the front room, “Just got to nip upstairs to the loo, it’s a freezing outside and gone straight through me!”

With that I head upstairs and lock the bathroom door.

Unzipping my flies and pulling down my trousers I look down at my now semi rigid cock and take it in my left hand. I think back to what’s just happened with Lilly and I contemplate what might have been….

I’m stood once more outside Lilly’s front door only this time I say ‘yes’ to the invite in for the nightcap.

As Lily wonders into the kitchen I follow her, taking in the view of her delightful little round bum. As she puts the kettle on, I walk up and snuggle up behind her, my head resting on her shoulder as I nuzzle into her neck.

I feel Lilly wriggle back against me, pushing her bum into my groin region, as if searching for my rapidly growing cock.

“You didn’t really bring me in for a nightcap at all, did you?” I ask.

“How did you guess?” comes her reply and with that I kiss and lick her neck, while Lilly’s arms come up around my head and neck, allowing me access to her body. My hands slip under her wool jumper and alight on her breasts, which as luck would have it, are free of any bra. Cupping them gently, I delight in their full weight and the sensation of her swelling little perabet giriş nipples, then hear Lilly gasp as I crush them against her sternum.

Lilly is by no means passive though, and I feel her hands reach down for my belt. With an expertise that surprises me, considering she still has her back to me, my buckle is undone in seconds. Her hands fumble inside my flies and swiftly pull out my now throbbing, aching cock.

“Give me that married cock of yours, John” I hear her whisper seductively and who am I to argue?

My hands grip either side of the loose black skirt she’s wearing and raise it above her waist, I pull her little white panties to one side as she guides me inside her.

“Fuck…” Lilly whispers, “I’ve wanted your cock for so long” she whispers, leaning back and resting her head on my shoulder.

“And I’ve wanted you too” I lie.

“Then take me, John. Take me…”

I start to gently buck inside my petite lover, my hands now on her womanly hips, causing Lilly to moan with each thrust.

Very quickly I’m pounding away inside her, reveling in her moans and sighs and the sensation of my hips bumping into her lovely little fleshy bum.

“Will your wife be waiting at home, John? Worrying about you? Wondering where you’ve got too and what you’re up to?”

“Yes” I whisper my nostrils filling up with the scent of her recently shampood hair, short brown hair.

“When all the while, you’re just yards down the road, fucking her friend…”

“Yes. Yes!” I gasp, my breathing now heavy and laboured, as I focus on finishing the matter in hand.

Lilly is now leaning forward her hands resting on the Belfast sink, allowing her more leverage, her legs spread, bum pushing, grinding against my aching cock. My body weight now rests on her back, as I fuck her like a dog, my hands gripping her delightful breasts as if my life depends on it, as I bite and suck and lick at her neck and ear lobe.

Seconds later I groan, probably a little too loudly, and empty the content of my balls into the toilet basin I’m sat on. My cum is thick and a straw colour, as its been such a long time since I’ve even bothered to have a wank, never mind any sex.

As I clean myself up, and prepare to go downstairs to my wife, I’m left wondering if the real thing would be as exciting as that, and more tantalizingly whether or not I’ll get the opportunity to find out on our next evening walk home…

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