An Innocent Touch

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Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night so horny you can’t sleep?

Let me go you one better. Have you ever woken up so horny you can’t sleep entangled up with someone completely off limits?

A family friend, someone you grew up with, your best friend’s little sister.

I exhale deeply and fight the urge to thrust against her leg. She’s draped over me; her head snuggled into my neck, arm over my chest, hand on my shoulder. Her leg is wrapped around my waist, I can feel t her heat prompting me; pulling me into her soft flesh.

How did we end up here?

Our families are always together, I’ve known her since birth. Heck, her brother and I used to bath together. We are that close.

So in times of crisis, we come together. Severe weather warning alert on the news and they were at our door within the hour. As time passed everyone wandered to bedrooms to sleep, but we’re night owls; her and I.

We stayed up watching the same old things on Netflix, the same shows we’ve watched hundreds of times before. All very innocent, as it should be, as it always has been.

She rested her head on my shoulder and as time passed, we drifted off to sleep. In sleep our bodies sought out the heat of one another, and now I’m awake.

I’ve never even thought of her that way before. We’re not little kids anymore, I can’t deny her body has developed nicely. Now that I’m thinking about it, her curves are the kind that casino şirketleri always draw me in.

She’s exactly my type and I never even noticed it. My hand slides down her soft, enticing skin of its own accord; her body dips in all the right places and I feel her rounded ass in my palm. She moans in her sleep and I still as she snuggles in more deeply. I feel her perky c cups press against me through her tank top and release the breath I didn’t know I was holding.

Her legs tighten against me and my dick twitches. I take deep breaths and try to think of when she became so damn attractive.

What am I doing?

I force myself to think of us as kids, to remember why this is not a good train of thought. She moves again in her sleep and my hard cock feels the heat from her core against me.

It pulses with desire and I groan, throwing my free hand over my face and trying to think of things to stop myself from being impulsive.

I still as she moves again, bringing her face closer to the pulse in my neck.

She kisses my neck, nipping my sensitive spot. Is she doing this in her sleep?

Has she mistaken me for her boyfriend?

What is going on?

She moans my name and I crumble, groping her ass and moving my hand from my face to her knee, pulling her against me.

She nips and sucks on my neck and begins to move her sex against me, dry humping me.

My hands roam her body, moving on instinct. casino firmaları

Is she still asleep?

I reach for her face and tilt it toward me to look at her.

Her eyes are open, she blinks and then I’m lost in a sea of chocolate hazel and innocence.

She leans in and kisses me, “I’ve always wondered what you feel like, what you taste like”.

She kisses down my chin and licks downwards. I shudder at the feel of her sweet innocent lips caressing down my pecs, chest and abs. She pulls at my sweatpants and I spring free, painfully hard. She purrs in approval at the sight of my harden length before taking my tip into her mouth.

I groan as she works me, the wet heat of her mouth wrapped around me, swallowing and bobbing up and down in a rhythm that drives me wild.

I’m on the brink of orgasm and I tug her hair holding her around me. She pulls free from my grasp and moves back up my body.

Without a word she kisses me deeply and passionately as she rubs herself against my cock, slick with her spit. She’s so wet that I can feel her soaked panties through her tiny pyjama pants.

My hands touch the soft skin of her hips and slide upwards to her ample breasts pulling her shirt up and giving me full access to her perfect tits.

I sit up and rip her shirt over her head, sucking one nipple into my mouth, dragging my teeth over her hardened peek. She moans and thrusts her boobs into my face holding güvenilir casino me to her chest. No complaints from me, I twist her other nipple and pinch it with my free hand, my other behind her back, dipping into my pants to feel her ass. I pull her tighter to me and she throws her head back in pleasure.

Fuck this feels so good, so right. How have I been missing out on this for so long? How could I be so blind? Fuck, is it wrong? She’s practically my sister.

She jerks from my grasp and pulls her pants off and I can smell her. I lose brain function and get lost in her scent. I dive into her pussy head first, I lick from bottom to top and she buries her face in a pillow to stifle her cries. I lap at her sweet nectar and suck her clit into my mouth as she shudders around me.

Her legs clamp against my head and I grip her knees, pulling them down onto the mattress and holding her steady as I enjoy my feast. I eat her out until she begs me to stop.

I’m savage with cravings and animal need at this point, I flip her over and in one hard thrust take what I crave. I push into her and pound her again and again; holding onto her thighs for leverage as I lose myself in her hole.

Her warmth clenches against me again and again and I watch her bite into the pillow, her hands fisting the sheets beneath us. I pump into her over and over as her walls tighten around me. I feel the pull as my balls tighten and empty themselves down my shaft and into her.

I collapse onto my back, spent. She snuggles back into her place in the crook of my arm. I’m too exhausted to think about what just happen. I fade back to sleep, completely and utterly satisfied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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