An Answer to Her Heart

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Author’s Note: There are brief lesbian undertones to this erotic coupling story, but the sexual action is heterosexual. Thank you to AussieAngel for the story idea. ~ Red


“You’re sure?” Jade whispered against Gabi’s neck. She felt her lover’s chest rise and heard the heavy sigh escape her lips.

“Jade, I’m sure,” she told her and hugged her tight. She then loosened her hold and used one hand to tilt Jade’s head upwards. “I am not upset. I am not hurt. I am not angry. I love you and I want you to do this, because if you don’t,” she kissed her forehead, “you’ll never know. Right?”

Jade bit her lower lip and nodded her head. “I love you too. I just…”

“Enough baby girl. I am okay with it. I know you need this. In a way I need it too. I want you to be sure you’re where you want to be… with me.” Gabi slid her fingers into her lover’s black hair and coaxed her forward. It didn’t take much for Jade to meet her half way and when their lips touched, each one moaned softly. They kissed slowly, each letting the other have a chance to cleanse away the taste of iced donuts they’d been eating. When the kiss became more heated, Gabi drew back. “You best get off me, or you’ll be late for work.”

Jade blushed, but nodded her head. She slipped off her lover’s lap and walked a few feet away. “Gabi…”


“Is this going to change us?” she asked, a look of concern filled her anxious features.

Gabi tilted her head to one side and smiled softly. “Yeah, it will… but I think it is going to make us stronger.”

Jade grinned. “I hope so,” she said and hurried to the bedroom to change for work.

Gabi watched her leave and then tucked her chin into her hands. “I hope so too,” she whispered, feeling a bit of doubt begin to creep in. She sat alone in the kitchen, she and Jade redecorated when they moved in together. It was five months ago today that they had graduated from high school, four months and a week, since moving into the tiny apartment and announcing that they were officially a couple. Now they were about to face what Gabi knew was the biggest threat to their relationship. However, if Gabi stopped Jade, then she’d never know if they were supposed to be together or not.

She heard the bedroom door open and quickly composed herself, put on a smile and rose to walk her lover out to her car. “When you’re ready let me know.”

“I will,” Jade told her. “And I think you’re right. I think Mike’s the right guy to ask.”

“Yeah, I think so too. He knows both of us very well and we know him. Not to mention he’s the most honest and trustworthy guy I know.”

“I agree.” Jade stepped up and kissed Gabi again, this time taking a moment to slide her hands to her lover’s hips and pull her close. “I want you so bad,” she muttered through moist lips and slick tongues.

“I want you too, but the rent needs paid,” Gabi chuckled, pulling herself free and playfully swatting her partner’s ass as she got into the car. “Have a good night,” she called out while waving goodbye.

Jade drove carefully to work, trying to focus on who was scheduled to work with her that morning. She pulled into the department store parking lot and saw several customers milling about outside. “You got fifteen more minutes,” she said and rolled her eyes, before she got out of the car and entered the side door of the building.

Once inside she quickly grabbed a soda to stash at her register and then found herself thinking of Gabi and their conversation. She remembered how Gabi’s face had seemed to fall when Jade told her what she wanted to do. She wasn’t sure she’d done the right thing, but after talking it over with her lover, she knew she had to do this, if not for herself than for their relationship.

“Hey Jade,” a warm baritone voice called out to her.

Jade looked up and blushed as the object of her and Gabi’s conversation walked past. “Hi Mike,” she said, with a soft smile. She bit her lower lip and wondered if now was the time to ask him. She told herself it was, but then she decided that it wasn’t. “During break,” she muttered and watched as he made his way to the doors to let the customers in.

Hours passed before Jade took her first break. She grabbed her warm soda, a pack of crackers from the vending machine and found a place to sit on a bench behind the store. It wasn’t long before she was joined by Mike, as was custom for them to take their breaks together.

“What’s up?” he asked after opening his soda and taking a long draw from it.

Jade screwed up her face and looked at him oddly. “Huh?” she asked, not sure what he was referring to.

“You’ve been distracted all morning. Staring at me every time I come up front as if I have the plague or something. What’s up?”

“You know me so well, do you?” she asked and bit into her cracker.

“Yeah, I know you. I know you’re bugged about something. I just don’t know yet what it is. Are you and Gabi okay?” he asked as he peeled an orange, sending zest şirinevler escort everywhere.

“Yeah, were cool. I haven’t been happier,” she said and then averted her gaze.

“Come on Jade, what is it? You can trust me. I know your parents weren’t to keen on you and Gabi moving into together, but I thought they accepted it. Are they the problem?” he asked, putting his orange away for the time being.

“No, its me. I . . .,” Jade sighed heavily and then blew a puff of air, sending her dark bangs flying. “Mike, I have never been with a guy.”

“So,” he smirked, “neither have I.” He winked.

Jade rolled her eyes. “Mike, be serious. I want to know what it is like to be with a guy. I mean. . .I’ve dated boys and well, kissed them and it was nice, but I never was willing to go further.”

Mike shrugged his shoulders. “That’s okay. You’ve got Gabi, so it’s obvious a guy isn’t your thing.” He bit into his orange and licked at the juice that slid down his chin.

“You’re pretty comfortable around me and Gabi, right?”

“Yeah. I’ve known you both since grade school. Why?”

Jade took another calming breath and then placed her hands in her lap. “You’re not seeing anyone right now, right.”

Mike screwed up his forehead and eyed her cautiously. “No, I’m not.”

“And you’re into women.”

He chuckled. “Hell yeah.”

“Mike I want to be with a guy and…”

“Hold it right there. Does Gabi know what your thinking?”

Jade nodded her head yes. “I love Gabi and she loves me, but she’s had sex with a guy and she knows she doesn’t like it. I haven’t. I don’t know if I like it or not. I want to find out. I want to have sex with someone I trust and I know isn’t screwing me because I’m just a piece of ass. I want to be with someone who I respect and who respects me. Someone who will take their time and… Mike, Gabi and I think you should be the guy.”

She watched him stop chewing. Her gaze held his for what seemed like an eternity, before she lowered her eyes and felt the heat of her cheeks grow even brighter than they had been when the conversation started. It wasn’t until she felt his hand on hers that she looked up at him.

“First… umm wow,” he blinked and shook his head to clear it, “second, I want to talk with Gabi and you both. I am not saying yes, because this is just odd, but I’m not saying no either. I won’t lie to you Jade, you’re a beautiful woman and to say I have never thought of you like that would be a lie, because I’m a guy, and someone who has seen you develop into the woman you are right now. You’re hot, but I also know once this happens, nothing will be the same, especially between you and I, and probably even Gabi, too. I don’t know if I am willing to risk our friendship for it.”

Jade nodded her head. “I understand. I didn’t expect, nor do I need an answer today. I don’t even know when I want to do it, but I know I want it to be you.” She shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t think you’ll lose our friendship. I’m not asking you to love me, just,” she thought a moment, “fuck sounds like the wrong word, but make love doesn’t sound right either.”

“We don’t need a word,” Mike said and then squeezed her fingers. “How about you and Gabi come over tonight and I’ll cook you dinner. We can discuss this together. I’m still not saying yes, but I think I understand what you’re looking for and why you’re doing it.”

Jade reached out and hugged her friend and co-worker. “Thank you,” she whispered and then kissed his cheek. “Even if you say no, I still feel you were the one to ask. We’ll see you tonight. Around six?”

“Yeah, that’ll work,” he answered.

“Great,” she replied and quickly headed back to work. Her shoulders felt lighter and her mind seemed to be able to focus on the rest of her day. It wasn’t until she was clocking out that she started to become nervous again, fearful that she was jeopardizing everything she and Gabriella had.

~ ~ ~ * ~ ~ ~

Jade waved hello to Mike as she got out of her car and waited for Gabi. When she reached her side, her fingers were quickly entwined with her lover’s and they walked together up Mike’s sidewalk. Mike was a couple years older than them and had been lucky enough to inherit his Great-grandparent’s ranch house. He was one of the few twenty-year-old single men that had their own home. Both Jade and Gabi were familiar with the layout of the house, so when Mike told them to grab themselves something to drink from the fridge and then make themselves at home, they did so with ease.

Jade listened to Mike work his way around his kitchen and though she and Gabi had offered to help, he had promptly told them no. She now sat beside her girlfriend, her palm on Gabi’s thigh and Gabi’s fingers toying with her hair. “What do you think he’ll say?” she asked and then heard a deep cough.

“He’ll say, ‘Dinner is served,’ ” Mike answered in a deep voice, then winked. “Come on ladies, the spaghetti şerifali escort is getting cold.”

Jade followed Gabi into the dining room, where Mike had laid out his grandmother’s china as well as a chilled bottle of sparkling ginger ale. Steaming plates of pasta topped with what Mike proclaimed a secret family recipe sauce, were carefully arranged next to silver stemware and a bowls of crisp vegetables.

The discussion focused on Jade and Mike’s day at work, followed by Gabi sharing her day with them. In time Mike steered the conversation to the real reason they were all there and he eyed each woman carefully. “I’m going to agree to this, but on one condition. It isn’t because I don’t trust you, so please when I say this, don’t think that. . . but I want Gabi to be with us. She can sit in a chair and watch, or she can read a book, but she has to be in the same room when it happens.”

Jade shifted nervously and looked over to Gabi. She tried to read her lover’s expression, but found that she couldn’t hold her gaze for long. Silence seemed to grow thick and when Gabi spoke it was as if the whole world waited to listen.

“I’ll participate,” she said and then leaned back in her chair. “This is Jade’s first time with a man. She’s bound to be nervous and scared. I want her at ease and I know how to make her relax. If I’m there with you both and participating in someway then she’s going to know I’ve seen her reaction, she’ll know I am not second guessing her words or emotions.”

Mike nodded his head and turned to Jade. “Are you agreeable to this?” he asked.

Jade reached out and squeezed Gabi’s hand. “Thank you,” she whispered and then lifted her friend’s fingers to her lips, kissed them and then squeezed gently. “I’m agreeable, I can’t think of anyone else I would want to be with me. I am scared. I’ve just never felt right being with a guy, but I know I’ll always wonder if I don’t try it.”

Mike finished his drink and then rose from the table. “We’ll discuss a night that works for all of us later. Right now, let’s watch a movie or play cards or something.”

Jade and Gabi released the breath they’d been locking in their chests and agreed, wide grins on their faces. They pushed away from the table and followed Mike back to the living room, where they’d been sitting earlier. He picked up the remote and turned the stereo on. Jazz suddenly filled the room as he rummaged through a drawer for some cards. When he had a full deck, they all sat down to play rummy, a game all were familiar with and had enjoyed since kids.

Eventually the game got long and Jade decided she wanted to dance to the music Gabi was swaying to. She rose up and took her lover’s hand in hers and helped her to her feet. The two women smiled at each other and began to move closer together, ignoring the man that sat on the floor admiring their graceful moves.

Jade nuzzled Gabi’s neck, licking at her pulse and sucking gently on the sweet skin. She felt her lover’s hands slide up her arms, then down again, before circling her waist and turning her gently around. She didn’t feel the soft jerk of Gabi’s head or sense the presence of another moving up behind her. When she felt strong fingers on her hips, she blinked her surprise, looked into Gabi’s eyes and saw that it was tonight after all.

She turned to face Mike and placed her fingers on his chest. She felt the softness of his shirt and her palms slipped up to rest on his shoulders. Her lids fluttered closed as his mouth moved to press against her lips and she timidly opened her mouth allowing him access. Her pulse raced when she felt gently hands, smaller ones slide down her back and then come around her waist, where the snap of her skirt was freed, followed by the drawing of her zipper. “You okay?” Gabi’s voice came to her, brushing softly against her right ear.

“Yes,” Jade answered and felt her lover’s hands tug her skirt down. She stepped free of it, and then felt Gabi’s hands help her remove her strapped heels. She looked back to Mike and stepped up to kiss him again, wanting to examine the feel of his tongue sliding along side hers.

It was different she told herself, his was bigger and seemed to fill her mouth more than Gabi’s. It wasn’t unpleasant and the way his fingers skated down her spine made her tremble. Gabi’s hands moved up her thighs and she felt her veins begin to boil. She stepped back and turned at Gabi’s urging.

Her eyes fluttered back open and she watched her lover’s fingers begin to open the buttons on her white blouse. It wasn’t long before Mike’s hands were drawing the material away from her shoulders, down her arms and then completely off her. It spilled onto the floor and she held Gabi’s hands, while Mike’s fingers and lips learned the shape of her shoulder blades and spine.

Gabi’s fingers drew tiny circles in her palms and she moved those ministrations up her arms, until she reached her bra straps. Jade felt the freedom of the snaps şişli escort Mike released and then she watched Gabi pull that material away too, leaving her breasts free to be inspected by someone other than her partner. “You still okay?” Gabi asked and touched Jade’s cheek. Jade nodded and felt herself once more being gently turned.

She looked up at Mike, her skin warm and tingly, flushed and alive with desire. Mike cupped one of her breasts and she gasped, then swallowed the lump in her throat. He bent his head down and pressed a kiss on the upturned nipple, before drawing his tongue across it. She muttered a soft curse of pleasure and then felt his hands leave her breast to skim down her ribs.

Gabi’s hands were in her hair, pulling little pins out that had kept the black waves secured in a braid that kept her face free of stray locks. She purred when fingers combed through the silky strands and then shivered. Her gaze shifted to the man in front of her and she felt his breath against her stomach as he slipped to his knees to remove her panty.

Mike placed a kiss on the top of her mound and then rose to stand in front of her once more. “No matter what happens I am honored to be here with both of you tonight.” He kissed her again and then kissed Gabi too, though the kiss was not as deep as the one he had given Jade.

He took Jade’s hand and she willingly followed him, never losing the closeness of Gabi’s presence as the three of them moved down a hall to Mike’s bedroom.

One lamp was on. It’s light dim. The glow of it still reached the bed as if it were a beacon to draw the unsure to its gentle shores. Jade reached the bed and saw Gabi remove her clothes. She climbed on and sat down on her knees, waiting for her lover to join her. Mike watched as Jade settle herself on the bed, her back pressed against Gabi’s bare breasts and thighs.

“Relax baby doll,” Gabi whispered, her fingers moving slowly over Jade’s shoulders and down her arms.

Jade nodded her head, but felt the old fear creep up on her. She bit her lip and then took a deep breath, listening to Gabi’s words and feeling her touch.

Mike watched Jade slowly calm her breathing, before he removed his clothing. He crawled onto the bed and allowed Jade to have a good look at him.

Her gaze went straight to his erection, sheathed in a condom; she blinked, then looked up at him. She could tell in his eyes that he wanted her, but he would also leave if she asked him too. She didn’t do that though. She nodded her head and opened her legs, allowing him to view what he’d only glanced at earlier.

She leaned into Gabi further as Mike lifted her right leg and began to leave tiny kisses on the creamy, smooth surface. She felt herself relax further as his fingers massaged her flesh, working away tension she didn’t know she had.

His lips moved higher; his tongue slid along the inside of thigh and she sighed. Jade felt his breath against her sex and another kiss was given to her, but that was all. She moaned softly and listened to words of beauty wash over her. She felt lips on her right breasts, then her left. Teeth pulled on each hardened bud, one right after the other, until her fingers were curling into little fists. Her pussy muscles tightened and she moaned softly, more words of comfort filled her and she felt wet kisses trailing up her chest to rest on her neck, where she was treated to tiny bites and suckles.

Hands ran up and down her thighs, kneading muscles as they learned what her body liked. She felt Mike’s nails graze her flesh and she hissed. Her legs opened further. Two long, thick fingers slipped into her pussy. Her head fell back onto a pair of creamy shoulders. She turned to breath in the scent of her lover’s perfume and was surprised and pleased to breath in arousal. She knew it was her own as well as Gabi’s.

Jade opened her eyes and looked into her lover’s eyes. A smile lifted from her lips and then she turned to Mike. “Please,” she whispered and then watched as if she weren’t the one being taken. She was though.

The first touch of his throbbing member against her clit made her blink in surprise. Her body arched up and she wondered for the millionth time, “what would he feel like.”

She saw his face grow tense, then her gaze went back to the opening of her sex. He pushed the head down her slit, through the swollen lips and against the hole where only Gabi and her toys had ventured. A gasp escaped her and she closed her eyes as his warm cock slid into her slick opening.

Whispers seemed to fill her ears as well as groans of pleasure. Jade’s pussy tightened on the invasion and her hips rose up. She squeezed fingers that were suddenly entwined with hers as Mike pushed in further. She bit her lower lip again, a habit she was suddenly very much aware of. Her sex urged him to continue, honey slipped out, coating his shaft and making his withdraw and then return invasion easier.

“Oh God,” she hissed, enjoying the feeling of having a thick cock buried within her walls. She closed her eyes tighter, wanting to experience everything and yet the hard beads of her lover’s breasts distracted her, bringing a new sensation through her. She pushed back into them, forcing Gabi to hiss and growl. Mike followed her movements, shoved deeper, making her pussy beg him for more.

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