An Amazing First Time

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Big Tits

This all started when I was only 16 years old. I had a friend named Shaun, and we had known each other since 2nd grade. We would always talk about porn and make jokes about sex. One day we were walking around talking about porn and I got extremely horny. So horny to the point where I was shaking. I had been thinking about trying stuff with Shaun and I felt like this was the time to do it. So, I drew an ass in the sand nearby, and then Shaun smiled and said, “Nice.”
I then laughed and drew a dick cumming on the ass and Shaun laughed. Somehow sex slaves got brought up, and thats when I made Shaun a bet, that if I lost, I would have to be his ‘slave’, which I of course intentionally lost. Shaun laughed, and we started to talk more about porn until we were both getting extremely horny. Shaun asked me if I wanted to go back to his room and watch porn, which I immeadiately agreed to. Not much was said on the walk back, because I think we both knew something was going to happen.
We got to his house and ran up to his room and he put on a porno. After a few seconds of us jerking off next to each other, Shaun turned to me and asked, “Hey, do you wanna try jerking each other off?”
“Sure.” I replied with a smile.
Shaun scooted over next to me and removed the blanket we were both concealing our dicks with. We both grabbed each others cocks and started stroking. A few minutes passed and then Shaun asked, ” Would you wanna try sucking?”
“Alright.” I replied.
Shaun then leaned over, and placed his wet mouth around my rock hard cock. I tried hard not to moan as his mouth went up and down my dick, as he played with my balls. He was a natural at sucking dick. It felt wonderful and I had a hard time keeping my moans quiet. As I got close to cumming Shaun pulled his mouth away from my cock and jerked my off until I came all over his hand and bed. Then it was my turn…
I leaned down and started sucking. He pushed my head down and I took his whole cock into my throat. I kept sucking and deepthroating him for several minutes as he rubbed my ass. Shaun started getting close, so I sucked faster and deeper until I felt his hot cum shoot down my throat. I sat back up and realized what time it was and had to head home.
A few weeks passed and Shaun and I didnt do anything casino şirketleri else, until one night I decided it was time to see what it was like to be fucked. I started texting Shaun, and then I quickly made it into a sexting session. After I got Shaun nice and horny I told him to come over, since my family was gone. He told me he’d be over shortly. I couldn’t believe I was about to lose my ass virginity!
Excited I quickly got undressed and started stroking my already hard dick. I told Shaun to walk in without knocking, because I left the door unlocked. When he got there he did just that, and made his way to my room to find my laying seductively on my bed naked.
“Oh, nice.” Shaun smiled and I could see him already getting hard.
Shaun got undressed and I crawled over to him on my bed, and immeadiately placed his rock hard dick in my mouth. Slobbering all over it and making sure it was nice and wet so it would be ready for my tight virgin ass. I looked up at Shaun and asked, “Are you ready to put it in me?”
“Yeah.” Shaun replied trembling as I spun around on my knees and got into doggie style.
Shaun grabbed my hips and positioned his wet dick outside of my hole. I could feel the warm of his cock as he rubbed it on my hole. He started pushing and it wasn’t going in. I reached back and fingered myself a little bit and told him to try again.
“It’s not wet enough, you have to suck it again” He complained.
“Keep trying.” I said.
“It’s not going to go…” Shaun let out a loud gasp as his cock started to spread my tight hole.
He started thrusting making my hole looser and looser until he was able to go balls deep. I started smiling as I felt a warm cock inside me for the first time. Shaun stopped once his cock was deep inside me and then asked, “Are you ready?”
“Fuck yeah.” I mummbled.
Shaun then started to fuck me and a slow and steady pace. With every thrust I felt more and more pleasure and started to moan. I reached back with both my hands and spread my ass apart, allowing Shaun to slide in and out of me faster. Shaun started picking up the pace until he was fucking me as fast as he could. After a few minutes Shaun stopped and told me to lay on my back, and I did. I scooted back further onto my bed to make room so Shaun could get on. casino firmaları I kept my legs in the air, and Shaun put them on his shoulders as he push his cock deep inside me once more. He started to fuck me again and he started to moan as he penetrated my tight hole. He pushed his weight onto me so we could make out while he thrusted into me. He leaned back and pushed my legs down to where my knees were almost touching my face, and then he railed my ass furiously. I couldn’t stop moaning because it felt so good.
Needless to say, Shaun eventually needed a break from fucking me, so he asked if I wanted to ride him, and of course I agreed. Shaun laid on his back and I stratled him. I reached back and guided his throbbing dick inside of my ass. I slowly started bouncing on Shaun, going all the way up until his cock was almost out of me, and then sliding back down until I felt his balls against my ass. I started picking up the speed of riding him and was eventually slamming down hard on his cock, and Shaun loved it. He started to spank me which only turned me on more, so I slammed onto his dick and started rotating my hips violently, trying to make Shaun moan as loud as he could.
“Yeah you like that? You like your cock in my wet ass?!” I moaned.
“Fuck yeah! Feels so good.” Shaun moaned with a quivering voice.
Shaun grabbed my still rock hard cock and jerked me off which made me almost scream with pleasure. I started bouncing up and down once more, and then Shaun grabbed my hips and started to thrust into me. I laid down on Shaun and let him ram my hole, moaning and whispering, “Yeah, keep fucking me like that,” into his hear. Shaun started kissing me as he pushed his cock into me.
“Lay on your side.” Shaun told me.
I slide his dick out of my ass and laid down on my side, as Shaun laid on his side behind me. I held my leg in the air as Shaun rubbed his cock from my balls to my hole a few times before penetrating me again. Shaun then grabbed my leg that was in the air to use as leverage so he could fuck me hard and fast. I moaned louder and louder with every thrust, and then I felt Shaun let go of my leg and start tugging on my dick. I held my leg up as Shaun kept thrusting into me and stroking my cock. I trembled with pleasure, Shaun really knew how güvenilir casino to make me feel amazing.
“Oh fuck yeah! Your ass is so wet!” Shaun moaned.
“Mmmm…yeah, I love your cock in me!” I moaned.
“Get back on your hands and knees.” Shaun commanded, so I did.
I get into doggie style and wait for Shaun. He strokes his cock quickly as he positions himself behind me, and then rubs his dick on my hole. I start pushing back, and then Shaun violently forces his cock into me, slamming his hips against my ass. I yelp with pleasure as Shaun pounds away like a madman. I start stroking my cock ferouciously as Shaun penetrates me deep and hard. Our moans are almost screams of pleasure, then I feel myself getting close to cumming.
“Oh fuck! Yes! Yes! Yes! I’m about to cum, Shaun!” I yell.
“Me too!” Shaun moans.
Shaun pounds my ass faster and harder than he ever has. I scream with pleasure as I cum all over my bed. My anal muscles contracting extremely tight everytime I shoot a load of cum, forces Shaun to almost fall over, but he doesn’t. He keeps on fucking me and then my last shot of cum and the spasm of my ass, forces Shaun to moan extremely loud. Shaun delivers one last powerful thrust deep into me, as he fills my ass with hot cum. I feel every bit of cum squirt into me hard. Everytime he shoots a load into me I moan. Shaun finally stops cumming after several cumshots into my ass, and then falls onto his back. I quickly spin around and put Shauns dick into my mouth before it goes limp. The taste of my ass and his cum is mixed on his cock and it tastes wonderful. I feel a little bit of cum sliding out of my ass, so I reach back, and wipe it onto my finger. I then look at Shaun as I suck it off my finger, and then he grabs me and kisses me. We swap the cum and my juices back and forth before I finally gulp them down.
“That was awesome!” I smile.
“Yeah, we should do it more often.” Shaun replies with a smirk.
Shaun and I lay there for a few minutes before Shaun realizes what time it is and has to head home. Once he is dressed, I walk him to the door. A few moments pass when I get a text from Shaun, and he’s telling me how hot that was, and complimenting me on my ass. After sending a few more texts about our little encounter, we decide we will do it again the following weekend once my family leaves again. We continued to do this regularly and it was always hot. Still to this day Shaun and I will fuck whenever we are horny….


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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