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Months now the tension had been building. The girl behind the glasses who was in charge of my daily double soy latte fix brought me to the cafe each and every afternoon after work. Amy was sweet and small. Barely five feet tall and she held hard to that extra half inch she insisted she possessed. Wire rimmed glasses protected deep greenish brown eyes that floated like some sort of syrupy liquid in white pools. She had a small sharp nose and smooth lips that were quick to opening in a smile. Amy was the type of girl who would stick out her tongue to show she liked you. I saw the fast tip of that tongue on many occasions and telling her every time that she shouldn’t pull it out unless she was really prepared to use it. On those quiet evenings as her late shift dragged on without customers to interrupt us, the two of us would chat and laugh.

On this night the rain poured down from the heavens making a rattling sound on the metal roof of the café. It was the kind of weather that kept everyone home. I was the only one there with her and we turned up the music playing on the portable CD player in the kitchen and shared a close dance. Her head only reaching my chest and she pressed her cheek against me there. Finally I was holding this little beauty, and I was smiling.

“What? Why the big smile?” she asked

“Well I have you in my arms finally after all these months.”

“Awe, David come on. I can’t be all that great can I?”

“You’re beautiful and smart and sweet and I think it is about time I did something about it!”


I touched her face and gave her the softest of kisses on her upper lip, holding her for just a second or two and feeling the heat of her near me and the scent of her hair. Thank the man who invented that shampoo I though as I touched my fingers to her hair and kissed her gently once more as she was not showing any signs of protest. Our lips parted with a little moist smacking sound and I looked into her eyes as they slowly opened.

“David…um, that was nice, really. How long have you wanted to kiss me?” she winked

“Too long Amy.”

She looked me in the eye with intent now and pulled away. For a moment my heart stopped and I was sure I had gone too far. But she stepped to the radio and switched it off and then turned the door sign to closed and turned the lights off as she got her coat on.

“I think we can safely say no one is coming in tonight for coffee. Will you drive me home? I left my car there this morning and walked in because it was so nice out, now look at it.”

“Um sure.” I said and followed her out the door.

The drive was not far, only a few blocks away from the cafe we arrived out front of her building and she invited me in for of all things, coffee.

“Are you sure, kissing and coffee.” I smiled.

“Hey who said anything about kissing buster! Coffee, then…. We will have to see won’t we.” she giggled and got out.

Her apartment was small and cute and very cozy. It wasn’t much but it was obvious she made it something she enjoyed coming home to each night.

“Have a seat, I will make us the best stuff, decafe though, it’s late. Okay?” she said in the kitchen as I took off my jacket and sat on the sofa in the middle. The room closed in on me and I could see everything she owned.

I heard the gurgle of the coffee and then she returned to me with a cup in each hand and offered me the red mug.

We sat and talked more seriously now.

“David, you are so nice to me at work and the kiss. God, the kiss tonight. I thought you had a thing for me but not until I felt that did I know for sure” she said softly in that smooth tone of hers and touched my arm.

“I’m relieved, I wasn’t sure the kiss was the right way to…you know. I have wanted to do that for a long time Amy. I am not one for all that dating and stuff, so…well I feel it is right or it isn’t. I think you and I are right.”

“I do to…um, so that’s it. You and me!” She smiled and tapped her coffee mug against mine.

She put hers down and sat closer. She seemed suddenly so small next to me. Her head craned slightly to rest on my shoulder. I shuffled down a bit and she nuzzled in to me more. The sensation of her bakırköy escort warm breath on my skin as she gave my neck a playful nuzzling was intense and the urge to feel her mouth on mine over took me. I held her to a long slow soft and passionate kiss. My mouth moved down her jawline to her neck and I heard her sucking in breath as I kissed her throat and her hands caressing the back of my neck holding me to her. We met in a kiss again and I heard her whisper softly,

“Yes…mmmmm I love that…”

As I caressed her shoulder and moved my fingers up and down the back of her neck under her hair and kissing her lower lip. Her hands moved on my chest now and up under my sweatshirt and the feeling of her exploring traveling fingertips finding my nipples and teasing them as we kissed. She had me in her grasp and it was my intention to have her in mine that night. Amy was not large but the full package of her had taken me wholly.

My hand lowered to the top of one breast and she gasped and in an instant I thought she would pull away but no, she pressed forward into my cupping palm and let out a sigh into our kisses.

“Do you like your nipples kissed Amy?” I asked between soft kisses to her face and lips.

“Yessssss David…. Mmmmmm here….” she said. Unbuttoning her top and revealing slowly the curves of her breasts concealed in a lacy bra with a front clasp which she flipped easily open and she took one of my hands and moved it under the lace and the heat of her skin and mine melted together. She closed her eyes and whispered to kiss her there. I pushed open the clothing and admired them for a moment. Small and perfect and the nipples ringed in a circle of rose coloured flesh. I touched one softly and closed my hand over it. My mouth found the nipple of the other; gently I kissed her flesh and licked in tiny circles until I reached the nub. Sucking her into my lips and nibbled her so lightly that she winced a little bit and sighed as I lapped over her between bites. My hand moved up her thigh and down again as I caressed her nipples in my lips and she began to moan softly to me how good she felt. I moved my hand and rubbed against her sex through the jeans and she shook and opened her eyes wide. I kissed her mouth and she fell into my kiss and wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed my face.

“David….um do you only want to kiss me?” she asked panting alittle.

“Because if you would like to do more, maybe you should come and see my bedroom?” she continued shyly smiling.

With that she stood up and held her hand out to me. I stood and she fanned her fingers over my ass and pressed them into me.

“Let’s get undressed out here, okay. I like the idea of being naked all night.” Amy smiled and patted my ass and stood back.

” I am seeing a whole new side of you Amy.”

“Oh, you thought I was all little miss sweetie pie, I like sex too. Does that shatter you idea of me David?” she asked.

“No, not at all. Undress me first.” I said firmly to match her end of the game we were now playing together.

She smiled and came to me and pulled my shirt up over my head and kissed me as it fell to the floor. Her palms flat on my chest and fingers flicking one at a time over my hard nipples. Then down my stomach to the clasp of my belt and the zipper moving downwards and her fingers sliding delicately inside my pants and brushing sweetly against my hardening shaft as she pulled the jeans to my feet. My underwear was next and my cock sprung from its bonds and was close to her soft wet lips as I stepped out of the pile at my feet. I touched her hair as she knelt below me and kissed up the length of my cock to the tip, which she sucked and licked under, and over and took me alittle into her mouth. Her hand cupping my balls, pressing them up and holding them firmly enough while the other hand was on my ass and stroking my thigh up and down as she sucked on the tip.

“…Mmmm that’s…..Deeper Amy…..” I hummed.

“No David, please, I don’t really like to.” she begged and kissed me there again.

“Stand up then.” I said. She did and look me in the eye. I pulled her top off her shoulders and down her arms and başakşehir escort tossed it in the pile of clothes. I unbuttoned her jeans and moving slowly down her legs as I caressed them and removed her pants at the same time. I touched her panties at the wet little spot that was there.

“…Mmmmm a little wet already for me….” I smiled and winked up at her as I stroked her there and she shook and sighed to me. I slipped fingers up under the seam of the leg and touched at her slit feeling the silk of her wetness and the deeper I explored the more moisture surrounded my fingertips.

“Ooowwwww David…mmmmmm”

Pulling them down her thighs and saw the little triangle of trimmed hair and the pink lips waiting for touch. Stroking her thighs as I kissed all around her pussy without getting near it. Her scent taking hold of all my senses now and driving to want to just fuck this girl. I gave her sex one long lick and a kiss and she shuddered and moaned to take her to bed now.

Her bedroom was equally as small in proportion to the rest of the apartment. There was barely enough room for her bed and it was big and cozy and had an iron headboard and foot that was done in a rough black ivy design with bars in between the vines. Amy eagerly climbed on the bed and rolled on he back and giggled like a playful child.

“What’s so funny?”

“I love being here and I am happy that’s all David. God I want to kiss with you some more, come sit with me sweetie.” She patted the bed and sat up.

I joined her and took her to a kiss. Soft and loving and deep as we stroked each other all over and explored new bodies and skin. I tugged at her nipples as we kissed and she loved it and told me so as she moved down and took my cock in her lips again, just by the head and sucked over it while caressing me there with the tip of her lovely tongue.

“I told you I would use it if I stuck it out, David!” she laughed and went back to pleasuring me.

I tried to let out a laugh but it got caught in my throat as the sensations of her mouth on me caused me to groan instead. In a few moments I tensed up and she stayed on my cock as I began to cum. She moaned alittle bit and took me in deeper to suck and taste my cream that pillowed on her lips and chin. I stroked her dark hair as she enjoyed every last part of me and sat back up and shared a kiss and the warmth of her wet lips and the essence of semen still there as some spilled back to my tongue as she offered it to me with her own. My fingers traced her pussy as we kissed deeply together and I entered her then and slowly fucked her with my hand and never stopped kissing with her. She shivered and moaned and touched my back and ass and sides and to my face and clasping around the back of my neck and shoulders as she started to climax from my stroking. Before the wave overtook Amy I stopped stroking and pulled softly from her and she whimpered.

“Roll over Amy, that’s it…” I said in a soft but commanding tone to her. She obeyed and liked the idea of being taken from behind.

She moaned loudly as my cock entered her again after a long rubbing session. She was lost in the ecstasy of touch and sensation and the desire to have that full feeling inside her again.

“Oh…. Mmmmmmm fuck me sweetie, fuck me David…yes…mmmmmm!” as she whined and clasped the bars of the iron headboard tightly, her head resting on the pillow and me between her open legs. Amy held against my thrust and holding deep in her tightness and hearing her gasp and sigh before pulling with equal strength out of her almost all the way out of her, then as she started to make a sound that goes beyond describing in words I thrust back. Sliding softly and evenly deeply into her and her petite body moved with me towards the headboard and she moaned softly. She rocked against me as I held in her and then pulled once more and this time all the way out. Amy near tears from the sensation moaned to me,

“David! Please…. Mmmmmake me cum for you…mmmmm”

“Lay down Amy, I want to see your face when you cum.”

She moved onto her back and reached up for the bars again and I admired her long torso and her breasts rising up beşiktaş escort like small mounds. Amy then opened her legs and feeling the warm tingle there from the earlier pummeling pulled her legs back and offered her body to me.

I was in her again in one long thrust and her back arched against my motions. She could see my face know and felt more in control. She loved this and being a little slutty felt good too. It was a side of her she rarely played with and tonight with this happening so fast it just needed to come out of her and I was the benefit of it. Her body rolled from one side to the other as I thrust again and asked if she was all right, Amy let out a happy sighing groan that told me she liked this hard fuck. I was thinking this would be soft and sweet the first time but she had other ideas from the beginning.

She moved her hips into me as I dove down into her sex again and felt the heat pressing against my shaft. Her soft wetness sucking on me and seducing my body with her wet moist sounds and womanly groaning. I felt her breasts against my chest as I kissed with her. Our bodies covered in a fine sweat now as the rain continued to pound outside her window. Her hands moved in my hair as I thrust again into her body and she responded to me by shifting her hips to take me deeper and moaning softly into my ear.

“I like it this way sometimes David, mmmm oh oh you got to me on a good nightmmmmmmm. Fuck me!” she groaned again and let out a series of little whimpers as I pounded up and down into her harder. Her feet socked and kicking at the blankets.

She felt another painful thrust into her tightness and then followed by that lovely warm ache and then another thrust filling her and leaving her as my cock sucked in and out of her.

I tasted her salty sweat on her skin as I kissed he neck and down over her nipples sucking them hard into my lips and against my teeth as I thrust again.

Amy clasped hard on the bars and bucked against my movements. She held on against the wonderful pounding she was getting as the bed made painful sounds under us.

The gliding strokes in and out of her were taking me away and I felt my body reacting now as I came closer to my climax and looked into her deep green eyes and the expression of tension in her face and how her glasses now sat off to one side of her nose as with all the love making and the speed in which this overtook both of us she had forgotten to put them away safely.

I lay on her putting my full weight onto her body and grasped a handful of her dark brown hair and pulled her head back away from the pillow and to one side to expose her neck to my mouth and I kissed her throat and ran my tongue over her there as I kissed deeply.

This touch and the gliding of my cock set her into little cries and pants as she stopped fighting the orgasm and let the first hard waves rush up into her. She pushed up against me and I thrust and moved her down again to the sheets.

As her pleasure subsided to a dull throbbing ache and I held in her the entire time gazing into her eyes and watching her as she came under me. Now it was time. I moved in and out of her softly and stroked her inside with my cock and her hands trailed down my spine and up again as I felt the tension building once more and the fullness in my balls and the slow motion movements into Amy and the look in her eyes as she held my eyes as I groaned and released into her and onto her thigh

“Mmmmmmmmm uuuuuh Amy that mmmmmm you feel…Ohhhhhhhhrrrrrrr.”

She shook as she felt the spasm inside her walls and then my mouth covering hers.

I held in her until I relaxed again and eased from her sex and lay with her kissing and stroking her sex with one hand and offering her the taste of her pussy and having her suck from my fingertips.

I moved slowly now down her body and the bed to lie between her bent legs and licked softly at her. Slipping my hands under her thighs to open her further to my mouth’s attentions. My first smooth lick with the tip of my tongue brought forth a wondrous groan from above me. Amy sat up a little to watch herself being pleasured as this just added to the erotic feeling.

The softness after the harsh hard fucking was heavenly for both of us. Settling into a nice loving caress to show a softer side to what I could offer her in bed. Two fingers in her as I stroked my mouth over her clit that was tender and hot from before and in a few smooth gentle strokes Amy came again for me. My mouth covering her as she did so and taking in all she offered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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