Amish Country Blues Ch. 02

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To follow this story it is advisable to read Amish Country Blues first. Enjoy!


Elizabeth Yoder stood in her brother in law’s barn nervously fidgeting with the buttons on her dress. She had been married six months now and had yet to become pregnant by her husband, Ezra Yoder. Because of this, she now found herself standing here, waiting for the “English” man that was to service her. It was the hope of her husband that he could do what Ezra could not. She worried though, because it might be her fault; what would they do if she was found sterile? She shuddered, partly from the chill in the air, partly from the apprehension.

Ezra was talking to Ezekiel as Tommy walked into the barn. Both of the Amish men stopped and looked towards him. Ezekiel smiled at his neighbor and began to introduce his brother to the English.

“Ezra, this is the neighbor I have spoken of, Tommy Maddox.”

Tommy extended his hand, and shook Ezra’s firmly saying, “Glad to meet you.”

Ezra was far too nervous to think of pleasantries so he just nodded in agreement.

Elizabeth saw the man and instantly wanted to run, but she couldn’t, she was riveted to the spot where she stood. Watching the men talk made her even more nervous, she knew they were talking about her. They nodded and spoke in voices too low for her to hear. Suddenly they turned to look at her and the blood rushed from her head, she trembled, she was near fainting when Ezra began to move toward her.

Ezra put a firm hand on her shoulder and said “bend over Elizabeth.”

She looked into her husband’s eyes pleadingly, tears of fear streaming down her cheeks. Slowly she bent over, staring at the ground in between her husband’s legs.

Ezra reached forward and grabbed the folds of her dress, pulling them over her head exposing her small white legs to the other men. Ezekiel turned and left the barn. Tommy moved up, behind Elizabeth as Ezra reached over his wife’s back and pushed her panties down to her mid-thigh.

Tommy unzipped his pants and removed his rapidly hardening penis. As he stroked it a few times to get it fully erect, he moved closer to Elizabeth’s tender folds.

For the first time Ezra saw the massive man-tool of the English, remembering what Ezekiel had described to him paled in comparison to seeing it in the flesh. Ezra gasped a small appreciative sound as Tommy placed it at the opening of Elizabeth’s vagina.

Tommy pressed forward, slowly, working the head into her, wiggling from side to side. He retracted ever so slightly, and then pushed forward again.

This last push caused pain for Elizabeth, and she let an “Ungh.” Escape her throat. She reached up and grabbed her husband’s legs, both for support and for security.

Tommy continued his assault, “she’s a lot tighter than Hannah”, he thought. He continued with small in and out strokes trying to get her wet. He was starting to feel an irritation around his penis because of the lack of lubrication, when it happened.

Elizabeth screamed and began shuddering from a violent orgasm, she quivered and moaned, her bladder released and she urinated, just a little but it was unmistakable what had happened.

Ezra was dumbfounded. What had happened? What was he to do? He just stood and stared.

Tommy lurched away from her, looking down he could see his pants were wet, and wondered what had happened. He had never seen a woman lose bladder control from an orgasm.

Elizabeth collapsed as Tommy pulled out. She still clung to her husband’s legs as she panted deeply, her head spinning from the after effects of the orgasm.

Ezra was the first to speak, “Have thee finished?” He asked as he looked at Tommy.

“No…well…I didn’t…” Tommy tried to answer.

“Stand up Elizabeth, he must finish his work.” Ezra admonished her.

Elizabeth stood, still clinging to Ezra’s legs. Ezra pulled her dress up and nodded to Tommy to continue.

Tommy took his meaty penis in hand and stroked it back to full length, inserted it into her and stroked into her now wet vagina with renewed vigor. In moments he was close to ejaculating, but just as he began, Elizabeth was again screaming as she rammed her buttocks back against Tommy. They came together in a fit of frantic thrusts.

Ezra thanked Tommy and apologized for the accidental wetting of his pants. He also made arrangements for servicing Elizabeth again.


Hannah Yoder stood at the window of her house and watched as the English, Tommy, drove away. She remembered fondly her interludes with the gifted young man. With a sigh she turned back and began to prepare dinner for her husband and guests, Ezra and Elizabeth Yoder. She had agonized over Tommy being in her barn with her sister in law. She didn’t want to share him with anyone, why did her husband have to tell his brothers?

Ezekiel saw the stunned look on the face of his younger brother, and took the opportunity to explain to him the up-side of the experience, “Ezra, I see the look of doubt on your face. Do not despair, brother, avrupa yakası escort the result will be well worth the travails you must endure.”

“I trust you’re right Ezekiel, I am shaken by what has happened this night.”

Elizabeth sat quietly, unable to eat, eyes downcast and contemplated the terrible act of insemination she had endured in the barn. Her vagina hurt badly, the English was much too large for her small body to accommodate. Still, she had two orgasms that for just fleeting moments, had felt wonderful. She wondered if it was wrong to have one, she had never heard of this feeling before. It must be wrong she thought. I mustn’t speak of it to anyone, she decided.

Hannah watched her sister in law and had the mixed feeling of jealousy and sympathetic understanding towards the younger woman. She wondered if Elizabeth had enjoyed it as she had.


Tommy lingered as he prepared to leave for the Yoder’s farm; he had not enjoyed the opportunity with Elizabeth Yoder as much as he had with Hannah. Maybe it would be better next time, he thought. Tonight, though, was to be a different woman. Ezekiel had explained that his brothers lived far enough away to make it impractical to make the trip more than once a week, so they had decided to schedule the couplings Monday through Thursday, a different wife each night.

Tonight, Tommy hoped, things would go smoother. He arrived and went to the barn as usual. He found Ezekiel and an older Amish man talking, but no woman was to be seen. Ezekiel introduced Tommy to his older brother, Ebenezer.

Ebenezer shook Tommy’s hand and began to talk as if he had known him all his life. “Thee are good to help us neighbor, But I am concerned your method is flawed.”

Tommy looked confused, “Flawed method?” He asked.

“I am of the opinion a woman is best impregnated while on their back, after all, only animals stand while copulating.” Ebenezer explained.

“I see your point.” Tommy conceded.

“Then thee will not object to copulating in this manner?”

“Of course not.” Tommy enjoined.

Ebenezer turned toward the barn door and called, “Esther, come.”

A woman almost his mother’s age walked through the door with a wool blanket draped over one arm walked to a pile of hay and spread the blanket out. She reached up under her dress and pulled her panties off, placing them to the side. She sat down and lay back onto the blanket, looking at Tommy.

Ezekiel and Ebenezer walked to the door and could be heard talking just outside.

Tommy walked over and began to unfasten his belt and pants. He pulled his penis out and pumped it several times, then kneeled between the woman’s legs. She raised her knees to allow him unfettered access to her vagina. Tommy leaned over her and poked his penis into her. He slid about half way into her before he felt any resistance. Slowly he began stroking in and out of her.

Esther smiled as Tommy stroked into her. Tommy looked at her smiling and wondered what she must be thinking. He was having trouble staying hard enough to do the work and he started to worry he might not be able to complete the task. Esther wasn’t ugly, just plain, and too plain to be exciting, to stimulate Tommy. Tommy panicked, he was loosing his erection. He thought of how he had performed before with Hannah. Hannah had inspired him. Just then he felt a surge of excitement, that’s it, he began to imagine Hannah beneath him. Suddenly he was pounding with a fully engorged penis. He concentrated on Hannah’s memory, and he was soon ejaculating into Esther’s womb.


Tommy had no trouble getting it up for Hilda and Imelda, the two remaining wives. He returned to the Yoder’s farm on the following Monday wondering if the little woman, Elizabeth, was any better prepared than last time. He walked in to find Hannah and Elizabeth waiting expectantly.

Elizabeth had finally confided in Hannah her concerns. Hannah was receptive, if not sympathetic to the younger woman’s problem. Her fear and apprehension had almost caused her to call off any further “servicing”. Elizabeth explained to Hannah that if it could not be made easier that she couldn’t do it again. Hannah spoke to Ezekiel and they had decided that the more mature Hannah would supervise and assist poor Elizabeth through the act. This is how Tommy was to find them standing together in the barn.

Hannah smiled broadly and said, “Hello Tommy. I will supervise this evening.”

“Great!” Tommy said smiling back, with a twinkle in his eye.

Up until now, Hannah had not intimated to Elizabeth how she was to make it easier for her. She took control of the situation by instructing Tommy to lie on his back; she motioned to a blanket already placed on the hay. She instructed both to disrobe. Tommy complied, but Elizabeth stood and stared at Hannah with a wondering look.

Hannah said, “Trust me Elizabeth; it will be easier this way.”

Elizabeth complied but held her dress to her breasts anyway. Hannah looked bağcılar escort at Tommy’s penis with a longing glance, and then instructed Elizabeth to straddle Tommy. Elizabeth tried to do this with the dress clutched to her breasts.

Hannah told her, “Drop the dress, dear.”

Reluctantly she let it fall, exposing her smallish breasts, nipples hard and pointed from the chill in the air.

Hannah watched as she quivered above Tommy’s torso. “Now kneel here.” She motioned to either side of Tommy. Elizabeth complied. “Now place your hands here.” Indicating Tommy’s shoulders. Again, Elizabeth followed the instructions.

Tommy’s penis was raging. He had never experienced anything as erotic as this in his life.

Hannah reached behind her for a small tin, pulled the lid off, and reached in and grabbed a glob of greasy cream. She reached for Tommy’s penis and slathered it with the cream. She held onto it and instructed Elizabeth to “move back”. As her vagina pressed back Hannah guided Tommy’s penis to Elizabeth’s opening. Hannah began rubbing Tommy up and down Elizabeth’s crack, working it into the small woman’s opening.

Just as she was beginning to press back a little bit more Elizabeth began to shudder, her orgasm washing over her. “Oh…oh…oh…” She moaned, leaning forward until her small pert breasts pressed into Tommy’s chest.

Hannah smiled; she knew well what this massive meat could do to a woman. “Push back.” She instructed Elizabeth.

Elizabeth pushed lightly as the meaty head of Tommy’s penis popped into the opening of the tiny little folds. She stopped pushing for a moment and then began anew. She was just a few inches onto him when Tommy had an involuntary reflex, stabbing forward with his hips. Elizabeth squealed, but didn’t move away, instead she pushed back. She began humping back against Tommy, and Hannah was forced to release her hold on Tommy’s penis. Elizabeth began to thrash now, Tommy for his part just lay there as the tiny woman began to jump up and down on him. He was about half way in and he could feel that he had hit bottom. She continued to hump and now began to gyrate her hips as she flailed above him.

Tommy felt the impending orgasm building. He wanted to reach for the girl and hold her while he came, but he didn’t. Suddenly it exploded, he shot load after load of sperm into her as she humped his ejaculating member.

It began for Elizabeth again, “Oh my…oh my…” she squealed, trying to get more of Tommy inside her. As her quaking subsided she started to cry, tears flowing freely.

“What is the matter?” Hannah asked her.

“I am afraid of this feeling…I don’t know what to call it…but it is so…”

“I know, I know.” Hannah said as she reached for the young woman, hugging her firmly. “It’s alright now Elizabeth, It’s alright.”

Tommy was still inside Elizabeth and just laid still as the two women held one another above him. As Elizabeth sobbed he could feel the tight bands of her vagina constricting around his penis. It felt so wonderful that Tommy became hard again, quite rapidly. He pushed a little and Elizabeth said “Oh.” Looking down at Tommy, and asked, “Are thee not finished?”

Tommy smiled and said, “Well, I could go again.”

“Oh no, I mustn’t.” Elizabeth said, standing up abruptly, leaving his penis to flop onto his belly with a smack.

Hannah took control of the moment, “Elizabeth you must not mention that you enjoyed the feeling.”

“Oh no I couldn’t.” she agreed.

Hannah continued, “Ezra cannot be told how you were mounted.”

Elizabeth shielded her face with her hands, speaking through sobs she says, “I couldn’t bear it.”

“Thee must never tell what you see here tonight Elizabeth.” With this admonition, Hannah reaches under her dress and pulls her panties off and mounts Tommy’s torso. It had been so long for her, she needed to feel him inside her once more.

Tommy pushed her to the side and then levered up over her, his arms stiff, his hands resting on her shoulders. He dropped one hand between their bodies taking the hard throbbing penis between his fingers and guided it forward, using the thick rubbery head to part the full fleshy lips of her vagina. She turned her head to the side, closing her eyes with a shudder as she felt its soft electrical contact against the sensitive ragged edges of her moistly dilating vagina.

“Oh…oh,” she whimpered, attempting a protest as she felt the first harsh pressure against the wet elastic opening of her vagina. Yes, he seemed larger and thicker than she remembered.

He pushed.

“Agh,” she moaned as he levered forward and just the tip slipped through, stretching the slightly resisting rubbery opening until Hannah felt as though her thighs were splitting apart from the relentless outward pressure.

He pushed again, the blood-gorged head forcing itself into the wetly clasping opening, and he felt her flesh give way, her full firm buttocks arching up to receive the full length of his bahçelievler escort relentlessly prodding penis. But this was too good to be true! She was driving him out of his mind! His obscene pleasure was heightened by the realization that he was doing it in front of this young woman, Elizabeth.

“Oh, yes,” Hannah’s voice intoned involuntarily and her whole body twitched and writhed beneath him in a reaction that had been building in her for longer than she had realized. There was no longer any reason to fight the lewd flames of desire coursing through her veins. She had lost, and there was nothing to do but urge him on and to enjoy her own obscene surrender to the act as Tommy’s vigorously skewering penis plunged deeper and deeper into her vagina.

He slipped his hands down her voluptuously curved sides and slid them around the soft round globes of her smoothly gyrating buttocks, grasping them harshly, one in each hand. God, his hands felt beautiful cupping at her ass-cheeks, the thought blazed in her mind; they cupped and squeezed while he thrust his heavily impaling rod deep into her flowering vagina, pumping with increasing force until her legs on either side of her hips were jerking and quivering with uncontrolled abandon. And she didn’t even care. She had known that she would fuck him, had been aware of it from the moment she had walked into the barn, she had wanted that penis that was now flicking and plunging its sperm-inflated head up through her warmly clinging vaginal passage, fucking her with a hot vengeance that they both shared.

She could feel the hard ridges of his piston-like rod drubbing into her open belly with merciless pile-driving thrusts; the thick blood-gorged shaft began longer smooth strokes that brought the smoothly pistoning head almost all the way out of her tightly clasping vagina on the backstroke and then thrust forward again into her uplifting buttocks until she could feel the velvety smack of his balls down against the unprotected crevice of her anus.

“Do you like it?” she suddenly heard his voice as though from a great distance.

“Yes, oh, Tommy, it feels so good,” she whined softly, the maddening slap of his balls on her nakedly exposed anus driving her to greater frenzy.

“I…I… it is so good,” she repeated of her own volition now.

“Oh, Tommy,” she chanted mindlessly.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his face close to hers, splurging her tongue into his mouth and receiving his tongue in turn as though it were another penis that swirled and poked at the insides of her cheeks. Then she moved her hand down between their now sweat-slicked bodies, sliding it alongside the concavity of their slapping groins until it came to rest on the gourd-like sac of his semen-bloated balls. She fingered the smooth soft folds and ran her thumb up to the base of his rapidly plunging prick, tickling at the bottom of the round rubbery head as it slipped almost out of the soft hair-lined folds of her vagina on the backstroke.

She shifted her hand suddenly from the distended cup of his balls. The two lurched, and pelvises buffeting like colliding freight trains; wet, sweat-soaked smacking sounds reverberated around the room, harmonizing lewdly with their mutual grunts of lust.

“Oh, oh, deeper, harder,” she begged, gasping as though she were close to death. She was nearing orgasm and swung her soft tender thighs up and wound them voluptuously around his back, waving her deeply impaled buttocks in uncontrolled abandon from side to side and spiraling her vagina up and down crazily on his hotly plunging and growing penis.

He lurched over her, his balls ready to explode into hot streams of milky sperm; he could feel it building like a trapped geyser ready to erupt, but he held off, sucking in deep gulps of breath, and wallowed in these last moments of engulfing pleasure. He could hear her sobs coming more rhythmically and closer together, and he felt the first trickle of her cum juice trail down from her rapidly buffeting vagina.

“Oh…oh…oh!” Hannah chanted her face contorted crazily in the rising buildup of coming orgasm.

Tommy grunted and hammered further and further until he felt the head of his penis touch all the way back to her cervix and the walls of her hotly milking vagina clasp and unclasp in spasmodic grips around the hot, heavily fisting head of his organ.

“Oh…oh…oh!” she suddenly squealed with a high pitched gasp of intense passion and locked her ankles in a death grip high up behind his laboring back. Her body arched and she held tight to him, not moving but quivering and jerking around him in a rapidly pulsating rhythm that spewed her orgasmic fluid out around his viciously pummeling penis.

“Oh…Oh…Oh.” Tommy’s voice uttered in a sharp masculine echo of his own orgasmic cries.

He buckled above her, his thick heaving penis hosing out the hot milky sperm as it made its mad rush from the sanctity of his balls and began spewing in hot thin streams in to her spasmodically sucking vagina. He rocked above her; one hand tangled cruelly in her cascading hair, and squeezed the other against her desperately flexing buttocks. Slowly, as he felt her body go limp beneath him, his penis deflated in her gently clasping vagina that continued to slowly draw every last tiny drop of the warm sticky sperm from the battered organ.

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