Amelia and Edward Ch. 01

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*Based on true events*

Amelia was a young 28 year old elementary teacher at a local private Christian school. Since being there, she had met many spoiled rich kids and their even more spoiled parents. The parents often looked down on Amelia since she was “just a teacher”. Edward, however, was different.

Edward was in his early forties, recently retired from the military. He was different from all the other parents, more open, friendlier, and good natured. He often stayed after school to help Amelia with different tasks or just to hang out.

Over the fall and winter, they had moved past parent-teacher relationships and into friends. Despite both being married, they flirted outrageously. They both realized emotions were growing between them, something was happening that neither expected. Both masked the growing attraction and sexual chemistry behind jokes. Both knew they were approaching dangerous territory, but vowed to not cross that line. That all changed one day.

Amelia had worn a deep pink wrap dress that showed off her long legs and luscious cleavage. She purposely bent over in front of Edward repeatedly, making sure he got a nice view of the ataköy escort dress creeping up the backs of her thighs. Like usual, Edward stayed after school, hanging out and chatting with Amelia. Both were chatting and let time escape them, and it was after five before either realized it. Amelia quickly grabbed her bag and walked towards the door.

“The school is already deserted,” she noted, almost to herself. Before heading out, she walked to the corner of her classroom to pick up a textbook that had fallen from a desk. When she turned around, Edward was right there. He stepped closer and tucked a stray hair behind Amelia’s ear. Her heart hammered in her chest, scared and excited at the same time.

She leaned into him, tilting her head upwards. His lips covered hers, his tongue sliding into her mouth, caressing her tongue, exploring. He backed her up against the bulletin board, his hands roaming over her body. He stopped his roaming when his hands found the tie to her wrap dress. He broke the kiss and looked into her eyes.

“Do you want me to stop,” he asked, playing with the dress tie, his voice husky with desire. They ataşehir escort stared at each other for a moment before Amelia shook her head no. In one swift motion, Edward tugged on the tie and pulled her dress open. Her breasts spilled out, unbound by a bra. Edward’s mouth descended on her exposed nipples. Amelia moaned as he sucked and nipped on her nipples.

Edward slid his hand down her exposed abdomen and over her cotton panties. He slipped a finger under her panties and slowly rubbed her wet slit. He pulled his finger out and slipped it into his mouth, tasting her juices. He smiled at her. “Sweet,” he said, grinning mischievously.

“Not fair. You can’t have all the tastes.” She dropped to her knees in front of him, and quickly unzipped his jeans. His massive cock sprang free. Amelia gasped at its size. It was at least ten inches long and almost as big around as a coke can. She tentatively ran her tongue over the tip, licking off the salty precum. Edward groaned as her tongue ran up and down his throbbing shaft.

Amelia looked up into his eyes and took as much of his immense cock into her mouth as she could. Edward avcılar escort grabbed the back of her head and thrust into her mouth as she continued to suck. Suddenly, he pulled back, taking his cock from her mouth. Amelia looked up questioningly.

“I want you. Here. Now.” Edward pulled Amelia up to her feet and lifted one of her legs up. He pushed her sopping wet panties aside and placed the head of his cock at her pussy. With one swift movement, he thrust into her, filling her with his colossal cock.

He thrust slowly, filling Amelia completely. His thrusts continued slowly as he once again attacked her exposed breasts with his mouth. Amelia moaned into his neck, trying not to be too loud, not sure if the janitorial staff was in the building. “More,” she gasped, “give me more.”

Edward lifted her up in his powerful arms and she wrapped her long legs around his waist. Edward plunged into her deeper, his balls slapping against her ass.

“Oh god, Edward, I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum on your cock,” Amelia cried out. Her pussy tightened on his cock and she shuddered around him, her wetness running down her legs. A second later, Edward came too, loudly calling out her name, shooting his load deep into her. They stayed in their embrace a few minutes long, kissing slowly.

Finally, they broke apart and got dressed, grinning at each other, barely believing what had just happened. “So,” Amelia said, grinning mischievously, “do you want to stay after class tomorrow?”

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