Always Learning Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Big thanks to Whoredinarygirl for the edit.


Coming home from another monotonous day at work, I prepare to microwave a dinner for one and watch TV. At 30 years old and divorced for a year, I still can’t be bothered cooking a proper meal just for me so this is very typical of my week nights and even most weekends.

Finishing my dinner and looking through the TV guide to find a whole lot of nothing, I fish out my phone and wander the interwebs. Seeing ads for dating sites on almost every page, I laugh thinking I’m not quite there yet. I decide to flip through tumblr; with the range of random nude girls’ pages I follow, it causes me to really feel the lack of female companionship. I find some posts asking people to ‘hit me up on kik.’ Intrigued with nothing to lose, I decide to have a look.

It only takes a minute to download the app and create a profile.

Username : Mogrull

Real Name : Dan

I take a quick selfie and post it on tumblr; ‘Male, 30, Australia. Bored, nothing on TV, come say hi.’ Putting in the hashtags needed: #kik #tattoos #bored, and hoping for some hits, I also search tumblr for some other people looking to ‘kik.’ I quickly find many, very nice looking women to send hellos to and wait for responses. Within about five minutes I get a response. Slightly excited to see what I got, it was a girl saying:

“Ew, I’m only 18, go away pedo.”

Lauging to myself, I delete that thread and wait again. Shortly I get another notification from a person saying hi to me. I look and it’s a guy; I’m not rude so any conversation would keep me amused. I click on the chat, only to be greeted by a close up of his cock. Deleting that thread also, I decide one more failure and I’ll just delete the app and stream some anime instead. My notification chimes, “Moment of truth,” I say to myself. I open the chat to find a nice greeting.

“Hi there, how are you doing?”

Happy to get something normal, I enlarge the profile picture to get a good look at the other user.

Username : Stormnaddcup

Real Name : Kari

The picture shows a woman with long brown hair lightening further toward the tips. Gorgeous big, green eyes and full pink lips surround a killer smile with slightly dimpled cheeks.

“I’m ok. Pretty bored, but things are looking up. How about you?”

“Good, finished work, chillin’ for the night.”

“Me too, what do you do for work?” I inquire starting to get interested.

“I run the reception at a tattoo shop.” She tells me, really starting to hook me in.

“I love tattoos, must be cool to see all that amazing art. I have 3 myself, how about you?” Quickly taking off my t-shirt and snapping some pictures of mine in preparation.

“Yeah I have quite a few, one of the hazards of the job.”

“Could I see them? I’ll trade you.”

“Show kozyatağı escort bayan me yours and I’ll show you mine,” her response seems a little flirty to me, but I don’t want to scare her off so I hold back my instinctive sexual reply. I hit the photo button and send her my photos: two of my chest, of eyes with tribal patterns, and the dragon off my shoulder blade.

“Nice work, here are all of mine.” The first photo comes up of 2 shapely legs with pinup girls on top of both thighs. Guessing from the look, I’d put her at about size 14 or 16, my perfect image of a woman. Although my last sexual experience was with a group of friends who ranged from size 8 to 12, this woman is more my style. The next photo is a stag head on her arm, very well done work, which also fits my estimation of her figure. The following photo literally short-circuits my brain. She is lying down with the camera held at arm’s length, one amazing looking breast revealed showing her username to be very true. But the part that has me totally awestruck is the light pink, love heart tattoo that covers her nipple.

“I love all of your tattoos,” I replied carefully, “the last one made my brain melt.”

“Lol, well it is one of my tattoos and you asked to see them.”

“Had I known all I had to do was ask, I would have asked to see more.”

“You could…” she left the dots to let me finish the thought.

“From what I’ve seen so far, you are an absolutely gorgeous woman and I would love to see more.” Going all in and seeing what I get back, “Actually no, not more. I’d like to see all of you.” Breathing heavily and feeling my cock hardening, I await an answer with great anticipation.

“You have me blushing.” She retorted, “I think I’d like to see more of you, too.”

“Baby, you can see or have whatever you want.”

“Good, because I want you to tell me what you’d like to do to me first,” she gives me permission to confess my fantasies I’ve already started having about this sexy vixen.

“First, I’d get you totally naked so my eyes can drink in all of your beauty. Then I’m going to lightly run my hands all over every single inch of your skin. My lips will be next to sample you, starting at the curve of your neck, moving slowly down your shoulder and along your arm.” Pausing to let her read, I hope for some encouragement.

“Mmmm yes, just like that. What’s next?” Taking that as all the sign I need to forge ahead, I keep my little fantasy going.

“I can’t help but be lured inward by your superb breasts, just wanting my mouth over and around that sweet, little pink heart.” Pausing from the fantasy for a moment I have to ask, “Are you enjoying this? I am getting so hard already.”

“Baby I’m wet, so wet, I’m beginning to ache for küçükçekmece escort bayan you.” Hearing that she’s enjoying this fantasy as much as me makes me start stroking my cock slowly.

“Can you show me again what I have to work with?” I ask fishing for fresh pictures. After a moment a live picture flashes up. She has both breasts uncovered, squeezing them together in between her arms, showing off the most desirable upper body I can recall. Looking to her face, I can see her cheeks are slightly flushed and she is biting half of her lower lip. Somehow without knowing me she has posed in probably the biggest turn on pose for me.

“Wow Kari, you are the most gorgeous woman, ever.” Meaning it more than anything, not just flattering, and wishing I could physically get my hands on her, I continue our fantasy.

“With my mouth on one nipple and my hand on the other, I regretfully leave them be for the moment, kissing my way further down your body and across your belly. Pausing to kiss and suck at your hip and continue down one leg, then making my way back up the other. You spread your legs to invite me between, I pause above your pussy to inhale your scent.” Stopping again, I allow her to catch up to me and wanting for her to ask for more. “Can you show me what I’d see? What would I find? Are you wet and ready for me?”

“I am very wet for you. Here.” Another photo comes through: a cleanly waxed pussy, spread open, ready for me; clit protruding begging for attention, her fingers about an inch away from her lips. I can see a thin strand of her juices clinging between pussy and finger, making my mouth water and causing me to stroke my dick faster.

“Oh fuck yes, if only I could get my hands on you. I am stroking my dick so hard.” I let her know she is driving me crazy.

“Show me, I want to see your cock.”

I take a photo of my hard member, trying hard as I can to make it look nice.

“That is a great looking cock, I would love to be holding it for you.” Feeling ready, I resume the fantasy.

“I gently use 2 fingers to open your lips and taste the moist flesh of your pussy. I flick past your clit a couple of times causing you to grip my head and press me hard against your pussy. Delving deep inside you with my tongue, the taste is the sweetest thing I’ve ever had. Switching between fucking you with my tongue and sucking your clit, I continue until I’m rewarded with the taste of your cum hot on my face. Do you think you could come for me baby? And what would you like next?” Awaiting a response, I can feel the tension building in my balls but, I try to slow my hand down to last as long as possible.

“God that’s so hot baby, I really did come for you. Try this for an idea,” she sends me something through but my kik won’t küçükyalı escort bayan show it. Confused, I click on the file and am instructed to download a plugin. This begins the longest wait ever. Finally it installs. I click the image again and another window pops up. On screen is my newly found goddess, completely naked, running a hand up from her pussy, giving her breast a squeeze on the way up, then into her mouth. She licks her finger, bites her lip, looks directly into my soul and says, “Fuck me, Dan.” My mind is blown. This woman is amazing, so sexy, and so gorgeous. Already I can find myself wanting to know more and to spend some time with her.

“I would love to fuck you. I would love to make love to you, sleep with you and get crazy with you.”

“Send me a video back. I want to see you stroke that lovely dick, thinking of me, making it feel good. Let me come for you again while watching you pleasure yourself.” Trying hard to keep the camera steady while furiously jerking my cock, I get it done and send the file. It feels like forever waiting for a response and when it comes, it’s in the form of another video. She has the camera held between her feet pointing straight up at her pussy, but beyond that I can see the rise and fall of her breasts and can almost see the look of pleasure on her face. She is fucking herself with a dark red vibrator, almost to the same speed I am jerking my dick. Never have I been so jealous of a piece of silicone.

“Fuck K, that’s hot. I’m so close; I want to come together.”

“Keep going, don’t stop and we will. But send me the video of you coming.” Not needing any further encouragement, I flip on the video, hit record and go for broke. Finally letting go of the tension inside me, I start shooting cum straight up my stomach, filling my belly button and not stopping my movements until it’s all gone.

“Here you are baby, that was fucking amazing.”

“Oh wow, unf, that was so hot. Sorry I missed mine in video, but look what you did.” A photo pops up showing her pussy, thighs, and sheets covered in cum.

“Did you squirt for me?” Totally turned on, I asked her.

“Yeah, I’ve only done it a few times and never on my own. You are really amazing and I want to get to know you lots more. Lol, I don’t even know where you are from?”

“I live in Western Australia, about 2 hours out of Perth.”

“Really?!?! I live an hour from Perth!”

“That kinda sucks that we are 3 hours apart. But I am very determined to come and see you, if you’d like me to visit.” Not really thinking that I only just met this woman, I just instantly felt a bond.

“Sometime. It’s a date. For now I’m off to bed; work tomorrow. :X Goodnight lover, dream of me as I know I’ll dream of you.”

“Goodnight beautiful, I doubt anything else would be on my mind for many nights to come.” As I go to bed, I do find my mind filled with visions of this strange relationship and the gorgeous woman I share it with. I can’t wait to tell my best friend Emma all about it. Then I realize, what will this mean for me and all my friends? Will I miss out on barbecue nights now? Will I get to try out Rachel and Natalie in bed? Or will I simply not care, thinking I’ve found my perfect fit?

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