All Work , No Play Ch. 1

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Taking a long deep breathe you glance up at the clock, discovering that 6 pm has come around yet again. Rubbing your eyes in an attempt to chase away the ache building there, you realize there is the noise of a soft knock upon your door. Your gaze shifts up slowly, followed by a deep growl. Gruffly you remark, “Come in,” praying it isn’t more work being delivered into your hands. The door creeps open slowly, revealing my face to you as I peak in, a smile fluttering upon my lips. Watching the stress ease out of your body at the sight of me, I lean against the door watching you stretch back in your chair.

Voice soft as I speak, “Long day dearie?” Seeing you hold out your hand towards me, I walk forward slowly, letting the door fall closed with a click behind me. Long legs bringing me closer to you, stepping carefully in the strappy black shoes. Dressed casually, long dark denim skirt flirting around my legs, four long slits in the material giving you glimpses of the warm skin underneath. Watching your eyes slip up from my thighs, to the black shirt loosely hanging over my body. The material cupping tighter around my chest with a long V dipping between my breasts, giving you a view of the soft mounds of pleasurable flesh, leading up to show the length of my collar bone. Smooth pale white skin leading up to my face, kartal escort coppery brown hair falling loosely about my shoulders. Finding your gaze inching higher, my lips curled into a smile…that smile being echoed in my deep grey eyes.

Finally reaching your hand, placing mine within your firm grasp. A soft giggle slipping from my lips at the tug of your hand to bring me falling into your lap. A smile appears on my mouth at the touch of your hands cupping my cheeks. Inhaling slowly, deeply, taking in your scent. Leaning forward and letting my soft wet tongue trace across your lower lip…just tasting the flavour of your flesh. Hearing a lil growl within your throat, giggling softly, shifting on your lap to straddle your thighs. Purrs gently, my mouth almost touching yours, but not quite, just close enough so you can feel my warm breath slipping out over you. “Feeling a lil frustrated?” I ask on almost a moan, hips shifting again to push into closer contact with yours.

Long bare silky soft legs wrapping around you gently, bare from material as they slide perfectly between the slits of the skirt. Hips falling into a slow shifting pattern against you, almost instinctually, as if shifting on a horse while it walks. Hips forward, then back…forward, then back. Each lil shift forward kurtköy escort brings the tips of my breasts brushing against your chest, arms resting loosely over your shoulders. Rubbing a bit more firmly with my hips, feeling the pressure build as you harden against my heat.

Whispering gently, lips against your mouth, “You should really learn to be more rela…” being cut off by the almost violent attack of your mouth against mine. Moaning at the assault, feeling your tongue delve into my sweet wet mouth, tasting, taking as you please. My hands against your chest, nails digging in slightly, feeling your groin thrust hard against me, throbbing, hard, aching. Your left hand cupping my right breast, pinching and rolling and tugging at the hardened nipple there. Your left, gripping at my ass, holding me down as you thrust hard against my aching mound. Going from being the tease to being completely and totally under your control in seconds. Hating it…and loving it all in the same breathe.

Reluctantly, searching for the willpower to pull away, breaking the kiss. Gasping for breathe, eyes dark, completely falling into the need for you…to feel you rip off my clothes, bend me over the desk and plunge your aching thick cock deep within my molten hot pussy. Holding back as you try to kiss pendik escort me again, feeling you thrust against me, my clit pulsing, juices leaking from my swollen lips contained in the thin scrap of black lace. Voice trembling a bit, trying to make words out of her sex-orientated thoughts. “Hun, uh we ummm we need to…dinner…reservations…we have them…for tonight….” Listening to you growl deeply, feeling your penis still throbbing insistently between my thighs. I lean forward, breathing rough from the pleasure pumping through my veins, brushing my mouth against yours, “I promise you won’t be disappointed by the meal…or the dessert!” Giggling slightly as your eyes flash at the word dessert, feeling your strong hands grip my waist and put me to my feet. Grip fumbling for the desk, finding my legs shaky, weak from the flashes of desire that is still spasming through my body.

Turning towards the door, taking in a slow long breath, trying to control my body’s urges, return my breathing to normal. Just as my hand reaches for the handle on the door, your hands slams down against it, pushing the door firmly closed with an echoing bang. My blood rushes as you force me around again, press me back tight against the door, feeling the hard excitement of your cock throbbing with purpose against my lower tummy. Glancing up at your eyes, I finding you smiling back at me, almost in a devilish way. Watching your eyes flash a little dangerously, I listen to your voice letting me know, “Missy, it better be damn good dessert…because I’m in the mood for seconds…maybe even thirds!”

~ To Be Continued ~

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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