All in the Name of Science Ch. 03

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The following weekend, I was in my home office reading and making notes about my encounter with Kathy. It was a quiet Saturday afternoon. A college football game was on in the background and Allison was in the other room reading the latest best seller. I was still processing all the notes from my lab work including the blood work from both Allison and Kathy. Sometime around halftime, I fell asleep and enjoyed a nice nap on a cool crisp fall afternoon.

Allison had always been the mischievous wife and while that made her fun, it also could get her into trouble. Seeing me asleep in my office, Allison went over to the lockbox and unbeknown to me knew the combination. She opened the safe door and took out my invention and the latest version of the pills.

The previous night at dinner, Allison had caught me staring at a sorority girl with big boobs at the restaurant. The girl was well endowed and it was hardly my fault that she had them on open display. Still, Ally gave me a hard time and pouted about her smaller B cup boobs for the rest of the night. I thought I had ended the discussion by spending a long time sucking her nipples last night and then quasi-titty fucking her and telling her hot her body was. I guess not.

Allison decided she wanted to experience a huge rack like little Ms. Sorority and wanted to spend the day with huge tits. Our normal routine on a Saturday while I worked and watched football allowed Ally some alone time. Many times, I had found Ally with her Hitachi magic wand against her pussy and her nipple being massaged by her hand. I always knew it was just a preliminary to a great Saturday night. She loved spending time with her wand vibrating against her pussy. Today however she wanted the full rack to go along while she played with her wand and she knew exactly how to make that happen.

While I was asleep, Allison went into my office and found the pills in my safe. She should have known better than to play with my experiments, but her desire for a huge set of tits while she played with her pussy was overwhelming. She took 3 pills from the first bottle and went to our bedroom and laid down with her wand and waited for her tits to grow. My wife, however, was not as observant as she should have been. In fact, Allison was downright careless and did not realize that the first bottle was not filled with the boob growing pills. What she thought were boob growing pills, were, in fact, horny pills and even her magic wand was not going to satisfy her craving for cock. Allison had taken 3 horny pills, more than anyone ever had. The effect has turned her into my little horny slut.

Allison came into my office and woke me up.

“I went into your lab safe and I took the green pills in the front bottle. I thought they were boob growing pills, but I guess they were horny pills because I need your cock now.”

I was amused and started laughing. I thought it was funny when she told she had tried 3 of the horny pills. I was more than happy to sit back and watch the pill take effect of her mind and body. “It’s ok honey, let the pills work on you and I will be more than glad to help out. “

Allison was already undressing and I looked at my hot wife whom I knew I would soon be fucking for the next few hours. Soon she would be begging more and more for me to give her my cock. Allison did not want to wait for the pills to affect her. She did a Grade A job of seducing me and after seeing her nude and in obvious heat, I quickly undressed and started a hard make out session with my wife. We were soon on the couch in my office with my cock buried deep in her wet pussy once again. We screwed for the next half hour with my wife in continuous heat.

Allison did whatever I wanted that afternoon. Her only real concern was satisfying was getting screwed and having me deep inside of her. Ally in this state was even more loving and passionate than normal. She continually worked my cock and kept me hard and into her pussy. She used every trick she had ever learned with me. Ally was amazing and I thanked goodness that my wife had mistakenly taken my extra special pill this afternoon.

After I had satisfied Allison’s need to get laid, I worried about my final release of the night. Taking advantage of the situation once again, I asked Ally if it was my turn to have fun. Ally promised that I could do anything to her as long as I continued to screw her after I came. I smiled as I pulled my cock out of her. I moved up her body and before Ally could protest, I pumped my own cock and brought myself to orgasm. I sprayed Ally’s face with a huge load of my ejaculation and felt exhilarated as I saw my come land all over her face and start to drip down her chin.

Allison was mad at me.

She hated for me to come on her face anytime even though just a minute earlier she had given me permission to do whatever I wanted. I guess getting a face full of come was not what she had in mind. She slapped me hard as she used the pillow case to wipe off her face. göztepe escort

“What”, I mockingly asked her. “you begged me to cum and told me to do whatever I wanted and I did.”

Allison was not amused as she continued to wipe her face clean. “This is all your fault anyway. You developed those damn pills and look what they made me do.”

“Oh too bad, you went into my office, broke into my safe, took a pill that you were not sure what it did, turned into a little slut puppy and begged me to ram you hard. I did and I think I did a very good job listening to you scream. You seemed very happy when you had that 4th orgasm and begged me to cum again and make you my slut.”

“Whatever. I am going to shower. No more booty for you tonight since you are being a jerk.”

I laughed and went to the safe to make sure things were secured. Since Ally had wanted them so badly, I found the titty growing pills and took out 2 pills and then added a 3rd horny pill. Allison was in the shower when I opened the door and walked in naked. My cock was hard from our earlier session and seeing my goddess wife soaped up and nude finished me to a state of a rock hard rigid cock.

Allison looked at me. “Sorry dude… get your own self off. I am not doing it since you were acting like an ass hole earlier. Go whack off somewhere else, just get it away from me.”

She pointed to her pussy and said: “closed to you until you apologize.”

I held my hand open and showed her only the titty pills. “Do you want these? Is this what you were looking for? Yellow pill equals boobs. Green pill equals time for you to spread wide”.

Allison laughed and said “whatever.”

I could make you take more green pills and bend you over in her and have you beg me to fuck you again.

Allison called me a dick playfully but I could tell she was concerned that I could make her fuck me anytime I wanted now.

“Or I could give you these pills you wanted earlier and you could have a rack like that hot sorority girl had last night.”

“You were checking out her tits, I knew it,” Allison screamed out.

“But I came home with my beautiful wife and fucked her senseless last night and then again, this afternoon. The choice is yours.”

Allison took the first yellow boob pill out of my hand and swallowed it. “There I took the pill, are you happy now.” My wife stated.

“Does my girl want a huge set of knockers tonight? Open your mouth for a set of D cups “How about you take another one just for me” I said to Ally. ” I placed the pill in her mouth and now her smaller B cups were destined to some real size.

What Allison did not realize is that when she took the second growth pill I had also placed the horny pill in her mouth at the same time. She swallowed both not realizing she had in fact swallowed 2 pills.

Allison’s tits were amazing as they expanded and grew to a full D size boobs. I took each one in my mouth and sucked long and hard bringing her normally small nipple to a fully erect size. Between my mouth and the pill, Allison was back to being horny and looked even hotter as her tits had grown to an almost monstrous size. I mauled her tits then turned her around in the shower to fuck her doggy style.

Ally was amazed at how sexy she felt with her new huge tits and how strong her orgasm was when I fucked her. We continued going at it like drunken honeymooners. Almost an hour passed before her tits shrank back down and her need for cock has been satisfied.

She looked at me and said “I love you. That was the most amazing afternoon of my life, normally a guy buys a girl dinner before he fucks her for 3 hours. Now you owe me dinner.”

I told Allison how much I loved her too. I knew now how special the pills were and there was no doubt they are 100% successful.

I decided to come clean with Allison about my experiment with Kathy. Perhaps now in retrospect, I should have chosen a different time or maybe not at all, but I went into great detail on how the pills had also worked on my gorgeous blonde lab assistant.

Ally and I laid on the floor and cuddled after our afternoon of amazing sex, I told Allison that the pills were a success and had worked on other girls as well. Ally was surprised that I had already tested them. I explained to her that I had tried the pills on Kathy and that the pills worked the same on her.

‘Did you fuck Kathy” she asked me starting to get upset quickly?

“No of course not, I just gave her the tit pill and watched her boobs grow and then I made her blow me.”

Allison slapped me.

“You told me it was OK and I did not screw her.”

“I can’t believe you gave her tit pills. Kathy already has huge tits. I bet they were monsters.”

I knew that I should have found a different time or place to tell Ally about my time with Kathy. My wife was upset and the conversation was quickly going downhill.

“You should not have involved your lab assistant, istanbul escort at least without me there to keep you straight”.

I tried to apologize to Allison but she was not hearing me or my excuses. In no time the romantic setting and time of the afternoon had been placed with my wife deciding if I had cheated on her and exactly how mad she was going to be with me.

“Well, you can make it up to me,” Allison told me. “I want to see the pills in action. I want to watch you give the pills to Kathy and since I already said you could have a test subject, I want to be there when you fuck her. I imagine Kathy will make a very good little sex toy.”

I was shocked and stared at my wife. “Are you serious. I can’t believe you are giving me permission to bang Kathy. A few minutes ago, you were pissed. What changed your mind?”

“Let’s just say that as long as you are working on these formulas and these pills, it is only a matter of time. Plus, we need to test all the pills and if you are going to screw another girl, she might as well be hot.

I smiled and quickly agreed and set a plan to get Kathy into our home and into my bed.

My wife slapped my shoulder again and said “but you better not enjoy screwing my big boob blonde lab girl too much. And this does not give you permission to screw around with any other sorority slut in your class. Just Kathy and you better tell me afterward how much she sucks at sex, at least lie to me after the deed.”

The next Monday after class, I saw Kathy down in the lab alone. She was busy with a stack of blue books and looked like she would rather be anywhere else than grading the never-ending mid-term exams.

I decided the direct approach would not work with Kathy and the best way to get Kathy was to play to her ego. I walked over to where Kathy was sitting and stroked her hair. When she looked up, I leaned over and told her simply that she was the most beautiful woman at State University and that I could not get her out of my mind. Kathy loved the control she thought she had over me and kissed me. I told the blonde that I wanted her and that I had to have her now.

Kathy kissed me back again and told me she had been thinking about our time together also. She wanted me also but we had to keep it a secret. “You are married and when you help me into Med School, I don’t want anyone thinking it was because I was your mistress.”

I asked Kathy if we could take our relationship to the next stage and after explaining to her that I wanted her because she was simply irresistible. She agreed that it was inevitable that we would be together and agreed to start an affair with me; if we kept our relationship quiet. Kathy also continually reminded me how important it was for her to be accepted to medical school with my recommendation.

Kathryn and I agreed to meet at our house on Friday evening. I told Kathy that Allison would be at the conference until after 11 PM and we would have plenty of time.

Friday night came and Kathy showed up at my door wearing a sexy black dress. I walked her inside our townhouse admiring her high sitting boobs, her model-quality face and her perfect little butt that was screaming out for me to grab.

We walked into the living room and then up to the bedroom. Allison was waiting there for both of us and surprised the young girl by grabbing her arm. Ally was wearing her sexiest lingerie. Kathy thought the affair was already discovered before we could even start. She was panicked and worried exactly how bad this was going to be. Allison walked over to my assistant and playfully called her a little slut.

“You think you can take my place because you have great boobs and know how to suck cock. What gives you the right to blow my husband in his lab and then send him home. If a man like Davis wants you, then you have to give him what he deserves.” she laughed as Kathy grew concerned.

Ally laughed again and told Kathy that she knew all about our experimentation in the lab. She knew all about the pills and wanted to see how the pills affected a different girl. Kathy was relieved that my wife was accepting of her being my mistress / lab rat even before the affair even began.

Allison handed me a blow job pill and I made Kathryn take the pill. Soon once again Kathy was down on her knees showing both of us her amazing talent on my cock. She brought me to sexual bliss. Her mouth was amazing and despite thinking about everything else possible, I dropped my jizz in her mouth in just a matter of minutes. One of these days I would have to figure a way to stop from coming so fast in Kathy’s talented mouth.

Allison was flustered watching her husband getting blown off by a beautiful coed. I knew then that this evening was not going to proceed as we had previously planned.

Allison looked at me and said, “I am sorry; I can’t do this. Look at how hard Kathy made you. You came from a simple blowjob in less than 3 minutes. Look at her, kadıköy escort she is drop dead gorgeous and could have any guy in the world. Her body even without the boob growing pill is incredible. Look at those tits, my God they defy explanation. I can’t give you permission to use her in the experiment and screw her.”

Ally turned to Kathy and stated, “I imagine any guy that has ever been with you, was never satisfied with only time. If I let Davis have you, then I bet he would want an encore performance. No guy could resist you after having you in his bed.”

Kathy blushed with all the compliments.

“I love Davis way too much and I am not about to take any chances by letting him screw the hottest girl on campus. He loves me but I am not sure he could resist having access to you anytime.”

Kathy thanked Allison for all the compliments and said that she envied Allison. “I hope one day to find a man like Davis. You have a perfect life. A man that worships you, the perfect job doing what you are great at and every guy on campus fantasize about the hottest female professor on campus. I bet guys sign up for your class just to have an excuse to see what you wear to each class. You have it all and I don’t blame you, I would not share Davis with anyone.”

Kathy walked over to Allison and kissed her slightly on the lips. “I am sorry” she started,” I should have never agreed to have an affair with Davis. But if you are up for the 3 of us having fun, then I am definitely down for it.” Kathy kissed Allison again, this time with more passion.

My hopes were raised that I would have both girls at the same time and that my ultimate fantasy would come true. My hopes were not the only thing raised as the two women made out a little bit.

Allison pulled back from Kathy just as Kathy removed my wife’s bra leaving Allison standing there topless.

“I’m sorry” Allison began, “I just can’t do it. You are amazing, hot and sexy, but I have never had been with a woman. The most I have ever done before tonight was play around topless with my college roommate. But that was nothing. A threesome with my husband and his lab assistant, I am not ready for this.”

Allison walked over to me and kissed me. “Tonight, all I want is to fuck my husband. Maybe in the future I will be willing to share, heck maybe if you weren’t so damn hot I could handle this, but tonight is not going to happen.”

Kathy kissed Allison once again and said I understand. Kathy then remarked, “I know you guys want your privacy, so I will show myself out.”

Kathy left the bedroom leaving me alone with my wife.

“I am sorry” Allison began, “I know you wanted to fuck her and I had agreed, but I just could not go through with it. She is just too intimidating.”

I kissed Allison passionately and told her that I only loved her.

Allison said that I was amazing and she was the luckiest wife in the world. “Let me make it up to you.”

My wife then removed her thong showing me the incredibly sexy sight of my wife completely nude. She crawled over to me and took my fully erect cock in her mouth.

“Kathy may know how to get you off quickly, but I know how my man likes a slow blowjob and how I keep you excited for hours and hours.”

Allison then gave me a loving slow blowjob that kept me right on the edge. Her technique was flawless and she knew me perfectly. Just when I thought she would take me over the edge, she would purposefully bring me back down.

After a long and sensual session, my wife decided now it was time. “Did you enjoy having your cock in Kathy’s mouth. Did the little slut get you off and you sprayed her mouth with your come.”?

Allison enjoyed her complete control of my cock and my orgasm and hearing her talk was more than I could handle. I desperately needed to cum and I begged Allison to finish me off.

“Please baby” I begged. “Finish me off like only you can. Make me pop and show me how great you are blowing my cock. I can’t take it anymore, please finish me like only you can. My wife, my lover, please.”

Allison was satisfied and let it all hang out. In 20 seconds, she had me blowing a huge load down her throat as she enjoyed the reward of her work. After another 30 seconds, I finished cumming and Allison was very happy. She stood up and went to the bathroom to clean up.

When she came back into our bedroom, I attacked her pushing her on the bed and spreading her legs. I dropped my tongue directly to her cunt and ate her out like never before. Her pussy tasted amazing and I enjoyed every inch of her. It did not take long with everything that had occurred tonight for Allison to find her peak and come. I started back in on her and she said no more. I need a second to recover from my husband getting me off.

We laid down on the bed and we cuddled as Allison placed her head on my shoulder.

“Kathy is incredibly beautiful and sexy” Allison began. “Would you have fucked her if I gave you permission?”

“Yes”, I answered truthfully. “I would have given her a horny pill and slammed her for as long as the pills lasted.”

Allison looked at me with a concerned look.

“I promise you” I responded. “I won’t screw Kathy or make any more moves on her. I understand the threat she poses.”

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