Afternoon Kitchen Quickie

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Big Dicks

All characters engaging in sexual relationships or activities are 18 years old or older.


We walk in the front door of the apartment on a nice sunny day, hand in hand, laughing from our time out together. After we take our shoes off, you walk over to the sink to grab a glass of water. As you’re filling your glass, I give your butt a playful smack and wrap my arms around you from behind and snuggle up behind you. You respond with a sweet “Hey, you.”

“Hi beautiful” I smile back.

As you take a gulp of water, I lightly grind up against you and give your neck a few quick kisses. Finishing with your water, you set your glass down on the counter and turn in my arms towards me. I look into your eyes with a bit of a dopey, but lustful, look and pull you into a tight embrace. We stand like that for a few moments, lightly swaying as I rub your back and nuzzle into your neck and cheek.

Pulling back slightly, I lock eyes with you momentarily and you see a bit more fire in my look of adulation before I lean in for a long and supple kiss; luxuriating in the feeling of your soft lips against mine.

Breaking the kiss, we return to our embrace. As you whisper, “ooh that was nice” into my ear. One of my hand’s drifts down to your butt and gives it squeeze while pulling you tight to me. The stiff bulge in my pants becomes obvious as it presses against your front.

I rub my cheek against yours, occasionally nuzzling into your neck for a quick kiss of your jaw line, cheek, and neck. As I continue to kneed your butt and rub your back, I slowly rock you on your feet towards the refrigerator. Your hands rub my back lightly and run through my hair.

As your butt nears the refrigerator door. My hand that had been on your delightful rear slides to your hip while my other roams up your side, both grasping you comfortably but firmly. I push you up against the refrigerator door, squeezing your body against mine and the cool steel door; our bodies touching from torso to thigh.

I pull my head back to look into your eyes and run my hand at your side up to the side of your head, rubbing my fingers through your hair while caressing your ear and rubbing my thumb along your jawline. Pausing for a moment, you notice how tightly I have you pushed against the refrigerator. How strong my hand feels gripping your hip…. How hard my bulge feels against your front and how I’m lightly grinding it against you…. How in control of your body I am.

I lean in and kiss you, more firmly than before. A long, slow, hot kiss. My lips slowly and purposefully moving against yours, a bit more moisture escaping from our lips. You feel my tongue rub along your lips as my grip tightens against you. The kiss builds in intensity breaking at a crescendo; finishing with us both breathing heavily. As the kiss ebbs, your hands fall from my neck to your sides but mine remain in place, continuing their caresses of your head and hip.

You say, “wow… that was a good kiss but we should….” as I cut you off with another hard kiss. Stopping the kiss, I bring both of my hands to yours at your side and lock fingers with you; obviously pinning you up against the refrigerator.

I lean my forehead against yours and you see the passion burning in my eyes as I start to move your arms above your head. I look into your eyes as I place your hands above your head and growl, “I’m going to undo your pants, pull them down, and eat you out until you have a waterfall streaming down your thighs. Then I’m zeytinburnu escort going to turn you around and fuck you against the counter until you scream.” You stiffen slightly before I kiss you, passionately, deeply, a full body kiss as I press tightly against you and grab both of your wrists in one of my hands.

My free hand runs down your body. Stopping to somewhat roughly grasp your breast. I rub my thumb over your nipple and I can feel how hard it is through your shirt and bra. I groan into your mouth in satisfaction as I paw at your breast and rub your stiff nipple through the layers of fabric. You loosen slightly pinned against me and the refrigerator as you throw yourself into our kiss.

My hand quickly works its way to your belt line. I fumble briefly as I work to undo the button and zipper of your shorts. Moving my mouth from yours, I nibble along the nape of your neck. You take a sharp inhale as I briefly kiss your ear lobe. I release your hands and move my freed hand to your other breast. Squeezing, teasing, rubbing making sure your hard nipple feels every touch.

I finally free the button on your shorts and undo the zipper. My hand slides into your shorts, along the front of your panties and between your legs. I can feel how hot and wet you are already as my hand moves along your burning sex. Breathlessly in your ear, “God, I love how wet you get” as my penis swells and twitches at the feeling of your cloth covered pussy in my hand.

Kissing along your jaw and cheek I move my lips back to yours. Kissing you widely as your mouth opens to meet mine. My tongue slides against yours in an increasingly wild and passionate kiss. My hand moves back up the front of your panties as my other hand continues to toy with and grope your breasts. My penis twitches again as I concentrate on how wonderful your chest feels in my hand. I groan into your mouth as I think about how their size perfectly fits my hand. How firm they feel. How much I love to kiss them, nibble them, suckle your hard nipples…

My hand reaches the top of your panties and quickly slides beneath them. I rub my fingers through the curls of your bush, quickly moving to once again cup your hot pussy in my hand. After a full palm feel, I start to move a finger through your lips. I can feel the hard nub of your clit under my finger as its tip circles your warm, slick entrance.

Your breath deepens and I can feel you stiffen slightly in anticipation as I briefly tease your hot entrance.

“Holy fuck, you’re wet” I breath into your mouth.

All you can do is moan in response as my finger penetrates your tight and dripping cunt. I finger you briskly, moving my finger strongly into you. Making you quiver and jerk at the sudden invasion.

“I feel so slutty when you do that”

“I love making you my slut” my penis jerking at the eroticism.

After a few long and deep rubs of my finger through your tunnel, I pull my hand from your sex and panties. A quick pout crosses your face until I take both hands to push your shorts and panties from your hips and down your legs. Grabbing your now naked hips in my hands I push you, hard, up against the cold refrigerator door. My kiss demanding and powerful as I push myself against you.

Pulling back, I don’t give you a chance to speak before I crouch down and bury my face between your legs. With one hand, I grip your hip, holding you in place as I start to explore your lower lips with mine; acıbadem escort pushing your ass against the cold steel door. With the other, I finish pushing you shorts and panties to your ankles.

You try to spread your legs wider to give me better access, but the shorts around your ankles only let you move so far. I press my lips against your clit and run my tongue through your slit. I greedily lap the tasty liquid dripping from you. Your hands go to my head, your fingers running through my hair, as you try to pull my head tighter to your hot, wet, pussy. I run my hand up your legs, caressing your calves before it makes its way up your inner thigh where it joins my tongue working you over. My finger meets little resistance as it slides quickly again into your burning core.

You sigh while I lick up and down either side of your clit; holding my finger still, but deep inside you. I tease your clit, letting my tongue work to either side of it but never directly on it. I know you’re getting frustrated to feel more as you hunch slightly against my mouth, dig your hand harder into my hair, and pull me more urgently against you.

Hearing the frustration in your moans, I start to pump my finger in and out in rhythm with my tongue; pulling even more of your delicious wetness from you. The wet sounds of my tongue around your clit and my fingers inside you add fuel to my passion as I press your hip more forcefully back against the metal behind you.

As my finger pulls back one more time, I add a second to its return journey. I can’t believe how tight you are as my second finger pushes into you. You jerk slightly and moan again at the sudden extra girth stretching you; acutely aware of how confining the shorts around your ankles are. Holy fuck, I love how tight you feel around my fingers I think to myself as I give you a moment to adjust before continuing my assault.

I start sawing my fingers in and out of you as I suck your clit into my mouth. The urgency and volume of your cries increases with the increased stimulation. I don’t let up as you drip down my chin and your thighs. I can feel your legs shake, your fingers dig into the back of my head and I notice you grabbing at your nipples with your other hand. Seeing you pull on your nipples through your top makes my penis jump again, God that’s sexy.

I don’t let up as I sense the tension building in your body. In out, in out, my fingers slide inside you as I flick my tongue against your clit. You start to shake and moan loudly; I know you’re close. One final deep stroke inside you and I can feel you flutter against me as an extra gush of your sweet nectar spills out of you. You push my head against you as you hunch and grind against my mouth; grunting occasionally as you ride out your orgasm against my fingers and mouth.

Your breathing is quick as I pull my fingers from you. I can see the moisture running down your thighs. I lick off your juices as I stand in front of you. Your hair is a little wild and there’s lust in your eyes. I run my hands gently up your sides.

“I love you” I say as I lean in and kiss you quickly but deeply. “but I’m not done with you yet.”

I pull you from the fridge door and turn you towards the counter top. You take the opportunity to step out of your shorts, we’re going to need some room for this. I embrace you from behind as you lean over the counter, pressing your naked ass against me. I step back to undo my pants, spanking your anadolu yakası escort ass cheek as I remove my clothing.

I caress your ass cheek as my cock is freed. I grind up behind you and lean over to whisper in your ear, “I’m going to fuck the shit out of you.”

I grab hold of your side as a rub my rock-hard cock against you, rubbing it along your pussy lips as I tease you.

“Stop teasing me and fuck me!” you almost whine.

My cock tip finds your entrance and I push hard into you. Causing you to grunt slightly and pull forward, subconsciously pulling away from the sudden penetration. You feel like liquid velvet around my cock, it’s wonderful.

Both hands grip your hips as I begin thrusting against you. Hard, fast, deep strokes. The sound of your ass slapping against me punctuates ever stroke. I rub my hands up your back as I take your pussy from behind. I push your shirt up, and you quickly finish pulling it off as I continue to push into you.

I groan from the sensation of you wrapped around my dick. I pause for a moment, buried to the hilt inside you. I want to feel your tits. I hastily and a bit clumsily undo your bra strap. My groans frustrated as I fumble with it. You chuckle slightly as I finally free the garment and sigh in satisfaction. I reach around you, cupping both of your breasts in my hand as you push back against my cock buried inside you. I spend a few moments rubbing your breasts. My hands departing with a rub, pinch, and pull of your nipples.

You sigh, “careful, they’re sensssssiiiitti…”

I cut you off as I begin to pound into you. Any pretense of tender love gone. I’m fucking you. Hard. Grabbing you by your hips to help slam you back onto my cock with every stroke. I slap your ass again as I pummel into you. I’m breathing hard with the exertion. I want to push every last millimeter of myself inside of you. The sounds of grunts, moans, and slapping flesh fill the room. Moisture cascades down your legs.

I run my hand up your back and run my fingers through your hair. I grip your hair and pull your head back; arching your back as I pull your hair. Your volume goes up a notch as I release your hip to smack your ass as my cock continues to slam into your tight cunt.

“Fucking cum on my dick!”

You can only manage a groaning response and I feel you tremble and gush around my dick. I grip down on your hip, pulling you hard and fast against me and pick up my pace.

You’re almost still as you brace yourself stiffly against the counter, my fingers wrapped in your hair, as I continue to push and pull you back and forth against my cock. I pull your head back a fraction of an inch more before releasing your head. You lower yourself down slightly on your forearms as I slap my free hand against your ass to punctuate each of my thrusts; pushing sharp, almost shouting sighs from you.

“Oh… there… right there… FUCK… don’t… don’t… oh fuck…”

Your words melt into a quite groan, your breath comes sharp and quick.

One, two, three more thrusts and you start to shout, the pitch rising and falling with my thrusts.

You rise to your tip toes, legs shaking, as your second orgasm ripples through you; your voice rising to a warbling scream as I barrel towards my own orgasm. I pull you roughly one last time onto my cock and bottom out in your sopping, twitching cunt. I bellow as I erupt inside you; grunting and my cock twitching with each shot of cum I pump into you.

As we both start to come down from our orgasmic peaks. I run my hands up your body and lean over you. I cover both your hands with mine and grasp them tightly as I wrap myself around your sweat covered back; my softening cock still buried inside you; our juices running down your thighs.

“I love you.” I exhale, catching my breath.

“I love you too.” you breathlessly say.

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