After Work

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I had my job interview that day. I had been back home in Southern California for 6 months now and my search for work was going terrible. My best friend Louis had set up the interview for me. We were on the track team together in high school and for the first 2 years of University until I decided to study abroad in Paris. Louis had been working for a big cellphone provider in the sales department, he went on about how cool his boss was and how he could hook me up with a job. It wasn’t my ideal job but it paid okay and he said the manager would work with my schedule.

I was so nervous when I woke up that morning. I went for a swim to try to use up any excess energy that may be adding to that feeling. After swimming 10 laps I felt better so I got out of the pool. It was time to shower I didn’t want to be late. While in the shower the warm water on my cool skin made me feel tingly and an overpowering urge to touch my body took over me. I was home alone so I closed my eyes relaxed and started to stroke my clit gently. I hadn’t been with a man for over 6 months now. Maybe that’s why I had all this energy. This felt amazing!! I was rubbing it in a smooth circular motion. I started imagining the man I was going to be interviewing with later. I respected Louis so much and he looked up to this guy so he must be great. In my mind I was picturing this handsome business man in a well tailored suit going to town on me. I kissed and sucked on my own shoulder and it gave me the feeling of kissing and being kissed while simultaneously rubbing my clit. I had an orgasm that shook my entire body and made my toes curl up. I let the hot water run over my body for a few more minutes before getting dressed.

I showed up 30 minutes early. I’m always early for everything. I was told to go to the store and ask for Philip. I walked in the store and was greeted by a very pretty blonde haired blue eyed surfer girl. She went in the back and got the manager. I heard her say, “hey Phil there’s some hot ass Mexican kurtköy escort chick here to see you” she wasn’t discreet about it. Phil appeared from the backroom, he wasn’t too tall maybe a little taller than me and I’m 5’7. Tall enough to make me feel like a woman in his presence. He was a perfect gentleman, well spoken and confident.

Phil took me to a lounge area of the mall. We sat down and he asked me some questions and made some small talk about the job. I noticed that he was a great listener, I felt like I could have told him anything and everything. This was a huge turn on. By the time the interview was over it felt like a successful first date. I almost reached out and held his hand, I looked at it and noticed a wedding ring. He reached out and shook my hand and offered me the job at the same time I noticed his ring, talk about mixed emotions.

The first week was ok at the new job After that first week Phil switched to nights because he was now covering 2 stores. With him gone work wasn’t as fun anymore. 2 of my coworkers started constantly flirting with me. The worst one was Kenny. He was a creepy guy that seemed to constantly party. He used to ask me to go clubbing with him and I would always politely say some other time. That was a mistake because he would always ask so you finally gonna go? So annoying. The other guy was Joey he hit on me in the way a friend’s little brother would. He was cute and harmless. He was my age and I like men a little older.

Phil came in and asked if I wanted to talk. We went back to the same lounge area where he interviewed me. I noticed on the way there he lagged behind me slightly, I could almost guarantee he was checking out my ass. This made me happy. He never gave me the vibe that he looked at me as an attractive woman. We had another good talk and I told him that I was uncomfortable working with the guys. He said he could switch me to the night shift with him. This seemed to please levent escort both of us. We went back to the store in great spirits. When we arrived there was a woman with a small boy staring at us. Phil nervously introduced us. She was his wife. He could do better. She didn’t look happy to meet me. He left with her and didn’t return for the day.

The next few times we worked together were good. I would just open up to him. We were slow so we had lots of down time. One day I decided to tell him about my time living in Paris. I don’t know why but I told him about some of my sexual encounters over there. It got me so horny to talk about those times. I had a boyfriend that I lived with and we had all kinds of sex. It was my first real sexual experience and we did everything. I told Phil about all of the details. I could tell it was turning him on. We had to go in the back room at the end of the night to do the paper work and stuff. I took this as my chance to flirt. I bent over every opportunity I had because I knew he liked my ass. He seemed distracted and he wasn’t really paying attention. Nothing happened that night.

When I got home I started replaying the events in my mind and wondering how I could get him to fuck me. I was used to guys tripping over themselves trying to get me. I started thinking about his wife. She seemed like a slut and I could tell that she was wearing some kind of animal print bra because it stuck out of her blouse a little bit. I thought maybe if I get something like that it would get his attention. I had shopping to do.

The next day I went to Victoria’s Secret and bought a zebra print bra and panty set. The panties were a extra small and had a lacy waist band. I decided to wear a really tight short skirt to work that day.

He noticed this time for sure. At the end of the night he and I were in the back office alone again. This time I was going to get what I needed. I jumped up on the extra chair mahmutbey escort in his office and made sure to spread my legs when I sat down. He made a joke about one of the customers we dealt with and I made sure to lift my butt up when I turned my face to hide my laugh. Still no progress and he looked stressed. I told him that he looked like he could use a rub down. He said I dare you. This was my chance.

I started rubbing his head and neck which I’m sure came as a surprise. He was expecting a shoulder massage he said. He told me this was more of a turn on than a way to relax. I could tell his pants were being challenged by his bulge. I told him to lean back and close his eyes. When he did that I started rubbing his crotch and feeling on his erection. He opened his eyes and pulled me in for a passionate kiss. My head was spinning he turned the tables.

After a few seconds of kissing he gently nudged me to my knees and told me to give him head. I did as he told me. I felt so nervous and scared. I was no longer in control and not as confident. I was so horny and I was affraid that he was just going to use me for a blowjob like some slut. I stopped a few times and told him to fuck me but he just moaned and said don’t stop bitch. Every bone in my body said I was wrong. But I held on for dear life hoping he would fuck me. Finally he said stop. He got out of his chair and grabbed me from behind. He bent me over the counter and pulled up my skirt. He pulled my hair with his left hand and then he pulled my panties to the side. He stuck his penis in me so hard and fast I let out a scream.

As soon as he was all the way in he pulled my hair back and stayed in all the way. I realized he wasn’t wearing a condom. I had one in my purse. I was so scared, then he pulled out slowly and entered slowly about 10 times. I wanted him to stop and put on a condom. Then he grabbed my hips and fucked as hard as I have ever been fucked. He pounded me for what felt like forever but in all reality was only about a minute. My pussy started pulsating and grabbing on to him and at the same time his penis jerked and came deep in me. I felt so dirty. After that we closed like normal and he kissed me on the way out. So I felt a little better. The next day he transferred me to another store. I quit within a week and we never spoke again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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