After Party

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A friend of mine had a house warning party earlier in the evening and everyone else had left for the night. We’ve both been drinking. We’re trying to clean up her place but she’s stumbling around a bit with a drink in her hand, laughing and teasing me. She stumbles forward slightly but I catch her, her other arm brushing up against my dick. It stays there for a moment and I can see her eyes widen as the back of her hand slowly rubs my growing dick.

Se stands up and smiles as she goes out into the kitchen to pour another drink. I follow. Her tight pants form a perfect outline of her ass as she stands leaning forward slightly at the waist, trying to keep from falling over. She looks back at me, her eyes darting down quickly at the bulge in my pants and then smiles, turning back to her glass. I walk up behind her and gently press the bulge in my jeans into her ass. She slowly grinds against it and stands upright.

My hand slowly squeezes her breast as the other slides from her waist down to her crotch. I unbutton her pants enough to slide my hand down inside her panties.

My fingers slide across her smoothly shaven pussy lips, my fingers occasionally slipping inside. Her breathing starts to escalate as she turns her head and we kiss. My fingers start to move faster in her pussy, sliding in and out, getting wet from her.

The faster I go, the more her breathing gets louder and our kissing more passionate. I reach inside her shirt with my other hand and pull out her tit I had been fondling. I gently squeeze it again as she grabs the back of my hand and squeezes harder. She throws her head back against my shoulder, mouth open and moaning quietly to herself.

I can feel my dick growing inside my pants. Pressing against her ass, aching to break free.

“Oh…don’t…stop…” She moans between breaths. I oblige and continue to finger fuck her, pushing my crotch harder against her ass. Her breathing increases, her moans grow. “Oh…fuck…” She says when I feel her body start to shake. Her hand holding mine tightens and she stops for a second before breaking. Her body spasms as she cums hard. I continue to rub her wet pussy, attempting to prolong the orgasm.

She casino şirketleri finally grabs the hand from inside her pants and pulls it out as her body slowly resumes back to normal.

“Holy shit…” She says as she puts my fingers in her mouth and sucks on them. My dick jerks inside my pants, which she feels.

She leans in and kisses me, as she reaches down and feels the outline of my dick in my pants. “Jeez dude…where had you been hiding this?” She asks with a smile as her fingers caressing where the tip of my dick is.

“Surprise!” I joke as she grabs my zipper and pulls it down. Reaching inside, her hand wraps around my cock and pulls it out into the air. The 8″ hard dick makes her eyes widen a bit before she kneels down face to face and opens her mouth.

She slowly puts the tip inside and wraps her lips around. Slowly sucking she takes a bit more. The feeling of her lips locked around my cock is amazing. It’s something I’ve only imagined ever since we met. She takes more, and I can feel the tip pushing into the back of

Can feel the tip pushing into the back of her throat. her throat with each suck.

I put my hands on the back of her head and help guide more of it into her mouth with each pass.

She speeds up. My dick going in and out of her mouth, each time with enough suction that its all I can to keep from coming right there.

I bury the desire and keep helping her take a little more each time. Soon, I find myself fucking her mouth, her eyes looking up at me and a slight smile on her face. I few more thrusts and my dick is almost my fully into her mouth. I feel the tip bending deep into her throat and I stop, her nose on the base of my shaft.

She looks up at me. I can feel her throat contract against my shaft a few times and then I pull out. She gasps for air and chuckles.

“You trying to kill me with that thing?” We both laugh as she resumes her regular sucking. Her hand and mouth continue as I start to feel like I’m cumming. I’m right on the edge of shooting my load down her throat when she stops shy and stands.

“Hey now, not yet. I need you for while yet.” I stand, pushing back the urge and casino firmaları watch as she takes off her pants. I follow suit as she turns around and leans forward on her table, her perfectly tight ass spread and pussy ready for my rock hard dick.

I step behind her and rub the tip of my dick against her pussy. She moans quietly and with a smile says, “Fuck me please”.

I slowly guide the tip of my cock into her pussy, feeling the walls inside her grip onto my dick tightly. She moans quietly to herself as I push further in. Half way in, I decide I want to see how much she can take and with a few slow pumps in and out, I suddenly thrust deep inside her.

She lets out a loud scream as my 8″ cock buries itself deep inside. She throws her head and I grab her around her neck, pulling her upright towards me.

I turn her head and give her a passionate kiss as my other hand caresses her body. She whispers “It’s so big,” before I push her back down to the table and grab her hips.

I pull almost entirely out of her before thrusting back inside. She bounces forward on the table as I do it again.

I start thrusting faster, my dick pushing deep inside her each time. Her push grabs a hold of my shaft almost as much as her throat did and it feels good.

With each thrust she bounces forward on the table, moaning gradually louder each time. Her one tit bouncing freely each thrust. I grab a hold of it with one hand and squeeze tightly, helping me thrust harder and faster into her.

“Do it. Fuck me harder.” She says to me, no longer whispering but loudly and between moans.

I oblige and start fucking her harder, my body slapping her perfectly round ass with each thrust deep inside her.

I stop and pull out quickly, grabbing her body and flipping her over into her back. Spreading her legs I kneel down in front of her pussy and shove my face deep into it.

I spread her pussy lips and start licking inside her. She raises her head and looks down at me. “Lick that tight pussy. Oh…fuck…”

In a matter if moments, her body starts shaking as she cums, this time seemingly harder than before.

I stand back up and slide my dick back güvenilir casino into her pussy. Leaning forward I thrust in and out harder than before, bouncing her back and forth on her table, forks and knives falling to the floor. I grab her shirt and pull it up so I can get at her other tit, still in her bra.

She helps, pulling her shirt and bra off. With each thrust into her, I watch as her tits bounce up and down. Her nipples hard from the cold air in her apartment.

I bend down and wrap my mouth around one, biting gently and sucking at the same time. She grabs the back of my head tightly as I do so.

Our bodies lock as I reach under and pick her up, my dick still deep inside. We kiss as I carry her over to the wall opposite us and rest her against it. I guide her legs up onto my shoulders and with a firm grip around her waste, I start bouncing her up and down onto my giant cock.

She starts laughing with pleasure as I watch her tits bounce up and down along with her.

I can feel the walls inside her grip tightly into my cock and its all I can do from cumming inside her.

To delay the urge a few more minutes, I help her back to her feet as I pull out. My dick, throbbing and ready to burst hangs in the air in front of her as I take a quick breather.

She bends over and takes a few quick sucks off the dick before standing. She looks and smiles, as she walks me over to the couch, my dick in hand and bends over the back of it.

“Fuck me until you cum.” She says.

I don’t waste any time and shove my still throbbing cock back into her tight pussy.

Thrusting harder and harder each time, I can feel myself building to climax. Her moans of pleasure with each deep thrust just make me want to cum harder.

I’m about to pull out and cum on her when she says “I want to feel you cum inside me.”

The words make me pound her as hard as I can, my dick going so deep inside with each thrust that her moans become full out yells of pleasure.

“Fucking cum inside me!” She shouts as I shoot my load deep within her pussy. I yell too, finally able to release after her tease earlier.

She stands and pulls me out of her pussy. Kneeling, she swallows my dick deep into her throat and sucks the remaining cum from inside.

I chuckle to myself as she finally stands and looks at me. “So when are you having another party?”

“Give me 10 minutes.” She says with a smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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