After a Run

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Mark and I had been in the same running club for about two years, since I met him in my first year at college. We’d also been on a couple of dates, but neither of us was looking for anything too serious. We’d been out, we’d kind-of made out, but really nothing more than “second base,” so to speak. To tell the truth, we were both very busy and serious. While it was fun to hang out, that was about all either of us wanted to do.

One Saturday in October, though, that changed. We went for a buddy run on a trail out behind campus, and were gone for hours. Over that time, I couldn’t help but spend some time looking at his body while it ran up and down those hills. I knew his legs were strong, and there was no denying that the squats were doing wonders for his ass. I found myself letting my mind wander while we came back around. As we neared the road behind the rear entrance to campus, I spoke up, “Why don’t we go to your apartment, instead? I think we’ve missed lunch at the cafe.”

He glanced at his watch and agreed. Instead of running into campus, we went down the back road known as Campus Row, where several apartment buildings offered off-campus housing to students. Mark had a room there with one roommate, who was usually not around on weekends. We walked the rest of the way up, and chatted a little. After the obligatory small talk about the run itself, I started moving in. “So, is Dennis around today?”

“No, he went home for the weekend.”

“Nice,” I said. “So, if I spring for pizza, can I grab a shower?”

Mark chuckled. “It’s a deal.”

When Mark opened up the door, I stepped in and immediately dropped my tank top beside his couch. As he closed the door, I turned around and faced him. “So, here’s a question for you,” I began. “Should I call for that pizza before I get in the shower, or could I talk you into joining me?”

He opened his mouth to say something, and stopped. He closed it again, then opened it again. His eyes drifted from mine to the top of my sports bra. It was a sports bra, hardly anything too exciting, but he did seem to enjoy a look at my 34C chest. He opened his mouth again. “Are you sure?” he asked.

“Do I sound sure?” I asked. I stepped forward, and placed a hand along the edge of his running shorts. “I think we should get out of these sweaty clothes, now.”

With that, he flung his arms around me. His mouth covered mine, and our tongues flicked back and forth. His hands plowed along casino şirketleri my back and I moaned into his mouth. We each kicked off our shoes, and after a minute or two, we made our way to the bathroom. He started the water, and I grabbed his shorts, catching the waistband of his underwear, too. I pushed it all down, and dropped to my knees to guide it down. He stepped out of the clothes as he pulled his shirt off and dropped it on the floor. He turned around to face me as I stood up, and his penis, hard and straight, pressed against my leg.

He reached around me and – rather expertly – unhooked my bra. He dropped it on top of his shirt and turned his attention to my shorts. He pushed them down in one easy motion, and I stepped out of them. I’d never actually showered with a man before. In truth, my sexual experience was pretty limited, but enough that I knew what I wanted today. Still, the whole thing was exciting enough for both of us that we made it through. I shampooed his hair, my hands rubbing to his scalp and producing plenty of lather. Meanwhile, his hands caressed my chest, in a pretty-nominal effort at washing me off.

As he got to work on my hair, I lathered up his back with a washcloth, and didn’t stop at his waist. With both hands, I pulled on his butt and pressed him against me. That erection was begging for attention, and I wanted to oblige. I took the bar of soap and lathered both of my hands, then brought it between his legs.

“Oh, god!” he gasped as I began stroking his shaft with the bar. With my left hand, I ran lather around his balls and inner thighs. He leaned back against the side of the shower, almost panting, as I ran my hand along the shaft.

Smiling, and feeling bolder than I ever had in my life, I said, “I want it completely clean, for later, you know.” He only nodded his agreement. A moment later, though, he recovered control and began soaping up my hops and things. He ran the bar of soap between my legs, now, and began stroking me. When he grabbed a clean cloth to rinse me, he slipped a finger inside. I squealed and nearly fell over, but he caught me. His finger slipped along the inside of my body, moving in slight circles. Then, he hooked it. “There?” he asked.

He knew exactly what he was doing, I realized. “Fuck, yes!” I panted as he ran his fingertip over my G-spot. I thrust my body against his hand while he stroked. His thumb made a small circle around my clitoris, and I called casino firmaları out. “God, Mark!” I threw myself against him for balance as my legs went numb. I knew I’d been horny, but a few seconds to orgasm like that? That was new.

He brought his hand back and rinsed it off, then turned me around and let the water run over me. Pressing me against the wall, and his stiffer-than-ever cock against me, he reached past to turn off the water. “I think we should move to my room,” he whispered. I couldn’t help but agree. I still couldn’t move, though, without help.

We stepped out of the shower and dried each other off, feeling every inch of each other’s bodies as we did. It was glorious. As I knelt in front of him, drying his legs, I grabbed his ass and wrapped my lips around the head of his penis. I shot my tongue down the shaft, and slowly dragged it back to my lips. He dug his hands into my hair and moaned something. If it was words, I didn’t make them out.

I ran my mouth farther down his erection, and pulled him to thrust into my mouth. This we did for some time before he pushed my head back. “I’ll come if we don’t stop that,” he panted. I nodded. I wasn’t sure that I had a problem with that, but I also wanted to feel him inside me. I stood up, and he led me to his bed. There, he lay down on top of his blanket. I placed my left knee up beside his thigh, bringing my own thigh up along his.

Suddenly, he reached for his bed table and grabbed open the drawer. A moment later, he had a condom in his hand, then opened and rolled onto that penis. He threw the wrapper on the floor and muttered, “Fuck it.”

With a smirk, I answered, “That’s exactly what I plan to do.” I brought up my right leg and sat just above his knees. Then, I lifted myself and grabbed his cock, easing it into me. We both gasped and moaned as he slid into my body. His hands held onto my sides as mine pressed against his shoulders.

“I don’t know how long I’m going to last,” he panted. “You’re so glorious, and I want you so much,” he said. I pressed my finger to his lips and ground my hips against him. He threw his head back, moaning. I repeated that motion a few times, then slid myself up and down his length. As his breathing became stronger and faster, I picked up the pace. He was rubbing against my G-spot again, and I was deeply aroused from the whole sensation. Still, I wasn’t there yet when I felt his penis pulse with ejaculation. He groaned güvenilir casino with what sounded like frustration and pleasure as we continued thrusting against each other.

He rolled me off of him as his erection faded and he became limp. He rolled his back to me, and quickly dealt with the condom. I couldn’t help but watch as he grabbed a cleaning wipe from the same drawer. The man was prepared, that was sure. I wondered what else was in that drawer.

That thought went away, though, as he rolled back to me. He began kissing just below my breasts, and his tongue found my navel for a good long time. Trailing down slowly, he ran his hands down my legs and around them. Then, he slid his body lower along mine, so that he was kissing and licking my inner thighs. I was moaning, now, and clutching for him. Unable to reach, I turned my attention to cupping my own breasts. When his tongue hit my clitoris, I almost came at once. It took several more licks, though, before I actually hit that climax. However, Mark didn’t stop. He inserted his finger again, finding my G-spot as easily as before. He circled that while his tongue flicked over my clit, and I came again and again.

Then he began working more slowly, building up my tension until I could barely stand it. This time, though, he stopped. He returned to that drawer and grabbed another condom. Again, the foil packet went on the floor and he rolled the latex over himself easily. He rose onto his knees, then plunged into me. He ground his body against mine, exciting my whole inner thigh area. With his left hand, he circled my clitoris as he did so. I was moaning loudly again, trying to pant his name but unable to make words happen. I could tell, though, that he was straining for control.

Suddenly, he switched back to thrusting. He arced his body, so that his tip ran along my G-spot as he withdrew. Then, he thrust back in deep. Again, he withdrew along my G-spot. Then, he thrust in again. I cried out, “Oh, God, yes!” even before I came. When I did, though, I rocked and thrust quickly against him. He clutched my hips as he kept thrusting, even after he again climaxed.

He dropped beside me, and neither of us spoke for several minutes. When I finally regained enough breath, I rolled over and ran a hand over his chest. “That was magnificent,” I panted.

“Glorious,” he said. He reached up to touch my cheek. “So, are we going out, now?” he asked.

“I think, maybe,” I chuckled.

“Why don’t I go put your clothes in the washer while you order that pizza?” he said. “Laundry will take a couple of hours, but I have some ideas about how we can kill the time.”

I was pretty sure I was on board with his ideas.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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