Adventures of Wiley Coyote Ch. 15

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The farm was aptly named Cheyenne Villa because Indians lived there before the settlers. Bobbie found lots of nice second hand furniture cheap and new linens and curtains. I picked up the old Chevy from Pete’s garage and body shop so Bobbie would have a car.

The barn was spacious with a huge loft and stables for two horses but no electricity. Fortunately I had a friend who was an electrician and he agreed to install a bigger panel box in the house and an underground line to the barn.

I was out in the yard doing yard work and decided to go in for some lunch. No one was in the kitchen and it sounded like the girls were upstairs. I walked upstairs and stood at the bedroom door that was partly open.

I felt like a peeping tom as I watched Bobbie and Susie having an intimate moment.

Bobbie was on her back on the bed with her knees up holding Susie’s head between her legs and Susie was feasting on Bobbie’s pussy. Bobbie moaned and her hips gyrated as Susie’s mouth worked expertly on Bobbie’s pussy.

“Mmmmm—yes—yes—uggghhhh—that’s so good baby, suck mommy good” Bobbie moaned encouragement.

The scene reminded me of the first night with Susie and Harold with Susie on all fours on the bed with her little red bush up in the air while her face was locked into Bobbie’s pussy. My cock stirred and I released my pants and stroked my cock.

I wanted to walk in and fuck Susie’s pussy but something told me to wait that I was only a spectator. Bobbie’s hips bucked in orgasm and she released Susie’s head. They kissed for a few minutes while Bobbie’s fingers stroked Susie’s little red slit.

Bobbie stood up and pulled on a strap-on dildo tight around her waist and it hung between her thighs like a donkey’s cock. The thing looked monstrous. It was at least nine inches long and three inches thick as thick as my own cock only much longer.

Bobbie stood next to the bed that monster protruding from between her legs: “Now baby—mommy’s gonna’ show you how to take her big dick,” Bobbie promised as she rubbed some olive oil on the shaft for lubricant.

“Oh mommy it’s so big—I’ll never be able to take such a big thing in my little pussy,” Susie exclaimed.

“Come here like I showed you and get mommy’s cock wet with your mouth,” Bobbie commanded.

Little Susie clambered over and sat on the edge of the bed and held the monster in her small hands. Her fingers did not reach half way around. I watched amazed and sexually aroused watching Susie’s face as she held the enormous dildo in her small fingers.

“Oh mommy, your cock is so thick like daddies,” she said.

“Yes it’s about the same only longer and when daddy’s not here, this is what you get instead,” laughed Bobbie. “Now take it in your pretty mouth,” she demanded.

Susie opened her mouth and tried to engulf the monstrous fat head inside her mouth. Bobbie grabbed her head and pulled her head hard onto the rubber cock. The head forced past her lips that were stretched tight and her nose flared breathing in air.

The olive oil helped penetrate her mouth and soon Susie’s mouth was filled with the huge truncheon and Bobbie stroked it with her hips forcing it past her tongue.

Susie’e lips and jaw were stretched terribly far and her nose flared trying to suck in air. I started to intercede but was transfixed at the sight while masturbating my hard cock.

Bobbie forced the rubber cock to the entrance of her throat and she started to gag. Then the cock would back out a little so she could recover. Then back again and again, over and over.

Finally, Susie took half the monster down her throat. Amazing, half of the huge dildo was crammed inside the little girl’s mouth and throat. Bobbie worked it in and out for several seconds at a time giving Susie just enough time to suck in some air through her nostrils.

Satisfied with Susie’s performance, Bobbie pulled the spit drenched dildo out and had Susie get on all fours. She then presented the fat head to to the girl’s small cunny lips. I was anxious to have Susie take my cock in her mouth one day.

Susie’s pussy was shinny with juice and assumed that Bobbie had eaten her pussy before I came upstairs. The dildo stretched her pussy as the young girl’s little ass wiggled and squirmed under the unmerciless assault.

“Ouwww—Ohhh—it hurts so—Agggghhh—you’re stretching my pussy so—ugghhhh—oh gawddd its bahis firmaları too big,” wailed little Susie as more and more of this huge rubber dildo penetrated and stretched her little pussy.

Her litle red pussy mound was dwarfed by the rubber monster. Her pussy lips were gorged and stretched around the huge shaft.

Bobbie had a firm grip on the small girl’s hips and she bucked thrusting the dildo a little deeper each time. Finally the dildo was as far as it could go with several inches still out. I could see tears flowing down Susie’s cheeks as she grabbed the bed linens.

Bobbie stopped bucking long enough for Susie’s wailing to stop and allow her pussy time to adjust to the thick monster in her belly. Then she began a regular series of deep thrusts, and Susie, with a new fire and passion, begged Bobbie for more, she cried out: “fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” over and over.

Bobbie’s huge cock made a sloshing sound as it thrust in and out. Her hips bucked violently for several minutes pushing the huge monster in and out repeatedly until finally Susie screamed that she was cumming.

“Ooooo—AWWWWW—EEEEEEE—GAAAAAWWDDDDD,” she screamed as her body wracked and heaved in intense orgasm.

Lucky we had no neighbors because it was a very loud scream. I could see her red pussy leak out a flow of juices as the shaft pulled out and then sluice back in. Susie feinted and Bobbie pulled the big rubber dong from her pussy with a pop.

I took my pants off and walked into the room. Bobbie was not surprised to see me. I told her to bend over on all fours and I stood on the floor next to the mattresses and mounted her cunt with my cock the same way she fucked Susie.

Each time I thrust my cock inside her pussy, the rubber cock swayed up and down. The sight only added more fire to my lust to fuck Bobbie in appreciation for training Susie.

I saw the olive oil we kept on the nightstand for lubricant and decided to fuck Bobbie’s ass. I admired the exquisite shape of her plump bottom as it jiggled just a little each time I pounded her blonde pussy. I stroked her hard for several minutes stopping each time I thought she was about to cum.

I pulled out with a slick pop—rubbed some olive oil on my cock before presenting the head to her crinkly brown orifice—she welcomed my penetration by pushing her ass back onto my cock. Soon, my cock buried itself deep inside her buttery smooth rectum in two or three hard thrusts.

“Oooooeeeeeeiiiii–yes–hmmm–mmmmm–Agggghhh,” she cried out in sweet agony.

I worked my cock in a slow stroking motion, gradually pulling half way out watching her anal ring pull out and then back in. Her breathing was heavy and she moaned pitifully as my fat cock began a pounding of her innards.

“Oh baby, daddies fucking my ass hole—yeeee-mmm—it feels so good,” she mumbled.

I felt her ass channel spasm and milk my cock with each withdrawal.

I continued to slow fuck her ass for several more seconds then picked up the pace. She yelled for me to fuck her harder and I obliged. My cock slapped in and out very rapidly. She began to convulse in an intense orgasm.

Susie watched and grinned as I pounded her new mommy’s tight brown hole. I could feel my balls splat against her drenched pussy. I fucked her until she passed out from cumming so hard.

Then it was Susie’s turn. She obeyed and turned her pretty little ass to me on all fours. I poured a little olive oil in my palm and rubbed my red cock. I placed the head at her small wrinkled fissure and pushed in the head.

I grabbed her hips and thrust more cock inside her. In just three or four thrusts I was in to the hilt. She cried out in agony for a few seconds but the sight of my huge cock lodged into such a small ass and the fissure stretched so tightly around my engorged cock took my senses away.

“AWWWWW—OUCHHH—OHHHH—SHITTTT—IT HURTS,” she screamed and buried her face into a pillow. But I was too far into fucking her ass to care.

I fucked her slow and then hard as her agony turned to pleasure and she moaned and cried for me to fuck her harder.

I felt something between my ass cheeks. It was Bobbie applying that massive dildo in my ass cheeks. It was well oiled and poked at my nether hole as I stroked in and out of Susie’s ass.

I felt that huge monster stretch my hole and push inside my ass—although I was stretched kaçak iddaa full it didn’t hurt. Everytime I pulled out of Susie’s ass, that huge cock would sink in deeper. My prostate went into orbit and I could feel the ejaculation in my cock even though I wasn’t cumming.

My balls boiled and I started to cum. “Ohhhh awwwwww—I’m cummmiiinnnggg,” I cried out. Bobbie thrust in as I fucked Susie’s ass harder. Susie’s legs began to twitch and her body contorted as she came and screamed again in blissful agony.

My cock erupted with jet after jet spewing inside her rectum. Bobbie pulled that monster out of my ass and Susie and I spooned with my still hard cock lodged in her rectum. Bobbie laughed and said that was the best sex-break ever. Susie and I giggled and agreed.

We spent the last five days moving, cleaning and setting up house. No one thought much about sex after that afternoon. Bobbie and Susie got along very well and every night they took a bath together in the huge tub. I could hear them giggle and moan through the window while I sat on the front porch.

My old Chrysler was a moving target. I went to a local auction with Pete and purchased a used car. Pete fixed it up for me including new tires. The car was manufactured in 1972 for the Texas Highway Patrol but was in a wreck and then auctioned.

Saturday morning came and I was stiff from the hard work but knew I had to be on the road to Brownsville. I awoke early while the girls slept spooning in the king sized bed. I made coffee and wrote the girls a short note of love and be back Sunday night.

I had a phone installed and purchased pagers for the three of us to carry just in case. But the best gift of all was from our new landlord who gave us a German shepherd female who had two male puppies. They were very entertaining.

I prepared an over night bag and cleaned and loaded my super .38 Smith & Wesson revolver and pappy’s old coach gun. The 12 gauge had two 20 inch barrels with hammers and I loaded it with military double aught shot. Each shell carried 9 each 8 millimeter copper coated pellets—each pellet was the size of a .33 caliber ball round.

The drive was uneventful unlike three months ago when the redneck’s family tried to ambush me. They swore to get revenge against me for shooting their redneck hillbilly relative who tried to cut Madeline and did cut several others behind Big Daddy’s bar one night.

Three months earlier:

Madeline could handle most drunks but this one was mean and a little bit crazy. He waited in the back parking lot of Big Daddy’s bar for Madeline to leave. I heard screaming and jumped out of my car with revolver in hand. Madeline came running toward me and this fat bearded moose bounced behind her.

“He’s got a knife,” she screamed. I cocked the revolver, aimed and shot him in the sternum.

He stopped—muttered damn you—dropped the knife and stumbled to his car. The car backed out into trash cans and drove off. The police were summoned and I discovered several employees were cut or stabbed.

I carried a gun permit and the police said it looked like self-defense. A short time later, the police discovered that the Arkansas redneck was at the local hospital with a gunshot wound. He was charged with aggravated assault with a knife.

Big Daddy fired Madeline—blaming her for the fricassee. The fat prick told me to continue bringing him ten gallons of whiskey each week. “No hard feelings,” he muttered with his fat cigar clenched in his teeth.

Two weeks later, I made my usual once a month delivery of five gallons of whiskey to a little bar south of Austin. The old man said that two fellas’ in a maroon Chevy had come by last night and that they were looking for me.

“Oh, what did they look like,” I asked.

“Well,”the old man pondered and scratched his old white head — in his crackly voice,” they weren’t revenuers and they wasn’t pretty.” Meaning they were not government or police and that they were mean looking.

That worried me a lot and I secured the coach gun in the front seat. I figured the fat slob owner of Big Daddy’s informed on me.

I had gone less than a mile when a maroon caprice jumped my tail and then passed me and stopped abruptly 20 to 30 feet in front of me. Two ugly men got out and started walking toward my car as I got out with pappy’s shotgun.

They were both carrying pistols kaçak bahis so I shouldered the shotgun and they abruptly turned and ran back to the car but not before the passenger took two wild shots in my direction.

They jumped in the car and just as the driver put the car from park to drive, the back up lights flashed momentarily and I fired both barrels simultaneously through the rear glass.

Boom, like a cannon—the whole back window exploded and I thought I heard screams as tires burned rubber and away they went. If the 16 shots didn’t hit flesh then surely the flying glass must have.

I figured they were not coming back for more and continued my drive to Dallas. Madeline told me that Big Daddy told the rednecks about me and where she lived. She was warned in advance by one of his bartenders. We packed and drove to Atlanta to lay low for a couple of months.

Three months later and I’m back in Texas:

I was on my way south to Brownsville to see Bonnie. I never mentioned Bonnie to Bobbie—duhh—I wasn’t stupid.

I went to an auction and purchased a 1972 Plymouth Fury, a used police car, with only twenty-five-thousand miles. It was in great shape and had plenty of horsepower. I was pleasantly surprised to find that someone had placed the police radio in the trunk and the antenna was still attached to the roof. I paid Pete to fix her up including a paint job and hooking the radio under the front seat.

The road gave way to past memories:—my days in the army and the killing fields in Viet Nam—girls I kissed in High School—summers with my grandparents—my first rifle—things I could have done better.

The one thing that troubled me the most was my feelings for Madeline. My pappy used to say there always one woman who turns a man’s insides out—a woman who gives you the fever. Boy, did I have the fever.

I drove the Plymouth nice and easy occasionally opening her four barrel carburetor and accelerating from 55 to 100 miles per hour in three seconds. Once you got over the whip lash, the hills rolled a lot quicker and smoother at 100. But I also could see a fast depreciation of the gas gauge.

I told Bonnie and Billy about the car so they wouldn’t freak out when I drove up. After I arrived, Bonnie wanted immediate sexual gratification. We both knew that she had other male sex partners—we just didn’t discuss it.

Billy was his usual self, all business. We had dinner and they brought me up to date. Bobbie still worked part time as a waitress in town. She said that some very bad men were looking for me. They came to town several months ago and they asked everyone in town about me and described my old car.

Bonnie led to me to her bedroom where we hastily stripped and kissed passionately. I could feel my cock swell and I was anxious to feel her soft skin and taste her intimate parts.

We lay next to each other swapping tongues. It was a passionate kiss that sent signals to my cock. I cupped her tit and stroked it pinching the nipple while her small hand found my cock and held it. Then I sucked on a nipple and pinched the other.

My cock throbbed occasionally as it increased in size and girth. “O’ I can tell you missed me—your cock is so big,” she moaned in my ear.

I groaned a deep moan and reached down to finger a very moist pussy. My fingers drug into her slit feeling the slick juice and opening her pussy.

Her hand began rubbing my cock in ernest as I found her oily nub and she jerked in reaction. I penetrated her pussy with two fingers feeling how easy her pussy moved on my hand.

“I want to fuck you baby—I missed you so much,” I said.

She responded very naturally and pulled me over and guided my hard cock to her pussy opening. I pushed in half way and we both let out a sigh of relief.

I was stroking in and out with her legs wrapped around my back. Her ankles tapping my back like a rodeo bull rider without the spurs. She coached me on with long deep strokes the way she liked for me to pound her pussy with very long and rapid slaps.

Her face contorted—I could feel her pussy spasm and she let out her emission of cum. “Ohhh mmmmmm immm cumiinnnggg,” she cried out.

She reached my nipples and pinched them hard between her finger and thumb. I could feel my cock spasm and jets of cum filled her belly.

We lay there both of us heaving in deep breaths and relishing the moment—her pussy spasmed and began to push my spent cock from her sheath.

We caught our breath, talked a while and I fell asleep with her soft hair on my chin and shoulder.

Continued in Chapter 16—–

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