Adventures of a Comedy Club Waitress

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Untying her apron she headed upstairs to her room. She pulled the money from her back pocket and grinned flipping through it before sticking it back into her pocket. She stuck her key into the doorknob and opened the door to her room. She stepped inside leaving the door open and pulled off her shirt revealing her lacy bra. She looked in the mirror with pleasure and touched her breasts before sighing and walking back to the door. She looked out onto the open balcony and closed the door.

She pulled off the short black skirt that had made all her tips that night and tossed it on the bed with her shirt walking into the bathroom. She turned on the shower and let the water warm. As the room filled with steam she peeled off the lacy bra and matching panties. Her long brown hair brushed the middle of her back and her long lean body glistened with the steam from the shower.

She stepped into the shower letting the water pour over her body. Her hands ran down her body slowly causing tiny tingles to run throughout her as she made her way to her quickly moistening pussy. She brushed her fingers over the bare skin sighing. Her fingers searched out her clit and toyed with it for a moment. She bit her lip working her way downwards plunging in one finger and then two. She rubbed as the hot water poured over her and her juices coated her hand. Suddenly her door flew open smashing against the wall startling her and in stomped her neighbor, the mc for the club she worked for.

“Damn it.” She muttered removing her hand from her aching pussy.

“Oh Angel won’t you come out and play.” He called from the bathroom door. She hurried to rinse her hair and turned off the water.

“Don’t you knock?” She said glaring at him as she snatched a towel from the rack and wrapped it around her naked body.

“Awww you don’t have to cover up for me sugar.” He said as she stepped out of the shower stall.

She dropped the towel grinning at him while she dragged a brush through her tangled hair. He moaned as she pranced naked around her room. He reached out for her as she came close to him at her closet. She smacked his hand and grinned.

“You can look but you can’t touch.” She said smiling as she snatched down a skintight black shirt and equally tight pair of blue jeans.

“Getting ready to be a stripper already I see.” He said pouting a little watching her dress and put on her makeup.

She just smiled back at him flipping on the hair dryer. Fifteen minutes bostancı escort and a very frustrated man later she was ready and they left the room arm in arm. They made their way across the parking lot to the club next door. She smiled at all the familiar faces and greeted all of them. She followed Dave to his bar in the corner and perched herself on a barstool. It didn’t take long before there was already someone sitting next to her giving her the once over.

“Don’t just stare! Buy the girl a drink!” Dave yelled over the loud music.

The guy immediately put his money on the bar and Dave fixed Angel a shot of tequila. The man watched in amazement as she downed the shot, took his change, stuffed it into Dave’s tip, and leaned forward and gave him a peck on the cheek. She smiled and hopped off the barstool and went off into the crowd losing herself among all the hot sweaty bodies. The man looked at Dave in confusion and then back in the direction she had disappeared in. Dave shrugged and went back to setting up his bar.

Angel ended up at another bar that one of her friend’s worked. She leaned across the bar and hugged the skinny girl. They talked for a moment before yet another man was sitting next to her asking to buy her a drink. She smiled at him and nodded. Her friend set the flaming shot of vodka in front of them and they downed them quickly after squeezing the lemon juice into the glass.

She spent the rest of the night getting free drinks out of various men at various different bars in the club. She stopped drinking only long enough to dance for a solid hour on the dance-floor. She avoided the touches of passing men and danced by herself writhing her tiny body to the music. She finally left the floor exhausted and made her way to Dave’s bar.

“One more Dave and then I’m off to bed.” She said loudly over the music. Dave grinned and made her his specialty shot. She gave him her money and pushed the change into his tip jar.

“No conquests tonight honey.” Dave said a she downed the shot and slid off the barstool.

“Nope just me tonight.” She said smiling at another guy that had slinked up beside her. “Night Dave.”

“Night Angel.” He called after her.

She finally stumbled up to her room and banged open the door. She left the door open and rifled through a drawer hoping to find the other half of the joint she had been smoking the night before. Muttering a curse she slammed the drawer shut and went göztepe escort outside and stood on the balcony for a moment before going back in and snatching up the pack of swishers from her nightstand. She stepped back out as the door to the room next to hers swung open.

She looked back startled and grinned at the man standing in the door. It was the comedian for the week from the club she worked for. He looked her up and down and came to stand beside her.

“Long night?” he asked taking the swisher from her and taking a puff.

“Yeah.” She said.

“What were you banging around in there for?”

“Looking for my sedative for the night.”

“Oh you mean something like… this.” He produced a small baggy from his pocket.

A grin spread across her face as they turned and made their way into his room. She perched herself on the edge of his bed as he packed the pipe. As they smoked he asked her about her life and she told about how she came to live in the hotel rooms on the back of the comedy club escaping her abusive ex boyfriend and the life of almost imprisonment that she had lived. He grinned and came to sit next to her.

“You know what you need to do.” He said.

“What’s that?” she said choking on the smoke she had sucked into her lungs.

“Have mad crazy rebound sex!” He said taking the pipe back from her. He puffed on it for a moment and then looked at her wickedly “With me.”

Angel grinned and took the pipe back from him. He kissed her neck as she puffed on the pipe. She handed it back to him and did the same in return. They started kissing each other through the tendrils of smoke putting the pipe aside. He put his hand up her shirt feeling her breasts through her lacy bra. She moaned against his lips arching her back into his hands. He tweaked her nipple softly pulling his hand back out and pushing her shirt up over her head.

Tossing it onto the floor he pushed her back onto the bed and pulled off his own shirt. She sat back on her elbows admiring his well muscled chest as he kneeled down on the bed above her. She pulled off her bra and tossed it on the floor on top of her shirt as his head dipped to her chest and took her hard nipples in his mouth. She moaned and arched her back to his burning mouth. Her body ached as her pussy moistened in response to his mouth.

He looked up at her grinning as he trailed down her body to her pants. He unbuttoned them slowly and peeled them istanbul escort down over her hips. She lifted up as he eased them off taking her panties with them. He let her legs hang over the end of the bed and kneeled on the floor and applied his mouth to her wet pussy. She gasped as his tongue flicked across her engorges clit and dived into her folds. She arched up to his darting tongue and gripped the cover on the bed.

“Oh God.” She moaned as his tongue pushed into her and fucked her.

After she exploded in orgasm she came down slowly panting. She looked up at him as he pulled off his pajama pants and revealed a gorgeous purple cock standing at attention before her. She sat up and took it in her hands lovingly. She kissed the glistening tip and took it slowly into her mouth. It was too large for her to take it all so she just sucked the head and licked at it slowly.

He groaned and leaned forward letting her lips caress his long shaft. She sat back as he pulled away from her. He pushed her back onto the bed positioning himself between her long legs. She groaned lifting her hips to him as he put the head of his cock just inside her and slowly pushed in. She moaned and pushed up harder trying to take him into her all at once. He pulled back and grinned at her. She sat up suddenly and pulled away from him completely.

She stood and shoved him onto the bed. Her pussy was dripping wet and aching as she crawled up onto him. She slinked up his body kissing him softly along the chest. She positioned herself over his beautiful cock and settled onto it little at first and then slowly eased herself down onto it. He groaned as she took control. She moved very slowly at first picking speed little by little.

When she felt him tense on the verge of cumming she stopped and sat playing with herself letting him watch her fingers move over her clit. She started to move again as her own orgasm came on suddenly. She shuddered on his cock her pussy clamping down as she rode him through her waves of pleasure before collapsing on top of him. He pushed her up rolling over with her and got up. He turned her over pulling apart her legs. He entered her from behind shoving all the way to his balls. She groaned and grinded her hips against him. He started pounding hard and fast making her cum again before exploding in her. She sighed and crawled up on the bed smiling and rolled over to look at him.

“Are all comedians as good as you?” she asked as he handed her the pipe, packed and lit again.

“I don’t know I guess you’ll have to find out wont you?” he said sitting next to her and kissing her neck moving his hands down in between her legs.

“I guess I’ll just have to do that won’t I” she said moaning softly.

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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