Accidents Happen

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Carly nearly sobbed in frustration. She’d been so stupid and now she was going to have to face the music. She was dressed in only her underwear, one hand handcuffed to the iron rungs of her headboard…and the key on the floor under the bed, out of reach. She’d just meant to give it a try, but the phone rang and she’d jumped and dropped the key…and now she was stuck. Her wrist was red and getting really sore and there was no way this metal circlet was sliding over her hand. So she had to get help.

God, what a nightmare, but at least she had the phone. She had three options. She could call the police, although that opened the door to a host of embarrassment. She could call the landlord/maintenance man, Mr. Cutter, who had the skeleton key. But at 80, he was likely to have a heart attack when he saw her or ask her to leave the apartment building. It was too close to work and the rent was too reasonable to risk being evicted for being stupid.

Her last choice was Adam, her upstairs neighbor, who had a key from when he’d watched out for her place while she’d gone to her father’s funeral. The unfortunate part was she’d bought the handcuffs (the one currently attaching her to the bed and a second pair) with him in mind. He was tall, dark, and dangerous, and the star of several recent dreams that had left her horny as hell. The sad part was that, while a steady stream of busty blonds came and went from his place every weekend, Adam treated the red-head who lusted after him like a little sister. Maybe, she’d figured, she could tempt him with a little something new. Well, new for her anyway. As he’d see when he came to rescue her.

Carly sighed. Adam was really the only option she had, so she prayed he was home as she dialed his number.

“What?” his voice was a growl that made her belly quiver. Evidently he was busy.

“Adam?” Carly managed, wincing at the breathy sound of her voice.

“Carly? What’s the matter?” The growl immediately became concern and she bit her lip. This was harder than she’d imagined.

“Can you come down for a moment?” she asked.

“Now? I’m not dressed…just out of the shower,” he replied, “Can it wait?” Carly’s voice escaped her as she pictured him standing nude in his bedroom, her mouth going dry. “Carly?”

Quickly clearing her throat, she forced herself to focus. “Well, not too long,” she conceded, “I guess I could wait a couple minutes.”

He sighed. “What is this about, Carly?” he asked. She could hear him moving around in the background and suddenly wondered if he wasn’t alone. Damn, was he with a woman now? Talk about awkward. But she wasn’t getting free on her own.

“I…I have a problem,” she confessed, “I need you to help me with something. Can you let yourself in?” At the moment, all she really cared about was being free of the handcuffs. Later, she’d work on attracting him.

“Give me about five,” he answered, “I can’t put the jeans on with one hand.” He hung up before she could thank him. Probably just as well, since her voice was gone again as she pictured him tugging his jeans on. She loved one pair in particular — two Saturdays ago, Adam had gone out to wash his car and had peeled off his tee to reveal jeans that dipped rather low in the front, giving her a tasty view of his lower abdomen.

It seemed like ages, but she finally heard the key in the front door. “Carly?” he called as he came into the apartment.

“In here,” she answered, closing her eyes. She didn’t want to see his face right now.

“Carly…” The concern had changed to something else…she just wasn’t sure what. She slowly opened her eyes to find him staring at her. She blushed furiously. She couldn’t help looking him over, her mouth went dry as she studied his long legs in casual denim, the way his hands were tucked in the pockets, dragging the denim lower, the way his tee hugged his chest. Adam looked like every woman’s fantasy.

“I had an accident,” she whispered, “And I’m stuck.” It was the best she could do at the moment, what with the heartbeat pounding in her head and throbbing in her pussy.

“An accident?” Now she could hear amusement. He shot her a cocky grin and his brown eyes had a wicked glint and she felt a small quiver in her belly as the throbbing intensified. There was more to her infatuation with Adam than a nice pair of jeans…more as in the something currently bulging the front of them.

“I can’t get to the key,” she explained, squirming a little, “It’s under the bed.” Her free hand waved at the far side of the bed.

“And why are you wearing handcuffs to begin with?” he asked, one eyebrow arching as he circled around the bed, “In your underwear.”

“I…I was trying them on,” Carly was getting a little frustrated with his questioning, “Things got out of hand.” Why didn’t he just get the key and help her get out of this mess? Her wrist was starting to sting and she wanted to be loose. Then she’d decide what to do about Adam.

“The underwear or the cuffs?” he asked, his look changing from amused kurtköy escort to a bit more serious. When she looked blank, he growled, “Were you trying on the underwear or the cuffs?” Her face got redder as she opened and shut her mouth without saying a word.

“So where’s your other half?” Adam had to force his hands to relax as he squatted next to the bed, “He left without letting you out?”

“Other…he…” Carly sputtered in shock. Where was he going with this topic?

“Don’t think much of the guy if he leaves you cuffed to the bed and wanders off,” he continued, ducking his head to peer under the bed. Carly leaned over, watching. When he’d grabbed the key, Adam lifted his head and his eyes darkened as he realized he was eye level with her breasts. His breath caught and her nipples hardened.

“There is no he,” Carly hissed. Her body was responding to his closeness and sexual frustration added to her physical confinement. And Adam wanted to know about her sexual partner — the one that she didn’t have and wished he’d be. It would be funny if it wasn’t so pitiful. At her words, Adam’s eyes shot up to her face and widened.

“I had no idea…,” he stammered, “Sorry…She, then.” Carly groaned. This was getting worse and worse. Couldn’t he just unlock her and go away?

“There is no he. There is no she,” Carly insisted, “Just me and the damn cuffs. I dropped the key and when I tried to reach it, it just got too far away.” She sat back on the bedding with a huff.

“Oh…” Adam got to his feet, his eyes wandering over her as he strolled back to the foot of the bed. “So you were…practicing?”

He had the key. All he had to do was put it in the damn lock. No, don’t lean on the footboard, she wanted to tug her hair with aggravation. “Yes, Adam, I was practicing,” she hissed.

Adam leaned his arms on the footboard and his eyes narrowed as he looked at her. “For who?”

“Who?” Carly wanted to scream. She’d never been this horny and yet this frustrated at the same time.

“Who were you practicing for?” he asked, his voice a low growl.

“There is no who,” Carly practically shouted, “No he, no she, no who. I was just trying something out and it was a stupid idea and will you just unlock the damn cuffs!”

“I wouldn’t say stupid idea,” Adam suddenly grinned, a wicked smile that made her stomach tighten. His eyes slid up and down her body again. “Kind of handy I happened to be home and have a key. Or, rather, that I have two keys.”

“Adam…” Carly’s voice trailed off uncertainly as she watched his face.

“Carly,” his voice got a little lower as he straightened.

“Unlock the cuffs,” Carly said softly. Her body was alive with anticipation. The look in his eyes told her that this red-head had suddenly gotten his attention. Her eyes dropped lower and she swallowed as she changed that thought to that she’d gotten his FULL attention.

“I don’t think so, Carly,” Adam said, his voice just as soft, but so much more dangerous. He turned and set the cuff key and her apartment key on the bureau, making a soft sound of surprise when he saw the second box. His head turned back to look at her. “Well, well.”

Carly swallowed hard. There was a second pair of handcuffs, for her other wrist. She’d bought two…and he sounded like he intended to put them both to use. “Adam, I don’t think…”

“I didn’t know you were such a wicked woman, Carly,” Adam grinned, sliding the second pair of cuffs into his hands with a clink. He set the second key on the bureau, then turned to face her, shifting the cuffs from one hand to another, making a soft metallic sound.

“I…” Okay. It was time to put up or shut up. “You don’t really know me, Adam,” she managed a smile, “I’m not one of your fluffy blonds.” There. That sounded bold and wicked.

Adam shifted his stance, leaning against the footboard with one hip. “I can see that,” he nodded. His eyes were on her breasts. She glanced down and almost cursed at the way her tight nipples jutted through the pale pink lace. Even aroused, she was only about a small C-cup. His blonds…probably E’s.

“So mine aren’t as big as theirs,” she humphed, “And, for your information, that reaction is solely because of the air conditioning.” There was no sense in letting him think that she had the hots for him or anything. He already had the upper hand with the cuff keys. His laugh almost made her smile, but she made a pout.

“Bigger is not always better,” he chuckled, “I was thinking your breasts looked…tasty.”

She must be dreaming again. She’d locked herself to the bed and fallen asleep. That had to be the explanation. “I see,” she managed and flushed, thinking how lame that sounded.

“What I see is a fascinating Carly I didn’t know about,” he said, his voice dropping lower again as he slowly walked up the side of the bed, “But one I’m going to get to know better.” His hand trailed up her bare leg and she battled the urge to just laugh hysterically. levent escort Adam, her fantasy man, was in her bedroom and his attitude said lots of things but little sister wasn’t one of them.

“Really?” Carly nearly groaned. She certainly wasn’t holding up her side of the conversation, but the look on his face said that her daydreams had been too mild. She felt a quiver start in her belly and closed her eyes as the shudder went through her and made her panties wet. She hoped that look was a promise of things to come.

“Let me just think a moment,” Adam murmured, sitting on the edge of the bed beside her. She opened her eyes in surprise as he just sat there.

“Think? Think about what?” Maybe he was just teasing. If so, she was going to kill him.

“I’m trying to decide if I want to get to know you face up or face down?” he grinned, “I love to look at your face, but there are other parts…” His eyes again roamed her body. “…That should also get my attention.”

Good God. Not teasing. “I…” She’d barely gotten the word out when Adam moved.

“Face down,” he growled, flipping her onto her stomach and cuffing her free hand in one smooth motion. “Yes, I like this view.” The hoarseness of his voice made her shiver again and he chuckled. “I like this a lot.”

She glanced over her shoulder and the look on his face said she was going to like it too. “Adam…”

“Carly,” his voice was amused as he shifted onto the bed. She watched him peel his tee over his head. Oh, yeah. This was very promising…Oh God. The head of his cock was pressed against his belly, above the bulging fly of his jeans. Carly bit her lip to hold back a groan. His head was red and glistening and bigger than she’d imagined. Her pussy tightened in anticipation.

“I have always loved the lines of your body,” he murmured, leaning over her, his hand stroking up her spine.

“Yeah, sure,” she managed a half-laugh despite the throbbing throughout her body, “That’s why you fucked a new blond every weekend.” Did she say that? Well, so much for pretending she didn’t care.

He bit her shoulder lightly. “Jealous, love?” he murmured, stroking his tongue from one shoulder to the other. She couldn’t stop the whimper and she felt his lips smile as he pressed his mouth to the nape of her neck. His hands cupped her breasts, stroking through the lace, and she whimpered again.

“I…Oh, God, Adam,” she moaned as he flipped open her bra and took her breasts in his hands. His palms were big, hot, and he rolled her tight nipples between his fingers, sending heat straight to her core. At the same moment, his pressed his groin to her ass and she felt the thick bulge of him. Her hands rattled the handcuffs as she shuddered.

“Careful, love,” he whispered, sliding his hands over her wrists as he nuzzled her neck. His hips rocked, his denim-covered erection stroking the crack of her ass. She shuddered again as she felt a heated wetness press the small of her back. “If you’d told me, I would have brought my cuffs. They’re fur-lined.”

His cuffs. Carly was speechless again. Adam just laughed, the sound vibrating against her skin. “Of course, now I can enjoy restraining you in both our beds,” he growled. His hands stroked down the sides of her arms, down the sides of her body. “Or you can restrain me and I can watch you wrap those pretty lips around my cock.”

He was so much better at wild than she was. She wanted to weep in gratitude. But all Carly could do was shiver as his hands stroked her ass cheeks, his thumbs rubbing the curve where her ass met her thighs. “I can’t believe I let you get away for so long,” he murmured, trailing kisses down her spine.

“Let me…” She managed. She could barely think past the hum of her body, the heat of her blood.

“You seemed to only want a friend,” he whispered, drawing patterns on the small of her back with his tongue, as his hands moved her, positioned her the way he wanted.

“I…” She couldn’t complete the thought as his hands pushed on her back and she bent low, up on her knees, with her ass in the air. His teeth tugged her panties and she shuddered wetly, feeling her juices drip down her thighs.

“You’re so ripe,” Adam groaned, peeling her panties down with his hands as his tongue lapped at the drops on her thighs. “So sweet.”

Carly felt light-headed as he swirled his tongue over the backs of her thighs, as his hands fondled her ass cheeks. She’d never felt a need like this before, but she knew she needed him to keep touching her like she needed to breathe. His thumbs parted her and he groaned again, seconds before his tongue laved her pussy and her whole body jerked, the cuffs clanking against the metal headboard.

“More,” he managed, burrowing his tongue into her body, slurping her juices as they spilled from her quivering passage. He made animal noises, feasting on her swollen folds, and Carly couldn’t stop the shudders from running through her body. She panted and mahmutbey escort moaned, rocking on her knees as he suckled her intimately. She finally came, crying out and straining as her pussy spasmed wildly and her cum spilled into his greedy mouth.

Carly could barely lift her head from the bed. She was quivering all over, her legs weak, her body on fire and throbbing. When she could finally breath, Adam’s hands were stroking her ass and thighs while his mouth suckled the skin low on her back. “Carly,” he murmured, nibbling along her hip, “I need to be inside you.”

“Oh, yes…” Her moan was desperate. She wanted to feel his cock, wanted to take him inside with every cell in her body.

“I need to make sure you’re ready,” he murmured, his hand cupping her folds. She shook her head. How could she not be ready after an orgasm like that? She whimpered when he slid one finger deep into her body. Her inner muscles quivered around his finger.

“Good girl,” he whispered, pulling the finger out and then sliding in two. She gave a little squirm as he wiggled his fingers in her still-sensitive pussy and waves of sensation rippled through her core. She wanted to beg for more.

“Almost ready,” he whispered, pulling the two fingers free. She felt so ready, she couldn’t understand why…

Carly cried out as three of his fingers suddenly plunged into her cunt, spreading as they pressed deep, stretching her inner muscles. She rocked against his hand, moaning as he pumped the fingers against her. It wasn’t enough. She needed…something more. She pressed back, urging him on, but his fingers started to pull out. “Adam, please…”

Even as his fingers pulled away, she felt a thick knob press against her hole. “Adam,” she moaned. She felt the stretch as his head began to penetrate, her muscles tightening as his penis invaded her soft heat.

“Take it, baby,” he groaned, pushing his thick erection deeper into her dripping pussy, “Take it all.” His length burrowed between her swollen lips, her slick well slowly enveloping his red flesh inch by inch.

“Oh,” she moaned, pulling the handcuffs tight as his thick shaft strained her inner muscles, stretching her wider than she’d ever imagined. He was…huge. “Adam, I…” He kept pushing, kept penetrating, working his cock deeper into her body. Carly couldn’t breathe as he forced his massive erection up her cunt.

“That’s it,” his voice was a low growl as his hips pressed against her ass, his balls teasing the back of her thighs, “That’s a good girl.” His hands stroked her back, her hips, her belly, as he just held himself within her embrace.

He felt…alive inside her. Carly could feel his cock throb in time with the heartbeat she felt as his chest pressed against her back and her heart began to beat the same rhythm. She felt her inner muscles ripple, trying to contain the invader, and Adam groaned with pleasure. “Adam…” Shudders moved through her as she felt his groan vibrate through his cock.

He began to move, slowly at first, with little short thrusts that sent burst of pleasure through her core. She gasped, instinctively moving with him, taking his cock again and again. His strokes lengthened, his cock caressing her intimately as he moved in and out, pumping her pussy. His mouth was on her shoulder, his hands on her breasts as he surrounded her, filled her, overwhelmed her.

“You feel so good, Carly,” he growled in her ear, his warm breath tickling her. His cock moved quicker now, thrusting harder into her soft well, gliding against her slick flesh. “I knew you would. I’ve wanted you for so long, Carly.”

“Oh, God, Adam,” she gasped, feeling her core begin to tremble. Her second orgasm was close and her fantasy man was telling her all the words she’d longed to hear.

“Oh, baby,” he groaned, nipping lightly at her neck, her nape, “I feel your sweet pussy quivering around my cock. It feels so damn good…” His thrusts became even faster, even harder, as he began to fuck her eagerly. Each stroke took her closer to the edge and she strained to meet him, to take his cock deep into her body. “That’s it, baby,” he panted.

Carly was sobbing, panting, as she yanked against the cuffs, her body bucking, everything inside her tightening. “More, more,” she whimpered. She’d never felt so hot, so wet, so…needy. She was never going to get enough of his cock filling her, stroking her.

Adam leaned back, his hands gripping her hips, yanking them back to meet his thrusts, as he began to hammer her cunt with his cock. Again and again he plunged his dick into her tight embrace, his fingers bruising her skin, his head slamming her core. She cried out with each stroke — wordless, breathless pleas for more. He tilted her hips, shifted his own, and his next thrust struck her g-spot.

Carly came with a scream, her body clamping painfully around the thick member inside her, every muscle in her body tensing. Adam worked his way forward on his knees on the bed, urging her up. Even as she leaned forward, her fingers wrapped around the headboard rungs, he wrapped his arms around her waist, burying his face in her hair as her pussy tightened on his shaft. She was straddling his lap, her body impaled upon his cock, her weight pinning him deep…the endless sensation of having her quiveirng around his thickening penis driving him out of his mind.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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