A Trip To The Doctor

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Big Tits

I finally got around to going to see Old Doc Barker.

I had been putting it off, like many men, I can be stubborn.

But Lee knew of the problem, and more or less forced the issue. When she gets that look and puts her hands on her hips, well, let’s just say any resistance is futile!

I am coming up on the end of my 50’s, and had noticed a problem with “Old Man’s Disease”, a bit of difficulty in urinating. I took some Saw Palmetto, everyone says it helps, and it did for a few months.

I don’t know if the sudden change from sexual activity of perhaps 1-2 times a week to 5 times in one 3 day period had an effect, one would think it would be the opposite. But the problem continued, so off I went.

I can’t stand the idea of some guy, Doctor or no, poking around at my back door. But when it is a problem, I can grit my teeth with the best of them. Besides, Old Doc Barker let me work on his pretty wife, Tina in my massage practice. He seemed to get a kick out of the idea, and since I knew she told him all the details, I figured I could be comfortable with him.

I only had about a 5 minute wait and I was in his office. That was 5 minutes of his fat little receptionist looking me over a little oddly, I thought.

I explained the problem, and down went the pants and on came the glove. I braced myself for what was about a 15 second inspection, he removed his finger and said bahis firmaları something about “getting a sample” to see what was going on. He gave me one of those dressing gowns and told me to strip and put it on, he would have his assistant do the sample.

I just love those things, they are thinner than paper, too damn short, not big enough around to get my 228 pound frame into. The part I REALLY hate are the damn flowers printed all over them.

Once I got the thing on, I had to stand with my knees bent to keep my pecker from hanging out the bottom, I was totally uncomfortable!

I sat there freezing my butt off for about 10 minutes, when in walks this little black lady in a Nurse’s uniform. “Hi, I am Thalia!” She said brightly. “I am here to take a sample.”

I nodded, and watched her eyes drop down to where I had my hands doing the best I could to keep the gown down over my privates. She smiled and said, “You might as well relax, there isn’t any way I know to keep that thing covered up while I do this, besides, I like men!”

I did relax a bit at that, after all I am no prude. I am totally used to female nudity, but I am used to THEM being nude, not me!

She had me lay on the table on my left side, and bring my right knee up as far as I could. Then she stuck a huge bolster between my knees to spread them, and had me use both hands to hold my right knee up. She slipped a kaçak iddaa specimen jar over the end of my penis, which by now was deciding it would enjoy itself, dammit all to hell! There was just a tiny giggle from her, then she liberally applied some kind of freezing cold lubricant to my rectum, spreading it all around and inside just a bit.

“Take a deep breath and try to relax,” she told me, as she lifted my balls up with one hand and inserted her glove covered finger inside. She was slow and gentle, finally she reached the area and began to press out my prostate gland. I felt her work, it hurt a bit at first, but then I felt a “pop” and another. A tiny drop appeared out of the end of my now rock hard dick, then another.

“Not enough” She said, and removing her glove, placed her hand at the base of my penis and squeezed while pressing the fluid out into the little jar.

I felt my testicles snug up at that, and her tiny hand felt good on me. So good I let out a groan before I could stop it.

She just smiled and told me to sit up. She glanced over at me as she snapped a lid on the jar, and jotted down my name.

Looking down at my penis, sticking right out the bottom of the tiny gown, she giggled, and asked, “May I help you with that?”

That was totally unexpected, I blushed! She laughed, open-mouthed, I saw the flash of pure white teeth against her dark skin. Then she just kaçak bahis stepped over, and took my in her hands and started to jack me off.

Here I was, sitting on the edge of a table in my Doctor’s office, getting a hand job from one of the prettiest black women I had ever seen! And hand job it was, too! This lady knew exactly what to do and how to do it, she had me blasting my seed all over her hands in 3 minutes!

She got a warm damp towel and cleaned me off. “Nice one you got there,” she said with a sweet smile. “I told you I like men!”

She left the room, and Doctor Barker stepped in. “We will run some tests”, he told me, “But my best guess is there is nothing really wrong. You just got blocked up a little.”

Then he grinned at me and asked, “How do you like Thalia?”

“Bet she is good for business”, I answered with a laugh.

“Yes”, he said. “I used to have to argue with some clients to get them to have me do a colon exam, now it is easy”.

I laughed with him at that, and mentioned I was due for that, too!

On the way out, Thalia was sitting at a desk doing some papers, she looked up at me with a smile. I handed her one of my cards and started to leave, when she called out, “Are you THAT Ted? The Masseur?”

I turned back, “Yes”.

“Oh, can I get an appointment, I have been meaning to call!” She said.

I booked her for the following evening, “On me,” I told her.

She got a funny look on her face, looked me up and down, and said, “Yes, maybe”…..

All I can say is YUMYUM! I can hardly wait for tomorrow night, I will let you know how it goes…

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