A Tennessee Education Pt. 03

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Sharon and Bobby learn the ropes as mistress and slave

In the third of seven parts of the story of Bobby Lewis and Sharon Ashby we find two co-workers in the throes of adjustment as submissive and dominant. Bobby learns what it means to serve “Sharon style” and Sharon begins to understand what it means to live with a male slave in the house. The story is of course fantasy and is one in which female dominance/femdom is advocated. If female dominance/male submission or man subjugated to slavery is not your cup of tea you will not want to read further. If it is, I hope you enjoy the read. Before you read here, please read the previous parts as each section builds on the one previous.


A Tennessee Education

Part 3: A New Beginning

Bobby undressed in the blackness of the trunk while Mariko made the relatively short drive home. Hearing the rustling in the rear of the car made her smile. She knew the process was going to be a long and difficult one with many hiccups and bumps in the road to reformation. It always was. No man ever transitioned smoothly. It was another one of those irksome characteristics that she despised about men. But he was learning the basics; the very, very basics. In reality, she really hadn’t even begun to start undoing all of the crap that made him just another typical male. She also knew he had no clue what real obedience meant let alone what was in store for him when his training began in force.

“Maybe tonight I’ll ratchet things up ever so slightly,” she said to herself. The noise in the trunk had subsided and she figured he had finished undressing. Taking the longer way home she turned off the music she was listening to and drove in silence, considering her options. By the time she pulled to a stop in her driveway she had finalized nothing and decided to let things play out as things presented.

She opened the trunk and stalked off toward the front door with him scurrying behind and hoping to not be spotted by neighbors or passersby. She waited for him to open the door and no sooner had he closed it behind, he did the unthinkable.

“May I please speak to you, Ms. K?”

She spun around so fast he never saw the hand as hit landed against his jaw. This time her fingers were curled into a ball and the blow stunned him. He instinctively reached to his mouth to check for blood but she yelled, “Present!”

Bobby froze in his tracks and stood stock still.

Not satisfied with his posture she got within an inch of his face and yelled once more for him to present. This time he did, pulling his hands behind the small of his back and spreading his feet wide apart. She grabbed his balls which had no room to move being already sandwiched between two hunks of steel and squeezed – hard.

“Please,” he begged.

Mariko squeezed harder but Bobby quickly stepped back pulling her hand free of his testicles. She stormed off and returned some seconds later. When she approached Bobby backed away.

“Turn around,” she ordered.

He did cautiously, thankful his body was between his balls and her hands.


He did so and when he pulled his hands behind she snapped handcuffs on each wrist.

“On your knees!”

He obeyed.

“Present!”She snapped again.

He rose up on his knees, extending his caged cock forward and thrusting his shoulders back. This time she knelt behind and pulled the thin cable down. It pulled on his throat compressing his trachea. He gagged and when she pulled harder his only option was to arch his torso and head back even further. That motion gave her enough room to reach between his legs and secure the clasp of the cable that hung from the back of the collar into the small ringlet that Charlie had welded to the tip of his cage. The clasp effectively kept him in this backwardly arched position and the emotional effect on her slave was instant. He could do nothing. She grabbed him around the waist and helped him to his feet which he managed without the cord causing any damage to his genitals.

She forcefully pulled him over to the front door and yelled, “You stand here until she comes and when she arrives, let her in. Don’t you move a muscle before she knocks!” She said looking straight into his eyes. However it was all he could do to make eye contact since the collar forced his neck and head so far back. “She will be here in an hour. I was going to have you fix me my dinner but after this behavior you can forget about that. You can forget about eating at all tomorrow too. Instead, you can stand here and wait and when she arrives you are to let her in without speaking a word.”

That hour was one of the longest hours in Bobby’s 39 years of living. Standing as he was he could do nothing. If he tried to look down or bring his head forward the collar pressed into his windpipe making him gag. Not only that but the forward motion of his head pulled the cock-cage backward and pinched his balls between the cage ring and the retaining ring. It felt like a vice was squeezing tuzla escort them to the point of bursting whenever he bent the least bit forward and made him feel nauseous. Being forced to look up disoriented him too. It was not a position he was use to and not being able to see the ground caused him to have trouble maintaining his balance, so much so he felt as if he’d fall at any moment. He assumed Ms. K had put something on the floor. He was sure he had heard her return and do so and he was deathly afraid of taking a step, not knowing what she had put there. In reality, there was nothing but Bobby thought there was and it forced him to remain stock still. He had come to realize she was an evil and sadistic woman.

Sharon Ashby left work, arrived home and made a simple dinner that took little time to eat. She changed out of her work attire and into a white button down cotton blouse, blue jeans and boots. After brushing her teeth she decided on the spur of the moment to freshen up and uncharacteristically applied a small amount lip gloss, eye shadow and blush. The highlights were minimal but the effects significant. She looked very pretty and although now in her mid-thirties, the small touch-up made her appear quite youthful. Slipping into size 8 jeans and sporting an ample C-cup bust her well proportioned frame stared back at her in the mirror quite pleasingly. She appreciated how she looked and smiled thinking she would be a head-turner tonight. She felt like a revived woman.

Something internally had changed after the whole Jonathan ordeal last week. She looked at men differently. She viewed them more cautiously and anytime she thought about Jonathan or, for that matter, any man, she did so through a filter in which Mariko’s influence had altered her own.

She had reevaluated her relationship with him, pondering where she might have gone wrong, where he obviously went wrong, and thought back on several situations that she completely dismissed that were clear indicators that he had been messing around. Having had a good sit-down with Mariko and seeing that man in the kitchen that night left her with thoughts to which she could not turn a blind eye. She had to admit that everything Mariko had said was true. Men could sometimes be monsters if left to their own vices. That was the thrust of their conversation. Well that was part of it. The other part wasn’t really discussed, although it was implied. Mariko didn’t dismiss the need for men and in fact realized they held value and could be very much enjoyed if they were of the ‘proper’ temperament – whatever that meant. Sharon understood it was those nasty masculine traits and behaviors that caused Ms. K to pursue the transition or reformation or reframing process – whatever she had termed it – and serve as the catalyst to make men into, what she termed, ‘better men’.

What Sharon didn’t understand was what Mariko meant by the word better. She wondered what it is this woman envisioned for men at large. What she did know was there were several hundred, if not more, men in the immediate area that had gone through this process. But what was the process? What was involved? How long did it take? Did she work with each man or did others follow her advice independent of her presence? These thoughts and others like it occupied her thoughts as she stared at the beautiful face and body staring back at her. She realized she needed to get going as their meeting time was nearing.

She left her place and a short time later, pulled into the driveway of Ms. Mariko Komatzu. The sun was just beginning to set and the sky was array with reds, fuchsias, yellows and oranges. She took time to appreciate the beauty of something she often took for granted. It reminded her of home in Oklahoma so long ago.

Bobby’s body was screaming from having stood for so long in such a contorted position. He had stopped looking out the front door long ago. It did him no good and only made even more muscles work which only magnified the pain he was already feeling. When he heard Sharon’s car pull up he almost breathed a sigh of relief knowing his time standing there would soon end. He now gave no thought to the fact that Ms. K had put him here naked and caged just to be gawked at by his colleague. As much as he hated feeling so physically and emotionally vulnerable at his nakedness and bindings it was the physical pain that he wanted to be free of even more.

When Sharon knocked she did a double take after peering through the large front door window. Standing just inside was a man, no; it was Bobby! He stood facing her but didn’t move. She knocked again and slowly he scooted toward the door. She tried the handle but found it locked. She stared watching him slowly make his way toward her. It was obvious even peering into a darkened house that he was in pain. Almost immediately after taking in that it was him, she then noticed the steel mesh contraption that squished his cock into a stocky confined space and captured his large balls so nicely. She couldn’t help but smile at his predicament tuzla escort bayan and wondered if being locked like that hurt.

Finally making it to the door, he turned and blindly fumbled with the handle as best he could in his cuffs. After unlocking it he pulled but it wouldn’t move. Fiddling with the lock on the knob again he rechecked it, making sure it was unlocked. It was, but the door refused to budge. It was then he remembered there was a deadbolt a good foot above the knob. He reached but lacked the flexibility to get to it. Pulling his arms until his shoulders screamed he was only able to bring his thumbs to the base of the locking mechanism. His balls screamed back as he squished them to the point of unbearable pain.

Ms. Ashby knocked once more and yelled, telling him to unlock the dam door. She now saw the sources of his bondage; the collar, the chastity cage, the cable joining the two and the cuffed hands. She watched him maneuver himself and make one final attempt, this time bending forward even as the collar crushed his trachea and the cable pulled the cage down smashing his balls so forcefully that he thought he would vomit. But he reached the knob on the deadbolt and turned it. Bobby gasped, tears filled his eyes, but the door was now unlocked. Ms. Ashby banged again; obviously irritated she had to stand outside for almost five minutes waiting for him to let her in. Bobby found the handle and slowly opened the door. Shuffling out of the way so she could get in he moved back down the hall. Several times the bottom edge of the door smashed against his toes and feet as she forced her way in.

When Sharon entered, Bobby apologized profusely for having taken so long. And after blabbing on about that, he began apologizing about this afternoon.

“I am so sorry Ms. Ashby. I am so sorry.”

Not wanting to listen to his sobs she said, “Bobby, you look ridiculous! Why are you all tied up?”

Ignoring her question he said again, “Ms. Ashby, I want you to know how sorry I am for what I said today.”

“Oh, now you’re sorry,” she said unsympathetically. “Well I guess you are. Just look at you!”

“No really, even if I wasn’t like this I would have told you the same thing. I shouldn’t have said what I did about you and Jonathan.”

“Jonathan is dead as far as I’m concerned.”

“What? What happened?” He asked genuinely surprised.

“Nothing I haven’t told you already. Let’s leave it that he and I are no more.”

“I’m sorry. I am sorry for everything.” During their brief conversation Bobby never once made eye contact with Sharon. He couldn’t. His balls were throbbing from the crushing they had endured moments earlier. He spoke in a quiet and sincere voice while keeping his pelvis thrust forward and his shoulders and head painfully retracted to ease at least some of that pain.

“Do you accept my apology Ms. Ashby?”

“Bobby, just shut up! Just shut up! You sound pathetic. Got it?” she said, now tired of hearing his whining.

He continued blabbing on. “Yes Ma’am, I just wanted you to know how terribly sorry I am for being such an ass. I only wanted to hear you say that you forgive me.”

What Sharon did next surprised even her. She grabbed him by the hair and pulled him forward until his eyes met hers. Bobby screamed so loud that the neighbors must have heard him but she kept pulling him forward.

“M-m-my ba-balls!” He screamed.

“I don’t give a shit about your balls!” Sharon said and then struck him across the face still holding him. She gave his head a final jerk forward. He cried out again but his cries were muted as the compressed airway stifled any sound. She released him, not letting go, but rather pushing his head back angrily. Bobby fell, screamed again and landed on his side still arched and still crying like a little boy.

Mariko saw it all. She had watched the entire scene from the top of the stairs. What she observed both pleased and stunned her. Silently she made her way down the steps approaching the other woman from behind.

“That was both impressive and insightful,” she said quietly.

Sharon turned and the two embraced while Bobby continued to whimper on the floor beneath their feet. “It’s good to see you. I don’t know what came over me.”

“Whatever it was, I liked it.”

Sharon giggled quietly and whispered in her ear, “I kind of liked it too.”

Mariko stepped back and held Sharon by both shoulders and looked pleasingly at her. “You look great. Thank you for coming.”

“Can you fill me in now about what’s going on here with him?”

“Sure, would you like some refreshments?”

“I just had dinner. I’m fine.”

“I’m going to have a glass of wine. Sure I can’t persuade you?”

Sharon smiled. “A glass of wine sounds wonderful.”

Bobby listened from the floor. His presence was an afterthought, if even that. It was as if what was going on between them, up there, was completely separate from his predicament down below. They neither acknowledged his presence nor addressed escort tuzla him. It was the oddest feeling to be so close to the two that had hurt him most and yet feel so distant.

At first the change of position after falling felt overwhelmingly welcome but was short lived. Maybe it was the shock of the blow to his face or the yank of his head forward. Maybe it was her push and his subsequent tumble. He couldn’t believe he was able to turn his body so as to land on his side rather than hit the floor with the back of his head. The instant he fell he was so thankful to not be standing but then the pain ramped up in intensity. His shoulder started throbbing from absorbing the full weight of his fall and then the nerves in his balls sprung into hyper drive. They were palpably pulsating. The pain was so intense it became all encompassing.

He lay in his own misery. No one was there to share it. No one was there to empathize with him. These women surely didn’t care. My god, they were the reason he felt so wretched. For the first time in his life he realized what suffering must feel like. This was it; a combination of physical pain, loneliness and an inability to escape the torment. “What have I gotten myself into,” he thought looking around for them.

But they were not to be found. Ms. K had retreated to the kitchen and he had no idea where Ms. Ashby had gone off to. In reality she had moved only a few feet and stood behind him and just out of sight staring at him as if mesmerized by the entire scene. What struck her was the sudden euphoria she felt after she had hit him. That blow was really a blow to Jonathan. It was also a blow to men in general. Never in her life had she hit anyone. Why did this slap come so easily? Why did it seem so appropriate? Why did she feel as if she could repeat the scene again and even find pleasure by hitting him harder, pushing him more forcefully and watching him writhe in pain? She shook her head as if to clear her mind. Something wasn’t right in her mentally. But then again, something felt clearer and more right than ever before.

She watched him lie on his side, arching yet barely able to move. She listened to his grunts of pain and short gasps that must have been a result of the damage both she and Ms. K had caused. She marveled at how effective a simple length of cable could be in making a larger, stronger man to be completely at the mercy of someone not nearly as big or as powerful. Power was indeed something that was not restricted to the masculine gender,” she thought. “I can be even more powerful than big strong Bobby Lewis.” That thought made her smile.

As she looked at her helpless partner she realized she felt very different about him than she did just a few minutes ago. It was as if seeing him naked and marked like the slave Ms. K was obviously treating him as changed how she felt. Although she couldn’t put her finger on it or even understand why she was thinking this way, she felt as if she was better than he, that he belonged on the ground, that he indeed should have apologized for his actions and words earlier, and that she had every right to do what she did when he continued to bellyache after being told to stop.

“Wow,” she said inaudibly, “I really do view him as if he were just like Jonathan.”

Mariko returned with two glasses in hand. “Let’s go out back and talk. He isn’t going anywhere.”

Both women looked down at him lying on his side with his hips still thrust forward and his body arched painfully so. Ms. K tapped his balls with the pointed toe of her shoe getting his attention. Bobby grimaced.

“Don’t move. Don’t even think about it.”

After several minutes of casual conversation on the porch and when the last vestiges of the day were all but gone and night dominated the heavens, Sharon turned her mind to the real reason she was here. “So, are you going to tell me why I am here? I realized this afternoon that the reason you wanted the two of us to meet with you had nothing to do with our argument.”

“Perceptive young thing, aren’t you?”

Sharon smiled.

“By the way, you look very nice,” Mariko observed. “A little bit of makeup and some form fitting clothing reveals a completely different side of you. We should go shopping and update your wardrobe. That would be fun. Don’t you think?”

“So are you going to tell me why I’m here Ms. K?”

“Mariko, Ms. K, Mariko. You need to make up your mind. What’s it going to be?”


“Good choice. Now, to answer your question, of course I’m going to tell you. What do you want to know?” she said coyly.

“Everything” She answered in an equally coy voice.

Speaking rhetorically she observed, “Ms. Ashby, where to start?”

Sharon smiled broadly and said in a sing-song voice, “Ms. Ashby, Sharon, Ms. Ashby; are we not able to converse with one another on equal footing?” Her eyebrows raised in sarcastic curiosity.

Mariko smiled. “I like your wit. I knew you were a woman who had another side to that business ‘comes first’ personality you convey while at work.” She paused and then added. “Let’s make it ‘Sharon’, but not in front of him,” she said jabbing a thumb over her shoulder to where Bobby lie in pain near the front door.

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