A Summer Job

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I’d finished my classes, graduated from nursing school taken the board exam for my license and was waiting for the result. Having prepared well I had no worries that I’d passed. My girl friend was likewise waiting and wanted to go off to a sunny vacation with her boyfriend. She had been working on Saturdays at a youth center which didn’t take a lot of time or require much effort. I didn’t have a regular lover or much money so I was just chilling. She asked me to fill in for her at the center so that she could have her romp in the sun. I had no idea of what to do there but fortunately there was a young guy that did and had just graduated from high school and was going on to college in the fall and picking up some money for his time.

The kids were all pre teens and we just set out games and art supplies for them. Other than breaking up a couple of disputes among them the only real work was cleaning up after they left. We were finished in less than an hour and I grabbed a coke and started idle chit chat with Jerry but he wasn’t very talkative. I sensed that he wanted to but was very shy. I was intrigued to know a little more about him despite his youth. His birthday was Dec. 20th so he didn’t start grammar until he was 7 which made him 19 now. He had boyish good looks with the beginnings of facial hair. It reminded me of my early years of dating and the feeling of a peach fuzz face was very pleasant when we were swapping spit.

“So Jerry do you have a girl friend?”

“No, I just couldn’t get into anybody.”

“Well that will change in college. Women are more liberated once they leave home.”

“Yea, I’ve heard that.”

“You don’t sound very eager, what’s that about?”

“Well to be honest I’m kind of short.”

“What are you talking, you’re a good 5′ 9″. That’s about average.”

“Yea I guess.”

We were quiet for several seconds and I got suspicious that he wasn’t thinking about his height.

“Jerry are you talking about your third leg?”

He hesitated and eventually nodded his head.

“Oh every man on the planet has at some point in their life doubted that his manhood measured esenyurt escort up. There are a few exceptions in the world but virtually all men are completely adequate.”

“I’ve heard that but mine is shall we say below par.”

“So I guess you’re a virgin?”

He nodded again and felt sorry for him. Here was a bright and good looking guy that was too concerned about the size of his cock to experience the joys of sex. My nurse mentality kicked in and thought I might help him get a better self image. At the same time I was a little aroused to see what he had in his pants.

“Look Jerry, I’m a nurse. I’ve seen a lot of penises. In my training we reviewed treatments for both men and women who need help in that area. Are you willing to show me yours as a medical practitioner?”

His face was flushed and he kept his head down and shuffled his feet obviously embarrassed.

I didn’t explain but my parents were very progressive. Before I was 18 my Mom encourage me to enjoy myself and use protection. They didn’t have a problem if I brought home a date for sex in my room and offered him coffee the next morning. Jerry just stood there and the silence filled the room. I couldn’t let this go and stood up to pull off my jeans and panties. I keep my pubes shaved and love the feel of my fingers and of course other peoples fingers playing with my lady bits. I sat down on a chair and spread my labia explaining all the details. As I was doing this my outer lips began to expand and my clit extended. What I wanted at that moment was to rub my goodies but I retreated to remembering that this was about him not me.

“Ok Jerry now let me see what you’ve got.”

He slowly loosened his belt and unzipped his fly. His pants fell to the floor and he just stood there.

“Come on Jerry take them off.”

He untied his shoes took off his jeans and just stood there in his white briefs with no hint of an erection. I edged my chair up to him and pulled down his shorts. Every other guy that I’d done this with had his pole flying at this point. Jerry was uncircumcised with a foreskin etiler escort that looked about average size but not filled out with a limp dick.

“Does it get bigger when you have an erection?”

“Not much”

“Can I touch it?”

“If you want to.”

I took it between my fingers tips as that’s all there was to it unlike all the other guys I’d experienced. The foreskin was way longer than is dick but his balls were disproportionate and about average size. I gently played with them and stroked his dick. It did get firm but not hard and only about 2 inches long.

“Well young man it appears that there’s enough tissue but for some reason the corpora cavernosa aren’t being engorged. Do you have any problem emptying your bladder?”

“No, pissing isn’t a problem but if I’m not sitting on the can my pee gets all over the place.”

“I can imagine, how about when you orgasm?”

“Same thing, most to the time I masturbate in the shower.”

“Actually all that’s a good thing. It means that your urethra and prostate are functioning normally. More diagnoses are appropriate but right here isn’t the best place for it. Are you willing to come to my house tomorrow so that I can examine you further?”

“Do you mean right now?”

“No I want to do some research first. Can you come over around 10:00 tomorrow morning?”

“OK, what’s your address?”

I gave it to him and I needed to do was some reading and shopping. We closed up the center and I hit a well stocked sex toy store where I bought a penis pump. The thought of using this on him hopefully to get him to a bigger erection so that I could play with it. I was a little conflicted about why I was doing this. Was it the medical care or my sexual curiosity? Either way it was exciting.

Jerry showed up promptly and 10:00 and my folks were gone for the day. He brought donuts and I had coffee made. We chatted ideally until the donuts and coffee were gone and I suggested that we get in the hot tub. He was shy about getting completely naked but I pointed out that I’d seen his genitals at the fatih escort center yesterday. I asked him about what he liked to masturbate to and he got embarrassed but I persisted and told him what turned me on. I took his hand to my tit and he got into it quickly. I fondled his dick and balls which didn’t have the same reaction that every other guy I’d done that with but it was making me horny as hell. I guided his hand to my pussy he fingered me which felt wonderful. Even in the hot tub I could feel my pussy getting wet. I raised him up to set on the edge with his legs spread and took his tiny dick in my mouth. I could feel him grow a little and I had no problem at all getting the whole thing in my mouth which made me even more aroused.

We toweled off and went to my bedroom. I told him to lay on the bed and I kneeled between his legs. I’d picked up the pump and explained what I was going to do with it.

“Now jerry this shouldn’t hurt so you’ll have to tell me if I pull it too tight OK.”

He just nodded and started to pump gently watching his face for any sign of pain. It got him up to about 4 inches and he winced so I let it off a little.

“I’m going to stop there so that you can get used to it and I had to guess about the size of the ring to keep you hard. If it’s too tight we can stop and reload with a larger one then start over.”

He seemed calmer and I played with his balls and slid the ring onto the base of his dick. He winced again and asked him if he need a larger one. He said no and I took the pump off. Hardly gigantic but he had a nice shape and I put some lube on my hands and stroked him. He got that funny look of bliss and I gave him a blow job. I cupped his balls and he convulsed with an orgasm. I pulled back and finished him off with my hand. I couldn’t resist any longer and saddled him guiding his cock into my pussy. The penis ring kept him hard and it felt wonderful. I went slowly to that he stayed inside me and he played with my tits. My orgasm came quickly and I kept going until he came again.

What he lacked in size and experience he made up for with enthusiasm. It was like having a flesh and blood sex toy. I’d never had a guy to be that passive which was a lot of fun. We took off the ring and we laid there fondling. I gave him guidance to eat and finger me to another orgasm. While it was fun but not something I’m eager to do again. I gave him the pump and the number of a urologist, hopefully he’ll get some help.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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