A Snowy Night At Jason’s Ch. 1

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Snow was falling on Jason’s rustic, mountain hide away. We had plenty of firewood, booze, a bed with a fluffy down comforter, and a deliciously exotic bear skin rug that rests between the fireplace and the bed. The crackling fire cast an amber radiance on our naked bodies lying on the soft and sensual fur in front of the fireplace. Jason and I were keenly aware of the heady fragrance of my slightly perfumed pussy that filled the air around us.

My fingers dripped with the wetness of my own musk as I withdrew them from my supple mound and let them dance across his face. They touched his upper lip and drifted around his left cheek and under his chin and up again until they found the hot moistness of his waiting mouth. We both groaned almost inaudibly as his mouth enfolded my fingers anadolu yakası escort sucking the sweet nectar of my cunt.

I heard a deep and breathy moan as I straddled Jason’s throbbing dick. He was not inside me, but the lips of my pussy slide over the top of his penis pressing it against the soft skin of his lower abdomen. His dick was drenched. I was so wet it covered his dick , his balls, and his abdomen as I moved my clit over the shaft of his penis. I watched his face while sliding my pussy over his dick. Nothing can describe the look on your lover’s face when he rises to the brink of orgasm. I can take him to the brink again and again through the night. Its like the words of that song “…she can rub you in the night until your ataşehir escort skin turns red…” I’ve rubbed him for hours like this; bringing him to the very edge of orgasm and then reducing the pressure just long enough to keep him from coming.

I took Jason’s strong hands and placed them on my firm tits. I love to feel the contrast between masculine hands and my hands on the soft flesh of my breasts. I pressed my nipples between my thumb and his thumb. It made me groan with pleasure. I began to grind my pussy on the head of his dick. I slowly slid up and down from the head to the thickest part of Jason’s dick and with one hand I began to stroke my clit while pressing harder and harder on his well lubricated penis. I couldn’t control myself. I was bostancı escort breathing heavier and heavier, moaning and gasping, “I’m gonna come.” “Aaah!” I was almost breathless as I whispered, “you make my pussy so wet.” My teeth were grinding as I started to cum all over his slippery hard on.

I collapsed on his chest with the last moan of my first orgasm. I pressed my lips hard against his lips and pushed my tongue in and out of his mouth. My tongue filled his mouth with the most delightful warmth and softness. It stroked his tongue and the roof of his mouth. As my firm tits pressed against the flesh of his chest, my soft warm tongue caressed his mouth and the muffled groans of my passion slowly subsided until all that was heard was the sound of his heavy breathing and the sizzling fire in the fireplace.

My breathing began to normalize as he gently eased me over on my back. His long shaft easily found its target as his bulging erection filled my dripping cunt. I raised my knees and wrapped my smooth legs around his waist as we began the wonderful climb to another toe curling orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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