A Slave to Socks Ch. 12

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A slight jingling of the keys were heard as Robert worked to unlock the door to his dorm room. It was harder than it should have been, quite honestly, with…whatever the fuck he was feeling at the time currently causing his member to stand attention, cramped in its tight confines to the point where it was beginning to ache. Robert had asked Lexi a few times during the travel to his dorm just what the hell was going on, but she never gave a straight answer. At least not one he was willing to believe. That’s how stubborn the human mind could be, really. Always looking for a rational explanation until the last possible moment, where the visual evidence was simply impossible to ignore.

Finally, the wood door was pushed open, and Robert was more than willing to step inside to finally get away from the public atmosphere. It had to have been noticed, the way his cock was rock hard inside of his pants, as a result of something rubbing that tip so wonderfully. He had no idea how many eyes had noticed the rather large bulge as he walked, a bit hunched over to his dorm; and he honestly didn’t care, just as long as they weren’t looking anymore.

“Can you please tell me what the hell is going on, now?” Robert said, fumbling for the button on his pants to help alleviate the pressure, Lexi moving around him to go plop herself on the gaming chair next to the flatscreen with the PS4, placing her back down next to it. Blue eyes watched as the man finally undid the button, and quickly yanked down that zipper, that member stretching the white underwear even more now that it was free from the denim.

Robert wasn’t a bad looking man, if she was being honest with herself. Brown hair, brown eyes, and a rather toned, athletic body, probably played football with friends, or worked out at the gym or whatever men do to keep themselves fit these days, she didn’t care. Lexi was a runner herself, but was convinced this six foot one inch hunk of male spent most of his time under weights, than on a track. “Quite a package there, Robert. What is it? Eight inches? six?”

“six and a half” Lexi widened her eyes and feigned a shocked impression, before giggling. “Hmm…I suppose that half inch is important to guys, huh? Much like a kid turning five..and a half?”

“Look…Are you going to ans-” Robert stopped his question, watching as the lithe form slipped off the gaming chair to rest on her knees next to that large cock, licking her lips a bit as she shuffled a bit forward on her knees. That cock throbbed up and down just a bit, as the man assumed the reason she was down in that position. Wanting to make the meeting canlı bahis between his dick and her mouth connect faster, Robert tried to step forward, but found himself unable to. “…the fuck?”

“Oh, you thought I was going to suck you off?” A soft giggle, as Lexi looked back to her bag, the zipper to the largest compartment being opened up, and those white knee high socks with the three red stripes started to crawl their way out. The other girl’s Nike knee highs following suit. A soft smile formed on Lexi’s face upon seeing her mistresses, then looks back to Robert. “Didn’t believe me, did you?”

“Of course not.” Robert said, shaking his head, watching as those knee highs stood up on their own, as if feet were within them, walking over to stand next to the girl on her knees. “I still don’t believe it. What the hell is going on?”

“We’re going to show you the time of your life.” Tasha said before Lexi could say anything, causing Robert’s tennis shoes to force the large man over to his bed, his jeans dropping him on to it. Robert tried to fight it as both his shoes, pants, and underwear started to slip away, leaving him half naked with that six-and-a-half inch cock pointing at a steep angle, throbbing every so often. It wasn’t too long before his shirt did the same.

” I have this interesting fetish, Robert.” Lexi said, purring softly as she felt her own T-shirt pull away from her, lifting her arms up in the air to help her out. “I get so incredibly turned on by living clothing.” Next came her own panties and shorts, slipping off to form a humanoid figure that was the same shape and size as Lexi herself. A pair of Robert’s own leather gloves slipping out of a pile of clothing to join up as the hands, the living outfit rubbing those gloves over its rather full breasts. “Nothing is better, Robert. Not a cock in me, not a woman’s fingers. Not a cheap ass sex toy. Nothing.”

“So you get off on the Invisible Woman then.”

“Don’t do that, Robert.” Lexi sighed softly, “Living clothing is not an invisible person, you idiot. The clothing itself, is living. Thus Living Clothing.”

“Whatever. This is just….just.” Again robert found himself at a loss forwards as that living outfit moved to sit upon the bed, straddling him between the thighs of those shorts, those gloves tracing over that throbbing cock, causing him to swallow in anticipation.

“Just what?” Robert blinked, Lexi didn’t say that, but it was clearly her voice, if only a bit more sultry. The voice was heard again as a right glove grabbed that dick firmly, rubbing it gently. “Just stupid? Look at us, Robert. bahis siteleri We are about to give you the best handjob in your life, and you will want to call us stupid?”

That six-and-a-half inch cock started to leak, it’s pre starting to dribble down on to those black leather gloves as it started to rub up and down that shaft, the other one starting to cup those balls and fondle them, causing Robert to moan likely.

Lexi watched as Tasha jumped upon on the bed and walked, and for a moment felt a pang of guilt, fearing her mistresses were about to play with someone other than her, and a male at that. It was only a small victory noticing that those red striped knee highs walked around the man, but never allowed them to be touched by him.

Those Nike knee high socks however, seemed to be more than eager to climb their way up, moving to stand on Robert’s chest, the man quickly attempting to move his hands as if to push them away in disgust, even heard saying through gritted teeth, “Get these fucking things off me,” Before that shirt came back, moving to wrap itself around one hand, then catching the other, holding them up over his head.

“Rude.” Those knee highs said, kneading their toes into Robert’s chest. “We’ll forgive you though, hun. You’ll be begging for this once we are done anyway.”

“Isn’t this some sort of ‘rite of manhood’ anyway?” Yet another voice heard, Lexi’s own ankle socks slipping off of her feet to stand up and walk over to Robert, moving towards that raging cock being nursed by those gloves, glistening by the amount of pre that kept falling on them. “You probably used your own socks to catch your spunk when you were still in your teens, right? This is no different.”

“His sister’s socks, actually.” A male voice, causing Lexi to look around and try to see what her mistresses had animated. Blue eyes falling upon the dirty clothes basket to see it shifting about a bit, but seeing nothing coming out just yet. “Robert’s a bit of a fag, but he’s not completely gay.” The redhead giggled softly, and started to make her way over to that dirty clothes bin, starting to rummage through it.

“How the fuck are you doing this?” Robert tried to pull away from the shirt that bound his arms up over his head, and while his voice was still full of a lustful pleasure, trying to focus on the situation unfolding than the handjob Lexi’s outfit was giving him, taking a few deep breaths in order to help him a long. “Look. Please get the fuck off me. Ok? I don’t know how you are doing this, but please..just…leave me…”

“Not gonna happen, love.” Tasha said, pacing bahis şirketleri about on the bed as Robert struggled, his own blue jeans wrapping around his legs in a figure eight to keep them still as well. “In fact, you are making a bit too much noise. We personally would love making you a public scene for all your neighbors, but having them watch Lexi’s clothes get you off would, admittedly, cause problems. So you need to shut the fuck up.”

As if on queue, those Nike knee highs collapsed upon the chest, the toes of both socks lifting up and snaking their bodies around Robert’s neck tightly, the toes of the right sock moving to force its way inside of that man’s mouth before he could get out his first scream in protest, reducing it to a soft moan at best, to which those knee highs shivered a bit. “Hmm…feel free to suck us off, darling.”

“The thought has crossed his mind.” That male voice again, Lexi having dug through the dirty clothes deep enough to find a pair of white knee highs with three stripes at the top, a black, grey, black pattern. Lexi smiled wide upon seeing them. “Hasn’t it Robert? We know what you’d like to do with Jacob’s prick.”

Lexi giggled while Robert moaned out in protest, those gloves working that cock and balls well enough to get him wanting for more, before slipping away to press themselves on his abdomen, sliding their way upwards, Lexi’s outfit stretching out until it was practically laying on top of him, those firm breasts pressing against Robert’s rock hard chest while those gloves slide up those arms, gripping him at the wrists. At this angle, Lexi thought it almost looked as though those Nike knee highs were in a position to act as a tongue, the left sock shoved deep in his mouth, while the right was seen massaging and caressing his left cheek in a soothing manner. Lexi’s own anklets took over at that cock, the right anklet snaking their way to slip their cuff over that tip, gripping tight around it as though it was a mouth embracing that member, the soft poly-cotton fabric rubbing right under the top, causing the man to moan softly as he melted under the unusual touch.

The redhead leaned down to Rober’s knee high, pursing her lips to prepare to give the toes a soft kiss in welcome, before the long white socks collapsed to the ground before she could reach them. Blue eyes watched as those dirty knee high stood up on their own, their leggings sliding up as if a hand was pulling them up slowly. Once done, Lexi gasped as the socks lifted their left foot to press against Lexi’s face, pushing her other like back as they stood up on her face. A heavy moan came from the redhead, a tongue coming out to lick at the socks heel.

“Hey boys,” those knee high seemed to call out, the sound of Robert’s sock drawer opening up gently. “Come help us show Robert how to properly fuck a woman.”

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