A Sister’s Sacrifice

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Joy knew that Charlie was using again. She’d suspected it for a while, but she hadn’t wanted to confront him and find out the truth. Now he was sitting on her couch and confessing it all to her, begging for her to help him. He was telling her about a doctor he had found on the east side of town who could help him out. He just needed her help with the fees.

“I don’t have any money to spare, Charlie”

“I don’t want your money, Sis. What I need is to bring you with me. He said if I brought you with me I could start on his rehab program.”

“He will give you free rehab if I just show up. Charlie nobody gives anything away for free.”

Joy could tell he was hiding something and it took her a while to get it out of him. At first she was shocked and horrified. but she loved her little brother a lot, and listening to him beg for her help just broke her 22 year old heart.

“Are you sure this guy can’t do anything?”

“Yeah, he told me so. He’s real old and he’s kind of frail, but he likes to look. All you’d have to do is come with me tomorrow night and he’ll start my treatment. While I’m getting the IV medication he has invented to end addiction, all you have to do is get undressed for him and let him jerk off while he watches you masturbate. No faking though. He wants you to show him YOUR cum and lick it off your fingers. “

“Geez, Charlie, that is a little kinky.”

“I know it sounds strange, but who would it hurt, and you would be saving me.”

Joy reluctantly agreed to accompany her brother to see Dr. DuFay. His office was not in one of the modern buildings down town, but in an old Victorian mansion complete with turrets and stained glass windows. After being admitted by a manservant, the brother and sister were lead into a small sitting room, which opened onto a sort of infirmary, which contained a hospital bed and an IV set up.

When the doctor entered the room he made Joy’s skin crawl. He was in a motorized wheel chair and looked like someone had taken him out of the grave. His bony fingers were nearly skeletal and Joy shivered as he held her small hand in both of his bony ones.

“You are as lovely as your brother described. Did he tell you what I require of you?”

“Yes, he did.”

“And you agree?”

Joy nodded her head, too embarrassed to speak in front of this repulsive man. It was only her love for Charlie, that made her continue.

“Charlie, unbutton her blouse so that I can see her breasts, but don’t remove her bra.”

Joy and Charlie both looked uncomfortable. Although they had talked freely about their sexual exploits to each other, they had never crossed the line of incest. Dr. DuFay seemed to halkalı escort assume that it was the most natural thing in the world for a brother to expose his sister’s tits.

Joy was having second thoughts, but she could read the pleading in Charlie’s eyes and she allowed him to open each button and slowly remove her blouse.

“Beautiful, my angel. How big are your tits?”

“Forty-two DD.”

“I like the little lace bra you have on. Leave it for now. Charlie, remove her skirt and slide it down over her hips slowly. “

Charlie obeyed, but in order to slide the skirt down slowly he had to keep his hands on his sisters hips.”

“What do you think , Charlie, Is she beautiful?”

“Our agreement was for me to masturbate in front of you, not for you to make my brother molest me. “

“Ah, you have spirit. I like that.. Very well, then, go ahead.”

The last thing Joy felt like doing was masturbating in front of her brother and this strange weird man. Try as she may she could not stimulate herself enough to cum. The doctor only glanced over his shoulder at her once in a while, as he got the IV started with a clear saline drip. He had two smaller bags, which he was preparing to start piggy-back, but he left that task unfinished while he waited for Joy to produce results.

“Having trouble?”

“I guess I’m nervous.”

“Well perhaps another day.” “No! Please Joy. I can’t go on like this.”

“Can’t you help him.” Pleaded his sister.

“Why should I? What’s in it for me? You won’t even cum for me. Of course there is an alternative.”

Dr. DuFay then went on to explain his latest invention He called it his fuck chair. He led Joy into another room and instructed her to put on a headset where she would hear instructions. She would answer all questions honestly and if she would agree to do that, and try out his chair, he would start Charlie’s IV. He handed her a silk robe and showed her into another room where she would “talk” to his computer and tell it her deepest desires.

Left by herself, Joy didn’t see any harm in being honest when she answered all the questions. Most of them were sexual in nature. How she liked certain body parts stimulated, what her favorite fantasies were, how she liked her lover to speak to her. She was also asked what type of penetration she found exciting. It took nearly 45 minutes to complete the programming. When she was finished she returned to the office to see an odd looking appliance in the middle of the room. It somewhat resembled an exercise bike and indeed she mounted it the way you would mount a bike. There were places olgun escort for her arms to fit comfortably and the mid section supported her so that she could lean forward on it.

The machine moved and adjusted to her body so that she was perfectly comfortable and relaxed. Another head set was placed over her ears and a blindfold covered her eyes.

“Oh honey!” the machine sighed in a deep masculine voice which sent shivers through her body. There were subtle movements, which felt to her as though her ass was being squeezed and her breasts were being caressed. The machine seemed to sense exactly how and where she longed to be touched. A moan escaped her lips. As her ass cheeks were pulled slightly apart and what felt like a wet tongue began to move around her anus. Slow sensual music accompanied the experience. It didn’t take Joy long to forget where she was and begin moving against the artificial tongue

The chair could do things to her that no one person would be capable of. It could tongue her ass and her pussy at the same time while rubbing her inner thighs and stimulating her tits. Tantalizingly, she felt a hard cock pressed against her pussy and she kept moving to try to impale herself on it.

“Oh Please, please, Fuck me!” she cried out.

In instant response the cock entered her a few inches and pumped in and out of her wet cunt. She pushed harder at it trying to meet the strokes.

“Oh God, more, please, more.”

“You cunt, you whore, beg me!”

Joy had always been excited by the idea of being called names, by her lover, but she had never had the nerve to tell anyone she had been intimate with before. Hearing the machine speak to her this way made her wild with desire.

“Deeper, fuck me deeper” she begged

The cock penetrated her a little more tantalizing her and driving her crazy until her whole body screamed to be fucked hard. In and out of her the artificial cock pumped like a jack-hammer. When the orgasm came she was breathless. She wrapped her legs tight around the machine in an effort to keep it inside of her.

In low seductive tones the machine told her she was hot and how much it loved fucking her. It soothed her until her breathing calmed a bit from her orgasm and then it began to build her passion again.

She felt its hands on her bum prying her ass cheeks apart and telling her that it was going to fuck her ass because she was such a slut. At the same time it squeezed her erect nipples just enough to hurt her quiet pleasantly. She had always wanted to be fucked in the ass, but she was a little fearful şişli escort about the pain.. No sooner had that thought been in her mind then the machine told her that it wouldn’t hurt her and that she would love it.

The dildo pushed into her eager ass. It was just the right size to fill her up and let her know that she had a cock up her ass, but it entered her and then expanded so that she had no pain.

“Oh yes,” she screamed. .”Fuck my ass. Ram it into me”

The machine obliged and read her mind of wanting a cock up her pussy as well. She felt a penis pushing into her wet vagina and what felt like another one in her mouth as well. All three cocks pushed in and out of her in perfect synchronization with her own passion. Hands held her head as the dildo fucked her mouth. It also felt like hands were on her hips and on her waist at the same time her breasts were being squeezed as well. Meanwhile the voice in her ears was calling her all the favorite names she had hoped to hear during sex.

As the machine sensed her body reaching its moment of orgasm it exploded in warm fluids as she came, giving her the distinct feeling that she had been fucked well by three men. The doctor allowed her to lie there for a few minutes while he unstrapped her from the apparatus. When she stood she could hardly walk. Dr. Dufay wheeled his chair over from behind the desk and stuck his index finger into her juicy snatch and licked her cum off his finger.

“Mmmmm, my dear.” He crooned as he dipped his fingers into her wet snatch. It appears that you like my little toy. Perhaps Charlie and I can persuade you to come back again for another visit. “

Joy could not speak. She was torn between being embarrassed at her sexual display before her brother and this strange odd man and her lust for the machine, which had just given her the greatest sex she had ever had. Deep in her heart, she knew that she had to experience it again.

“Well Charlie, it seems your sister likes my machine and it seems that you liked watching her being fucked by a mechanical device. ” Dr. DuFay was clearly enjoying her power. He moved his motorized chair so that he was directly facing Joy. “Suck your brothers cock, and I will let you return for another visit.”

Joy was horrified, but she didn’t hesitate much, she wanted that machine again. She moved over to her brother and pulled back the covers revealing his hard on and before he could protest she began licking his long shaft and taking him into her mouth. Even the repulsive touch of the doctor as he probed her cunt lips did not deter her. She could feel Charlie grab hold of her head and push her down on his shaft as it exploded into her mouth. Both brother and sister were shocked by what they had just done.

“Now I think you should give your sister a kiss and taste your spunk in her lovely mouth. Not many sisters would sacrifice so much to help their brother. Shall we set up another visit for next Friday?”

The smug look on the Doctors face said it all. His body may be failing him, but he could still enjoy the power of sexual control.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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