A Siblings Love Tale. Pt. 03

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I would advise that you go and read the first two parts of the story if you have not already done so.

To those of you who have read and rated my previous stories and chapters. A very big Thank you.

Now what do you say we get on with the story. Here goes…


Part 3 – The calendar

“I should call the others so we can get lunch started.” Sammi said as we got out of the shower. She grabbed a towel, dried her legs and then walked out of the bathroom whilst still drying the rest of her body, calling out to Vanessa and Jessy as she went.

I grabbed a towel, dried my legs and followed her. This whole new outlook on my sisters had me intrigued. I discovered very quickly that I loved watching their naked bodies in motion. Not one of my sisters were masculine, their bodies showed every sign of femininity, yet watching the movement of those ever so subtle muscles work below the surface of their smooth skin had my emotions walking on tight wires.

Right now, it was the movement of muscles in Sammi’s ass that had my attention.

“Oh good, you’ve already started.” Sammi said to Vanessa and Jessy as she walked into the kitchen. “What can I do?”

They must have come in right after Sammi lead me from Jason’s room to the shower. I walked through the kitchen and out the back door to hang our towels on the line out back to dry. I had taken Sammi’s from her as I walked past. When I came back into the kitchen Sammi had already made herself busy, so I walked up to the counter and stood there watching all three of them as they prepared lunch. I had no idea what either of them was doing, my focus was on their bodies. My eyes watching one then darting to the next. It was difficult to decide which one and which part to watch.

At one point it was all a bit of a blur, breasts were bobbing up and down, stomach muscles tensing and relaxing, asses sticking out, shoulder blades moving in sort of circular motions. Thigh and calve muscles becoming more defined as one or the other tip toed while reaching for something in an overhead cabinet. A hand took mine and started pulling, I looked round to see who it was.

“Come on.” Kim said as my eyes met with hers.

“Where?” I asked.

“Sammi says we need to fix that before lunch.” she said pointing at my cock with her other hand.

I looked down to see that my cock was hard. Watching the girls bodies in the kitchen had really got me worked up. I couldn’t remember if Kim had walked in and Sammi had spoken to her or if Sammi had called her. Watching them had sort of put me into a hypnotic state. I went with Kim without protest, she led me into the family room where Judy and Val were sitting on the sofa facing each other playing cards.

“Do you two want to help with this?” she asked them.

Both girls looked up to see what Kim was referring to.

“Oh I’m sure you can take care of that.” Replied Val “This is a revenge match we’ve got going here.” She didn’t even bother checking with Judy.

They went back to their game while Kim led me out of the family room, down the hallway and into her room. She turned round, put her arms around me and turned her head up to kiss me. As her lips met mine, she pulled my body up against hers, trapping my cock between her legs as she did. I put my arms around her, taking an ass cheek in each hand and pulled her pelvis hard against mine. She backed up, pulling me along with her till she was up against her closet, then lifted her istanbul escort legs up one by one and locked them together behind my back.

Making sure I had a firm grip on her ass cheeks to support her, she slid a hand down between us to guide the head of my cock to her pussies entrance. Using her other arm around my neck, she pulled herself up enough to manoeuvre my cock into her. As I felt her slide all the way onto my cock, she brought her arm up and interlocked her fingers behind my neck.

“Let go of my ass so you can lift my legs up beside your head.” She told me.

I let go off one ass cheek, slid that arm down between myself and her leg, as I did this she unhooked her feet and allowed me to lift it up so that her calf was resting along my chest with her foot up in the air near my ear. I put my hand back under her ass to support her while I repeated this with her other leg. My cock was buried deeper inside her than I could have possibly imagined.

“You were a virgin until last night.” I said “How do you know this position?” I asked.

“After what happened yesterday, I got curious about different things, so I did some research on the internet.” She explained. “Now stop talking and enjoy it.”

I started pumping my hips, looking down as I did. Watching my cock slide in and out of my sisters bald pussy from this angle was really nice. She must have been enjoying this position because she was soon moaning with pleasure.

“Stop, stop, stop.” She suddenly blurted out.

“Are you ok?” I asked, in a bit of a panic.

“Yes I’m fine, I just don’t want to cum so soon.” She panted. “Let’s move to the bed.”

I moved my hands up to her lower back to support her weight better so that I wouldn’t drop her as I drew her away from the wall. I carried her over to the bed still impaled on my cock.

“Who’s on top?” I asked as we reached her bed.

She looked at me with a bit of a confused look on her face, her brow slightly furrowed, but before I could clarify, her face changed. From the smoothing out of her brow, the naughty look in her eye to this part mischievous part innocent smile on her lips. She was stunning.

“I am going to ride you like a rodeo!” she exclaimed in the best husky-ish voice she could muster. It sounded sexy enough for me.

I turned so my back was to her bed, bending my knees as we rotated. I first sat then lay down. The moment my back touched the bed, Kim pulled her feet off of my shoulders and placed them on the bed between my arms and chest, placing her hands on my thighs behind her ass. Never allowing my cock to slip out of her. She started sliding back and forth, her position still allowing me a perfect view of that lovely shaved pussy of hers with the base of my cock sticking out of it.

Watching her pussy slide along my cock was quickly bringing me to my orgasm. I don’t know if Kim could sense it or if hers was drawing closer, but she started pumping her hips faster. Seconds later I exploded inside her, but with her pumping so fast I don’t think she felt it. A few seconds after my orgasm, she folded her legs under her, flopped down onto my chest and lay there, her body going through these minute convulsions. I noticed that her minute convulsions were timed quite well with the throbbing of my cock.

We lay there for a few minutes, neither of us moving. When Kim got herself under control and her breathing became regular, avcılar escort she lifted her head off my chest and kissed me, no tongue, just a long closed mouth kiss. If I had been counting, I probably would have reached four mississippi.

She lifted herself off of me. My cock slid out of her and flopped down to hang over my balls. As she put first one leg and then the other onto the floor I reached out and brushed my fingers along her pussy. Just before she got back far enough to be out of reach, she stopped and moved forward then back, a gentle rocking movement to rub her pussy along my fingers. Then she took my hand, bent to kiss my fingers and placed it on my chest.

“Later,” She said with a smile. “Now, we have to get cleaned up for lunch.”

She walked out the room and headed for the bathroom, I got up and followed. When I walked in she was running water over a face cloth. Then she wrung it out and came over to me, clutching my limp cock with the cloth. She cleaned it gently, taking care to pull back my foreskin so she could clean the head too. When she was done, she handed me the face cloth.

“Your turn.” She said, turning around so she could bend over in front of me.

I got down on my haunches and saw that most of our mixture of love juice had escaped from her pussy and was running down the insides of her legs. I first cleaned her pussy as best I could, then made my way down both legs making sure I got every bit of it. When I was done, I leaned forward and planted a kiss on her pussy lips, then without thinking, planted another on her starfish.

She stood up, turned around and said “That felt funny, but nice.” She took the cloth from my hand, rinsed it out in the basin and hung it over the rail.

By this time I had stood up and as she walked past me she tugged gently on my cock. “Let’s go see if lunch is ready.”

Everyone was either at the table or finishing up in the kitchen, except Jason.

“John, could you get Jason to come for lunch?” Judy asked “The last I saw he was still lying on his bed.”

I walked down the hallway and stopped at his door. He was still lying on his bed, but now he was lazily stroking his fully erect cock while staring into space.

I turned around, went back to the kitchen “He’s going to need a hand,” I said “or he will be bringing a guest to the table.”

This last bit was an expression used by my dad one day when I had an erection when coming for a meal, When he noticed it he had said, “Bringing a guest, I see.” This expression was short lived. My mom immediately restricted our presence at the table in cases like that.

“I’ll go deal with it.” Val said looking at the others.

“Ok, but make it quick.” Sammi replied.

Five minutes later Val came back in.

“That was really quick!” Kim exclaimed knowing that ‘fixing’ mine had taken much longer.

“I just took over from him and sped up the process.” She said simply. “He’s cleaning himself up and will be here shortly.” One would have thought by the tone of her response that she had been doing that sort of thing all the time, but that was Val, nothing ever seemed a problem or irregular to her.

During lunch Sammi mentioned that she needed Jason and I to go do some grocery shopping. Being a Sunday, the nearest place open to get what she needed was 5 blocks away. Jason agreed with me that a walk would be nice since we didn’t have much to carry on our return trip. When we finished şirinevler escort lunch, the girls started cleaning up while Jason and I went to put some clothes on. By the time we left they had most of it done.

It was a beautiful day, but other than that, our walk and conversation was pleasant. When we got back to the house a little over an hour later and put down the grocery bags, we were both handed a sheet of paper each. I looked at mine.

It was a handmade calendar of sort that looked something like this.

Monday – Sammi

Tuesday – Val / Judy

Wednesady – Your own

Thursday – Sammi

Friday – Jessy / Vanessa

Saturday – Your choice

Sunday – Kim

Underneath the calendar there was this little note.

“If for any reason neither of the designated girls are available you are free to choose.”

I looked up at Kim who had handed me mine and asked “What is this?”

“It’s your calendar, you may sleep in the room or either of the rooms of the person or people whose names are on that day. On Wednesdays you can sleep in your own if you prefer. These calendars are basically guide lines, not rules.”

“What if I don’t prefer to sleep in my own room?” I asked, thinking about how nice it had been waking up next to someone.

“Well, then you can choose whose room to sleep in, but if you are never going to sleep in your room then we can change it into something else.” She replied looking from me to Jason then back to me again meaning that she was talking to both of us.

“I want to keep my room.” Jason said

“I’ll think about it.” I said, taking Jason’s calendar from him.

I looked at it, his was similar to mine.

Monday – Your own

Tuesday – Kim / Judy

Wednesday – Val

Thursday – Your own

Friday – Sammi

Saturday – Jessy / Vanessa

Sunday – Your choice

The same note was written under his.

Family meetings had been a big thing in our house for as long as I could remember. When our parents died we continued them as they had worked quite well. We discussed issues with the house, the family business and anything else we thought was important to all of us. It was obvious to both Jason and I that the girls had had one while we were out.

“Why don’t we put these away and then all of us go outside, it’s a beautiful day out there.” I said, handing Jason’s calendar back to him.

“Just leave them on the table for now.” Kim said, “They have your names on the back.”

We put them on the table, Jason and I quickly stripped off our clothes and draped them over one of the chairs. We all went out into the garden to take advantage of the lovely weather.

“Oh, I almost forgot!” Vanessa exclaimed sitting up on her sun lounger. “Aunt Rhoda called, they want to come visit in 2 weeks. She said they would like to stay for a couple of weeks if that is ok.”

Aunt Rhoda is our mother’s sister, she is a widower with two sons and a two daughters. Her oldest, David, is about Sammi’s age (twenty six), her daughters Melanie and Lisa are twins, they are twenty and the other son Josh is sixteen. So I asked “Who is ‘they’?”

“It will just be her and the two girls, David has moved into an apartment with his girlfriend and Josh is going on some camping trip with one of his friends. She says the twins are missing us” She replied.

Since there was no reason any of us could think of that they shouldn’t come, it was decided that one of us would call her with the ‘ok’.

Vanessa said she would do that.

The end of part 3


If you have enjoyed following our lives so far, then do not despair, there will be more.

I would also like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for staying with me this long. I hope to see you at the end of every chapter that follows.

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