A Shower turns to Something Else

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Seth had help Feilan move a washer and dryer into her apartment. It was a scorcher outside and his t-shirt was soaked with sweat.

Feilan was hooking up the water and the plug-ins when she noticed how hot and sweaty Seth was. “Hey if you want you can use the shower first. I won’t be done here for a bit.”

He nodded with a smile and walked into the bathroom leaving the door open and stripped off his shirt, then the rest of his clothing. He turned the water on testing it for the right temperature.

She didn’t have the right wrench. Feil went into the kitchen to get the right one. On the way she noticed the door open to the bathroom and went to see if Seth needed anything. What she saw made her hotter then he’d been before.

Seth turned around and smiled. “Hi Feil… you look like you could use a shower too… want to join me?” His cock was hardening as he gazed at the beautiful sexy woman in front of him.

“Um…I uh…that is…you sure about this?” she asked not taking her eyes off of him.

He smiled. “You’re overdressed aren’t you? Get comfortable and come over here… how’s that for an answer?”

Blushing she just nodded. God when did her mouth go so dry? Tearing her eyes off him she got undress. Looking up she still just stood there watching him.

Seth looked her up and down and then deep into her eyes raised his hand to her. “Come to me.” He smiled, and wanted to taste those lips… taste the rest of her.

Taking his hand she let him pull her to him. She gasped at the feel of his hard body and looked up into his eyes. “Um… what now?”

He didn’t speak at first, instead he leaned down and captured her lips with his, kissed her deeply and longingly. “Do you feel me against you?” He asked while nibbled on her ear.

Shivers ran up and down her as she felt his breath and lips against her ear. She’d dreamed about this but had never actually thought it would ever happen. Slowly sliding her hands down his back and around and up to his chest, Feilan whispered, “Yes I do.”

Seth nibbled his way down her cheek. Inhaling her scent and knowing all the things he want to do to her and have her do to him. “Then feel me…” His cock hard and throbbing.

Finally getting a hold of herself, she smiled at him. “I thought I was.” she teased. Sliding her hands over his chest she rubbed his flat nipples till they were pebbled then leaned in and sucked one into her mouth.

He smiled and slid his hands along her body and rubbed her pendik escort breasts before capturing her mouth with his. His hand rubbing her ass… His mouth descended to her soft and delicate throat.

She groaned and let her head fall back to give him better access. Sliding one hand down Feilan captured Seth’s cock and slowly measured the length of it. “Yer not a little boy are you?”

Seth loved the feeling of her hand caressing him. “No I’m not, why don’t you find out how a man tastes Feil.” He watched her.

Biting his nipple once she slowly kissed and nibbled her way down his stomach. She licked the water off his navel and rubbed her chin against his erection. Feilan wanted this to last and wanted Seth to never forget it.

He ran his hands through her hair and watched her. He enjoyed every caress of her mouth and feel of her against him. He was savoring this, something he had wanted so badly for so long.

She knelt down and stroked him with her cheek. Slower still she cupped his balls with the other hand while she kept pumping him. Squeezing lightly with both hands Feil touched the tip of her tongue to the mushroom head of his cock. Licking the dew off she wrapped her tongue all the way around him and looked up to see his reaction.

Seth’s intake of breath was hard. His head tilted back as he felt her tongue on his shaft, then look down with a smile. His jaw muscles clenched and released over and over.

Pulling him into her mouth, Feilan began a slow sucking and scraping to heighten the sensation for him.

Seth closed his eyes enjoying the sensations assailing him, he moaned as he felt her mouth engulf him.

Sucking him in deeper and deeper she felt him flex against her. This was the part she loved most, having a sexy guy like Seth under her control if only for a few moments of pure pleasure. Slower still she pulled back scraping her teeth along his hard length all the way to the tip. Nipping the hole she then licked down the underside to take his balls into her mouth.

Seth’s intake of breath as she sucked his balls was getting him closer than he wanted. He pulled her up and kissed her deeply. A finger rubbed her pussy and found how wet she was, so he pulled her in his arms and took her to the bedroom. “Sorry baby but I am hungry for your pussy.” He sat her on the bed then laid her back. He nipped her body from her breast down in kisses and small bites.

Feilan squirmed and shivered under şerifali escort Seth’s on slot of her body. It felt so good to be touched by him, better then her dreams of him had been. Groaning she buried her hands in his thick hair, loving everything he was doing to her.

His mouth kissed around her pussy. His tongue lapping up the moisture then licked her pussy, tasting her, enjoying it. He was soon suckling her clit and rubbing her pussy.

Feil moaned and pushed her hips up to his mouth. Lightning was coursing through her from when he suckled her making her almost jump. She was close but not nearly close enough. “Seth please! I…” she groaned as more flames flickered through her.

Seth’s tongue pushed deep into her, while he fingered her ass. The other hand rubbed her pussy. “You taste wonderful Feil…Mmmm…”

Fisting her hands into the bedding Feilan thrust her hips at him harder. The feel of double penetration was always a whammy for her. She liked it a lot but didn’t advertise it. “Please Seth! I want you now!”

Seth looked up at her with knowing eyes. “You want me in your pussy or your ass Feil?” His fingers continued to pump inside her.

Growling deep in her throat Feil bucked against his mouth and said, “BOTH!”

Seth pulled up her leg and moved his cock into her and started to thrust harder and harder into her pussy. “How do you like that? Want it harder? You know I’m going to do your ass next, after I finish with your pussy. You’re gonna have to clean my cock before I work on your ass.”

“Yes harder! Shut up and kiss me!” Feil grabbed his head and pulled him down for a deep kiss. Tasting herself on his lips she delved her tongue deep into his mouth wanting the taste of him to last forever.

Seth kept thrust into her with his cock and now his tongue. It was better than he’d ever believed it could be. He kept thrusting harder and harder into her.

Sucking on his tongue Feilan clenched her pussy hard around him. Every time his thrust in she tightened up.

Seth thrust into her harder and faster feeling her pulling at him. He pulled his cock out of her, glistening with her juices. “Clean my cock, because I am going to cum in your ass Feil… like that babe?”

“Yes!” Curling her tongue around him Feilan licked him clean.

He turned her over then reached down into her pussy with two fingers. “Ah yes lubrication…” Seth rubbed the fingers against Feilan’s anus then silivri escort slowly eased his cock into her. He slowly started to pump, slowly increased the speed of his thrusts. “How does that feel baby?”

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm! Don’t stop, Seth, please don’t stop! Harder Baby, I need it harder!” she cried out then shoved two fingers up her pussy to help her along.

Seth kept increasing his speed and the force of his thrusts as he plowed into her ass. A hand grasped her flaming red hair as if he was riding a horse. He continued to thrust in Feil.

Feeling his balls slapping against her Feilan reached back and tickled them to see what Seth would do.

Seth smiled and reached down and rubbed her pussy. “I need something to drink…” He then pulled back his hand and sucked on his fingers.

Feilan was a little shocked by Seth’s actions. She’d never seen him like this before or ever dreamed that any of this would ever really happen. What she found most shocking of all was that she liked him this way! “Seth! Please!”

Seth thrust into her and smiled. “Please what, Feil?” He kept thrusting harder and harder.

“YES! Harder Baby please!” she cried out.

He increased and thrust harder and harder. “Want me to cum in you Feil? Want me to cum in your ass?”

“YES! Please Seth please!” It was all Feilan could do not to scream out as he continued to pound into her.

He gritted his teeth as he felt the pressure build up in his cock and soon flooded Feilan’s ass with his cum….

Feilan’s whole body went tight the same time that he came. Her orgasm hit her hard and in waves. It washed over her and ripped through her so hard she screamed at last.

Seth gently lowered her down and he followed slowly pumping in her as together they soon lay side by side… his cock still in her. “Was it as good as you had hoped for Feil?”

“Hoped for?” That came out in a gasp. “Dreamed about, yes. Hoped for, no. No I didn’t let myself hope for this ever. It was better then my dreams though.” Then she thought about it. “How long have you hoped for this Seth?”

Seth held her close and kissed her gently. “From the first time I met you Feil… the very first time.”

“Really? That long ago? But you never said anything… We waisted all this time…” she laid her head back against his chest so she could snuggle closer. “So what do we do now?”

Seth smiled and kissed her again. “Anything we want… where do you want to go Feil?” He felt her body as it conformed to his and closed his eyes enjoying it.

“How bout we just stay right here for the next century or so?” Feil joked tipping her head back to kiss the underside of his jaw. “To me that would be perfect.”

Seth held her tighter and ran a free hand over her body. “Sounds like heaven on earth to me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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