A Second Meeting

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Pete and Jade were chatting online regularly now, despite being some 257 miles apart; taking full advantage of social media to stay in touch.

Having regularly taught the issues with social media in his job as an ICT teacher, Pete was suddenly discovering the virtues, and could easily empathize with pupils, desperate to discover the content of the latest message from a friend. During the course of each day it seemed as if they constantly needed to tell each other how much they wanted to be together, and to share every significant moment, thought, or feeling during the day.

For Pete most of these significant moments involved him thinking how good it would be for him to have an opportunity to see Jade, he knew her home situation was tricky, photos became more daring, Pete was getting to see more and more of Jade’s beautiful body and fantastic tits. He was equally keen on showing her his own physique too, particularly his cock.

Each evening they would fall asleep either end of an FB conversation. They also would regularly wake up and have a morning conversation. It was clear to anyone looking on that they would both have preferred falling asleep and waking up in each other’s arms. But circumstances made that impossible. What they had was the next best thing, being there for each other, and it was special to both of them.

It was during one of these evening conversations that Jade let slip that Anthony had been in touch. He had been away combining a short holiday with the sorting out of some foreign business in Majorca. He was to return later this week, and high on his bucket list was a visit to see Jade. On discovering this Pete suddenly felt that familiar knot in his stomach, he was insanely jealous without a doubt, Anthony would get to see Jade in person, sample the delights of her beautiful body, and more perhaps.

However knowing they were going to meet made him very excited, knowing his cock would get hard, from hearing from Jade precisely how the meeting went. She would tease him with how good his cock tasted in her mouth, how it quickly hardened at her touch and how far it reached to the depths of her pussy, stimulating and exciting her. She knew this made him hard.

The day of the meeting soon arrived, Jade had made a few subtle references as to how much she was looking forward to the event, knowing she was going to feel the full length of his cock inside her. That morning she described her underwear to Pete, some of her sexiest, and most provocative, it was clear she wanted Anthony to enjoy seeing and removing the soft fabric, to reveal her most intimate parts, her wet pussy and beautiful soft tits. Her dress was black, this was her favourite colour, and sure to please Anthony. It fitted her curves perfectly and she would ensure it would be no barrier to Anthony’s exploring hands. She looked and felt dirty, in a very sensual and sexy way.

Pete watched his phone intently, eager to hear what she was wearing, particularly interested by the lingerie she had chosen, would she be wearing stockings? He loved hearing in detail, lingerie was a fetish of his, and an image formed in his mind, his cock hardened.

Work that day was only three lessons, he hoped to be finished in time to relax, and enjoy the experience. His imagination would be firmly focused on what Jade and Anthony were doing. On this particular day his mind was never on teaching for long, filled with thoughts of Jade being fucked, and of her enjoying Anthony’s cock. His attention was constantly on the phone, looking for a message, had he arrived? Were they fucking? Was she sucking his cock?

Jades phone rang, it was Anthony, she instinctively cast a look across the corridor to the conference room, the table she could see brought back fond memories of fucking. She answered using her business voice, but quickly adjusted to her friendly, sexy tone, she was in such a provocative and sexy mood.

They quickly dispensed with business, and discussion became quite risqué Jade making it obvious she was looking forward to seeing and sucking his beautiful cock. Anthony was strangely tuned on by her mood and wanted to drive round casino şirketleri straight away, but business priorities dictated that he would arrive late afternoon.

Jade messaged Pete, the meeting would take place late afternoon, she toyed with his mind, including in her message that she couldn’t wait to see Anthony and feel his cock in her mouth and pussy, she knew this would excite him, she cared about his feelings, but wanted him to feel jealousy, combined with extreme excitement at the thought of her being fucked, feeling Anthony’s impressive cock deep in her moist pussy.

Pete could not resist checking his phone as it buzzed, he would soon finish work and wanted to be home reasonably early, to monitor the situation. His stomach knotted as he read the message, his imagination torturing his brain with images of Jades mouth around Anthony’s cock. He noticed however that despite his discomfort his cock was hardening, a part of him was sexually aroused and of course he looked forward to hearing in detail about this particular meeting.

Anthony arrived at the nursing home where Jade worked, he was her boss, so this was work, or so everyone else would think. As he walked up the path he was aware of the admiring eyes of some of the nurses upon him, but there was one nurse on his mind, she was in the doorway. He feasted his eyes on her beautiful face, smiling in a sexy, irresistible sensuous way. He found it difficult to tear his eyes from her face, but a compulsion to take in the remainder of her body, her beautiful tits, gorgeous figure and shapely legs overcame him and he felt a stirring, as his cock started to harden. There was something more confident, more sensual about her, this was going to be an unforgettable meeting.

Jade stood at the door, she had seen his Aston Martin arrive and park. She was determined to be calm and in control, hide the intense desire she had for a cock, deep in her now moistening pussy. She couldn’t help but admire his athletic build, he looked after himself and collective hours at the gymnasium had retained not only his looks but his stamina, which she would be testing later. They shook hands publicly, both parties holding a little longer than might be considered professional courtesy, an indication of their desperation to get each other’s hands on the other’s bodies.

A short visit by Anthony to the toilet gave Jade the opportunity she wanted, she picked up her phone and quickly composed a message to Pete, “A has arrived, looking fit”, “I can’t wait to undress him” as she hit the send button she felt a strange wickedness, she was in full control of these two guys, they were both hers to enjoy. She knew Pete well enough to know he would be excited, his cock hardening, his imagination going wild.

As Anthony followed Jade up the stairs to the separate flat where Jade was staying he couldn’t help but admire her beautiful ass, he wanted to feel it, and thought for an instant what it would feel like to have his cock buried deep inside. His cock was already forcing itself against his shorts, desperate to be freed by this beautiful woman. The expectation and anticipation he was feeling was evident from the significant bulge in his trousers.

When they reached the top of the stairs they entered the flat, as the door closed their bodies immediately fused, their lips met, and they kissed. Jade became instantly aware of the obvious effects of her sexuality on him; enjoying his hard cock pressing against her abdomen. She lowered her hand and stroked his cock through his trousers, feeling the full length of it’s hard shape. She was always impressed by its shape and form, she loved cock, and knew this one well, now she was certain she was going to enjoy the fruits of her seduction.

They had been in this situation and location quite a few times, but something seemed different to them both. They were both sexually charged, the earlier phone call was more suggestive than any previous ones and had seemed to set the tone for what was to follow.

They spent a few minutes quite frantically exploring each other’s bodies, kissing passionately, almost desperate to remove casino firmaları each other’s clothes, and fuck. Jade was in control, and wanted this to last, she would dictate precisely how events would unfold, and would maximize her own and Anthony’s pleasure as only she knew how.

Anthony loved Jade’s breasts, they were his idea of perfection, and felt heavenly in his hands. He cupped both, massaging them, feeling them through the material of the dress and bra, he wanted to kiss them. He moved his hands past her waist, pulling her skirt up, he wanted to feel her pussy, perhaps taste it. He stroked the outer edge of her pussy through her panties, excited by the smoothness of it.

Jade was enjoying Anthony’s hands on her tits, she loved them being played with, her nipples were sensitive to his touch. She was stroking his cock through his trousers, which was a divine feeling, the hardness, the familiar outline, but she knew she needed to see it, and taste it. Her experienced hands found the fastener of his trousers, and skillfully undid them, they dropped and after peeling his trunks down his impressive cock sprung free.

There was something very intense about this occasion, this cock had never been so hard, it felt great in her hands, she gripped it lightly and stroked it gently at this stage, maintaining a steady light motion, she could feel the cock responding to her touch, she was enjoying controlling the situation but she felt she needed to taste it, now. They had moved across to the the single bed in the flat, Anthony sat on the edge, his trousers fell to the floor.

She dropped to her knees and kissed he head of his cock, licked it, tasting the precum oozing from it. It seemed like she had to open her mouth very wide, to take the head of his cock, she did so willingly, closed her lips around it and began to suck hard. This was a feeling and a taste she loved, she moved her mouth as far down the shaft as she could manage, feeling the head of his cock against the back of her throat. She then started a steady rhythm, she had a hand on his cock, controlling the movement, and was moving her mouth in a reciprocating motion, taking as much of the cock as she could then withdrawing until just the head was held firmly in her mouth.

Anthony leaned back. He adored having any woman on her knees in from of him, better still a beautiful one, who could suck cock like no other he knew. He looked down to see Jade looking up, enjoying the pleasure his face was revealing. They held the look for a few seconds, sharing their first moment of mutual pleasure for some time. He knew he wouldn’t last long with her beautiful and skillful mouth working his cock, sucking; and her hands skillfully stroking and playing with his balls.

Jade knew Anthony well, she knew just how to stimulate his cock, keep it hard, and she could make it cum at her will. She was able to make Anthony feel as if he had some control over what was happening, but in reality she was a puppeteer, with Anthony dancing, in ecstasy, to the tune she was playing. She was in a dirty mood and had decided that she would love to taste his cum, however she needed to be fucked more. She enjoyed being in full control, giving pleasure, particularly to men she cared for.

Anthony wanted to fuck Jade, he was desperate to withdraw his cock from her mouth and push it deep into her pussy, he enjoyed giving her pleasure and knew that a cock in her pussy was the best way of achieving that. The intense pleasure he was getting from her mouth was preventing him from anything other than enjoying the stimulation, he was totally under her power.

Jade took his cock from her mouth, enjoying a last taste. They both stood up, Anthony helped her undress, enjoying the feel of her soft expensive lingerie, delicately taking every opportunity to touch her skin as he removed the bra and knickers. Jade was naked, she lay back on the bed, Anthony removed his shirt.

Jade wanted to feel her tits against his firm bare chest, and her pussy to feel his cock rubbing against it. They held each other for a short time, then Anthony got up onto his knees, he looked at Jade, stunned güvenilir casino by how beautiful she looked, as he was every time he saw her, but naked in front of him with her pussy glistening she was even more beautiful than never.

Jade had one hand on a breast, fondling it, the other on her smooth pussy, rubbing it invitingly. She lifted her knees, which made her pussy more accessible and inviting, and would give Anthony some control for his thrusting. She looked admiringly at Anthony’s cock, it was erect, the head was still wet from her mouth where she had sucked hungrily. She smiled and opened her pussy, looked Anthony in the eye and said “Fuck me.”

Anthony put a hand on his stiff cock, and guided it towards the mouth of her pussy. He loved the velvet feel of her pussy, smooth on his cock. He pushed his hips forward, one hand on each knee, controlling his forward and reverse motion, and he started pumping his cock into her pussy. In this position he could see how beautiful she was, and adored looking at her as he thrust his cock, deep into her.

Jade gasped as he suddenly filled her with his cock, she loved the feel of a nice stiff cock in her pussy, but was always taken by surprise by that first thrust, especially when the cock was hard, as this one was. Her mind momentarily flashed to Pete, she smiled to herself, wondering how hard his cock would be knowing she was being fucked hard, she imagined him wanking with a picture of them both in his mind. She wished he was close, right now so that he could see her the look of enjoyment in her face, in her imagination she was enjoying him kissing her tits, and caressing her as Anthony’s cock fucked her pussy.

Anthony was enjoying the feeling of fucking Jade, he was increasing the intensity of his thrusts, moving ever closer to filling her with his load of cum. He hadn’t came intentionally for a few days, knowing it would result in a full load. The feel of her pussy gripping his cock firmly as he thrust in and out was become too much to bear and suddenly he was desperate to cum. He also felt her hand, stroking her pussy, and his cock simultaneously as it thrust deep inside her.

He looked at her, and saw her smiling back, she was aware that before much longer she would feel her pussy being filled with his cum, she wanted that. She was able to rub her clit as his cock fucked her, she loved this and could feel herself approaching an orgasm. As he increase the pace and intensity he said “is it OK to cum inside you?”

“Yes, fuck me hard, fill me with your cum.” she replied.

This was too much for Anthony, he felt his body convulse, and his cock jerk as it unloaded a full load of cum inside her pussy. He pushed hard, depositing the cum as deep inside her as he could, feeling her pussy grip the full length of his cock.

Jade was ready for Anthony’s orgasm, she had carefully and skillfully played with her own puss whilst he was fucking her, and was ready to orgasm herself. As his cum sprayed from his cock deep into her pussy, she felt her own orgasm, it was a wonderful feeling and she held Anthony tight with her arms, her pussy and with her legs, wrapped round his ass, pulling him deep inside her.

Anthony was in ecstasy, he felt fantastic, better than any previous occasion. He felt a warmth, intense passion towards Jade as he lay on top of her. They held each other close, for a time, enjoying the mutual orgasm they had just experienced together. Anthony could not help moving his hands over her body, he wanted to remember how she felt, long after he left. He wanted the memory of this fantastic fuck to last.

Once Anthony’ had left, Jade couldn’t wait to send a message to Pete. She could still feel Anthony’s cum inside her, as she messaged. She had enjoyed the sex more than any previous occasion, there was something different about the experience, she felt it was her closeness to Pete perhaps.

Pete watched intently, he knew she was typing a message, he knew it was about the experience she had just had. As he read, his cock hardened.

She recalled how great Anthony’s cock had tasted, how nice it had felt deep in her pussy as they had passionately fucked.

Pete was happy that she had enjoyed the experience, excited that she had sucked cock and taken cock deep in her pussy, he closed his eyes, and it wasn’t long before he too came.

Jade had satisfied both men.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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