A Reunion With Peggy

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This one, happily is a true story. “Oh, sure,” you reply, but it is. It really is. Just ask me. Enjoy.

He met Peggy for lunch and afterwards he took her back to her place where they had some wine and she began to get tipsy. He had noticed, when they met at Cantors, that her breasts were bigger and firmer than he remembered and wondered if she had gotten a boob job. He saw that the wine was making her woozy and remembered how a few drinks usually put her in an amorous mood, so he moved over to sit by her on the couch.

She leaned into him, looking into his eyes and he knew she was waiting to be kissed. He put his lips to hers and felt the tip of her tongue slip into his mouth. They kissed for awhile and then he began to feel her breasts through her blouse. She made a half-hearted effort to push his hand away, but he could tell she didn’t mean it and continued feeling her up. He french kissed her while he unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it open. Her brown nipples were visible through the white see through material of her bra, and he realized immediately that her boobs were much bigger than before. She had to have had a boob job. He put his hands on them and whispered in her ear.

“What a set of boobs.”

She smiled and kissed him again, thrusting her tongue into his mouth so that he could suck the tip. He reached up to unfasten her bra at the front, popping it open so that her big jugs burst forth in all their glory. He sat back and looked at them.

“Oh…man…” he whispered, awed by her big, pear-shaped tits. “Beautiful…” he groaned.

She flushed at his passionate approval of her breasts and cupped them in her hands, lifting them so they formed some magnificent cleavage.

“You like them?”

He leaned forward and tongued one of her nipples before sucking it into his mouth. She arched her back, her breasts pressing against his face. He sucked one nipple, then the other, reaching now to squeeze and knead her big jugs. She leaned back so that she was half-reclining on the couch. He saw her eyes flit down to his crotch, checking to see if he had a hard on and of course, he did. He sucked and played with her tits for a long time before he tried to move his hand up under her skirt to get to her pussy. She squeezed her legs together, trapping his hand between her thighs. He tried to push her legs apart and succeeded in moving his hand closer to the heated triangle beneath her nylon panties.

“Don’t….” she whispered.

He kissed her again, frenching her, finding her tongue with his so that in another half a minute she let him push his palm flat against her panty covered pussy. She was getting extremely excited and he felt her juices seeping through her panties. He took her hand and placed it on his erection, holding it there until she began to rub it for him. She worked her hand up and down on his bulge and broke from a kiss to look down at it.

“I’ll make you cum with my hand, okay?”

He nodded and let her push him back slightly so that she could undo his belt and unzip his pants. He shifted slightly to pull his pants down over his hips so she could get to his cock. She pulled his underwear aside and his cock sprang up in front of her. She made a soft sound in her throat and licked her lower lip, letting her tongue rest there in a familiar expression of lust. She gripped his cock in her hand and began to jack him off, pulling the foreskin down tight so that the head stood out in purple relief against his flesh.

“Hell-o, big-cock.” she said, smiling.

He watched her work her hand up and down on his cock and reach with her other hand to pull a box of Kleenex to within easy reach. He knew a handjob wasn’t going to be enough. He wanted her mouth on his cock and knew she would blow him if he handled it right. It was her favorite thing. Blow jobs. She was very, very oral. But he would have to make her do it. She had a thing about not wanting to look like a slut in these situations. She leaned forward now, and began rubbing his cock around on her breasts, teasing her nipples with it, leaving a small trail of early cum. She pressed his hard dick between her cleavage now and began jacking him off with her boobs. She tucked her chin in to look down at the big head of his cock protruding from between her tits. He groaned from the sheer pleasure of it all.

“Cum on my boobs,” she murmured, mistaking his groan for an approaching orgasm and straightening up, releasing his cock from between her breasts so that she could finish him with her hand. She leaned in close, expecting to take his load on the silky flesh of her breasts.

He reached up and put his hand on the back of her neck, pulling her down toward his crotch. She fought with him, pressing back, trying to straighten up. He slid off the couch, getting to his feet, her hand still gripping his cock as he stood in front of her.

“I can’t blow you, okay?” she looked up at him.

He pressed his cock to her lips and she turned away.

“I’m not going to blow you,” she said, turning back to him, again. “Not this time.” She gave him a wicked smile that made casino şirketleri him want it more. He entwined the fingers of one hand in her thick hair and pulled her to his cock. She let him rub it around on her face, sliding it across her full lips.

“Ummmmm….” she murmured. “Just let me do it with my hand, okay?” She smiled up at him again, looking to see if he was going to go along with what she wanted. She didn’t want to be a slut, but he could see that she wouldn’t mind too much having his cock in her mouth.

“Do it, Peggy…do it…” he said, pushing it against her lips again.

“No…” she breathed, turning so that his cock slid across her cheek.

“Kiss it…just…put your lips on it.”

She made that noise again, almost a laugh, but different, looking up at him, enjoying his need. She licked her lips, moistening them before pressing them to the head of his cock, making it pulse and throb in her hand. She kissed it several times, moving her lips around on the head, moving down the shaft and back up again.

“Lick it.” he told her. She let the tip of her tongue slide from between her lips and perfect teeth. She tickled the head of his cock with it. He groaned and she used more of her tongue to circle his cock, making it shiny with her saliva. He held her head with both hands and pushed his cock into her mouth. She made a noise of protest, but he held her so that she couldn’t move. He felt her hot breath coming from her nostrils, warming his shaft. The head of his cock lay in the warm wetness of her mouth, her tongue moving under the shaft. He began forcing her mouth up and down on his cock, holding onto her by the hair. She reached to push his hands away from her head and began sucking him on her own. She worked on his cock for a long minute and then let it slip from her mouth.

“You’re cumming.” she said, reaching for a Kleenex and wiping the slick head of his cock. She pumped it with her hand and ran it over her lips again. “I forgot what a big cock you have.”

She looked up at him and let her tongue slip between her lips as she ran the tip of it around on the head of his cock. He watched her tickle his cock with her tongue and clenched his teeth. It felt so good…She pumped his cock with her hand and looked at it, admiring it before licking the head and halfway down the shaft. Then she straightened up and pulled her long thick hair around to one side where she tied it into a knot, getting it out of the way. He watched her tits bob with her movements. While she was doing this, she taunted him with her tongue, teasing him with what was coming up. When her hair was tied back she leaned into him and kissed his mouth, then worked her way down his chest, to his belly to his cock. She ovaled her lips and pressed them against the head of his cock, pushing her mouth down over it until the head was entirely in her mouth. “Ummmm….” she breathed around his meat. She began to slowly move her head up and down, sucking him off, using her mouth as a substitute cunt. Her eyes flitted upward to watch his face while she blew him. “Ummmm.” He reached down and cupped her big breasts in his hands and hefted them. They felt heavy and firm. His thumbs went to her nipples and she closed her eyes and began moving her mouth up and down a little faster. She opened her eyes and used her hand to brush his hands away from her breasts. She didn’t like having her nipples played with. She slid her mouth off his cock, then and wiped at it with a Kleenex.

“Ummm, do you still like being blown?” He smiled. She pumped his cock with her hand and leaned forward so that she could rub the head back and forth on her lips. He groaned with pleasure and she looked up at him again. “Maybe I should stop.”

“I’ll kill you,” he whispered.

She laughed and licked her lips before kissing the head of his cock and raising up so that she could rub it around on her breasts.

“You want me to keep blowing you?” she asked.

“Yeah…I do.”

“You wanna cum in my mouth?”

“Oh, yeah,” he whispered. She smiled and let her tongue sweep over the head of his cock again, circling it, teasing it so that it swelled visibly in her hand.

“I wish I could let you fuck me, but I can’t.”

He put both hands on her head now and pushed his cock in her mouth and began fucking her face. She held still and let him do it to her, her boobs pressed against his thighs. Her big, dark eyes flitted up to his face again and she watched him while he fucked her face. He reached down and took her hand off his cock.

“Play with your tits, Peg.” he wheezed.

She cupped her big boobs and squeezed them, her nipples standing out as dark nubs against the tanned flesh of her breasts. She groaned around the cock in her mouth and let her hands slide over her tits and then he was really pumping his hips, pushing his thick cock in and out of her mouth so that she reached out to brace herself on his hips, keeping him from ramming his cock down her throat. He began to groan and she watched him intently and then he let loose a grunt and she closed her eyes as he filled her mouth casino firmaları with cum. She grabbed his cock with her right hand and pumped it in her mouth, holding her head still, trying not to swallow the thick sperm that was filling her mouth. He held her with his other hand clamped behind her head so that she couldn’t pull away and she groaned in protest as he continued to cum in her mouth, some of it oozing from the corner of her mouth so that it dripped down off her chin and was left hanging there in a thick, white glob. When he finally finished cumming he let go of her and she took her mouth off his cock, letting it spring up to slap against his stomach.

“Whooaaa…oh, man…! he gasped, staggering back a couple of steps.

Peggy felt the cum dripping off her chin and looked down just as it plopped onto her left breast. She held a Kleenex just beneath her chin and was about to spit his cum into it, when he saw what she was going to do and grabbed her. No…wait…wait…here….do it on your boobs…let it go all over your tits. Peggy made a perplexed sound and held the Kleenex off to the side in her hand as she dipped her chin and let his cum slide from between her lips onto her breasts. She cupped her right breast with her right hand and used her tongue to push his thick goo from her mouth, letting it ooze down over her lower lip and land thick and white on her olive skin. He had given her a big load apparently as she kept pushing more and more of it from her mouth so that it hung in thick rivulets from her chin to her breast. Finally, when she had emptied her mouth of his jizz, she wiped at her lips and chin with the Kleenex. “Well, that was certainly a lot of cum….” she half smiled to him and looked down at her sperm soaked breast. She used her other hand to smear his cum around on her breast, making it slick and shiny. “Whew…did you like that?” Oh, yeah, he grinned and reached to slide his fingers over her cum soaked breast.

They rested for awhile in each other’s arms and then she got up, walked into the kitchen and washed his cum off her breasts. She came back into the living room with her gorgeous tits exposed in all their glory.

“What a set of boobs,” he moaned.

She smiled and shook them back and forth for him.

“I had them done a couple of years ago. They were sagging too much. You like them?”

He groaned and she did a bump and grind for him, turning to lift her skirt so he could see her ass. She turned back around and shook her tits again. He slid off the couch and reached to grab the hem of her skirt, pulling her to him.

He reached up and put his hands on her tits, playing with them while she looked down at him. He pressed his face to her skirt and kissed her pussy through all that material. He pushed her skirt up and she held it so that her panty-hose and panties were exposed. She let him pull her panty-hose down and then her panties, stepping out of them, keeping her spike heels on.

“You can’t fuck me…okay?”

He didn’t reply. Instead he spread her legs and began kissing her thighs, using his tongue to trace hot streaks up to her stomach and back down again. She watched him over her big tits and he winked at her.

“Eat me.” Her voice was a husky whisper and it made his cock fill with blood. He ran his finger down between the lips of her pussy and saw how thick her juices were. She was really turned on. He took his wet finger and brought it to his mouth. She watched with her mouth slightly open, dazed. He licked her juices from his finger and she moaned in disbelief. “Uuuuh…”

He smiled and dipped his head so that his tongue touched her puss. She leaned back a little, pushing her crotch out to give him better access and watched as he ran his tongue up between the thick lips of her pussy and stopped at her swollen clit. She gasped as he began licking her sensitive button, her eyes riveted on him, raising her chin a bit so that she could see over her breasts. She opened her mouth wider now and moaned as she tilted her head back to look at the ceiling. He licked her clit until it was swollen enough that he could suck it between his lips. She spread her legs and pushed her puss up into his face.

“Oooooh…” she groaned. “Yesssss….” He sucked her pussy until she began to buck and heave, putting her hand on the back of his head to urge him on. She yelled as she finished and ground her pussy hard against his mouth. Finally she slumped down onto the couch.

“Oh, that was great…ooooh…” she moaned.

He stood up with his cock throbbing in front of him. He stepped over to her, reaching to take her hand in his. She let him take her hand and put it on his cock. She wrapped her fingers around the thick, warm meat and felt it pulse in her hand. “You want me to do it again?” she asked.

He put his hand over hers and made her pump it for him and then when she was doing it on her own he let go. She sat there, her boobs bouncing and beat him off for a couple of minutes.

“I really wanna fuck you.”

She looked at his cock protruding from her fist, then looked up at him. “We can’t…I’m güvenilir casino not on the pill.” She jacked him off a little. “You want me to blow you again? He nodded and reached to put his hand on her head. He pulled her toward his cock and she resisted. “Let me wipe it off…there’s cum on it…” She turned away from him so that his cock slid across her cheek.

He released her then and knelt in front of her, his mouth and hands going to her big boobs. He squeezed and kneaded the twin globes and leaned in to suck her nipples. She groaned and felt herself getting wet again. He worked on her breasts for a couple of minutes and forced his hand between her legs, rubbing her pussy with his palm until her juices soaked the close cropped V of her pubic hair.

“Let me blow you.” she moaned as he stood up and pushed his thick cock into her mouth again.

“Oh, yeaahh…” he groaned as she started moving her mouth up and down on his thick cock, blowing him. She sucked him off for a couple of minutes and then slid her mouth off him.

“Cum in my mouth again, okay? This time I’ll swallow it.” He nodded and pushed his cock against her lips. She opened her mouth and took it again, sucking him off with her eyes closed. He groaned and reached to play with those big, beautiful tits, squeezing them together, thumbing her nipples. He pressed her backwards so that her head rested on the back of the couch. Straddling her with one foot on either side, he leaned over to support himself with his arms on the back of the couch and began fucking her mouth. His hips pistoned machine-like as he worked himself back and forth between her full lips. She cupped his buttocks with her hands and held on. It took almost five minutes of her blowing him before he felt another orgasm approaching. He looked down at her and she saw that he was going to cum.

“I wanna do it in your face, Peg.”

She moaned in protest as he pulled his cock free of her sucking mouth and began jacking himself off in her face. She turned her face to one side and his cock spurted a long ropey stream of jizz onto her silky smooth cheek. She moaned and turned toward him just as another big spurt leapt from his cockhead and splattered over her lips and chin. She closed her eyes and turned away as more cum gushed onto her face. He grabbed a handful of her hair and turned her to face him again.

“Don’t…” she moaned as he pumped his cock with his hand and splattered her mouth, nose and chin with copious amounts of creamy, white sperm. She closed her eyes and let him finish. As he stepped back away from her and stood there with his stiff cock in his hand, she blinked at him and brought her hands to her face and touched the thick blobs of sperm spread over her face.

“Well, nobody’s ever done that before,” she said, dipping her chin to watch some of his cum drip onto her breasts.

He grabbed Kleenex and held them out to her. She took them and began smearing his cum around on her face, trying to blot it up.

“You always wanted to do that, didn’t you?”


She looked at the sperm soaked Kleenex. “I’ll bet. Look at all the cum…good thing you didn’t do it in my mouth, I would have drowned.” They took a shower together and by the time they got out, he wanted her again. She saw his semi-erect cock and moaned.

“You’re kidding.”

“It’s your fault.”

She reached over and wrapped her hand around his cock, pumping it a few times.

“Let me fuck you…I won’t cum in you…I promise.”

“I could get pregnant…”

He kissed her again and reached down to feel her pussy. She was still wet. He played with her clit for awhile, the two of them standing there, her tits pressed into his chest. When she was hot, he made her get down on her hands and knees with her ass sticking out.

“Just fuck me a little, but don’t cum in me, okay?”

He scooted up behind her and bent his stiff pole down so that it was pointed between the cheeks of her ass. He inched forward and found her pussy with the head of his cock before pushing it in hard and rough. Her head snapped back and she let out a groan before catching herself and stifling it. He held onto her hips and started fucking her as fast and as hard as he could. Her big tits bounced and shook beneath her as he fucked her from behind.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh….” she squealed, trying to muffle the sound. “Don’t cum in me….don’t cum in me…don’t…I’m..not…oh…on the…oh…pill.” He fucked her for a good five minutes and then pulled out. She looked back over her shoulder at him as he spread her cheeks and pushed his slick cock over her asshole, sliding the wet shaft across the tight little hole, leaving a sticky trail behind.

“What are you doing?” she asked, arching her back and pushing her ass back at him. He took his cock in his hand and wiped the head up and down on her wet pussy, getting his dick wet and slippery. He got up onto his feet, legs bent and pushed the head of his cock against her tight little asshole. She flinched and her head snapped back as she gasped. “Wait….don’t…” He held onto her wide hips and forced his thick cock into her tight, resistant ass. She let out a loud moan and tried to pull away from him, but he held onto her hips and pushed himself further inside her butt. Her head snapped back again and she let out a yell.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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