A Night with Sally

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My true story, within my larger story titled “Becoming Bisexual.” Parts 1, 2 and 3 please read these first.


A few weeks had passed since meeting Mark. I had not been in contact, I had been a little troubled with my thoughts again. When I’m feeling like this I have to break things down in to smaller bits in my head.

Mark was a wonderful kind caring man. I had enjoyed the sex we had together. I still got aroused and turned on thinking about the sex, I had re lived the night many times in my head.

Mark is gay, I know I am not. I am attracted to women, I constantly find myself checking out women, even in the supermarket.

I am not physically attracted to men, never have been. So why do I feel this pull towards Mark?

Maybe I have been alone for so long that when a kind caring person shows a bit of affection towards me, coupled with an exciting sexual encounter, then I have responded and enjoyed what I have felt.

Mark is an attractive man with a great body. We have a lot in common. Maybe he is right, I am hiding from my feelings, running away from something, wanting to be distracted from rejection, the hurt and the pain.

Why did Susan do that? I loved her, adored her and she reciprocated the same. I thump the steering wheel in anger, tears fill my eyes and escape down my cheeks. Here I go again, those horrid feelings come flooding back, painful memories of my split with Susan. Am I still in love with her after what she had done to me, should I go and find her, accept her child as my own?

I approach the driveway to my parents house. My parents live in a quiet little village in a modern house built twenty years previously. I stop the car but just stay sat there behind the wheel, not wanting my mum to see my upset. I compose myself, take a few deep breaths, before knocking on the green wooden door.

Mum answers the door cheery as ever,

“Hi Andy come in! It’s been a while since we’ve seen you.”

“I’m sorry mum, been busy at home with a bit of D.I.Y and working my shifts.” I lied.

My dad comes into the kitchen to say,

“Did you see that program on TV last night about mountain rescue in Cumbria?”

“No sorry dad, I missed it.”

“You ought to be very careful running on them fells, its bloody dangerous anything can happen. Its about time you stopped all that, your mother gets very worried about you, Its not fair!” Dad exclaimed.

Mum looks at my dad quite anxious,

“John! He’s a grown man he makes his own decisions and its not for us to interfere.”

“I’m sorry mum, but its the only thing that clears my head…”

“Bloody selfish!!” Dad shouted angrily.

My dad retreated to the lounge in a huff. My mum looked at me lovingly,

“I understand why you do it Andy, it’s not me that gets so worried its your dad, I don’t know what’s got in to him lately.”

My mum and I sat in the kitchen enjoying our tea. Then the dreaded question came up,

“Met any nice girls lately?” asked mum.

My face must of dropped, I tried to avoid her question.

“Its time you got some fun Andy, find yourself a good nice young woman, you have so much love to give, you were the most loving of all four of you, when you was a kid.”

“I bumped into Susan’s mum in town last week.” I reveal.

Mums mouth drops open in a silent pause.

“I liked her mum, got the feeling she liked me too, always felt she was on my side.”

“And? What did she say?” My mum asks impatiently.

“Maureen asked how I was, her and George had missed me being around, Which I thought was nice of them to say.

They also revealed, that Susan now had a child, a boy.

They don’t get on with Susan’s boyfriend.

He’s not a nice man and isn’t good for her, Susan made a terrible mistake going with him and I think she now is realising it. Said Maureen. Maureen asked if I was dating, I just said not at the moment. Then she wished me well.”

Mums face shows anger.

The news of Susan’s child nearly cut me in half, but I didn’t tell mum this.

“You stay well away from that girl, she made her bed she can lie in it!” Mum said angrily. “What she did to you.”

“She just made a mistake mum.”

“What! She almost destroyed you! You still love her don’t you!” Mum said angrily.

A tear falls down my cheek again.

“Mum I’m considering joining a running club over in Belmont, hoping to find some new friends in a different town. I met this chap whilst out running.”

I hated lying especially to people I love,

“He said that I had special skills and the younger up coming runners would be very keen to learn from me.”

“Well what’s to consider? That’s great, go for it!” mum now sounding optimistic.

“Yes I will.” I said frowning.

“Andy you look troubled again, Please don’t contact Susan, she can never be trusted again.”

“Yeh I know mum, that’s why I had to let her go.

I have to go now, I need to run.”

“Andy look after yourself, I worry about you.” Said mum as she casino şirketleri gave me loving hug.

“Bye dad!”

“Oh going already, listen I’m sorry for going off like that.”

“Its OK, I would do the same if I had …”


Running on top of the moors, crossing the difficult terrain sometimes boggy other times rocky ascending steeply to a flat plateau then descending to a village below. A short distance on the road then winding back upwards and repeating this up and down several times in a huge horse shoe arc along the Pennines which formed the spine of the UK.

My head clear, I would call Mark and take up his offer, let him introduce me to his running club.

A few days later arriving at Mark’s house. Mark greeted me warmly, but made no passes at me. We arrived at the leisure centre, a large modern facility hosting almost every kind of sport and activity you can think of.

Proceeding inside I met a group of Mark’s friends Dave, Kevan, Christopher, Jane and Julie. Mark introduced me as “The North West fell running champion.”

“What! take no notice of that, I emphasised I had not ran a race since leaving school.”

“Soon will be, mark my words.” Mark winked.

The ice was soon broken we talked a little and asked them about their running preferences. Mark led us on a road run, I hung back behind Julie. I noticed Julie having a nice fit backside with a narrow little waist. It was a pleasant run, especially following Julie. In the bar after,

“How was the run Andy? Or should I say how was Julie’s bum?”

I looked at Mark with astonishment.

“How did you know I was admiring Julies bum? I thought I was discrete.”

“Anyone following Julie, admires her bum.” Mark said laughing.

“Oh… and she’s married with a nine month old girl.”

“Never!” I exclaimed.

Mark laughed.

Several weeks had gone by and I began to feel good about myself again. I had made a handful of friends, had started to teach a small group of want to be fell runners all of which were under the age of twenty five.

I began to feel confident and was turning up at the club three times a week. Mark was not always there, which I felt a little relieved. Mark was a lovely lad, loved his banter too, but I felt I could spread my wings a little without feeling Mark’s presence over my shoulder.

Jane was a lovely girl, although I wasn’t sexually attracted to her. We had talked on several occasions, I found her quite shy. It was to be her twenty sixth birthday and a large group of us was invited to a party at her place the following Saturday night.

Saturday evening came round, I was looking forward to it despite feeling tired from a difficult week at work.

Arriving at 9pm by taxi to the party already in full swing.

Jane had a large flat which she shared the rent with a friend. Music of the 1980’s played, still my favourite era today. Jane introduced me to a few new faces one of which was a girl called Sally.

Sally was quite attractive, a very petite 5ft 2 blue eyed blonde, nice figure about twenty five years old. We started making small talk, I learned that she was a nurse at a local hospital, so all the nurse joke lines came out.

Sally was quite cute, she had a dirty laugh too. Looking round I saw no sign of Mark, but the other lads were there. Hmm I thought a bit strange, Jane is a good friend of Marks. Next thing I got a strong pull on my arm as the dance track “Take On Me” belted out of the stereo.

“Andy come on let’s dance.” Sally drags me to the patio outside where other fellow party goers bopped away. Sally was very lively, I was trying to assess whether she was already drunk or she was just a real party girl. It seemed she is a party animal.

I was having fun, I found my self giggling with her like some silly young kid. Time had passed so quickly I felt a bit rude as I hadn’t spoken to anyone else all night, not even Jane the birthday girl. Eventually it was that time of the night when people were coupling off and the music slowed and a few slow smoochers littered the dance floor.

I had consumed a few beers but wasn’t at all drunk. Sally went missing for a while I thought she was avoiding the embarrassing smooching dances. Whilst picking at some food I glanced around the room, I became aware that most people were paired off either in deep conversation or laughter. The love birds on the patio smooching to slow dance music.

Suddenly I felt awkward and self conscious, like a spare prick in a brothel. It was time to leave I thought. I proceeded outside past the smoochers to find Jane, I didn’t want to leave without saying thank you, and to apologise for my rudeness not taking the time to have a chat with her.

Carefully squeezing through the people, Sally appeared from nowhere, grabbing my arm again and pulling me round the corner away from sight of the other guests.

“I hope you’re not leaving without saying goodbye?” Sally said looking disappointed and pulling me down close to her.

Sally reached casino firmaları up and clasped her hands around my neck. Her warm breath could be felt on my cheeks, she pulled me in further, our lips brushed momentarily, I gazed into her hungry eyes, we kissed, her lips parted, my tongue tasting the sweetness of her mouth.

Our difference in height made it a little awkward for us to kiss, such a petite girl wrapping her arms around my giant like frame. Sally was really hot, as she clasped her arms around my neck, her short skin tight skirt had risen up to just below her bum cheeks. My hands gripping her waist, I then slowly slid them down to caress her tiny cute bum. I thought Sally would quickly replace my hands somewhere more appropriate, but no, I continued to fondle her cute little cheeks.

Sally lowered her left hand from around my neck, I felt her little hand press into my groin feeling for my hardness. Her pale blue eyes looking into me,

“Andy do you want to get out of here and come back to my place?”

I opened my mouth to say the word yes, but no sound emitted from my lips. I nodded and said,

“That would be nice.”

Sally giggled excitedly. “I will call a taxi.”

I looked for Jane, still nowhere to be found. I didn’t want to leave without thanking her. Jane appeared from upstairs,

“Jane, I’m leaving now, thank you for a great evening, sorry for not taking the time to chat.” I said apologising.

“Oh that’s OK, Seems like you have enjoyed yourself with Sally.” Said Jane with a smirk on her face. Just then Sally appeared from the front door,

“Andy our taxis here!”

Sally was pulling me away again.

“Andy!!” shouted Jane, but I was already through the door running down the driveway to the awaiting taxi. Sally and I got into the rear seat of the taxi. No sooner had she told the driver the address, Sally turned in to me and we began to kiss. Sally kissed quite eagerly with a sense of urgency, her petite little body almost climbing on top of me. I felt her hand brush over my swollen crotch, pressing firmly with her tiny palms.

My heart began pumping like a steam hammer trying to be discrete I slid my hand beneath her open leather jacket around her tiny waist and up over her right breast. I felt she had a hard protruding nipple through her bra cup. I gave her little breast a light squeeze and soft little noises escaped her mouth.

Glancing forward whilst we were locked in this passionate embrace I caught the taxi driver watching us in the rear view mirror. Sally had done too, and she seemed to get excited by this as she repeatedly pressed down on my hardness.

The taxi pulled up abruptly, sally exited, her tight black skirt had ridden up revealing her lacy red knickers. I paid the driver a tip, he gave me a cheeky wink.

Sally’s flat was on the second floor of a 1970’s built block of flats about five floors high. We reached the entrance to her flat and we entered inside. No sooner had I closed her door Sally kicked off her heels and dropped three inches in height and threw her jacket off.

Barely had I removed my jacket Sally was on me tugging at my neck trying to pull herself up me to reach my kiss. I lowered myself to wrap my arm just below her tiny bum and lifted her up for her to part her legs to grip my waist with her thighs.

I lean back to the wall and steady myself, our tongues dancing in each others mouths like a sword fight. Soft little squeals of pleasure escape under her hot breath. I carry Sally into her lounge and lower her on the sofa, quickly I remove my shirt and shoes, Sally discarding her top and stepped out of that tight mini skirt.

Her tiny petite body made the sofa look like it would swallow her, her long blonde hair cascading over the sofas arms. Sally looking so seductive lying there in just a red lacy bra and tiny red knickers,

“I’m gonna ravish you girl! God your smoking!”

I almost dive on top of her, but somehow she managed to flip me in one lightning move. I ended up beneath and Sally on top, her facing me caressing my smooth chest and began to play bite my nipple. Her warm breath on my chest, her tongue circling and salivating my nipple, then biting it quite hard.

“Yow! That’s a little hard Sally!”

She never let up, I had to man up and take it. Sally reaches lower and grips my raging hard on, gripping and running her hands up and down my stiff rod, straining to be relieved from my jeans.

I reach behind her narrow back and un-clip her pretty bra. Sally sits up straddling me, her cute little breasts jiggle out of her bra.

Leaning forward to kiss me her long blonde hair falls in my face, I feel her hard nipples scuff along my smooth chest, our tongues sword fighting again.

I sit up gripping her girl like waist pushing her backwards onto her back pinning her against the opposite sofa arm.

My lips enclose around her swollen hard nipples which are now jutting out from her perfect little breasts like organ stops. Gently pinching her with my lips and tongue güvenilir casino teasing them making them stand so proud you could hang your coat on them.

Stretching her arms above her head and holding them there running my tongue along her smooth arm pits up and down her soft inner arms.

Sally makes these little squeals from deep within. Her soft little sounds I find quite amusing but very erotic. Suddenly I’m pushed off and Sally is stood over me, how can such a petite lithe girl push away a 6 ft 3, 180 lb man so easily? I thought.

Sally jumps on my legs, unfastened my belt and tugs at my jeans, pulling them free of my legs. My hard cock tenting out my briefs, like a great pyramid. Ripping my socks off and yanking down my briefs quite aggressively.

I’m lay there totally naked my cock like a third leg pointing to the ceiling. Not a word is spoken, again Sally dives on my legs, takes my fat throbbing cock in her right fist and wraps her hand around my shaft. Her tiny hand makes my cock look huge. I gasp,

“Ohh Sally, your a bad girl!” I said softly.

Sally slowly wanks my cock squeezing out a huge amount of clear cock juice. I feel Sally’s warm breath on my cock as her face is lying only inches away, she seems to be watching her own handy work carefully. My clear juice leaks from my slit down my engorged cock head and over her fingers. Sally releases her grip and opens her fingers, looking at my clear cock slime forming silvery strings between each finger.

“Hmm, just like my pussy is leaking now.” Sally shamefully admitted.

Her warm lips clamp around my throbbing helmet. Sally commenced sucking and teasing my cock head vigorously urgently eagerly. Sally had a suck like a Hoover, she had me bucking and squirming and very soon I was going to surrender my load.

“Oh no you don’t girl! I want some of you first.”

Sally giggled as I flipped her over so I was on top. Sliding her delicate red knickers from her curvy hips, Sally flipped them off with her other foot. I knelt at her tiny feet I gently pressed my chin between her knees to open her smooth legs, using my head as a wedge to slowly open her up to me.

Lowering my head kissing and tickling her soft smooth inner thighs with my wet tongue.

“Ohhh! Ohhh Andy.”

My nose an inch from her sex, a little patch of pale blonde pubic hair covers her mound above delicate pink pussy lips which seem to be glistening reflecting the light in her wetness.

I smell her sweetness drawing luring me into her sex. Such is her dizzying scent, my heart pumping my head spinning I clamp my lips over her entire pussy. Reaching up with my muscular arms I grasp her tiny hands and pull them down so I exert more pressure pulling her gorgeous body onto my tongue as I lunge deep into her little pink slit.

“Oh, Orr, hmmm, ohhh yes!” Sally makes pleasurable sounds.

She is soaking wet, my tongue scoops great dollops of her woman sex goo, she tastes so good so sweet. Lunging repeatedly into her hot soaking split smearing her slippery mess around my mouth over my chin, I’m now wearing her sex perfume on my face.

Sally’s getting really worked up, I keep piling on the pressure, her hips bucking and squirming, her moaning and little high pitch squeals emitting from her excited little body become louder, a bit too loud for 4 am in the morning. Sally’s demanding I fuck her.

“Fuck me Andy, please fuck me! Fuck me big boy!! Ohhh hmm you’re making me cum! I want that cock now! Fuck me you bastard!!”

Sally was getting quite aggressive as I was ignoring her demands.

“Ohhhh you teasing bastard!!”

I released my grip on her wrists, Sally sprang up and lunged forward pushing me very aggressively into the back of the sofa. She took me by surprise, she looked serious, I was just about to say sorry when she jumped into my lap straddling my legs, her cute little titties jiggling in my face.

“I said I want fucking!! Take me to bed now! Pleeeeese! I want you to take me hard.”

Wow I thought this little fire cracker is a bit scary. Scooping her up, her tiny figure in my arms, her legs gripped tightly around my waist, she must only weigh 110 Ibs wet through. Sally nodded to a door off her lounge,

“I hope you have a pleasant bedside manner nurse Sally.” I joke.

Sally’s hot breath could be felt in my ear as she play bit my earlobe.

Inside the room there was a king-sized bed but not much else.

“Oh err, Hold on I need a condom.”

“No need I’m on the pill, I want all of you inside me Andy.”

Sally began kissing me passionately.

I threw her on the bed playfully, it seemed the rougher I was with her the more it pleased her.

I’m not really like that with a girl I like to make love, tease them slowly let the tension build, take my time enjoy them tenderly. Sally springs forward, even when she is stood on the bed she is only a few inches above me. I playfully slapped her cute bottom and ran my middle finger along her wet slit. Sliding two fingers gently into her, Sally was quite a tight. Curling my fingers back towards me I found her g spot.

Gently moving my fingers in short strokes to the front of her tiny vagina soon had her shouting again at me. Sally was standing, I had her legs trembling like Bambi.

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