A Night to Remember

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Matt felt Stacy’s hand against his chest as he held her close. The night air was cold and she shivered as the breeze lifted his coat from around her. He was bitterly cold but didn’t want to have to break up the perfect moment at the end of a perfect evening. They had watched the sun disappear behind the treetops hours ago, and they had stared up at the sky as the moon and stars had begun to appear, bright against the darkening backdrop. He leaned in and kissed her gently on the cheek.

“Your frozen,” he said, “Come on let me walk you home.”

Stacy smiled, “Always the gentlemen.”

She took his hand as they walked back through the dimly lit park. Finding their way by moon light until the reached the main street. Stacy’s house was little more than half a mile away and they were soon walking up the steps to the front door. Taking the key from her pocket Stacy unlocked the front door and without letting go of Matt’s hand stepped inside. He hadn’t planned on going in but allowed her to lead him through to the lounge where she took a seat on the sofa. Matt sat down next to her and she swung her legs up on to his lap, laying across the sofa.

“Comfy now?” Matt asked with a smile.

“Very,” she said as she laid back and closed her eyes, “Much Warmer.”

Matt sat there, savoring the moment, but after a while became aware of Stacy’s hand puling gently against his. He let himself be led, sinking into the sofa his head coming to rest on the arm rest next to hers. She rolled over, wrapping his arm around her and pushing her body back against his. With her back to him Matt was unsure of what Stacy was thinking. He’d only intended this to be a simple date but if Matt was right she wanted something more…. However, if he was wrong he’d end up ruining the whole evening. He leaned in kissing her neck again which was greeted with a slight moan, he continued, his lips running across her smooth skin and as he did he felt Stacy tilt her head slightly baring more of her neck to him. They lay there like that, Matt was unsure how much time was passing but didn’t dare try to find out. He lay his hand on her shoulder sliding it down the length of her arm. To his surprise he found her hand held firmly between her thighs, and with his fatih escort hand now on top of her he could feel the small movements of her fingers….


Stacy stopped. Had he noticed? Of course he’s noticed. Rather to her surprise she found this not embarrassing but incredibly arousing. She began to move her fingers again, knowing now that with his hand on top of hers that he could feel her movements. She pushed her body back against his slightly and felt his growing manhood against her…. Good, she smiled to herself, he was enjoying himself. She moved her other hand from underneath her side and placed it over the top of his hand pushing him against her, and then gently slid her other hand out from between her legs.


Matt couldn’t believe what was happening but his fingers began to move automatically. Stacy was wearing a skirt but he could feel the shape of her through the thin material. His fingers moved in circles around her citerous, firmly but slowly. As he did his kissing became more intense slowly working his way down her neck. He felt Stacy open her legs wider allowing him to make his hand more comfortable. He slide his other hand under her neck resting his hand gently on one of her breasts.

“Mmmmmm,” he heard Stacy moan as she moved her free hand to his.

He slid his hand under her top running a finger along the line where her bra met her skin. Then he slipped his fingers under her bra, brushing them against one of her nipples. Matt heard a sudden intake of breath followed by an increased pressure on his pelvis as Stacy pushed herself back into him, her hips grinding slowly. Matt’s hand reached for the top of her skirt puling it down her legs. She kicked it the last of the way sending it flying across the room. His hand slide back between her legs, his fingers working harder now, rubbing along her slit. He felt her wetness growing her knickers gradually getting damper. Stacy’s moaning increased in frequency and volume and the gyration of her hips against him had got him fully erect. He slid one finger under the edge of her panties pulling them to one side, and ran the other over her moist pussy lips.

“Oh god Matt!” Stacy gasped, and he felt her hips fındıkzade escort arch towards his fingers.

As his finger rubbed her moist lips and the other took her nipple and continued to play with it. He kissed her on the neck again and then felt her hand on his again, pushing his fingers into her. Her lips parted for him and the tip of his fingers began to explore inside her, moving in small circles. Stacy was moaning loudly now and he could tell she wanted more, but he liked the feeling of control and continued to tease her, slowly sliding his finger in further. As he did he placed his thumb over her clit and began to rub slowly applying a gentle pressure. As his fingers slid out again Matt wondered how much longer Stacy was going to last. Her moaning was now so load that anyone passing by in the street outside must have been able to hear it. She was grinding back into him faster now and he could feel his own orgasm building as her firm butt checks massaged his cock.

“I want you now Matt,” Stacy managed to say between her shallow gasps of air.

“I know,” said Matt with a huge grin on his face, “Maybe I should make you wait a bit longer though,” and then moved his lips her shoulder and kisses her gently.

“Don’t you dare,” she replied.

And with that she rolled forward off the sofa dragging him with her. Not expecting this sudden event Matt found himself flat on his back with Stacy straddling him. She frantically began unbuttoning his shirt, which took a bit longer than usual due to the fact she was now grinding her wet pussy against his cock through his jeans. The shirt slid off and then he felt her hands go to her jeans, undoing the buttons and flyers. He arched his hips allowing her to slide jeans and boxer shorts off in one go, and watched as he saw the smile form on Stacy’s face. His cock stood up in front of her and she wrapped her hand around it.


Stacy began to move her hand up and down the shaft, but it was no good, nothing could distract her from the heat and wetness between her legs. Oh God she wanted him now. She moved her body further up his positioning her dripping pussy over his hard cock. Matt had seemed surprised at her initial florya escort move, but was now clearly torn between shock and ecstasy as she pushed herself onto him.

“Oh God… Oh Shit…” her moaning deteriorated into a mass of incomprehensible words as she bounced up and down on his cock. She placed her hands on Matt’s chest and began to thrust against him harder, taking the full length of his into her tight pussy. She had only been with one other man before and quite frankly he had been disappointing, whereas this on the other hand…. The sudden feeling on Matt’s cock tensing within her interrupted her though process. She smiled down at him, dangling her breasts in front of his face. His hands began undoing her shirt and she wriggled out of it and then he reached for the clasp of her bra. That came loose leaving her smooth firm breasts inches from his face. He took on of her nipples in his mouth and sucked on it while rolling the other between his fingers. Oh God he was good, she screamed to herself. Her orgasm was so close now, she could feel it, she wanted him to feel her pussy squeeze his cock while she screamed in ecstasy. She rode harder pushing him deeper and as she did let one of her hand work on her clit. She began rubbing it furiously, the feel of it combined with Matt’s hard cock inside her and his fingers playing with her nipples, was amazing. Then she felt him tease inside he again, and that was it, she was lost in a world of colour. Her orgasm flowed through her body waves of please crashing over her, her body shaking as she continued to slide her cunt up and down Matt’s shaft.

“Oh god Stacy! Stacy I,” but she put a finger to her lips, silencing him, and then realised what he was going to say.


Matt arched his back slamming himself into her, and his hot cum spilled out of him. She must have felt it because her moaning seemed to intensify again. He moan loadly as his sperm was shot into her. He thrust his hips upward against her, his balls rubbing against her as he did. Matt could feel Stacy’s pussy grasping his cock as her own orgasm continued and she continued to bounce up and down on his cock, forcing the last drops of cum from him. Then, orgasm over, Stacy collapsed on top of him, her breasts held firmly against his chest. Both of them were exhausted and breathing heavily, too tired to speak they lay there. ‘What an evening’ thought Matt, and laughed to himself. ‘If I’d have thought it was going to go like this…’ and then found he was lost for words, ….’I don’t think I’d change anything’ he concluded.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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