A Mother’s Dozen Ch. 01

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This is a twelve part series about a mother reaching a new kind of sexual awakening in her life. Please vote for the story and provide feedback.


Chop. Chop. Chop. In went the carrots. Stir. Stir. Stir. Adjust the heat. The petite woman standing at the stove waited until the carrots were brought to a light brown colour before adding some spices to her family’s meal. After some more stirring, she turned off the stove and served the fried rice into a bowl and covered it up with a wrap. She looked at the time, it was 5:30pm. It would be half an hour before all the men in her life would come home and eat everything she just prepared.

A space in the living room suddenly caught her eyes as she lined up the dining room table with cutlery. She walked over to the space and stared happily. It was the family portraits. The first photo was of her husband and herself, in Hawaii on their honeymoon. She studied her husband’s 22 year old physique and looked at a portrait of the two of them now.

“He’s let himself go,” Cindy thought to herself.

Cindy Dolan had kept up her appearances. She glanced back at the Hawaii photo and saw how beautiful she was: her long brown hair with blonde highlights, her tight waste, her supple bosoms. She looked at the picture of herself with her husband last month. She looked the same, except she’d cut her hair shorter and there were no highlights. Her bra size had definitely increased. That’s what happens when you have 4 kids.

Cindy took a look at the next photo. Her 3 boys. Men now, she realised. All three standing next to each other at the youngest one’s graduation. Johnny had just turned 18 when he took that photo with his diploma. His dark hair was spiked up all over and he was flashing an enormous grin. His brother Jeff was patting his shoulder; he was 20 and he was a lot bulkier than both of his brothers as he was a personal trainer. There was a hand on his short haircut and it was his older brother Adam. At 22, he had already finished college and he was working as a paralegal, in hopes of becoming a lawyer.

Cindy then thought of the other child, the illegitimate one. She knew she did the right thing by giving him up to a family that would be able to take care of him; after all she couldn’t have done that at the age of 13. No one in her family knew about the child, not even her husband as she met Jim in Senior High. Only her parents knew, and well, her mother had passed on and she hadn’t seen her father since she had the baby at 13.

Suddenly the door slammed open. It was Johnny.

“Hey mom!” Johnny greeted, as he went over and hugged his mother. Cindy smiled and hugged him back and looked down at her strapping son. He was so happy now that he’d finished school.

“Looking at the portraits again huh?” Johnny asked. “Yeah I know you just can’t stop looking at my beautiful smile.” He then flashed a large smile like the one in the picture to his mother.

Cindy laughed and motioned him over towards the dinner table.

“Fried rice tonight okay? I’ve got to go out and run some errands,” Cindy explained as she grabbed her keys.

“Okay thanks mom. I’ll tell Jeff and halkalı escort Adam too.” Johnny responded.

“Cooking for you boys all day, oh I’m sorry you MEN. I thought that job would be over when you guys graduated!” Cindy joked.

“I’m sorry mum, but I don’t know how to cook!” Johnny stated with an embarrassed look on his face.

“Yeah well, I’m not gonna leave you to get takeout. That’s how much I love you,” Cindy lovingly asserted as she kissed her son on the cheek.

“Thanks mom,” Johnny replied with a smile.

“I’ll be back and tell your father that his 44 year old body can’t handle anymore fried rice, so I made him a special rice that won’t clog his arteries,” Cindy requested.

Johnny detected the disappointment in her voice. He reached over and caressed her shoulder.

“Don’t worry mom. I’m gonna get dad to sign up at Jeff’s gym. I mean look at me and Adam since we started going there!” Johnny chuckled.

Johnny lifted up his shirt to show his flatter stomach. Cindy started laughing and looked down and then she saw that abs were slowly starting to form. She suddenly felt a jolt of excitement. She continued to laugh nervously and looked away.

“I gotta go Johnny. Be home soon.” Cindy uttered.

Cindy left the house and drove off to the postal office. She had a letter that she needed to get in today, and the post office closes at 6. She looked at the time on her car’s clock, it said 5:45.

As she sped up, she remembered how she felt when she saw her son’s tighter stomach just moments before. She realised that he reminded her of her husband, back in Hawaii, running around in the sand, fitter than ever.

Her mind then flashed to images of her honeymoon night: Jim stripping of his shirt and hurrying under the covers as she started taking off her bra and underwear, the two making out in each others arms, seeing Jim’s face for the first time as he pushed his manhood into her. Her mind then flashed to twenty minutes later that night when Jim was starting to increase his movements and vigorously fuck her and then cum inside of her, the cum that would result in their oldest son, Adam.

Cindy looked back at the clock and saw that she had 3 minutes left. She knew she wasn’t going to make it to the post office. She turned into a street off the main road and pulled over outside a park.

Cindy could feel how hot and heavy she had become thinking about Jim. She could feel the wetness in her panties. She looked around: It was pitch black, there were no other cars in the area and no one in sight. It had been weeks since she had sex with Jim and even that wasn’t sex to her, it was more of a task as she watched her slightly overweight and balding husband finish off in a minute.

She quickly forgot about that image and remembered back to her honeymoon. Her husband was screaming into her mouth and she was screaming back as they increased their rhythm and fucked each other for the first time.

She unbuckled her pants and pushed her jeans down her legs. Cindy massaged her thighs and slowly worked up to her sweet taksim escort spot. She stuck one finger inside and whimpered. She then started to stick her finger in and out, ever so slowly, as she watched in her mind her 22 year old husband move up and down on her 18 year old body.

Cindy’s other hand grabbed the side window and she started to lift her legs up to the steering wheel and rock her hips back and forth. She inserted another finger and cried out and continued to buck her hips with her finger movements.

Cindy was working herself to an orgasm, one that she hasn’t had in over a year. She was working hard for it until she saw someone’s eyes looking at her’s in the window.

Cindy gasped and quickly took her finger out and tried to pull her pants up but her legs stumbled all over the steering wheel. When she managed to buckle her pants she looked at the person and realised it was a young man, around Johnny’s age. She pulled the window down while the boy just stood there and watched.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Cindy shouted. “Peeping on me while I was having such an intimate moment! Get out of here before I call the police!”

The boy smiled.

“You’re the one who’s fucking herself in the middle of a public street, right outside a public park. I was just walking by. Let me tell you something, you are a really loud when you’re close to cumming,” the boy boldly stated.

Cindy looked around to see if anyone else was there and looked back at the boy.

“I hope you’re not a teenager. Why are you watching me anyway, don’t you have the internet for that? Don’t you have a girlfriend who can do it for you? You shouldn’t be looking at a woman my age.”

The boy frowned.

“I’m 18. No I don’t have a girlfriend, but seeing a woman your age doing something like this definitely turns me on.”

Cindy shuddered. She thought the boy was a total idiot because he was getting off over a 40 year old woman masturbating. She then look down at his pants and she could tell he was definitely getting off on this as he had a huge bulge.

“Are you telling me that you’re attracted to me?” Cindy coyly asked.

The boy flicked his hand through his short blonde hair and smiled.

“You, my good lady, are certainly one of the hottest things I’ve seen in a while. Your lips look so juicily red and your legs are so petite. And your pussy…”

Cindy covered her ears and shook her head.

“Okay show’s over, now get outta here. I am anyway,” Cindy asserted.

The boy frowned again.

“It seems like you’re sexually frustrated though miss. Are you sure you want to be going through these things by yourself? I can certainly give you a hand,” the boy sly suggested.

Cindy gave the boy a once-over. Was he actually propositioning her to have sex with him? Like she was gonna cheat on her sick husband, especially with a boy who just got out of high school.

Her mind suddenly flashed back to her honeymoon night, her husband stripped of his clothes. She saw something different this time. Instead of her husband it was the boy standing in front şişli escort of her. She then flashed forward to having sex with him as he started pounding her harder, as his eyes started going back in his head, as he started licking her neck.

Cindy then snapped out of it and looked back at the boy. He was grinning now, thinking it was his lucky night as he slowly started to unbuckle his pants to give his erection some freedom. Cindy looked down at his underwear and saw the boy’s hard member pushing through.

“Go on, touch it, you know you want to,” the boy asked with lust in his eyes.

Cindy reached her hand out through the window and slowly moved her manicured fingers to the boy’s erection. She looked at him again and saw how happy he was, it was clear just by looking at his eyes.

She grabbed the boy’s T-Shirt and lifted it up so she could remove his underwear. Cindy suddenly jumped in her seat as she saw the same kind of stomach that she saw earlier: abs that were slowly starting to form.

Cindy’s hand flew down and whacked the boy’s swollen member. Cindy could feel his pre-cum stains and how hard he was. Cindy quickly pulled her arm back in the car. The boy was startled.

“What’s the matter lady?” The boy shouted. “You were into me a second ago and then you saw my hot bod and then you shaked and stopped! Normally girls see it and they’re more hot and heavy!” The boy wondered.

Cindy’s mind suddenly started flashing to her honey moon night, only this time there was somebody different there. His dark spiky hair bobbed up and down as he cried out while giving the pounding of a life time to the woman below him. The woman below started screaming in bliss and then shoved her tongue in the man’s mouth and he shoved his tongue right back.

Cindy suddenly flashed back to reality and saw the swingset in front of her in the park. She looked out the window and looked back nervously at the boy. She rolled the window up and started the car.

The boy yelled out as his erection started to subside and he pulled his pants up. Cindy started driving out of the street and thought about what had happened.

She had just been sexually propositioned by an 18 year old, who claimed that she was sexually attractive. She then thought about giving him a hand job and nearly did, but as she started she was reminded of her son, and that was enough for her to stop. Not because she felt bad about her son thinking she was a slut. Because she wished it was her son’s body that she was feeling up instead.

Cindy suddenly started to feel wet as she thought about Johnny kissing her up and down her body and feeling his spiky hair as he rode up and down on her in her own bed. She tried to think of something else but she couldn’t resist the thought of fucking her own son, as she drove down the main road.

She thought about the doctor’s appointment that she went to with her husband the other day, who told them that Jim had high blood pressure because of lack of exercise and poor diet. She wondered what it would be like without Jim and just being in a house with her 3 sons. She then dropped her mouth in horror as she pictured all her sons standing around her head naked as she sucked them off one by one.

“What the hell is going on with ME?!” Cindy screamed as she came to a red light. Cindy knew she had to go back home tonight. Cindy knew she’d run into Johnny. What she didn’t know, is whether she’d be able to fight her urges, or give in to fucking her youngest child.

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