A meeting in Leather – Part 17.

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A meeting in Leather – Part 17.
“Robby’s coming-out party.”

#English translation
– A sequel to: https://xhamster.com/stories/a-meeting-in-leather-part-16-946681
– Or start at the beginning: https://xhamster.com/stories/a-meeting-in-leather-part-1-925923

My parents became more and more used to our new looks in the following days. And Dave and I found the right way to handle the whole situation. Sometimes, when we met in the hallway, we had to pinch each other to see if it was all real. We now had the greatest fun together. And of course our parents did not miss that. I was already busy planning everything for my birthday leading up to Thursday. But I also made time for the guys and girls from our neighborhood group. We kicked a ball around, or drove through the city on our mopeds. They did notice that Erik-Jan and I were much closer then before. And even Stevan drew more to us and seemed to have dropped Thomas as a friend, after the stupid eruption of homophobia from the past week. But everyone seemed to be content with Robert 2.0, and what I meant to the group dynamics now.

We told one horny story after the other, about what we had all experienced last Friday and Saturday night. When it was my turn to tell my story, it became quiet and people listened intently. I told them that Silvia had been watching me right from the start and that I therefore offered her a drink. That was confirmed by Stevan. And he told the group in great detail how beautiful she was and how nice she had looked in her Leather mini skirt.
But I tempered the expectations a bit when I told them that I thought that she was a big slut, who just lied about her inexperience to get boys. The group was surprised when I said that I soon realized her scam, but that I agreed to take her home anyway to have a good time.

I told the story of fingering her in the back of the Disco and that I finally took her home and used her roughly there. “You don’t say that… You don’t ‘use’ a girl!”, Jessica said indignantly. I explained that I would normally agree with her, but that this babe was certainly no virgin, even though she had told me that. And that I had caught her lying in that way a handful of times. But that I had also allowed her own pleasure and that she did have several orgasms. “Now you’re really exaggerating!”, Jessica said angrily. But I pulled her panties out of the back pocket of my Leather Jeans as proof. “Oh. Sorry,… you really did do her…”, Jessica stuttered. “Yeah, and it was pretty good. I brought her home on the moped and told her not to lie in the future. Every boy would like to go to bed with someone like her. Even without her having to lie for it.”, I told convincingly. Without having to add depth to my story, I had convinced the group, with the exception of Erik-Jan and Stevan of course, that I was straight. It felt good too them. But for me, I think this was the worst lie I had ever told without actually lying.

The following Tuesday I received a telephone call from Erik-Jan. He asked if I would go fitness the next day. I said that I was busy with the preparations for the Thursday morning party and that I still had to do some shopping. And that I was going to prepare tasty things for the entire group. “Shall I come early on Thursday, then maybe I can help you? Theo is also with us. I will ask him if he will come too. He has experience in the catering industry and can cook just as well as you.”, said Erik-Jan full of praise. I only knew Theo through Erik-Jan’s parents. He was a regular family friend there. And I knew that he did like catering things. “Only if Theo wants to help out himself! Otherwise I will be fine too. Let’s go to the gym tomorrow morning around 9 o’clock. Then I can do some shopping afterwards. If it’s okay with you I want to drop by in a bit?”, I asked. “Of course, darling!”, he said enthusiastically. “Theo is over here as well, we can arrange things with him then. I see you in a bit, Robby!”, he said and kissed me through the phone.

I hung up the phone quickly and finished what I was doing. Put on my Leather motor Jacket and walked quickly to Erik-Jan’s. We chatted downstairs with his parents and Theo. And I invited them all to drop by that Thursday morning for my 17th birthday party. That would have been the first time. Because our parents usually did not do much more then greet each other kindly. But they both said they would come, and asked what they should bring for me. “Erik-Jan…”, I said as a joke and that was laughed at. “No seriously, I don’t need any gifts from you. You have already helped me more then enough.”, I told Erik-Jan’s parents. Theo, Erik-Jan and I went to his bedroom and we discussed how he and Theo could help me. I got a hug from Theo and he said he was already looking forward to it.

Theo said goodbye and went back to the living room. And I asked Erik-Jan what exactly he had told his parents about us. “Nothing at all! Robby!”, he vowed. “But my mother always realizes when I’m in love. And I’m seriously in love with you, mate.”, he said gasped. I kissed him tenderly. And said the feeling was completely mutual. And that I had never felt butterflies from someone in my stomach before. “You mean you have my spunk in your stomach!”, he said with a naughty look in his eyes. Tore open his pants, pulled out his rock hard cock and pushed my head over his dick. I took it in one go deep down my throat and left it there while making strong swallowing movements with my mouth. Within a 10 count he emptied his balls deep in my throat. I only came up for air again when he was spend. And he looked at me with big surprised eyes. He wanted to say something, but I put a finger on his mouth. Leaned over and squeezed his seed back into his mouth. “My present for you, dear!”. I moaned in his ear.

He swallowed it all and begged me for more. We kissed like that for a long time and he pushed me on his bed. He sniffed my Leather Biker Jacket and licked every inch. “I now understand what you find so horny about this, Robby! And you can wake me up day or night to use me hard in Leather. I want you inside me bahis siteleri now!, fuck me please!”, he moaned as he let his body slide over me. “Just save your seed a little longer, mate! If everything goes according to plan, I’ll take you hard on Thursday night in a Leather dungeon in the provincial capital!”, I told him squeezing his horny ass. “Oh do tell!”, he moaned hornily. “What are we going to do?”. “I won’t tell you that yet. But make sure you prepare your Leathers and your ass for Thursday night. I pushed him away from me. I sat down next to his head and pulled my big cock with Leather cock strap out of the Jeans. And gave EJ a big load of my sperm to swallow. I kissed his filled mouth and told him he will have to wait until Thursday night for more. “I’ll pick you up tomorrow at 9:00. Then we will ride my bike to the gym.”, I said, slapping him on the cheek. Put my cock back in my pants and went home again.

That Wednesday morning I walked in at EJ’s and greeted his parents. Walked directly upstairs and pushed the still naked Erik-Jan against the wall. Pinned his hands high above him, while I pressed my Leather Jeans hard against his ass. He turned his ass back as he moaned. I drove me fast up and down his buttocks. “Oh god,… Yes… That’s exactly what I want… Use me!”, he moaned. “Time to get dressed up, nice thing.”, I said. “I’m way too busy today. A lot has to be arranged. Put the Leather Jock strap on under your sport clothes.”

I let go of his hands and pushed him onto his back on the bed. I sat down between his legs and grasped his tasty dick and balls tightly. He expected to be sucked off and closed his eyes in anticipation of what was to come next. But I pulled a thick rubber cock ring around his cock and balls and hit his almost stiff dick hard. “How does that feel, honey?”, I asked him horny. “Oh yes,… that’s pretty nice…”, said Erik-Jan looking at his caught cock. “I saw you looking at my cock strap yesterday.”, I panted in his ear. “You will wear this ring in the coming days. And are not allowed to cum until I say so!”, I ordered my boyfriend. “Ah… is that really necessary?”, he asked already desperately. “Yes, I will not let you waste any of that precious seed before tomorrow night, because I want to feel every last drop in my ass. You’re gonna fuck me bare tomorrow. You will squirt it all into my ass! That’s the only gift I want from you, no… demand from you… Erik-Jan!”, I said and slapped his cock playfully again.

I watched him as he try to hide his semi-rigid cock with cock ring in his Leather jockstrap. He put on his sport pants and grabbed his helmet and tough Biker Jacket and gym bag. We went to my moped and he climbed up behind. I had attached my sports bag to the gastank in front of me so that EJ could snuggle up close to me. He did just that with full commitment. I could feel his cock pressed against my ass. We were greeted by the gym owner, Henk Voorburg, and walked straight to the locker room. We changed clothes and Henk came in while I was taking off my Leather Jeans. This time it was Henk who looked me in the gaping ass hole. Because this time it was I who was wearing nothing but my black cotton Jock strap. Henk didn’t give it a second thought and hit me hard on the tight buttocks. Erik-Jan looked at him with envy. But I bent over more and spread my buttocks apart and Henk popped in between my legs. And he rimmed me nice and open. And I panted heavily. I got a few more slaps and Henk said; “You are too early, Mike isn’t here yet!”

“That works out well then. Then we can work out in peace. Tomorrow is my birthday, so I’m busy shopping this afternoon. If you feel like it, you can just pop by tomorrow morning…”, I said with a horny wink. Only then did Erik-Jan understand that Henk also belonged to the club. The three of us completed a very tough fitness training. Specifically adjusted to those body parts that we wanted to make harder. And we only just managed to keep our cocks in our pants. We showered together. And Erik-Jan watched Henk in awe as he pulled out his huge cock without shame for us. We walked naked into the locker room while Mike came in. He looked at the three of us. Turned around and left without saying a word. “Hi Mike, and goodbye Mike!”, I said as we walked past the gym’s bar to the exit. I had a firm arm around Erik-Jan. And hoped that the message was clear enough for him. I was over him and now had my own boyfriend.

The two of us did the last shopping for tomorrow and ordered 3 large boxes of cake from the bakery. The baker thought I ordered a lot. But I said that I also expected a lot of visitors and that I would probably need a few extra boxes at the start of tomorrow afternoon. Outside we met several acquaintances I knew from the Sex club. I introduced them all to Erik-Jan and also invited some of André’s men to come by early in the afternoon if they wanted to. We walked past Robbin and Rik’s Leather shop, and Erik-Jan asked me to wait for him outside. He ran inside, spoke to the two men for a moment, and came out with a small bag. “That is your gift, you will get it from me tomorrow night.”, he said excitingly. I opened the door of the shop and invited the two men to come to my birthday party around noon. They gave me a thumbs-up and Erik-Jan and I drove home again.

Theo was already there. And he was talking to my mother. “Hi Theo. I got the last necessary supplies in now. If we prepare a few things in advance, we won’t be so busy tomorrow morning.”, I asked. I changed my clothes and the three of us went to work in the kitchen. Well, the two of us, but we had put Erik-Jan to work quickly enough with some simpler tasks. Like a well-oiled machine, we prepared those things that could be prepared in advance.
And on my birthday Theo and Erik-Jan arrived early. We put the snacks together. And before the other guests came in, Xiam had already arrived. He greeted us and told me he would have to leave early before lunchtime. “Nice to see you, Xi!”, I said happily and he gave me a slightly too friendly hug. My parents saw that, but bahis şirketleri my father pulled my mother back. Xiam looked at what Theo and I had prepared and we got one compliment after the other from him. “Hey,… you know what’s good with meatballs and king prawns… A Chinese sweet and sour sauce. Shall I?”, Xiam asked. “Yes please, Xi. Show us those magic Chinees arts!”, I said enthusiastically as I showed him the pantry. In no time at all it smelled wonderfully throughout the house.

The first guests arrived. They were the neighbors who came to us more often. I had not invited them, so I assumed that my father and mother had. They sat down in the living room. And I greeted them kindly. Theo did the coffee and tea. And served the birthday cakes. More and more of my new friends arrived. And they lingered around the standing tables in the dining room. Erik-Jan’s parents also came in. His father gave me an envelope with money as a gift. And his mother kissed me on the cheek and told me; “I am happy that you and Erik-Jan are having a great time together. I will keep your little secret to my self. It is up to you to tell when you are ready… Know that we always have room for you at our place Robert!”, she said encouragingly. I looked a bit surprised, but she gave a friendly wink. I pulled Erik-Jan down the hall and said, “Does your mother really not know we have a relationship?”. “I still haven’t said anything to them, Robert!”, he said. “Good because I am not ready yet… If you know what I mean Erik-Jan…”, I said nervously.

I sat down with the adults and finally ate my own birthday cake. One of the neighbor’s wives who lived a few doors down said suddenly; “Hey, Robert. Are you gay or something?”, she said haughty. She always seemed to me like she felt better than the rest, but this really didn’t make sense. I looked at Dave and Carl for a moment. And answered; “Interesting question neighbor!”. “Before I can give a good answer to that, I would like to know what brought you to this strange conclusion and why it is necessary to ask that question right now.”, I said as mature as possible. “You behave differently. You do the catering yourself. You often wear Leathers lately. You’ve dyed your hair… do I really have to continue?”, she asked irritably.

“Ah,… so if someone behaves differently then before, is he automatically gay? If someone likes to show off his cooking skills, is he automatically gay. If someone is committed to others, is he automatically gay? If someone likes Leather clothing, is he automatically gay? If someone wants a cooler haircut, is he automatically gay?…”, I said as a reaction to her dumb comment. The rest of the party goers went quiet. I continued; “Well… In that case your own son is certainly gay too. He also wears Leathers, he has also bleached his hair, he also likes good food… do I really have to continue?… “, I waited a moment and spoke; “I think someone is gay if he has found his true love in someone of the same sex. So it has nothing to do with what he does, what his favorite clothes are made of, or what he is good at… It is too bad you can’t make that distinction, neighbor!”, I said resolutely.

The house remained silent for 5 seconds. You could have heard a pin drop. But my friends suddenly gave me a standing ovation from the dining room. Carl stood up and pulled Dave up off the couch. He planted a short tongue kiss on Dave’s mouth in front of every one. Dave said; “Everyone, this is my friend. We have been gay boyfriends for years now and I am proud of that.”
And I said; “Neighbor, I just turned 17 today. In fact, just like now exactly at 11:55 am. But it is still too early for me to indicate whether I am Straight, Bi-sexual, or Gay. However, as soon as I know for certain… You will really… be the very last… who I will tell! I promise.”

Erik-Jan stood next to me and gave me a present. “Here, this was meant for later, but now is the right time.”, he said aloud. And put two braided Leather bracelets in my hand. He put one on me; “Robby, do you want to be my boyfriend… I love you a lot…”, he told me. I grabbed the other braided Leather bracelet and put it on him. And kissed him full on his mouth, in front of all of the neighbors, mine and his parents, and all our friends. “Yes EJ, I really like that. I also love you very much…”, I said with conviction knowing this was the right thing to do. “Oh neighbor,… I’m gay now… The rest apparently already knew…”, I said, looking angry in her direction.
And again an approving applause and cheering arose. Even the husband from the angry neighbor gave me a thumbs-up. While she left the house with great speed when my mother demanded that of her.

Erik-Jan received a hug from his father. And I one from his mother. “You did say that very nicely!”, she said proudly. My father and mother also gave us a big hug. And Theo got the party going again by turning up the music a bit and putting the hot food and snacks on the table. I started to serve the strong spirits and more and more friends from the neighborhood came to us. Half had to remain outside on the terrace, it had never been so busy and pleasant. I met Carl and Dave in the hallway. And I embraced them out of sheer joy and excitement. “Hey, new little brothers of mine… of us…”, Carl said to EJ and me. “Carl, can we make your clubs kinky basement unsafe this evening?”, I asked. He looked at me for a second. “Sure! let’s arrange it! Sounds very nice… it is a good plan!”, he said. “That was not planned entirely in this way. But it does seem nice. And it is appropriate now that I have more to celebrate than just my birthday.”, I whispered secretly. Erik-Jan was also happy. He told them about the rubber cock-ring I put on him and that I had not allowed him to empty his sack for days now.

“But that can only happen Robby, if you come to work with me on Saturdays, baby.” Carl said with a wink. “That also seems like a good plan to me.”, I said and we agreed a few things. Robin and Rik had joined us and said that I could also earn some money with them canlı bahis during the holidays and such. And while we discussed that with the six of us in the corridor, we heard a heavy engine stop in front of the house. It was Mike, in a three peace suit. He took off his helmet and Leather Motor Jacket and immediately walked through the open front door. I shot out of the group to catch him at the door. “What is Mikael van Buren doing here?”, I asked irritably. He looked at me in astonishment for a moment, because I knew his full name. He lowered his eyes and looked down at the floor. “Sorry, I know I have not been invited. But I want to offer you a job at André’s catering. And we wanted to give you this back. Robert. Sorry!”, he said in shame. He gave me back a leather dog tag with ‘LEVEL-2’ and the old staff card with access code as well as the fuel discount pass. Together with a contract. “Ai, thank you very much, but you are just a little too late. And that in more ways than one!”, I said, signaling Carl and Erik-Jan to come closer.

I have just taken on two part-time jobs. And this is my new boyfriend. So if you want to see us at the club, it would be nice if you can arrange two more things for me. I would like to see Erik-Jan receive a visitor’s pass, and that André puts it on paper what he would like me to do in my spare time at the club… “, I said in a business sense. “I understand that this may be a bit too much, but that’s the way things are at the moment.”, Mike gave me a second envelope from his inside pocket and filled in a card for Erik-Jan on the spot. “Is he ready for that…”, Mike asked me. “Ha sure, yes, leave that to me…”, I said, and thanked Mike for his visit and showed him the door.

“Who was that?”, my mother asked. “The co-owner of a catering company and our fitness instructor. He came to offer me a 0-hour contract for a job with him.”, I said. And not a word was lied to.

“Dave, please do the honors for me if you can?”, I asked him and Carl. “I do believe I have something to celebrate in private.”, I said softly and pulled Erik-Jan upstairs into my bedroom. “I’m going to arrange some transportation. It would be nice if we could go to Carl’s Leather club tonight. He has a very horny Dungeon in the basement there. I want to prove my love to you there. But let me give you a preview EJ!”, I said naughty. And pressed him to his knees in front of me. He looked me in the eyes, very much in love with me. I pulled my cock out of the Leather Jeans and let him suck me off nicely. While he worked my throbbing cock with his tongue and his lips I slapped his ass with a whip. And told that I wanted to see him in Leather that night. “You can get me the way you want me, darling!”, he answered excitedly. “I’m all yours, Robby.”, he said, panting. “Remember. Don’t come until I give you permission, horny thing. All that seed is for my ass!”, I said imperatively. That resulted in a shudder from EJ. And I came a little bit on his tongue. We quickly pulled up our clothes and walked down, kissing, laughing and joking around.

I asked Xi, Theo, Carl and Wesley if they would drive us and a few others to ‘the three brothers’ Leather Club tonight. We could have a Leather party there, I suggested. To celebrate our new friendship. That was exactly what they all had hoped for. So that appointment was made quickly, and we arranged who rode with whom and what we were going to wear.

In anticipation of what would happen that evening, most of the young men from our intimate group left for home. And they each prepare themselves for what was to come. Robin and Rik even drove to their store with a few of them. Various boys bought their first kinky Leathers there. I also sent Stevan with them. And he came back with Leather chaps, a harness, a mask, and Sendra Cowboy boots. He was as proud as a peacock. Because he now also had Leathers and he didn’t even have to pay for it, he told us. That was true because I had taken care of that. But I did not let him know that. Stevan gave me an envelope with contents. It was from Robin and Rik. The only thing written on the inside was; “your commission, we’ll see you tonight!”. Apparently they had a good business day again.

At the end of the afternoon I walked with Erik-Jan back to his house. We received compliments from his parents again. His father took me aside. “You do it safely, don’t you?”, he asked visibly concerned. “Yes Sir, as safe as possible. And now that we have a permanent relationship, I think it can only become safer. And for the sake of clarity, I will still let myself be regularly tested by Doctor Jonathan.”, I said. And that was exactly what Erik-Jan’s father wanted to hear. “Yes, I know that doctor too. Maybe a good idea that you and Erik-Jan go there together.”

“Where should we go?”, asked Erik-Jan, who had come to stand next to us. “Your father thought it would be a good idea if we would go to Doc Jonathan for some information and maybe some tests. I know he’s good at guiding guys like us.”, I said. “But we only do that if you want to…”, I continued.

While talking a little we walked to Erik-Jan’s room . And were congratulated on the stairs by his older brother and younger sister. “Still sorry for the way I dealt with that neighbor this morning, EJ.”, I said. “You could not have done that differently. And it gave me a good opportunity to ask you.”, he said. “Yes you did well. I don’t think anyone will soon forget this, darling.”, I said. “No, I don’t think so either. It felt good, and for the first time I felt true love. I love you Robby!”, whispered Erik-Jan to me.

A bit flustered but satisfied, we faced each other in his room. Caressed and looked intensely at each other. Erik-Jan put his arms around my waist and pulled me towards him. “Are you happy, Erik-Jan?”, I asked as I felt his head press against my shoulder. “Yes, darling! I’ve never been as happy and excited as I am now. I really love you Robby!”, he said. I pressed a hand behind his head and pulled it even closer to me. “I love you too. Very much so EJ.”, I said sincerely. We stood like that for a while. Enjoying each other’s company, each other’s scent and each other’s horniness. And were hoping for the beautiful things that still had to come. I grabbed his head and kissed him passionately. Intensely happy with our new relationship.

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