A Matter of Time Ch. 08

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Marty Rochester walked into the apartment with his 55-year-old version in tow. There was something different about the apartment. His girlfriend, Victoria Church, looked … sated.

She smiled at him and greeted him with a luxurious kiss — the kind usually reserved for commercials during The Cosby Show.

“We’re going to catch my rapist,” she said, almost giddy.

Marty was completely confused.

“What?” the 20-year-old genius managed.

Martin knew what happened through his new memories. He didn’t know all the details, but he knew Victoria had taken a step into life with a session of mutual masturbation. And she was told of the rape that, now, would never happen. And she was told of the plan to catch the man who brutalized her body 35 years ago this day.

In fact, Marco — the man who raped Victoria Church, a virgin college student in 1989 — was likely already hiding in Dunn Woods near the Indiana University Law School. He’d hidden in the shadows of the Kirkwood Observatory — that is what Victoria had figured out. He’d attacked her from behind as she walked to her biology class.

In her first 1989, Victoria had no way of fighting. In this new 1989, she did. From her fanny pack, Victoria had given her Volt liner. A thin fabric that women of 2023 wore in bad neighborhoods that — when grabbed violently — emitted 50,000 volts. A lawsuit had been filed in 2021 after a woman blamed the company for the shocking of her toddler son, but the company won the legal battle after proving it was a self-defense devise that was only supposed to be wore when a person felt threatened. Not while having tickleathons with 4-year-old children.

Vicki, Victoria and Martin explained to Marty 20 the situation.

“So, wait, you’re going to allow yourself to get attacked? I don’t like this at all,” Marty said.

Victoria was learning her life all over again. She didn’t want to be subjected to fear. She didn’t want to be subjected to losing her family because their Christian beliefs blamed the victim. She wanted to be strong.

“I’m going to put Marco on his ass. And we’re going to put him in jail,” the virgin said.

He’d never heard her swear before. What had happened while they were looking at Janet the stripper? He’d learned that on this day in one version of 1989, he’d had sex with the stripper and wasn’t home when his girlfriend, Victoria, had to go to class. Otherwise, he might have walked with her and she wouldn’t have been attacked. And now, instead of just hiding at home away from the rapist, she wanted to take a chance and apprehend the attacker.

“If he doesn’t get me, he’ll try to get the next girl,” she said.

The plan was explained. The four walked down Henderson to Indiana Avenue and down a hill in front of what would become the Maurer School of Law. It was dusk. The shadows were long and perfect for an attacker. Martin pulled out three pairs of glasses. They looked normal for the year 1989, but they were specially modified night-vision glasses. Marty and Martin watched as virgin Victoria walked away. They were going to cut through the law school into the Dunn Woods. Vicki walked across Indiana Avenue to a pay phone. With her aged hands and young anger, she dialed 9-1-1.

“Yes, hi,” she told a dispatcher. “There’s a man in Dunn Woods by the law school acting very suspiciously. I think they need police here.” She looked at her watch. The attack happened in this minute in 1989. She watched her younger self step into the 50 yards of woods along a brick path. She remembered she was halfway through when the attack happened. She stepped back across and picked up her pace. She didn’t want to spook the rapist, but she wanted to look him in the eyes after the shock floored him.

An IU police officer heard the dispatch and was about two blocks away. He started walking toward the woods. It wasn’t the first time a creep had crept in Dunn Woods.

Marco saw the girl again. He’d waited here for an hour, but had followed her several times. She looked virginal, but like she wanted to fuck. She was a dirty whore and her cunt needed to be coached… if not destroyed.

He looked around. She was alone in the woods as she walked.

He had no idea Martin and Marty were watching him from behind. He had no idea Vicki was nearby or that a police officer was a block away and walking quickly.

He leaped out from the early fall leaves and went to grab her. He looked at her long red hair as she began to look around. There wasn’t fear in her eyes like he’d seen before. She had a … smirk. She couldn’t see him beneath his ski mask, but it was almost like she recognized him. Bitch, smile as I fucked you. Smile as I beat the hell out of your sloppy cunt. Smile as I cut your clit. Smile as I…

Marco grabbed her viciously, but hadn’t expected the voltage. The electricity shocked him, setting him tumbling off the young woman and onto the ground. His head thumped hard against the path and into a nearby tree.

“Stay right there!” he heard. Was it the kurtköy escort girl? He had to get out of here. Which way is up? His body felt like it was on fire from the shock, his fingers and legs and lips tinkled in pain.

“Stay right there!” he heard. It was the voices of women, and men. Shit, not good. He wanted to fight, but he couldn’t figure out where he was.

“Right there! Him! Him!”

“He attacked me! He attacked me from behind!” the bitch said. Who was she talking to?

“Indiana University Police! Stay down!”

His head was heavy like he was drunk on cheap wine. But he knew he wasn’t. Leaves were crunching around him as his backpack fell off his body.

“Stay down!” he was commanded. He wanted to fight, but couldn’t find his bearings. There would be another day to fight.

“I’m … I’m down.” Marco complied. He opened his hands, spreading his fingers wide. The brass knuckles slipped off his hand, the 50,000 volts burned a scar into his skin where the weapon had been gripped.

“He attacked me,” the 20-year-old girl reported. “He grabbed me,” Victoria added.

“I saw him,” the 55-year-old woman said to the officer. She wasn’t going to let this beast get away with it.

The officer’s adrenaline was flowing. Several witnesses noticed this guy, and he was wearing a ski mask with a backpack and brass knuckles. A no-brainer, this guy needed to go to jail for processing. For at least battery. Maybe sexual battery. Too bad they didn’t catch him in the act of something more violent. The officer snapped handcuffs on the masked man before pulling him up onto his knees and feet.

He pulled off his mask. In the September dusk, he looked a bit familiar to all of them. Victoria and Vicki had seen him before — looking at her from across a pizza place along Third Avenue. Martin and Marty had seen him as well. Outside the strip club, they’d noticed him in their peripheral vision.

“You!” Marco said seething at Martin. “You fucked my girlfriend! You said you fucked my girlfriend and were going to have him fuck my girlfriend, too!”

“Calm down,” the officer said. “You’ll be able to write down your version of events at the station. What’s in your backpack? Care if I look?”

Marco was feeling steroid wisdom and wanted to kick somebody’s ass. He rushed toward Martin as the IU officer was distracted by his chatter on his radio. Marty became protective and leaped into Marco’s path. Marco’s forehead collided into Marty’s face, gashing a long cut along his nose and breaking the fragile bone beneath the skin.

The cop raced behind the suspect and grabbed him by the cuffed hands, placing a knee in his back and kicking the back of his knee, bringing Marco back down to the ground. He wouldn’t be getting back up until the cop had back-up. Marty was cupping his hands over his nose, blood streaming like a small stream of red.

“I’m going to kill you,” he said, looking up at Martin and Marty. “And I’m going to fuck you,” he said, looking at the virgin. She wanted him, he knew it. The vamp held herself from attacking Marco. He was cuffed and dumb. But she couldn’t risk going to jail. They had three more days in 1989 before they returned back to 2023.

“Enough!” the cop said, holding him down. Now he was going to add another battery charge, a resisting arrest charge and an intimidation charge to the asshole. He called for backup for a Bloomington police officer to book Marco in.

The older man had been holding his nose like the younger one. There was a significant gash in the younger man’s nose; a similar scar on the older man’s. They looked like a father and son who had suffered the same injuries, decades apart.

“Oh my God,” Vicki said as she held her husband close. “Look at this,” she whispered. “An old man with a new scar.”

“Felt so weird. Like it’s brand new. But like it’s almost always been there,” he responded.

Victoria rushed to her savior, Marty. She didn’t know what they were talking about — about the older man fucking some girl. But Vicki didn’t seem freaked out by it, so she decided she didn’t need to be. Not yet, anyway. She had to take care of her boyfriend whose nose had been bashed.

As they police car arrived and the cuffed suspect was put in the backseat of the car, the officer opened up the man’s backpack. It was a vicious rape kit, with strong tape, a binding and nylons. There was a homemade torture devise — a battering ram that Vicki now vaguely remembered being used to strike her abdomen. It had destroyed her uterus.

But she felt her uterus was still there. The future was now the past.

What were the odds Marco was the boyfriend of Janet? Not one in a million, but definitely one in a lot. The two couples, old and young, looked at one-another. Time had been slightly changed. A day of cheating. An evening of hell. They were silent with one-another. It was a time of celebration. A time of confluence. A time of quiet.

They gave their statements to the officer. The older couple gave false aydıntepe escort names, but got their statements on the record. Hopefully, police would be able to connect Marco to other crimes and he’d be in prison for a long time.

Marty refused medical attention. He just wanted to walk to his favorite eatery with his girlfriend and their future selves. They sat quietly eating, taking in the events. They all felt heroic, but thrown off. It was a stressful day, rearranging time. Avoiding sex. Avoiding rape. Being attacked and having a scar to show for it. The bridge of Marty’s nose was gashed, but he didn’t care. He slowly ate a cheeseburger and was pleased with his reaction. Even if it looked like his scar would never heal.

“So, what will really push me into time travel?” he quietly asked his older version.

“Oh, an experiment that you do at CERN.”


“Yes. It’s a super collider in Switzerland.”

“We’re going to Switzerland?” Vicki asked Victoria.

“Yes. And he’s a super collider in Switzerland,” she snickered. “He’s always turned on when he’s right. And he’s also romantic.”

Marty was awestruck by the horniness in his girlfriend and his future wife. Talking about sex in public. But he liked it. He wanted to time travel and do other cool science things … but he also wanted to cum today. He’d heard enough about the sex he never had with Janet — a stripper known as Candy — and he figured Vicki and Victoria had been talking about sex today, just because they still were.

“Anyway,” Martin said, “you’ll figure it out by checking the pulses of a black hole near V 4641. That’s not found for another decade, though. Anyway, by using those details, you’re able to solidify the theory and design FluX.”


“Foreign Light Unlimited, Experimental. Time is like waves of light, and we can surf it by using reflections of time off V 4641 with our own solar system. We sent rubber ducky encased in concrete encased in a metal case back to the near the top of Pikes Peak in Colorado to the year 2,000 B.C. We buried it nine feet down. We found it in 2022 and carbondating showed it had been there about 4,000 years. But we’d only let it go a day earlier.”

“Wow,” Victoria said. She was loving all the science talk, even though she wasn’t sure how it worked.

“FluX is our surfboard,” Vicki said, holding out the device. “Literally, we can pinpoint a time and place and go to it,” she said. This was just their first endeavor, but many more would come after it, they realized. Maybe they’d go into the future to see what the work was like in 5,000 years; or maybe go back to meet Einstein or Jesus or Buddah.

They left, with the older couple getting a cab back to their hotel room and the younger couple returning to their apartment.

“Thanks for helping save me,” Victoria said as they walked in.

“You’re crazy, Victoria,” he said. “I’m just glad that guy was brought down by that energy jacket. Guess our children will have it easier against predators.”

Our children. We would have children, Victoria thought. She loved the idea. Why was it the older couple hadn’t had children? A few reasons, all physical. The rape severally damaged her womb; the quiet STD severally damaged Marty’s sperm count. But both had been avoided.

She wanted to be with the one she loved. The virgin turned around and gave him a hug. His nose and eyes were a bit bruised. His wound still fresh but no longer bleeding. He looked rough. He looked


She gave him a long kiss and pressed him against a wall. He wasn’t sure what she was doing. But she didn’t like not-knowing and barely talking anymore. She wanted to be open about her thoughts and about his desires.

“We’re not having sex tonight,” she said.

“OK,” he acknowledged.– not really expected they would.

“But I want to see you. I want you to see me,” she said. She took off her jacket and threw it on the ground. Usually she put her coat in the closet. She was acting different, but not wrong. Just a bit … hot.

“What did you and Victoria do today?”

“Sex stuff,” she admitted. “I touched myself.”

Her shirt showed off her curves; at least he was noticing them now. She kissed him on the neck, something she hadn’t done before. Victoria led him into their living room. It was warm from when Vicki turned up their thermostat earlier to stay warm while they masturbated and watched the pornography.

“I want to see your body,” she said. “All of you. Take off your clothes, Marty.”

He smirked, then complied. He wished he’d worn something sexier today. He pulled his T-shirt off and slowly unhooked his jeans.

“Ladies first,” he smiled.

She didn’t hesitate. She pulled her shirt off and unclipped her bra. Her 34C breasts revealed to Marty’s eyesight. His cock filled with anticipation, hardening in his underwear.

No sex, no sex, no sex, he thought. He wanted sex.

She went to the couch and sat down, pulling off her pants. She followed tuzla içmeler escort that by pulling off her socks and spreading her legs.

“I want to watch you. I want to watch you cum,” she said.

This won’t take long, Marty thought. He hadn’t masturbated since yesterday morning — and he was very turned on. He could see her panties were wet where her pussy hid. He wondered what she would allow. He wanted to not cross any lines, but he definitely wanted to find them.

She pulled down her panties, and Marty saw the lips of her pussy as she kept her legs wide. Her soft red pubic hair hid her clit and capped her passion. She slipped two fingers into her mouth and pulled them out, bringing them down to her vagina.

“The best kind of lubrication,” she said, evoking a life lesson of a few hours earlier.

Marty felt a little faint, but decided he didn’t want to black out for this moment in life. He watched as Victoria sat down in front of him, her legs spread. He looked in her eyes, and looked down at her legs and her pussy.

Victoria slipped her first finger inside her body, arching her back, and then bit her lip as she sank her middle finger into her to her second knuckle.

Their breathing was accelerated like engines coming to life at the Indianapolis 500. Drew got naked, pulling the waistband of his tighty-whities down his hips and, lastly, over the bulge of his rigid penis — pointing to her like a compass arrow to the North Star.

She didn’t touch him. She just looked. She just smiled.

“What do you … how do you …?”

“I just …”

Marty began pulling slowly at his cock. He was scared and thrilled. He feared she’d walk out of him in a moment out of disgust. He hoped she’d spread her legs and continue playing with herself in a moment of horniness.

“Very … interesting,” Victoria said as she spread her legs far and bore her two fingers inside herself. Her thumb haloed her clit slowly as she watched her boyfriend — future fiance — future husband — enjoy himself.

She took her hand and played softly with her breasts.

“Kiss me. Just here,” she said, offering her nipple to Marty. He leaned forward and touched her breast with his lips and tongue, softly caressing and enjoying the intoxication of his mind. He licked and nibbled, looking down between them to see her hand quickening its pace as he did. He pulled harder at his cock, precum sweating from the head of his penis.

He leaned back, jacking his cock and his head craning backward. Victoria pulled her fingers from her vagina and … leisurely haloed his cock with her hand.

“You’re leaking,” she said seeing the clear precum percolating to the surface of his cock’s head.

“Yeah,” he confirmed.

“I didn’t know,” she said.

“It’s normal,” he said. “I hope,” he added with a giggle.

He didn’t know what she was going to do. In his head, he hoped she’d take his cock in her mouth. Or she straddled him with that virgin pussy. Or she pulled him to completion. She gently tugged on his erection, leaned forward and kissed him on the lips.

“Marty, I don’t know what I’m doing. But I want to see you … see you have an orgasm. Can you show me?”

Sure, it wasn’t a blowjob or handjob or intercourse, but it was hot nonetheless. He began moving his hand furiously, the slight slickness of her juices helping to lubricate just a bit. It was more mental than physical, but it was good.

Victoria moved back a few inches and watched as Marty elongated his erection with each and every pull. From their neighbor’s apartment, they heard the song “When I See You Smile” by Bad English coming from B-97. Some nights, she played the music too loud, but it was good background noise for this moment.

Victoria smiled. Marty smiled. And Marty contorted his smile into a grin of pleasure.

“Cum … for me,” Victoria said, exhaling loudly as she did.

Marty enjoyed the command and pressed two fingers between his balls as he jacked. Here it is. Here it is, he thought. He looked at Victora and inhaled, wondering where his explosion would land. He looked down at his cock and knew the ejaculation was rocketing through his system….

“I am,” was all he could manage as he began spurting from the head of his cock streams of bright white cum, erupting from his volcano onto the rises and hills of his future fiancee’s skin. It flowed like the heat of lava onto her breasts and tummy and into the fields of her public hair. She giggled as she watched a pieces of life she’d never seen fall onto her. She could tell — when she watched her sister and her husband — that they had both had orgasms. But she’d never seen it.

She’d never felt its warmth as it jetting onto skin. Or how it quickly cooled like lava under an ocean. Victoria leaned up and kissed Marty, playing with the cum with her fingers that had been rubbing her breasts. She didn’t want to mix his cum with the fingers that had been inside her. It was probably not possible, but she didn’t want to get pregnant that way.

His penis was waning, postcum leaking white from the tip of it. Victoria played with the head of his penis with her thumb, pulling more cum from the tip unintentionally. It was fun, playing with a body. Seeing what happens to it.

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