A Manhattan Reunion Ch. 02

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The lovers fell into a deep, satisfied slumber for several hours and when Torrey awoke, it was already dark. He slipped out of bed and picked up the phone in the living room.

“Please send up a bottle of Dom Perignon 2000, two glasses and a basket of strawberries.”

Torrey pushed a button by the phone and the curtains opened, revealing a sweeping view of Manhattan south down Central Park, with the Empire State Building, Rock and the Chrysler taking their familiar positions.

“Thank you. No rush, no worries.”

Torrey returned to the bedroom and smiled at the sight. The city lights cast a bluish light on the evidence of their torrid lovemaking. Pillows flung like shrapnel. Anne’s dress and shoes in a heap. The bedspread half torn from the bed. And most of all, the vision of his desire curled in a ball, sideways on the bed, the soft light framing her like sleeping Olympia.

“Anne, what benevolent god in this universe has brought you back to me?” Torrey mused as he draped her dress over the back of the chaise. “How does a man deserve another chance like this?”

Anne stirred but didn’t wake. Torrey took the time to take in her naked loveliness.

Her hair, chocolate, curly and well cut, framed her content face, a wisp resting on her high cheekbone. Her lips full and parted, very sweet. Her skin, soft and electric to his touch. Her magnificently full breasts and taut nipples rose and fell with her breathing. The curve of her hip. Her shapely, tanned calves below her toned thighs. Her delicate little feet with red polished nails to match her fingers. Anne was a complete, thoroughly natural beauty.

“And I just made love to her,” said Torrey softly. “I am one lucky dude.”

Torrey sat on the chaise while waiting for the Dom and considered all the “what-ifs.”

What if I had the strength to leave to leave Kris? What if Anne and I had connected after high school? Could they have navigated their college years, with him on the East Coast and she in the West? What would their lives together have been like? Would they be happy or would they each be divorced as they were now?

The knock on the door jarred Torrey out of his thought and he saw Anne stir as he left the room. When he returned with the tray, Anne was stretching, arms above her head, naked and proud, a movement made by a woman who knew that the years had been good to her.

Their eyes met and Torrey took in Anne’s smile and dancing eyes. “How about some champagne, lover? And some strawberries?”

They lay together, sipping, tasting and laughing. Two old friends, two new lovers, with the time, money and freedom to do what they wanted.


With dinner plans somewhere in the future, Anne went into the bath to get ready. She gazed at herself in the mirror. She looked damn good for forty-six, she knew. Her breasts maybe were not as firm as when she was young, and her hips were maybe slightly wider after two kids, but her sexy appeal was undeniable even after all this time. Her eyes, still lovely and expressive, had developed some laugh lines, but this only gave her pretty face more character. Her legs were still tight and fit and shapely. Anne had aged well and she knew it.

“How about a bubble bath before dinner?” she heard Torrey as he came in with their glasses? He ran the water into the oversize tub and poured in the fragrant liquid. When it was ready, he sat in the back and gestured to Anne to join him. She sat between his outstretched legs and could feel his semi-hard cock against her back.

Torrey caressed Anne’s back and neck with soapy hands and reached around her to cup her full breasts. He let his fingertips lightly graze her nipples and then dropped his hands into her lap. He squeezed Anne’s firm thighs and gradually moved them closer to her pussy. He caressed all around her legs and belly but did not touch her there yet. All the while, Torrey was kissing Anne’s neck and ears, using his lips and tongue on her sensitive skin.

Torrey’s cock was now fully erect and pressed firmly against Anne’s back, while his balls grazed her ass. kadıköy escort He reached down to cup her cheeks and lifted her with his strong arms and rested her pussy on his smooth shaft. The rigid member was hot against Anne’s pussy even in the water and she gasped as she felt her pussy lips grind down on his cock.

Torrey’s cock was of average length but was very thick and Anne could feel it throbbing. She reaching down and gasped when she felt his soapy cockhead, hot and large, with her fingertips. She pressed the soft underside with her fingertips, and felt the flared head against her clit as she slid up and back on his shaft.

Anne’s pussy lips engorged and wrapped around Torrey’s cock and she slid back and forth. Torrey’s hands on her hips began to move her faster and she felt weightless, between the water and his strength. She kept her hands on his cockhead, rubbing it against her clit.

Torrey whispered into Anne’s ear, “My baby, I have always wanted you. You are so beautiful, so sexy. I want you to come on my cock. Anne my sweet Anne, I want to feel your sweet pussy come on my hot cock.”

Anne dropped a hand to cup Torrey’s balls and even in the water they felt heavy. She could feel Torrey breathing faster and she increased her pace. She reached her feet to the end of the tub so that she could control her movements better and to move faster. She was could feel Torrey’s hot shaft churning between her pussy lips and his engorged cock head pressing into her clit. His cock was so hard and hot in her hands.

Torrey’s hands were cupping Anne’s large breasts, her soapy nipples sliding between his fingers.

Anne slid faster and faster on Torrey’s hard shaft and could feel the tip of his cock head slipping back and forth over her clit.

“Oh god, I’m going to come,” Anne breathed.

“Come on me Anne. Come on my hot cock.”

Torrey began to pinch Anne’s nipples and roll them with his fingertips. The he reached down and placed his hand over Anne’s and pressed hard. She could feel her pressure release and began her orgasm as she rocked back and forth.

“Oh god, oh god, I’m coming, I’m coming. Yes, yes, yes!” Anne cooed,

It took all of Torrey’s control not to come, but he wanted to wait until later. Anne had slumped back into his arms and he held her closely, lovingly.

After a while, Torrey arose from the tub, the water dripping off his muscular thighs and now only semi-hard cock, and wrapped a towel around his waist. He turned Anne, back to the faucet and wet her luxurious hair with warm water. He spread shampoo in his palm and worked it into her scalp, massaging her temples, her neck and behind her ears. Once he was done, he rinsed her hair and repeated this process with conditioner.

They had all the time in the world.


As they were getting ready for dinner, Anne could not help but notice for how Torrey was shaving. She’d never seen anyone so meticulous. He shaved each area of his face three or four time and he checked for stubble with his fingertips over and over again.

Finally, she said, “Torrey what are you doing? I think you’ve gotten the hair off.”

All Torrey said was, “You’ll see. You’ll see. Trust me,”

After then, after a few minutes:

“I want to shave you.”

Anne looked at Torrey with equal parts curiosity and trepidation. Her pussy was neatly trimmed and she was a little surprised that Torrey wanted to remove what she had left.

“I want to shave you, Anne. I want your pussy bare and naked for me.”

She watched as Torrey took a new towel from the shelf and folded it three times to create a very soft square. He placed this on the counter. It was then that she noticed that he had a safety razor and some oils, lotion and powder.

“C’mon, it will be fun. And a turn-on.” And it will feel great against the panties I bought you to wear tonight.

So Anne hopped on the counter and let Torrey position her. He had her sit back against the mirrored wall and place üsküdar escort her feet apart on the counter with her knees spread out. He knelt between her legs, giving him complete access and visibility to her most private regions. He squeezed some oil into his hands and Anne took in the sweet vanilla fragrance. Torrey rubbed this into the little tuft of hair that Anne had. Some of it dribbled down her pussy lips and Torrey wiped his fingers down to rub the excess into her skin.

Torrey was very matter-of-fact and placed close attention to the task of removing her small bush. He expertly moved the razor down and then up and then side to side to remove any hint of stubble. The razor was sharp but Torrey’s hand was sure and Anne quickly eliminated any worry of nicks or cuts.

As Torrey shaved, he touched her pussy lips occasionally, sometimes to get a better angle to shave, sometime to pull the skin taut in order to make the shave close, and sometimes to rub in the excess oil. He did not seem to be doing this to excite her on purpose, but the effect was the same.

As she laid back, her legs spread, her pussy inches from Torrey’s face, and his hands working on her pussy, Anne became excited again. She could feel her pussy lips swell and her juices began to flow. But if Torrey noticed he gave no indication. He continued with his procedure.

Anne’s little pussy was soon very excited and her pussy lips were swollen and open, with her juices oozing from her. She lay back breathing heavily, almost panting. The mirror on the back of the door was such that she could see what Torrey was doing and she was almost shocked at how open, naked and ready her pussy looked. Torrey remained kneeling between her legs, rubbing his fingers all over her pussy, checking for stubble, but not making any obvious efforts to relieve her need. He kept “inadvertently” touching her clit to rub in excess oil and she could feel his fingers pulling on her swollen lips. Anne began to squirm and arch her back to move her pussy closed to Torrey’s touch, but he continued to methodically shave her.

By the time Torrey was finished, Anne’s pussy was swollen and open and her wetness was drooling from her. Torrey searched for stubble with his fingertips, first rubbing every square inch of her skin, slowing rubbing from right to left, dragging his fingertips across her pussy and clit and then from left to right. And then top and down and down and top.

“Anne, you are now completely naked for me,” Torrey said as he cupped her pussy in his palm. “And your pussy is as beautiful as you are.” He placed his palms on each inner thigh and slowly dragged his fingertips over her smooth, swollen lips. And he moved his face down between Anne’s legs. She could feel his hot breath against her open pussy lips and she raised her hips. He continued to trace his fingers on her lips while she began to thrust slowly into the air.

Torrey cupped her ass in his strong hands and lifted Anne to his mouth and with one movement put his mouth between her pussy lips and began to dart his tongue in and out of her opening. Anne now understood completely why he had shaved himself so closely. The feeling was exquisite. Her smooth naked pussy against Torrey’s smooth naked cheeks and mouth. As Torrey rubbed his face into her pussy she realized that she’d never felt anything so smooth against her. Or so insistent. Torrey rubbed his checks against her pussy and moved his face from side to side and up and down. It was like his whole face was there to please her pussy.

Anne arched her back to raise her clit to his mouth and finally he took her into his mouth. Torrey attacked Anne’s pussy and clit as though he were a ravenous animal. As soon as he surrounded her clit with his soft and full lips, Anne raised herself on her feet to press her pussy into his face. She held Torrey’s head, and ran her fingers through his hair while she squirmed and gasped under him.

Torrey inserted first one and then another and then a third finger into Anne’s sopping pussy. She used her legs as leverage against the tuzla escort counter to pump her hips and she ran her pussy up and down Torrey’s waiting mouth. He pressed his fingers up against the front walls of her pussy. Ann brought her hands to her face, her elbows against her breasts. Her nipples were hard buttons reaching to the ceiling and her mouth was open in a silent scream. Anne began to come from Torrey’s soft mouth, climaxing hard as she rocked back and forth, moaning in one continuous orgasm.

Torrey’s cock was rock hard and pulsing, nearing orgasm himself. He stood up from his position between Anne’s legs and kissed her belly and her breasts. Torrey looked deep into Anne’s eyes and placed her hands on his cock. She was again surprised at how hot it was to her touch. She stroked the shaft up and down and his pre-cum drooled from the enlarged head.

“I want you Anne. I need you.”

She rubbed his hot cock head against her pussy. Torrey lifted her in his powerful arms and then lowered her onto his throbbing cock. She wrapped her legs around his waist and stopped herself just before penetration. He tried to lower her but she held him too tight with her strong legs.

“Please Anne, I need to be inside you.”

Anne smiled and relaxed her grip. She lowered herself onto Torrey’s cock slowly, watching his face melt in ecstasy as her pussy engulfed his length inch by inch until she was fully penetrated. Torrey then lifted Anne and began to withdraw slowly, his wide cock head brushing past her pussy lips on each thrust. She embraced his shoulders with her arms while she wrapped her legs around his waist, completely controlling the tempo. Torrey tried to move faster, but Anne kept the pace agonizingly slow.

“Oh my god, Anne, I need you. I want to come in you.”

Finally, Anne allowed Torrey to pump his hips faster and soon he was pistoning between her legs. He put her down on the counter so he could stand between her open legs and fuck her with the force of his legs. She could feel his cock begin to thrash inside her body and she quickened her pace. She reached down to cup his heavy balls. Torrey thrust harder and harder until he groaned, “Oh my god, Anne, I’m so close.”

Anne pushed Torrey back and took his surging cock in her hands. Her red nails contrasted with his inflamed member and she slowly squeezed the base of his shaft with one hand and palmed his cockhead with the other. She squeezed firmly and could feel the engorged head in her hand like a semi-ripe plum. But this slowed down Torrey’s urgency.

“Oh god, I was close.” Without hesitation, Anne guided his cock back into his pussy where she could feel an increased need. If anything, Torrey’s cock felt even bigger and he moved faster. Within a few strokes, he was back on the edge.

“Anne, I’m coming, I’m going to come.”

Again, Anne took his cock in her hands and it was incredibly hot to her touch. It looked like it was going to explode. She gripped his cockhead in both hands this time and squeezed the blood out of the plum head, delaying Torrey’s orgasm again. He was in agony.

“Please Anne, I need you. I need to come. Please.”

He was so close that Anne simply stoked his enraged cock with both hands. She could feel the explosion coming as his balls involuntarily tightened up against his body. Anne stroked fasted with both hands, her red nails against his inflamed cock. Torrey involuntarily thrust his hips, making his cock slide between Anne’s delicate fingers.

“Please Anne, let me come. Please.”

She stroked faster and then looked up at his face and as soon as he saw her lustful gaze, Torrey began coming uncontrollably. He could hardly keep standing as Anne kept stoking him, his first ejaculation flying over her shoulder against the mirror, followed by a powerful spurt against her breasts. She kept stroking him as his spasms continued. Torrey could only keep saying, “Yes, yes, yes” as Anne milked his cock completely dry.

Finally, Torrey collapsed into Anne’s arms.

“My god, Anne. Where did you come from? You are the most incredible lover.”

And still, there weekend had hardly begun.


Author’s comment: Thank you for reading my story. I would very much like your feedback, either through your numerical vote, or through the feedback link below, or through email. I appreciate all feedback: good, bad, and indifferent, and I will respond to all comments.

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