A Long-Distance Relationship Ch. 01

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Long distance relationships are hard, especially in those all-important early months when you spend every moment talking, touching and kissing and fucking. When it’s long-distance 20 out of every 24 hours together are usually spent naked and in bed; the only time clothing is of any use is to answer the door to the pizza guy or to make those annoying but necessary trips outside.

That’s how it usually is.

And I guess that’s how it was for us too for the first month or so.

I was making the long train journey every weekend, leaving work at lunchtime on Friday and not getting back until Monday afternoon; if I didn’t work for myself I could never have gotten away with it.

There was never any question about how serious our relationship was. We knew, very early on, that this was forever and I think that it was the depth of our feelings for each other that changed everything.

I was in the middle of packing, one Thursday evening, when she rang to tell me I couldn’t stay with her that weekend but that she had booked me a hotel in the city instead and she’d see me whenever she could.

She didn’t explain beyond that and I didn’t get too worried after all, the fact that she had booked me a hotel meant she did want me there. I traveled up as per usual, found the hotel and booked in. At the front desk I was given a message from her to go over to hers at 9pm with an explicit instruction not to arrive early.

With three hours to waste I ate, watched some TV and sauntered around the city, slowly making my way in the direction of the front door apartment she shared with her best friend Karen. Without planning to I arrived at 8.45pm and, with her instruction in mind, wandered rather aimlessly up and down the surrounding streets as the bahis firmaları quarter of an hour ticked slowly by.

At five to the hour, with darkness falling, I stood about three doors down from hers and lit a cigarette to pass the remaining time. As I puffed contemplatively her door opened and a tall, fit, handsome black guy emerged to walk past me. I didn’t think much of it; Karen was a party animal and always had different guys (and sometimes girls) around when I was there. I stubbed out the cigarette and, with a couple of minutes to spare rang the doorbell.

Karen answered and, when she saw it was me, told me in no uncertain terms that I was early and that she was sure Anne had been explicit about the time I was to turn up. To emphasize the point she left me there, on the doorstep, while she went to check that Anne was ready to see me. I have to admit I was a little miffed but when she came back, at 9pm on the dot, she was all smiles and invited me in.

Anne was in bed already. Karen grinned and told me to knock before entering. Without conscious thought I did as I was told and, upon being given permission I entered the bedroom to the delightful sight of a nearly naked girlfriend lying in bed wearing a short satin cami top, a happy smile and nothing else!

The room felt hot and sticky with the unmistakable scent of horniness in the air and, watching her playing gently with herself as she looked at me, I lost no time in stripping off and joining her in bed. We kissed for the longest time, making up for the five days we’d been apart. Her tongue pressed insistently into my mouth as she rolled over on top of me and mine swirled around it eagerly, my mouth sucking on it and my tongue pushing back to explore her teeth and gums listening to her kaçak iddaa whimpers of delight while feeling her sticky pussy trailing a wet path along my thigh.

It seemed like hours later when she pulled her mouth from mine, stroked my hair gently as she looked into my eyes and asked throatily if she could show me something special. Without waiting for my answer she got up and straddled my face so I was staring up at her glistening pussy lips:

“Do you like what you see?” she asked teasingly

My mouth was dry. My response came out as a lustful croak. I wanted nothing more than to quench my thirst with the juices I could see leaking from between her labia.

“You have to beg me Baby”; she gyrated her hips over my face;

“Do you want to suck me dry? Suck all the juices from your slutty girlfriend’s cunt?”

Her cum was dripping on my cheeks she was so wet and, licking my lips, I caught a drop or two on my tongue and I begged harder than I’ve ever asked for anything. I had never seen her so wet before. I wanted to plunge my tongue deep within her and feel her grind her pussy against my face as she spilled all of her precious liquid into my mouth.

“You want to drink everything I’ve got to give you? There’s a lot Baby, maybe even enough to satisfy a cuntlapper like you” she taunted playfully as she lowered her pussy onto my impatient mouth.

Even though I’d just seen with my own two eyes how wet she was nothing could have prepared me for the flood of juices that seemed to explode on my tongue as she settled herself on top of my face. I couldn’t drink it all down, there was just too much liquid that poured into my throat as I opened her pussy with my tongue and began to lick.

Her moans of delight were unmistakable and kaçak bahis my only thought, as the cum filled my mouth and spilt over my chin and cheeks, was to make her cum over and over until she was completely satisfied.

And still I found I could not keep up with her increasingly wet pussy. No matter how much I swallowed there was more waiting to be expelled and it tasted different to usual, a deeper taste and denser but I had no opportunity to consider this as I passionately licked and sucked and she bounced her clit against my nose, sliding slickly over my chin and mouth to accompanying rhythmic moans as she built up towards orgasm after orgasm.

It was 11 o’clock when she finally dismounted and lay down beside me again, grinning as she toyed gently with an erection that had been ignored for the past two hours. My face was covered with drying cum from my neck to my hairline and both of us had wide grins as we kissed and she tugged gently at the head of my cock.

“You are such a good boy, eating all that cum” she praised me;

“that’s exactly what I needed! But you can’t stay Baby, I’ve got to be up early tomorrow to meet someone. Can you come back tomorrow? About 3pm? I’ll text you to let you know when I’m able to see you, okay?”

I admit that I was a little upset that I wasn’t able to stay the night, and, it seemed, that I wasn’t going to get to cum either but I figured she had gotten me a hotel room and that meant she expected that I’d use it.

I guess my disappointment showed on my face because she kissed me and smiled gently:

“Is my precious, little boy sad cause he didn’t get to cum? I tell you what…” she got out of bed and walked over to her clothes hamper

“…why don’t you bring my dirty panties with you and you can play with yourself and them while you wait to hear from me tomorrow? No cumming though, okay? I want you all eager to please me when you come over. There’ll be plenty more cum for you to drink tomorrow!”

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