A Little Moment of Compassion

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Alice dumped me.

I couldn’t believe it. I loved her, and she had expressed her wish to share a moment of passion on my 18th birthday, to go all the way. And I just… couldn’t. I slammed the door shut hard. Mom was home already, and her large dark worrying eyes followed me as I rushed through the kitchen.

She grabbed my shoulder before I could disappear. “What’s wrong, honey?” she asked, sensitive to my feelings as always. I turned to look at her; she had big eyes, as I already mentioned, and long, flowing auburn hair which curled a bit at the ends.

I broke free of her grip, lying: “Nothing” and hastied upstairs to my room. I sat on my bed feeling gloomy, burying my face in my hands. I didn’t notice mom had followed me until she sat beside me.

“You can tell me, you know that” she said, holding my hand.

“No I can’t” I insisted, looking away.

“Girl trouble, is it?” She could see straight through me, as usual. I sighed. “Hey, I’m a girl, I can help if you tell me.”

I looked at mom. “No you’re not, you’re my mother… What could you do…? Alice wanted… I couldn’t… I mean…”

Mom understood: “Oh, first time. And you had problems?”

“I screwed everything up from the beginning, and then in the end it just didn’t…work.”

Mother’s large eyes radiated with loving warmth, and she said: “Hmm? So do you want my help?”

“What could you do, mom? I mean I’ve had sex ed, you know, I don’t think you could tell me much new.”

“Can you open a bra?” she asked, smiling.

I felt awkward unsurprisingly. “Well, u-uh. Not really, I mean, that was one of the problems and…” I drew a deep breath in surprise as my mother pulled her loose wool sweater over her head. “M-mom? What?”

She hugged me, pressing close, feeling soft and warm. “Practice” she softly whispered into my ear. “Calm down, don’t worry” she continued, feeling my heart pound rapidly. “Hush, I won’t hurt you, I’m your mother… Just reach behind my back and find the clasp.”

I did, biting my lip. “Mom… This feels wrong” I said.

“It isn’t. Now, try how it opens” I fumbled for a while until I got it, and the clasp snapped open. I hastily tried to grab my mother’s bra so it wouldn’t fall away.”Let it go,” she said. I didn’t. She turned to look at me piercingly with her deep dark eyes and said: “Honey, let it go” and I did. My mother’s breasts sarıyer escort proved to be large but firmly shaped, and beautifully round with large aureolas and nipples.

“You can touch them” she said, and took my hands seeing I was unable to move them, placing them onto her breasts. They felt heavy. “Soft?” she asked “Feel nice?”

“U-uh-huh” I agreed sheepishly, looking at my semi-nude mother with a new kind of gaze. She still just smiled in the same warm, motherly way of caring, though. It was comforting. She pulled my shirt off as well, and I did not resist, and then her own jeans. She had thin white panties on, but I tried to look at her face.

Mom kneeled and I felt long agile fingers opening my belt buckle. “Mom, uh…” I said, feeling uncomfortable as I felt my zipper opening.

“I have to undress you, understand” she said nicely, and I didn’t complain anymore. “Good boy” she said, and pulled off my pants and then my underwear…

“Move your legs a bit to the side so I’ll have space to kneel” mom said.

I looked into her big eyes and asked: “Mom, what do you mean?”

“Like this,” she said, pushing my legs and moving me to sit closer to the bed’s edge so my balls hung off the edge. “Relax” my mother said, and her head went down.

Mom licked my cock until it was wet with warm drool, and then started stroking it gently as her mouth went on to work on my balls. “A-aah, uuh” I moaned, terrified of this turn of events. Her hot mouth slurping on my testicles worked like magic, however, and against all odds I soon found myself with a throbbing hard-on.

“See,” mom said with a pretty smile “You shouldn’t be so nervous.”

“It’s so much easier with you, mom” I sighed as she licked her way up my shaft, and then, looking me in the eyes, caught my throbbing organ into her gentle mouth. Then her eyes closed, her lips slurped wetly as she started suckling lovingly with all the care only a mother could give to her son. I watched mom’s angelic face as her puckered lips slowly sucked, the tip of my cock occasionally forming a bulge in her hollowed cheeks if she happened to turn her head the right way…

After ten tender minutes of slow oral attention my mother’s big brown eyes studied me carefully. “It feels good” I convinced her. She blinked her long lashes and moved her esenyurt escort hands to my thighs, and thrust her head down, my entire shaft sliding past her sweet red lips. “Ah-Ah!” I yelped, frightened by the sudden feeling of my hard cock being forced into the tight pulsating passage that was my mother’s throat

“Mm-mm. Mm-mm” mom told me not to worry, and reached to hold my hand. She started bobbing her head in long motions so at one moment my cock was about to slip out of her mouth with barely her lips touching, and others I was so deep that I could feel her lower lip reaching my balls and her nose tickling my belly. Mom also twisted her head from side to side to aid in the motion, as well as adding skilled and caring tongueplay to her maternal deepthroating. And it was a winning combination; after a while I could feel a warm tingle in my balls…

Without any warning my legs jumped and the lovely feeling of a release overcame me. I heard my mother make a wet sound which sounded like “Ulk!” followed with some gurgling and gagging. She flinched heavily, her eyes widened into huge round shapes, and her expression changed to a lot less serene one. However, soon our gazes connected, which melted my mother’s heart, and her maternal instincts took over as I heard a big gulp.

Mom’s head started bobbing again, though not going as far down as before, since she was now receiving my sperm to swallow. She pumped my shaft vigorously with one hand, and the other helped by caressing my balls. Because of our closeness as mother and son, we worked very well together, so that mom was swallowing sperm in the exact same rhythm as I was shooting it.

As my ejaculations started subsiding, I laid my hand on my mother’s shoulder and said to her: “Thank you, mother” as she swallowed the final procurements of my testicles. She winced, but couldn’t spit any because it was mine…

Afterwards mom was hugging me lovingly, saying: “It’s all right, honey.” Her naked breasts were soft and heavy against my chest, and her silky auburn hair tickled my hands as they ran down her back onto her firm, smoothly shaped ass and underneath the waistline of her white panties.

Mother stirred as she felt this, and caressed my cheek, looking me deep into the eyes. “It’s OK, darling, if you’re sure. I don’t mind if you just want to learn a little” she softly whispered. avrupa yakası escort I pulled off her panties and let them fall to the floor.

Mom took my hand and lead me to the bed. She laid back and spread her long slender legs for me. I bit my lip as I watched, it felt so forbidden; holy. There it was, the furry pink, enticing, entrance to the beginning of life…

“Beautiful” I blurted, wondering if it was a proper thing to say.

“Come on…” mom said.

I was hard already. The furry hairs tickled my cock, and with a little push I felt the silky smoothness of motherhood around me. “Deeper, honey. All the way” she said. Easily I slid deeper into the comforting depths of my mother until I felt the tip of my cock reach the bottom of her vagina just when by balls touched her buttocks. “A perfect fit, for my baby, hmm?” she said and took hold of my shoulders so I wouldn’t be scared.

“Yeah,” I smiled. I pulled out a little, found a good grip at the curve of my mother’s hips, and started thrusting. “Unnh” I groaned at the heavenly feeling of motherly femininity opening up again and again as my hard cock rammed in. Mom’s heavy shapely breasts bounced in the rhythm of my thrusting, and she was confirming my actions by her repeating: “Yes. Yes.”

My balls ached, and my face twisted into a soundless expression of painful pleasure. Again mom said: “It’s all right, baby” and I immediately felt sperm starting to run up my shaft. In a final act of desperation I thrust as hard as I could, because I needed to shoot my load as deep as possible, wanting to give back to my mother a little of myself.

I saw mom’s thighs twitch as she felt the first shot of my hot sperm inside her womb. Her eyelids fluttered and she sighed deep: “Ooohh…” It was strange seeing your own mother have an orgasm, and of course even stranger when you could feel it too. Her hips lovingly started to respond to my movements and the vaginal walls tightened in quivering waves around my semen-shooting shaft. I pumped sperm into her in long aching spurts until the contents of my balls were safely resting inside my mother’s womb…

When it was all over ee sat with my mother opposite each other on our knees, holding hands. She smiled warmly: “See, it wasn’t that difficult. You just need to relax around girls, like now.”

“I hope I can do it now” I answered. “It’s still difficult, I mean girls aren’t like you, mom… But I’m less scared now that I know how it feels.”

“That’s good” mom said, and reached to brush my hair. “Now, let’s get dressed. I believe you have homework to do, young man” she spoke sternly, knowing I had an exam coming.

I sighed. “Yes, mother” I said, reaching for my clothes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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