A Hucow’s Tale Pt. 02

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Author’s Note


Thank you so much to everyone who read the first chapter of A Hucow’s Tale and enjoyed it. I do enjoy getting feedback and I know many of you have been anxiously awaiting the second chapter. So here it is!

p.s. do let me know if you have any suggestions for the rest of this story, or for any future ones xxx


Chapter Four: Life on the Farm


It had been several weeks since Jess, now designated H(ucow)101, had arrived on the farm after her transformation. In the weeks since arriving she had experienced a few more minor changes; her udders had grown a little more and had become much rounder and hung down from her body a lot more. Her nipples had also lengthened and thickened to fit into the milking tubes which were attached to them. Her knees and hands had been sore for the first week or so after being constantly on all fours, but she had grown used to walking like a cow by now. Moreover, the skin on her hands and knees had thickened and hardened after so much wear and tear.

A few days after she had arrived, H101 had been taken back to the processing barn for a few more procedures. Firstly, they had dunked her head in a vat full of a boiling slim-like substance. It was thick and sticky and the pain had been excruciating as the farmhands had forced her head under the surface of the boiling substances. She had overheard the farmhands talking about how the substance would kill all the root hairs left on her head and ensure that she would be permanently bald.

Next she saw the farmhand reach for another branding iron, just like the one which had been used on her when she first arrived at the farm. This time it was her designation, H101, which was branded onto her left buttock. Finally, a chip had been implanted at the base of her skull and top of her spine. H101 was unaware of what the microchip was for or what it would do. It would regulate her brain activity and control hormone release. In effect it would ensure she remained docile and dumb like a cow, as well as stimulate lactation in her udders.

Today, she had risen at 7am, as she did everyday, along with the rest of the herd. After waking, a thick paste was poured into all the troughs and the hucows ate their breakfast. Life on the farm followed a dull monotonous schedule which never changed. But that was oddly comforting for H101, a relief after the busy and hectic nature of her old life as Jessica. Half of the herd was taken for the first morning milking after breakfast. H101 was part of the second half which was taken out into the field to roam and graze while waiting for their milking session.

It seemed like an age before H101 could see the other hucows emerging from the milking barn and waiting in the big holding pen to be released once all of the second batch had been taken inside – the farmhands didn’t want to risk mixing the groups and any hucows missing a milking. Sure enough, after a couple of minutes, once the holding pen looked full to bursting, H101 saw a couple of farmhands rounding up the second batch and herding them towards the milking barn.

Inside the big milking barn were rows and rows of milking stations going the whole way down the barn. There were four rows in total. The floor was made of the soft hay to make it more comfortable for the hucows being milked. güvenilir bahis Each station had a frame which the hucow could rest on, which allowed their udders to hang down nicely, easily accessible for the farmhands attaching the milking tubes. There was also a machine at the front of each station which had one pipe coming out of the top which then split into two and had a suction tube at the end, which would be attached to the udders. A second pipe came out the back of the machine and connected it to a central system. A third pipe came out one side and went into a large glass milk collection barrel.

As the hucows entered the barn they were directed to a station. H101 had to walk past many stations before getting an empty one and getting up on the frame. Once settled all she had to do was wait for the farmhand to make his way down the line to her and prepare her for milking. It seemed an age for H101 before the farmhand arrived at her station, but in reality it was just a few minutes. The farmhand fastened straps around her hind and front legs, fixing her to the frame. He then rubbed some oil over her udders, before reaching for the two suction tubes. He rubbed her teats a little to help them grown and go hard before sliding the tubes over them. Her teats had grown so long and thick that they snuggly fit into the tube with no room to spare.

Once finished with H101, the farmhand moved on. There were two farmhands per row working their way up from opposite ends. Once each station had been prepared, they all left the barn to tend to the hucows in the field. Only the milking barn operator was left with half of the herd. His job was simple, turn on and then turn off the milking process. H101 was eagerly waiting for the milking machine to be turned on – the feeling of pressure releasing from her very full udders was blissful and liberating.

This time it didn’t take long for the barn operator to flip the switch which turned on the milking machine all the stations. The machine in front of H101 secured at her station whirred into life and she began to feel a very light tug on her teats. The whirring became loading and more frequent and the tug more powerful and fast. It took a couple of minutes before the machines were up to full speed. The tugging on H101’s teats was now very powerful and fast, a thick, creamy white liquid became to leak out of her teats and flow down the tubes into the glass barrel. The sight of her milk collecting in the barrel always gave H101 a very satisfying sensation and made a wet in all the right places. This was her life now and she loved it.

The milking process typically took around an hour. That is the average time it takes for the machines on this farm to empty the average hucow’s udders. By the time an hour had passed H101 was in a blissful and censual world of her own. She took no notice of anything around her, all that mattered was her milking machine and the regular tugging on her teats, the creamy milk oozing from her teats in a continuous flow and quickly filling up the barrel. It had been just over an hour when the barn operator flicked the switch again and turned off the machines. H101 had completely filled her barrel, the sign that she had developed very nicely into one of the best and most productive hucows in the herd.

The farmhands reentered and began doing their rounds of the stations again. türkçe bahis This time slipping the tubes off of each hucow’s teats and releasing them from the frame. H101 felt a sense of loss and disappointment when one of the farmhands slipped the tubes off of her teats. All she wanted was to be milked 24/7. As the

hucows became leaving their station and heading for the exit, the farmhands were going up and down the rows collecting the barrels, all filled to various levels. Disappointed that it had ended but satisfied with her milking, H101 followed the rest of the hucows which had just been milked towards the barns exit at the left side. There was one way in and one way out to help the farmhands control the flow of the hucows. Emerging from the barn, the sun felt bright and hot against H101’s eyes and bare skin after the gloom of the milking barn.

It was back to grazing and relaxing in the field for a couple of hours, until the second morning milking, and then the three afternoon and evening milking’s. This was Jessica’s life now, dull, monotonous and strictly controlled – and she loved it.


Chapter Five: Breeding


It had now need two months since H101 had arrived on the farm, by which time she had become a fully fledged hucow and part of the herd, as well as one of the prized hucows. Her milking was progressing nicely and she was producing a good quality product. Now it was time for her to take the next step, it was time for her to be bred.

A pregnant hucow produces up to double the amount of milk that non-pregnant hucows do and the quality is also greatly improved. For this reason, all hucows are kept pregnant constantly. They are usually bred for the first time a month or two after arriving at the farm, giving them the chance to settle into their new lives. Henceforth, every time they give birth to a calf they would be bred again and again and again until they were unable to breed anymore. A hucow pregnancy would usually last for about 6 months, meaning hucows could produce 2 calfs every year. Most hucows would produce roughly 25-30 calfs over their life times.

On the morning of H101’s first mating session she woke with the rest of the herd, ate the thick breakfast paste as usual and had her first milking session as normal. After the first milking, however, she was separated from the rest of the herd, who were released back into the field. H101 was instead led out a door in the back of the milking barn. Once outside she saw a much smaller barn outside and behind the milking one, a barn she had never seen before. Her curiosity peaked as she was led up to the front-door, she could smell an oddly arousing musky smell coming from inside and thought she could hear muffled grunts and groans.

Once the doors had opened and she had been taken inside, H101 knew exactly what the smell and sounds had been – sex. Inside the barn was a row of pens, each with a metallic frame to hold the hucow in place. At the back of each pen was a stable door were the male bull could be brought through into the pen. There were 6 pens altogether in the barn, 2 of which were occupied by a hucow and her bull.

The farmhand leading H101 took her to a frame in an empty pen and got her up onto it before fastening the restraints so she couldn’t move an inch. The frame held her standing on her hind legs güvenilir bahis siteleri only, bent over so her front legs and udders hung down in front of her. The position meant her wet breeding hole was fully exposed at the rear. She could hear the sloppy sound of the other two hucows being bred by their big brown bulls.

H101 suddenly heard a grunting noise coming from behind her pen outside the breeding barn. She craned her head to try and get a look behind her. Her vision was very limited, but she managed to catch a glimpse of another farmhand leading a massive black bull up towards the stable door behind her pen. The bull was huge, with great big horns and a massive cock hanging down. She heard the wooden stable door bang open and the soft thuds of the bulls hooves on the soft hay ground as he was led into her pen. She could feel the heat off his body as he approached her from behind. She could feel the dampness in her breeding hole.

It didn’t take long for the bull to reach her secured on the breeding frame. Before she was able to crane her head for another look, H101 felt the bull pressing up against her. She felt his warm flesh on her back, and his musky smell filled her nose. It took the bull a couple of thrusts to find her breeding hole; the first time he missed completely, the second time he hit the outside of her asshole, the third time he hit the breeding hole but didn’t manage to get inside her. On the forth attempt, the bull managed to enter H101, and fill her breeding hole completely. She felt his cock breaching her cervix and fully entering her womb. She orgasmed as he entered her.

The bull simply held his cock deep inside H101 for a few moments, before beginning to draw back and then press back into her. And again, and again, and again, the bull drew back so the tip of his cock was just barely inside H101’s tight breeding hole and then slammed the full length all the way back inside her womb. She was almost limb from the intense pleasure of so many powerful orgasms, as the bull continued to thrust into her harder and harder, over and over again. After some time, H101 had her tongue hanging out, a vacant blissful expression of her face. Her mind was blank, fully taking in the intense pleasure the bull was giving her. After almost half an hour of being mounted by the big bull, he took a couple final thrusts, tensed up and roared as his huge cock explored inside H101, filling her womb completely with his thick warm seed.

As he stepped back off and away from his mate there was a loud sploshing sound as his cock was pulled out of her and fell limply away. A little of his seed oozed out of her breeding hole, but most of it stayed deep inside her. H101 felt strangely empty now that the bulls cock was no longer inside her. She heard the wooden gate again banging and knew that the bull had been removed.

She was left to rest for a couple of minutes before a farmhand returned to release her from the metal breeding frame. Once released, H101 was led back to the barn which housed the herd. The rest of the hucows were still in the field, but H101, after her first breeding session, was taken back to her pen and her trough filled as a reward. She was allowed to rest until the next milking session later that morning.

So there it was. She was fully a hucow, being milked five times a day and now mating as well. H101 was mated every day after that, experiencing all the different stud breeding bulls on the farm, until she became pregnant. It only took her a couple of weeks to fall pregnant, and a whole new phase of her journey to begin.

End of part two.

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