A Heavy Scent Ch. 03

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A mysterious epidemic of obesity had come to the high school, and the school was baffled about what to do. Only two weeks had passed since she started wearing the perfume that Jenna had given her, and it was slowly turning Jessie into the fattest girl in the school. Iris wore the fattening perfume every day, and the results were becoming obvious.

High school girls, for seemingly no reason, were getting fatter. A healthy-looking girl would be dropped off at school looking thin and trim, but when she came home later that day, her parents might discover that she brought home a few extra pounds, not to mention a healthy appetite. Girls would order two lunches at a time in the cafeteria, and some were even going back for thirds. The cafeteria barely had enough food for all of the students. Pressured by parents, the school issued a one-lunch-only policy for all students, but the girls kept growing fatter

Merely walking down the hallway became a chore. Dozens of big, beautiful girls had to make their way from class to class, and not only did they take up a lot of space, but they moved slowly too. The hallways were choked with girls. Boys, who were immune to Iris’s perfume, and girls, who hadn’t come anywhere near Iris yet, struggled to squeeze between the bodies of steadily fattening girls as they made their way from class to class. The girls, meanwhile, plodded along, carrying books under their thick, pudgy arms and while tugging their ever-tightening shirts down over their stomachs.

All Iris had to do was wade through the crowd, her perfume wafting through the air, spreading chubbiness and cravings throughout the school. She could hear a sound every time she approached another girl: the sound of stretching cloth. Wherever Iris walked, girls grew thicker; their appetites increased and their stomachs turned bottomless. Girls just grew and grew, and Iris knew that soon she’d be the only girl Don could be interested in. If she had doubts, all she had to do to reassure herself was look at Jessie.

In English class, all of the girls were noticeably fatter and oblivious to the cause. Some had bought new clothes and sat comfortably, working on their assignments. Others, however, were still wearing their old clothes. Whenever one of these girls raised her hand or reached for a dropped pencil, it was common to see a little bit of flesh poking out as their shirts rode up around their growing torsos. Soft rolls of fat would appear just above their waists for a moment, and then the girls would discreetly pull their shirts back down, stretching them out a bit to help them cover up a little better. It worked a little bit, but not much.

Some of the girls, however, had not yet received new wardrobes. They were either too poor or too happy with the results to do so (Iris never figured out what their problem was). They walked into school often with their bellies sticking out, their love handles straining against the thin fabric of their shirts and their breasts overflowing the cups of their bras. Ordinarily they would have been busted for not following the dress code, but since so many girl were plumping up around the school, the principal had a tough time enforcing anything. There were a few of these girls in Iris’s class right now, some fretting over the length of their shirts and the amount of fat roll that was showing. Others were perfectly content.

What none of them knew, however, was that every time they sat in a room with Iris, they grew. Every sniff of the air around them helped them expand. It wasn’t unusual for Iris to hear a seam pop or, more dramatically, a button snap off of a girl’s shirt. Iris would look a see a girl hastily pulling the two parts of the top of her blouse together, her breast pouring into the “v” created by her opened top. These girls were on the periphery of the classroom, however. The fattest girls wear the ones nearest to Iris, since they smelled her perfume the most. While the other girls had simply plumped up, these girls had ballooned.

Kelly and Stacy, the girls who sat behind and in front of Iris, respectively, had gone through remarkable changes. Kelly’s bottom half had gotten away from her. As she walked down the hall all of the students had to get out of her way. Kelly owned the largest set of hips in the school. She must have been wider than the classroom door, because she would usually groan and struggle to get into class every morning. She would try to get in sideways, but unfortunately for Kelly she was just as thick as she was wide. Her ballooning belly along with her swelling ass made for an uncomfortable fit in the door frame. Her legs as thick as telephone poles, and her footsteps causing the floor to shake, Kelly stomped from class to class rather slowly. Students wondered how she could still move so much, and Iris secretly tried to imagine how big her panties must be.

Stacy had grown a lot too, but her figure was rather different from the bottom-heavy pear shape that Kelly had grown into. Stacy looked like a soft, saggy snowman. Her big, smiling, chubby head bahis firmaları rested atop the rolling hills that were her breasts, and those hills sat atop the soft, flabby mountain of her stomach. Each time she took a step or made any sudden movements, her massive bust would start to shimmy and jiggle. There was no bra big enough for Stacy. Stacy covered herself in a shirt so large it could only be described as a tent, along with a big, big pair of stretchy pants. Iris got the feeling that if she were to hug Stacy, she would sink so deep into her soft, fleshy sides the she might never emerge again.

Kelly and Stacy, however, were unimportant, impressive though they were. Iris had her eyes set on one person, paying close attention to how much she grew each and every day. Wherever Jessie walked, wherever she sat, and wherever she roamed, Iris was never far behind, watching impatiently for her target to get even bigger. Every once in a while she would catch a glimpse of Jessie looking herself over, glancing worriedly at her thickening thighs, or tugging desperately at her tightening blouse. Iris savored every such moment, and as a result she stayed as close to Jessie as possible over the course of several weeks, and soon Jessie began to grow, and grow, and grow.

First Jessie’s belly started to peek out from underneath her shirt. She tried to hide it by buying some bigger shirts, but soon enough her belly button showed itself again. Steadily, Jessie grew even thicker. She bought larger clothes and dieting, but she was growing too fast, and her cravings were too strong for her to resist. She would insist during lunch that she wasn’t going to eat anything besides the celery and apple she brought with her, but fifteen minutes later she begged her friends to lend her some money for a tray of pizza or some brownies. So, stalked by Iris, and unable to control her appetite, Jessie grew out of all control.

She did not develop outrageous, sensuous like Kelly and Stacy. Rather, all of her parts: her butt, her breasts, and her hips, seemed to morph into her expanding belly. Not only was Jessie growing bigger, but she was growing rounder. Her body, like one big beach ball, was growing more spherical with every growth spurt. Her arms and legs, while growing thicker themselves, seemed to be slowly absorbed into the mass of Jessie’s stomach. She could walk, but she probably could have rolled to class much more quickly.

Though she tried to keep herself presentable with big clothes, Jessie couldn’t keep up forever. Iris saw her massive shirts and pants getting tighter and tighter every day, and that gave her an idea.

Today, Iris had put on twice as much perfume as normal, and so far it seemed to be working. As Jessie sat at her desk, eagerly pouring the contents of a bag of pretzels into her mouth, Iris could see the fabric of her shirt stretching, getting tighter and tighter. Iris made it her mission that, before the day was over, Jessie’s clothes would rip open.

The bell rang and Mrs. Brooke dismissed the class. As Kelly walked out of the doorway she made her usual effort to squeeze between the door posts. She got halfway through, but soon she realized that she was stuck. “Mrs. Brooke, could you help me please?” she begged. After much pushing and pulling, Kelly finally popped through the door and waddled her way down the hall, her face red as a tomato. Iris was about to leave as well, trying to stay close to Jessie, but she heard Mrs. Brooke calling her.

“Would you mind staying after class for a little bit? I have some questions about your essay.”

Iris agreed that she would stay, but she couldn’t help smiling as she approached Mrs. Brooke. Mrs. Brooke didn’t get close to Iris that often, hence she had not ballooned like her female students. However, she got a small dose of the perfume every day, and the results were magnificent.

Iris had started to notice around a week after she started wearing the perfume that Mrs. Brooke’s face seemed fuller, rounder, more friendly and cheerful when she smiled. Her big, rosy cheeks started to puff up, and her chin seemed softer. Soon after the rest of her body followed, slowly growing plumper. Every time Mrs. Brooke lifted her arm to write on the board her blouse would slip out of her skirt, giving the students a small peek at her pale, soft stomach fat. She was no longer the stern, no-nonsense English teacher she was a few weeks ago. She was a chubby girl now: lazier, more laid back, and willing to let things side a bit, keeping a small snack behind the desk where she thought the students wouldn’t see.

Mrs. Brooke motioned Iris over to her desk, holding the essay in her chubby fingers. “You did a lot of research for this paper,” she began as Iris looked over her shoulder, “but I’m kind of confused about your thesis.” As Mrs. Brooke continued to give her criticism of the paper, Iris answered questions when appropriate, but she kept her eyes on Mrs. Brooke’s body all the while.

Mrs. Brooke had already bought a new wardrobe: a nice, long jacket to kaçak iddaa cover her soft belly, and wide sleeves to hide her thickening arms. She also wore a wide skirt, big enough to fit over her widening hips and swelling butt. Iris studied her teacher carefully as they talked on, her eyes finally falling on Mrs. Brooke’s chest. Iris noticed, happily, that Mrs. Brooke’s cleavage seemed a bit deeper. Slowly, Mrs. Brooke’s blouse grew tighter and tighter. Mrs. Brooke was too busy talking about Iris’s essay to notice at first, but then her stomach started growling. She ignored that, but just as Mrs. Brooke was about to make her point, both women heard a loud POP! A button bounced off of the desk and Mrs. Brooke looked down to see her red satin bra, its cups overflowing. Quickly she pulled her shirt closed.

“Uh, we’ll talk about this later,” she told Iris. Iris said nothing but picked up her essay and left. As she exited the room, however, she could hear the crinkling of a fresh bag of chips being torn open. Iris would have loved to stay and see where this went, but she had bigger fish to fry

Now Iris had Jessie just where she wanted her. It was science class, and the three of them, Iris, Don, and Jessie, were all gathered together. Don was politely trying not to stare at any of the women who were growing around him. Iris knew, however, that soon he would be unable to stop looking at the expanding Jessie. Iris could hear the perfume working right now. All of the girls around her were growing, but Jessie was growing the most. She sat in her desk, her chubby arms trying to write down notes as fast as they could. Jessie had to stop a few times, however, to make sure that her clothes were covering her up.

Iris heard a small pop, and she knew that the seams on Jessie’s shirt were starting to fail. A look of concern spread over Jessie’s face. Iris stared excitedly out of the corner of her eye, mumbling softly, “Come on, come on…rip!”

A few more seams popped and students started to take notice. A few looked at the frightened Jessie, who had no idea what to do next.

“Come on…come on…” Iris mumbled. “Just…”

Suddenly, there was a crack. Her chair breaking under her tremendous weight, Jessie tumbled to the floor and landed on her back. Everybody turned and stared; even Iris was surprised. Shocked at the fall, Jessie tried quickly to get up. Her eyes grew wide with fear as she realized that she couldn’t. Her arms and legs slowly flailing about, Jessie started to cry. It was only the help of Mr. Jacobsen, who hurt his back in the attempt, which got Jessie on her feet again. She did not linger. Jessie left the classroom in tears, her face blazing red from the humiliation.

For the most part the class was silent, except for a few snickers around the room. Don himself was staring towards the door, unable to comprehend exactly what happened. Suddenly, there was a loud, clear chuckle, and everyone in the room turned to look at Iris, who could barely contain herself. She tried hard to hold everything back, but she couldn’t help it. It was all too perfect. Iris laughed and laughed, long and melodiously: a laugh full of self-satisfaction and spite. Mr. Jacobsen, rubbing his back, warned Iris to be quiet. To ignore him meant detention, but Iris didn’t care. No matter what happened to her, everything had been worth the trouble.

The next day Jessie wasn’t in school, and coincidentally, the students may have noticed, Iris decided not to wear her strange-smelling perfume. She was going to ask Don out again today, and this time she was sure he would say “yes”.

Classes were a breeze, and even though she was yelled at twice for not paying attention, Iris didn’t care. At lunchtime, her victory would be complete.

Many of the girls were still gobbling down giant lunches in the cafeteria, trying to satisfy their tremendous appetites. Taking her tray and walking around, she spied Don sitting by himself and quickly sidled up to him.

“Can I sit here?” she asked coyly.

“Sure, why not?”

The two ate together, Iris trying to ply Don with bits of conversation. As soon as the time was right, Iris made her move. “Don, do you want to go out together some time? I know you said ‘no’ before, but I just wanted to, you know, just hang out a little bit; nothing big.”

Don sat back silently in his chair, apparently thinking it over. That instant seemed like an eternity for Iris, whose mind impatiently waited for his inevitable affirmation.

“Well I would, but right now I’m kind of seeing someone.”

“What?” Iris exclaimed, her voice rising an octave. Calming down, she joked, “You’re going out with someone else? I’ve never even seen you with anyone, I thought you were free,” she laughed

“I was, he laughed back, “…but just last week I started going out with Jane. She’s really nice; I kind of like her.”

Iris’s heart dropped like a stone. Her eyes glazed over and she became silent as a statue.

“Are you okay?” Don asked, but his words did not get through. Slowly she kaçak bahis stood up and walked out of the lunchroom, feeling sick to her stomach. Don watched in confusion, wondering what he had said.

Iris’s tracked down Jane and demanded an explanation.

“Yeah, I’m going out with Don,” Jane said. “So what?”

“So what?” Iris exploded, tears in her eyes. “I wanted Don! You knew that I liked him, so why did you ask him out?”

“I didn’t! He asked me out and I said yes. That’s not against the rules, you know!”

“It is so against the rules! You can’t go out with a boy that your friend likes; that’s rule number one!”

“Not if she’s already asked him out and he said no,” Jane declared. “You don’t have dibs on Don forever, Iris. I got my chance and I deserve it.”

Iris stamped her foot. “You bitch, I hate you!”

Several people down the hall turned their heads in Iris’s direction “What are you looking at!?” she snapped. Quickly everybody turned around and started looking busy.

Iris ran to the bathroom to cry. After all the work she had gone through, fattening up Jessie and humiliating her so that Don would finally go out with her, her best friend had simply snatched him up right out from under her nose. Iris had even gone out of her way to make sure that she wouldn’t let Jane sniff her perfume and get fatter.

Iris suddenly had an idea. Maybe there was a way to get Jane and Don to break up, and it could even be done today.

Iris snuck out of her last period class just a ten minutes before the closing bell. Her destination was the girls’ locker room. Tomorrow, Jane’s class would be in the gym, and when Jane opened her locker, she would get a big surprise.

There were no gym classes this late in the day, but Iris had to watch out to make sure that none of the soccer players came in to change into their uniforms. She would need to work quickly. Fortunately, she knew exactly where Jane’s locker was, and quickly tried to open it up. Iris didn’t know the combination, but she knew that all of the gym lockers could be jimmied open. It was a flaw that had resulted in lots of stolen jewelry and many dirty pranks, and Iris herself had used the trick when she had forgotten her combination. Iris set the perfume down her on a nearby bench where she could quickly spray a few dozen quick squirts once she got the door open.

Quickly she got to work, subtly twisting the combination dial and jiggling the latch. Why aren’t you working? Iris muttered as she pulled and pulled on the door. Twice she thought she heard someone come in, and, grabbing the perfume bottle both times, she got ready to flee. However, both times were false alarms. Iris quickly went back to work.

She jiggled and twisted, pulled and pushed. The clock was ticking; Iris was thinking about trying again next week. Suddenly, she heard a click. She threw open the door and, without even looking, she reached for the perfume.

Iris had forgotten exactly where the perfume was and, searching blindly, she made a small sweep with her hand, her knuckles gently nudging the bottle. Iris didn’t need to look to realize that the bottle was falling over. Turning her head she watched it fall.

‘Please don’t fall—’ The bottle tipped over and slipped off the edge.

“Please don’t break!’ Iris closed her eyes. The shattering glass made her flinch. She heard the glass shards slide across the floor, and each drop of perfume splashing like the waves breaking on the shore.

Then came the scent, billowing and flowing around Iris like a fog. The sweet, fruity, decayed scent blew into her nostrils, thicker and more powerful than ever before. Quickly, she grabbed her nose and turned to leave, but suddenly Iris was stopped short by a pain in her stomach. Her tummy felt so small and empty: shriveled from what felt like weeks without food. Her body felt weak with hunger, as if it were about to devour itself. Iris staggered towards the door, trying to ignore her hunger, but quickly she heard a loud tearing sound. “No, no: not now!”

Had she taken the time to look down, Iris would have seen her torso quickly and steadily expanding like a soft, fleshy balloon. Her belly grew bigger and rounder, turning Iris’s wispy waist into the thickest part of her body. On top of this were piled her breasts, the fleshy orbs growing fuller and heavier with every breath Iris took. Each step that she made, Iris’s body bounced harder and heavier. She could feel the pounds piling up on her body, and though Iris tried to get away as fast as she could it was getting more and more awkward to move around. The smell of the perfume was spreading much more quickly than Iris’s thickening legs could carry her.

Suddenly Iris stumbled as her weight shifted lower to the ground. Her hips widened, merging into the bulk of her stomach. From there her thighs started to fatten up, squishing together in the center and making Iris feel even less comfortable. Quickly her firm, soft calves plumped up as well. The soft, roomy sweatpants Iris was wearing were completely filled by her chubby legs. Iris could feel her pants reaching skin-tightness as her butt inflated to horrifying proportions. Soon she could hear a familiar sound: the seams of her clothes starting to burst.

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