A Good Relationship Ch. 4

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It was two weeks later when Howard rang me to ask me to visit him. It was a nice warm Saturday night, about 8 o’clock when I reached his house. He invited me in and we sat and soon had a glass of wine each and we were chatting away. He had said he had another outfit for me to try on, it was to do with the theme for a video he would like to make.

He went on to explain that he had fantasies about a wedding him as the groom me as the bride Matt would be the vicar and we would need a few guests and someone to film the scene. He asked me if I liked the idea, I said yes, it sounded like it could be a lot of fun. Howard said he knew I would agree. He took me to the table at the top end of the room, under the window, there he had laid out a new set of clothes he had bought for me. Every article was white, high heels, stockings, suspenders, panties, padded bra, dress, gloves, veil, a black wig and a make-up bag. He said he would leave me to try it all on. He left the room, I got undressed and put on the underwear then the dress, it fitted very well the hem was a little above the knee.

Howard came back into the room and helped me on with the veil. He said he was very pleased with the way everything looked on me. We arranged the “wedding” for the following Saturday, he would do all the organising all I had to do was turn up on time, I assured him I would be there and I was looking forward to it. I took the dress of, Howard told me to stop there, he led me back to the sofa me in just my white undies. He sat next to me and he handed me two thick photo albums both full with photos of me and him and Matt in all manor of pornographic poses. I looked at every photo in each book, they were very good, they made me very randy, Howard could see the bulge in my panties, he already had his cock in his hand wanking it slowly. With the TV remote control he turned on the TV and video, on came the first film of me on my own pushing a dildo up myself while wanking. Howard took my hand and placed it around his cock, I was wanking him whilst we watched the video.

The second film with me sucking off Matt and being shagged by Howard was just coming to the end when Howard reached for my empty wine glass and aimed his cock into it and after a few more wanks he shot loads of cum into the glass. He got up and put a little wine in the glass his cum floating in it. He got his video camera then handed me the glass with the wine and his cum in. He told me to drink it slowly. He began filming, first the glass then I slowly raised it to my lips and slowly sipped it until I had swallowed every drop. Howard stopped filming and said that was fantastic. I got dressed back into my other clothes, Howard said to leave the wedding outfit there I could change into it on the day of the wedding. I left soon after and went back home thinking back over the events of the night and had another good wank thinking about a wedding.


Howard had left a message for me to go round at güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri ten o’clock, so I duly arrived on time a gentleman in his late thirties answered the door and said he knew who I was from the photo’s he had seen. He took me directly upstairs, we didn’t see anyone else, we went to the far end of the corridor to the last bedroom, we went inside. Laid out on the bed was the same set of clothes that I tried on last week all ready for me. Mike, the man that brought me up here, left me to get ready, he said that Howard wanted him to make sure that I was alright, and he would be back shortly.

I soon got dressed in the white suspenders, stockings, panties, padded bra, dress and high heels. I then put on the black wig and sat in front of the mirror and began putting on some make-up. Mike came into the room and looked me up and down and said I looked fine he said he all I needed now was some lipstick on, he picked out the bright red one and I put some on, mike watched me telling me to put it on thick, that’s what Howard wanted. so I put on a few more layers, Mike nodded his approval.

He then told me to stand up, he said that there was another thing Howard wanted him to do and he was going to enjoy it. Mike told me to bend over and put my head on the bed, I did as he asked knowing this was what Howard wanted, he took hold of the hem of my dress and raised it up over my back. He was rubbing his hands over my bum then he grabbed my panties and tugged them down to mid thigh, he inspected my ass then he took some cream and began to smooth some into my hole, he was very gentle as he worked some cream deep inside me. He told me to stand up and put my dress right, I pulled my panties up and re-arranged my dress. then he put my headdress on my head and pulled the veil over my face. Mike looked at his watch and said it was about time to go down stairs, he was playing the father role. He looked good in a light grey suit, he took my arm and we left the room and walked back along the corridor and down the stairs towards the main living room.

We reached the foot of the stairs and turned into the room, there was a few rows of chairs on each side with an aisle up the middle, just like a church, there was a few men all looking smart in suits sat in some of the some of the chairs on either side, some chatting. At the end was a table with a blue cloth draped over it to look like an alter. Matt stood by it dressed in a long blur robe, a white cord tied around his waist. Howard was stood talking to another man who was carrying the video camera. Mike stopped at the entrance to the room the man with the video came down to meet us smiled at me and said his name was Adrian and I looked lovely. Mike led me slowly up the aisle, Adrian filming us now, we reached the front facing the alter and Matt. Howard whispered in my ear to play the part and repeat the words when asked etc.

Matt began to speak :-“We are all gathered here today güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri to witness the wedding of Howard to Wendy” he looked at me and smiled and nodded his head in my direction and said:-” Do you Wendy take this man to be your occasional husband ” he expected an answer so I said yes. Matt continued:-“Will you submit to all his sexual demands, when ever and where ever he chooses,” again I said yes, for the video. Matt went on:-“Will you obey him in all his sexual demands in every way and do everything that is demanded of you with out question” again I answered yes. Looking at Howard Matt said :-“Do you Howard take Wendy for your occasional wife, for your sexual gratification, to use as you see fit ” Howard replied yes.

Matt said:-” Will you use Wendy to the fullest extent in any sexual manor you choose and to accept the responsibility of Wendy’s body and use it for all the sexual activities you wish” Howard looked at me with a big smile and said a loud yes.

Matt then said to me :-” Do you surrender to the power of the mans mighty cock” I had to say yes. Matt then said in a louder voice so everyone could hear :-” I now pronounce that Wendy has consented to be Howard’s occasional wife and will obey and submit to him in all his sexual demands and that Wendy will surrender to mans mighty cock, you may now kiss the cock you now serve.”

Howard’s zip must have been undone, for he quickly pulled his semi erect cock out. He reached up and lifted my veil and pushed my head down towards his cock. I knelt a little and kissed the moist tip, Howard’s pushed my head a little further down his cock pushing it’s way into my mouth. He then allowed me up I could see lipstick on his cock, he took me by the arm and we walked back down the aisle the guests clapped as we went, Adrian still filming. Matt asked us to come back to the alter as the witnesses needed to see that the vows are indeed going to be honoured. The guests gathered at the front as Howard guided me to the end of the “alter” and sat me down on the edge, Adrian had put a new tape in the video camera and was filming the scene. Howard took his trousers and shorts off and guided his cock into my mouth.

I began to suck and lick it, soon it was rock hard, he pulled it out and made me lay down on my back on the alter. My legs were dangling over the end of the alter. Howard put his cock back to my mouth from the front of the alter, his right hand went to my legs sliding the hem of my dress up my thigh, some of the guests moved down towards the end of the alter where they could see up my dress. Howard had uncovered my stocking tops and suspenders for all to see, soon his hand was feeling the bulge in my panties feeling my balls. He removed his cock from my mouth again and moving to the end of the alter he pushed my dress up as high as he could, he hooked his fingers into the waist of my panties and tugged them roughly out from under my bum sliding them down güvenilir bahis şirketleri my legs and off over my high heels taking an ankle in each hand he raised my legs high in the air then really wide apart, the table was at the right height for his cock to line up with my arse. He smiled when he saw my hole was ready creamed for him, he moved closer in towards me the tip of his cock touching the lips of my hole, then, leaning in between my spread legs his cock started to push against me forcing my hole to open and take his big purple tipped cock inside. With a big thrust he rammed it’s total length up inside me, his balls slapping my bum, he began shagging me.

One of the guests had stripped from the waist down and appeared along side me his cock was pointing at me, he reached over and guided my mouth onto his cock. Howard continued giving me a good fucking, then he let go of my ankles, my feet fell back down onto the floor and pulled his cock out and shot every last drop of cum into a long champagne glass, the man with his cock in my mouth pulled out and moved to my feet and like Howard hoisted my legs high and wide ramming his cock up my wide open hole, he was soon thrusting deep inside me as another cock found my mouth. Adrian appeared with his camera to get some close ups, he to had no trousers on, he was getting ready to join the party.

With a few last deep thrust the cock slipped out of my ass again to empty another load of cum into the glass. The man pulled his cock out of my mouth to be replaced by Adrian’s, he had handed the camera to some one else to continue with the filming. The cock that I had been sucking was now up my ass, pumping in and out this went on until, like the others, he to shot his cum into the same glass as the others. This went on and on until everyone had given my ass a good shagging, Matt had been the last his fat cock had stretched my ass, he shagged me for a long time at last I didn’t have a cock to suck eventually Matt emptied his cum on top of the rest in the same glass.

Matt helped me up of the alter I could hardly walk my ass was so sore Howard came over and in his hand he had a jar of cream, he took some on hit fingers and rubbed some into my hole soothing and cooling the lips. He gave me my panties and told me to put them back on, I did and pulled my dress back down. Matt picked up a glass of champagne and said loudly :-” We will now drink a toast to Howard and Wendy who have just showed us that they will and have honoured their vows as we have been fortunate to enjoy please raise your glasses, we have a special one for Wendy.” Howard handed me the glass with the cum in, it had been topped up with champagne.

Adrian had the camera back now and came over to me as Howard told me to drink it. Everyone had a sip of their drinks then all stopped and watched me slowly drink mine the thick cum sliding down the glass into my mouth. I swallowed mouth full after mouth full feeling the thick cum slide slowly down my throat. Howard took me back to the bedroom I had used, I got changed and took off my makeup off. Howard said it had been a good day and that he had found it real turn on to see me well fucked by a lot of men. I left Howard’s house and slowly walked home my ass was still very sore but I did enjoy it.

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